Caught in the Storm

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Denver had been waiting in her car outside her apartment for 17 minutes when the rain finally slowed. She sat with her apartment key in hand, purse on her shoulder, and her gym bag tucked onto her lap. She eyed the parking lot cautiously waiting for the rain to start again. She decided that if she ran as fast as she could, she could make it to her front door in less than a minute — more than enough time to avoid getting soaked. With a deep breath she wretched the car door open, hopped out, slammed the door shut and hit the remote lock. She smiled to herself thinking that for the first time ever she’d be able to make it to her apartment without getting soaked.

She jogged to her front door happy that she wouldn’t have to straighten her curly hair again when she realized she no longer had her keys in her hand. She dropped her bags and groaned as she watched the sky darken. She ran into the parking lot scanning for her keys and as soon as her slender fingers touched the metal ring, the sky opened up and unleashed its torrent of rain. In a matter of seconds she was soaked.

By the time Denver got to her door, her t-shirt was soaked through, her hair was plastered to her face in curly ringlets, her sneakers were squeaking and her jeans were uncomfortably tight. As she slipped the key into her front door, she laughed out loud as she realized she always gets caught in a storm. No matter what she tries to do, she always manages to get soaked. She picked up her bags and pushed her front door open and stepped into the hallway of her warm apartment. She dropped her bags and realized that the TV was on, and she hadn’t left it that way. If she could guess, as she walked down the hall, she would say that there would be empty beer cans and an empty pizza box on the coffee table.

She rounded the corner and that’s exactly what she saw. Her older brother Mikey was feigning asleep on her couch with the TV on blast and his hand down his pants. She sniffed the air and realized that somewhere near, her brother had left his smelly hockey gear to air out.

“Get up.” Her brother didn’t move. “Mikey! Get the fuck off my couch!”

“What time is it?” he said pretending like he was still half asleep.

“I am not in the mood, Mikey. Clean this shit up. ” She smacked his feet off the couch and marched to her bedroom Topkapı Escort to change out of her wet clothes. Denver looked down and realized she was starting to make puddles on the floor. She slammed the door to her bedroom shut, stripped out of her clothes and changed into a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. She could hear her brother clinking cans together in the living room as he cleaned up the mess he made.

Her brother was three years older than her and her exact opposite. The only thing the two had in common was their love of sports. Mike was 6’6 tall with a rock hard body, straight dark brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. Denver was 5’6 with curly jet-black hair and green eyes. She was in her second year of grad school and was having a tough time staying motivated. Mikey on the other hand had gotten his Masters in engineering two years ahead of schedule, which their parents loved to brag about.

Denver was never any good at school and only kept it up so she could postpone the realities of getting older and settling into a career. Denver struggled with every subject she ever had, with the exception of English, but her brother on the other hand could pass a test without opening a textbook. He was a model student and even better son and Denver resented the fact that no matter what she did, she couldn’t get him to leave her alone. He was always checking up on her, or waiting at her apartment. It was like he thought she couldn’t exist by herself, and she needed constant supervision, and it was driving her insane.

She gathered her hair up in a bun and walked out of her room padding into the living room barefoot.

“What are you doing here?” she asked as she continued to the kitchen. She would bet that there wasn’t and beer left in the fridge.

“I got off from hockey practice early and decided to stop by. I saw you weren’t here so I decided to wait for you.” Mike was a forward in the town league.

“I’m almost tempted to ask for my key back,” she grumbled into the fridge after realizing there was no beer.

“Why, its not like you bring anyone back here. “

Denver slammed the door shut and the magnets holding her ‘to-do lists’ popped off. She picked them up and put them back on the door in no particular order. Her brother was right, but she didn’t need him throwing it in her face. She walked out of the kitchen and Topkapı Escort Bayan stood in the doorway contemplating watching TV on the couch or in her bedroom.

“Maybe if you did something with your hair… it looks awful. ” Denver glared at him. She tried to think of something to say but she couldn’t. There was nothing wrong with him. His hair was perfectly rumpled, he had a little gruff growing on his face, but it made him look older and more distinguished. His sleeveless shirt showed his toned tanned arms to perfection.

“You smell like shit. I can smell you all the way over here, ” was all she could manage between clenched teeth. Denver stood glaring at her brother willing him with her mind to get up and leave. So far, she wasn’t having any luck.

“Why haven’t you been to any of my games? ” he said taking her by surprise. “You love hockey.”

“Because I hate you, ” she said as she stalked off to her bedroom. Obviously he wasn’t going to leave and watching TV next to him wasn’t going to work. She went into her room and shut the door. Before she could find the remote, her brother was standing in the doorway.

“We both know that’s not true. “

“Look, ” she said as she picked up piles of clothes and kicked shoes across the floor trying in vain to find the remote. “I had a really bad day and I just wanna watch TV. You can stay if you want to but just leave me alone. “

“No. You should clean your room. How do you ever find anything? “

“I’m changing the locks as soon as you leave, ” she said not looking up. “Where is the freaking remote? ”

Mike cleared his throat and Denver narrowed her eyes as she realized he had her remote in his hand the entire time. “Give it to me. “

“Answer the question, Denver. “

She thought about going over and snatching the remote from his hands but knew that wouldn’t work, he was too quick, and much taller than her. So she did what any sensible sister would do in this situation. She walked over to the TV, pushed the power button and flopped back on the bed. Of course she didn’t remember that she had been watching the Weather Channel that morning before she left for class. She pretended like this is exactly what she wanted to watch. They both knew better.

“Answer the question and you can have your remote, ” he said as he walked further into her room.

“Leave Escort Topkapı me alone. “

Instead Mike sat down on her bed. “Answer me. You haven’t even been to any of my practices. I used to go to yours all the time. ”

That was true. If Mike didn’t have practice or a game of his own, he would be in the stands cheering her on. It was cool in the beginning, but soon her friends began to take more notice in her brother than in her, so she told him to stop coming. When he asked her why she didn’t want him there, she said he was embarrassing her, and he never showed up again.

Once Mike stopped coming to the games, girls started hanging out with Denver to get closer to her brother. This is the reason why Denver chose to hang out with guys instead; they didn’t feel the need to swoon over her brother every time he walked into the room. But by becoming one of the guys, Denver was firmly planted in the friend some, something she sometimes resented.

“You have enough adoring fans without me there. Now gimmie the remote. “

“What do you mean adoring fans? ” he asked genuinely looking confused.

“Oh please, at every game there are at least three girls there trying to get your attention. You don’t need me. “

“How do you know? “

“Believe me, I hear about it enough.” She could feel her cheeks starting to flush with anger. How could he be so stupid and pretend that he didn’t notice all the girls fawning over him? “Every girl I know wants a piece of Mikey Brooks. “

“But you’re my sister, ” he said leaning closer to her.

She could feel the heat radiating off his body and suddenly she noticed just how close he was.

“Gimmie the remote. ” She said trying to get a hold of herself. “Your fan club is big enough, you’ve got mom, dad and every warm blooded female in a thirty block radius. You don’t need it being crowed by little ‘ol me. “

Denver snatched the remote from his hand and began blindly flipping through the channels.

Denver’s heart hammered in her ears as she watched her brother’s hand make its way to the side of her face.

“Don’t touch me.”

“You’re so cute when you’re mad,” Mike whispered, almost to himself. She studied his expression as the back of his fingers gently followed the curve of her jaw. Her breath caught in her throat as he ran the pad of this thumb over her lips. She saw his eyes darken as he focused on her mouth. Then he blinked and it was gone.

“My next game is on Friday. ” Mike stood and left the room. A few seconds later, Denver heard the front door close.

Denver realized she was holding her breath.

What the fuck just happened?

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