CeCe’s Awakening

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Author’s Note: Here is another side story about D. While technically a sequel to “CeCe’s Lullaby,” it is not entirely necessary to go back and read it to enjoy this story. Again, this story deals with some of the side characters of the long running series I have been writing, they will be playing a major role in future installments of both the main series and as possible spinoffs.

I have been blessed enough to have received some outstanding support on my stories thus far. As I expand into other genres within this website, I hope that readers from those other areas of the website follow me back to the jungle that is the Loving Wives category, and that exclusive readers of that particular genre broaden their reading horizons and discover amazing authors in other areas of the site.

Once again, thank you all for the support. Rate, comment, and follow me to get updates when I post stories. Hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I enjoyed writing it. Creating female characters, at least for me, posed a unique challenge. Hope I made it justice.

Much love,


Every mile she drove brought her closer, the anticipation that she had learned to expect before each assignment was quickly invigorating her. It would still be a few hours before she would reach her targets, her drive was an ordinary one in many other ways. She kept her speed at the limit, smiling casually at fellow drivers. She even managed to pretend to be dancing carefree as she drove, wildly singing along to the voices on the radio. But the turmoil in her mind kept her on edge, her hand constantly feeling for the familiar black iron resting beside her breasts. Her own reputation woven with those two weapons, the skin and the iron. Both her vehicle and her body would soon need to be fueled, her eyes scanned the highway signs for any particular store that drew her attention. After selecting one, she casually exited and selected a pump. Her eyes scanned every vehicle, every driver, this too had become second nature to her. Satisfied with the setting, she pulled next to the pump and made her way inside the store.

Years before, this same woman sat just outside one of the local bars that her target was known to frequent. His habits were easily identified, as were his usual choices when it came to the women he tried to seduce. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and CeCe found amusement in seeing the women he so cleverly tricked realize his con. He was a smooth talker, but he quickly would become demanding of the women that bit into his line of bullshit. But at least he managed one or two drinks from them before they would make their less than gracious exit. He had been in there for just over two hours, she knew he would be leaving soon. As if on cue, there he walked, more like stumbled, the man that had long terrorized her mother and her. A man that she had called father once upon a time. Now, he was merely a test of her loyalty to the Family, one she did not intend to fail.

She moved behind him quietly, keeping the jacket she was wearing close to her body. Her hair was neatly concealed inside a baseball cap, the large sunglasses further hiding not just her identity but her gender. Despite all these precautions, she honestly doubted that he would recognize her. The man had disobeyed an order from Angel, and because of it he had grown paranoid. Careful. At least as careful as a career drunk can be. It had taken him four streets before he glanced back to see her, but in his eyes the silhouette that was following him was one of a fellow drunk in search for one more drink. After eliminating her in his mind as a threat, the man continued his drunken steps, singing aloud to himself, greeting strangers as if they were his subjects. As they neared an alley, she reached into her pockets, the knife she had decided to use for this mission quietly greeted her.

The man dove into the alley, her mind registered something strange. Releasing her knife, she tucked her hands under her armpits, wrapping herself tightly. As she walked by the alley, she saw him standing there, ready for an ambush that would not come. She just kept her pace past the man, who confused by the situation decided that his instinct had been wrong. Once again, he resumed his voyage, his song carrying him in the same direction that it had done night after night. Some of those nights he had not walked this path alone, those few fleeting memories brought a smile to his face. Noisily, he fought the lock and key to the house until it eventually gave way. He closed the door behind him, ran his hands along the wall and guided himself to the refrigerator. His hand reached for the bottle that he had left there the previous night, but because of the bright light of the machine he had chosen to keep his eyes closed. When his fingertips felt the familiar sensation of cold glass, he sighed happily and closed the door.

“I guess somethings never change,” the voice interrupted his drink. He almanbahis froze, eyes opened wide. He recognized the voice but failed to place it to a face. “You’re still far more concerned with your drink than with anything else going around you, father.” His strength almost failed him as he lost grip of the bottle for a second. He swallowed loudly, the beads of sweat falling from his forehead were ice cold.

“I am not your father,” he managed to reply after far longer than necessary. The bravado in his voice was trying to come out, she could see as his eyes tried to scan the room in the darkness. “I don’t think that the whore that birthed you even knows who it might be.” There was that grin, the same one she had seen time and time again, the one she had learned to hate.

“I am here alone,” she replied, she knew he was trying to find someone else, perhaps Angel. While the terror in his eyes might have brought a smile to her face, it was not the terror she wanted him to feel. His eyes were adjusting to the darkness of the room; she could see how he was trying to piece together an escape plan. The fear had helped him sober up enough to attempt something foolish. He glanced to the doorway leading to the back door, right as he took his first step on what could be called a sprint, she kicked a chair out to intercept him. “You seem scared,” she said as the man struggled to get back on his feet.

“Who else is here with you, CeCe? Did you bring your pimp with you?” The madness in his eyes betrayed his compounding fear, his fast breathing was becoming shallow. His eyes expanded involuntarily, she could see that biology was taking place. Fight or flight, she wondered, which one would he try to do next?

“Like I said,” she stood from her chair and made her way to the wall. Her hand found the switch that brought life and light into the room, “I am here alone.” The few years had not been kind to him, his skin had grown a strange pallor, an almost yellow hue. His hands shook, she did not think it was just from fear. The man before her was pitiful, no longer than monster that had haunted her mother’s dreams. She moved back to the chair she had been sitting in when he had walked into the kitchen. With her hand, she gestured for him to stand up and take a seat across the table from her.

“What do you want?” The bravado was returning, now that he was certain that she was alone he could allow himself to feel as if he was in control. His tongue traced a path across his chapped lips, “did the whore send you to get a piece of what she was getting? Or were you just curious?” As he reached for the bottle that miraculously survived the fall, he did not see her gagging reaction at his comment. The sound of a metallic lighter made him pause, he had not forgotten that sound.

“You don’t mind if I smoke here,” she said, “do you?” He shook his head, relief masking what little of the fear that it could conceal. “Good. No, I’m not here for any of those reasons,” she stood up and reached for the refrigerator. From the corner of her eye she saw him become startled by her sudden movements. Reaching inside, she pulled two bottles, expertly opening them and setting them on the table. With a well-practiced lock of her wrists she slid the bottle toward the man, the bottle slowed just before it collided with his hand. “Before I tell you why I am here,” she returned to her seat, his eyes drawn to the curves of her body as her hips swayed back and forth with each carefully taken step. “Before that, I need to know some things from you. I expect you remember what happens when you lie, don’t you?”

“What do you want to know?” The disgust more than clear as he spat those words. “Do you want to hear about how much your mother whored herself out?”

“No,” she replied, “I hear it almost nightly. She seems to enjoy herself very much with a variety of gentlemen.” He cringed at the comment, “not only do they tip her handsomely, but some of the more important clients bring her all types of gifts. The last one bought her a set of diamond earrings and…”

“Whore!” He screamed.

“…a matching tennis bracelet and necklace.” She allowed a smile as she finished, the anger rising from the man sitting across from her. “Once she decided to take on two members at the same time,” she kept her eyes in the man, “she enjoyed herself well. So no, I am not here to listen to more of those stories. I just want to know why, if you hated us so much, why didn’t you just leave us alone?”

“I was your mother’s first,” he replied, his voice was now filled with sadness, “we met very young. One day, her father moved away, and she went with him. I thought my world was over. One day, she was visiting her mother when I ran into her. That night was the first night we spent together. The following morning she was gone again.” His eyes were looking into the liquid inside the bottle, tears forming in his eyes. “It was years before I saw her again, by that time you were already a few months old. She told almanbahis giriş me her boss had seduced her, and they had an affair that lasted for almost a year until she found herself pregnant. He, of course fired her. Her father kicked her out of his home in shame. I took her in, both of you.”


“Then it happened again, apparently your father was regretful of his actions and had been looking for you and your mother. She refused to allow him to see you, but she saw him frequently enough that she again ended up pregnant. I had wanted us to become a family, for her to give me a child, but she had always refused. Somehow, she could refuse the man that had taken care of her and her child, but could not refuse the man that had thrown her away like garbage. I snapped. When she told him she had lost the baby, the man once again disappeared. This time when she wanted me to pick up the pieces, I refused. Instead, I wanted to punish her for her disrespect. As I punished her, I stopped seeing you as a child and started seeing you as a woman. If your mother would not perform her wifely duties, then you would do just fine.”

“When Angel showed up…”

“That night I had decided to take you, much the same way as I had taken your mother, if necessary. I made sure you saw what happened each time, so you would understand that if you fought it would only end up worse for you. I wanted a family, CeCe, one of my own. I wanted to punish your mother more, and making you mine would have accomplished both of those things.”

“Angel told you to stay away from us,” she said before tossing the pictures she had received from Angel, “why didn’t you?”

“I wanted to see you,” he replied, “I wanted to see if you would come home with me. If that failed I wanted to find you alone and bring you here by force if necessary.” His eyes locked on hers, the grin was returning, his tongue again running across his lips. “Yet, here you are. You came to me all on your own.” He moved his hand to try to touch her, she pulled her hands back.

“You were warned,” she replied, her hands crossed across her ample breasts. His eyes were drawn to them, as his mind tried to imagine how they would feel on his hands. The size and shape of her nipples. If they were as sensitive as her mother’s, or if they were even more. He was far too lost in his fantasy world that he did not see as she had uncrossed her arms and held two pistols leveled to his head. His mind was still trying to process the image of the little girl that had become a woman almost overnight, the same little girl that was sitting across from him as the fire escaped from those pistols. He was dead before his body hit the ground as the chair fell backwards with the violent punch of two bullets colliding with the body of the man.

She stood from her chair, returning the weapons to their respective holsters, and placing the finished cigarette inside the remains of the beer she had taken for herself. Quietly, she returned the chair to its position near the table, and again placed the baseball cap on her head. As she closed the front door, she tossed the bottle into the alley just up the street and reached for another cigarette. Her hands were shaking wildly, so much that she was having trouble lighting her cigarette. A hand reached out and took it from her, held it steady enough for her to light her cigarette and lit one of his own.

“You did good,” Angel’s smile would always make her knees feel weak. This time, however, she pulled him onto her and planted her lips on his. Her tongue invaded his mouth, she pushed him against a wall and began to try to rip his shirt open before he stopped her and led her into his car. No sooner had he sat beside her that she straddled him, the driver being witness to all of this did not bother her in the least. Animal lust had overtaken her common sense, Angel was just as animated. They could have driven for seconds or hours, she did not know for sure, but when the vehicle stopped they were outside the Family house. He took her by the hand and led her into one of the many rooms within. As he closed the door behind them, he pinned her against the wall, and with little effort tore her clothes apart. She stood before a man for the first time in her life completely nude.

He took a step back to admire her body, she had taken the advise of the girls and had kept her pubic hair neatly shaved, she could see that Angel approved of her decision. She paid in kind as stood before her, she tore his clothes open, admiring the various muscles and scars that littered his body. She hesitated as her hand moved toward his member, she had never seen one before yet here she was, mere inches away from touching one for the first time. His hands pulled her away from the doorway and pushed her onto the bed. Again, Angel took a second to admire her body before he reached for her legs and gently pried them apart.

He began to deliver kisses to her calves, some soft as if he was afraid he could almanbahis yeni giriş break her and others forceful as if he was trying to mark her. Every other kiss became a soft bite, all the while he moved upwards, ever closer to her center. She could feel her wetness as he neared her canal, embarrassment almost made her push him away, but she was lost in the sensations that his kisses and bites were producing. She almost cried out as she felt his breath on her vaginal lips, the moisture that felt as if it was leaking out from her, quickly shooting signals throughout her body. When his tongue tasted her for the first time, she felt her body tense, her hands clutched the blankets, her head pushed upwards as she tried to prevent her screams of pleasure from escaping. She felt his finger move about the upper part of her entrance, as his thumb moved in small circles, his tongue continued its up and down motions. She felt wave after wave of pleasure envelop her until a sensation from the middle of her abdomen began to shift.

“Oh God, oh god…” she tried to whisper but was unsure if she had managed to as the sensation became a building pressure. She tried to close her legs instinctively, but Angel’s hands kept her legs apart. She arched her back as she felt the pressure escape her, her body shaking uncontrollably, her face filling with blood causing it to turn a slight pink hue. Before she could recover, she felt Angel’s finger move into her, she closed her eyes as she braced herself.

“You’re a virgin?” Angel sounded shocked, surprised. “Why didn’t you say something earlier?”

“Is it really a surprise?” She was about to get off the bed, anger quickly overtaking her other emotions. But again, Angel’s hands held her in place.

“No, it’s not that,” he continued, “but your first time has to be special. Careful even. I almost banged you like a drum, and it would not have been a good rhythm for your first time. No, no, we have to do this right.” He picked up the phone and ordered a bath be drawn. Shortly after, there was a soft knock on the door and one of the girls from the house led her into the large Jacuzzi. A bottle of champagne was brought by another girl, and as she relaxed in the water the two began to give her pointers on what she was about to do.

When the girls left, CeCe came out of the bath relaxed and confident that she would be able to pleasure her first lover. However, it would be her turn, and before he could protest she took his member in her hands. Carefully, she caressed it, looking closely at it with the curiosity of innocence. As it began to harden in her hands, she drew her tongue out and as if she were licking an ice cream cone, she dared to taste him. His response was encouraging, as she took longer and longer licks while moving her hands around the shaft. Her licks became soft kisses, as she looked up at him his head was tossed back, eyes closed. When she wrapped her lips around the head of his engorged tool, she took pleasure in seeing how quickly his head shot upwards and his eyes opened. She moved her mouth slowly, allowing her lips to drag when she moved upward on his member. Each time she tried to take more and more of him into her mouth, her hand never stopped it’s strokes.

His hands moved to the back of her head, her mouth felt as the head of his tool expanded for a second before it erupted in her mouth. She swallowed every stream that shot out of him, each jet had its own unique flavor. It wasn’t until she had nearly drained him with her mouth that he realized what he had done. He released her head as she continued moving her hands, his hardness softened a little. Before he could speak, she pushed him against the bed, and after throwing her leg over him she took hold of him once more. Gently and quietly, she lowered herself on him until the last boundary prevented her gentle penetration.

“You’re gonna have to do the rest yourself,” she shyly said, “I’m scared.”

“Well,” Angel said, “it’s going to hurt at first, but then it will feel better. Well wait until you’re comfortable with me being inside you.” As he spoke, he had moved his hands to her hips and when she was distracted, he impaled her onto his tool. Before she could scream out, his lips were immediately on her, his hands wrapped around her naked form. She tried to cry, but found herself unable to in those circumstances. She tried to rise, but his hands again kept her in place.

After a few minutes of kissing, she felt his hands loosen on her hips, the pain was now gone, and instead was replaced by an overwhelming sensation of fullness. She gently pushed him to lay down while she began to lift and lower herself onto him. Every time she lowered herself, she could feel him invading a newer part of her being. That same sensation in her abdomen was again growing, she increased her pace just as the pressure was becoming unbearably close. Angel reached out and grabbed her breasts, his pinch on her nipple drove her over the edge as the pressure became intolerable. Angel’s legs stiffened, as a warm sensation filled her. Exhausted, she collapsed on top of Angel, he held her and wrapped them in a sheet. She could feel as his hardness softened, then she felt as his seed flowed from her.

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