Change Your Stars Ch. 03

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: HA! I bet you thought I was gonna take an entire year for another chapter. Well… Jokes on you!

I got some stocked up and I’ve been tinkering with some chapters, so calm your tits.

It’ll be okay.

Promise 😉

Onward to chapter three!


—– The rest of the car ride was pregnant with tension thick enough to make Liv lapse into a momentary insanity and contemplate throwing himself out of the car.

Whether it was for dramatic effect or the mere fact he basically could not take this shit anymore.

Luckily he was in no condition to move let alone fucking jump. This the idea was discarded as quickly as it came.

So quickly, in fact a breathy; borderline hysteric chuckle erupted from him, causing some painful wincing before the inevitable coughing fit which turned out to be even more painful.

“Christ, man.” came a low growl before a warm hand clasped around the back of Liv’s neck, applying gentle pressure.

The feeling was oddly soothing, though the action itself was at complete odds with the other man’s appearance.

Again: Words not matching the book.

To say that GQ (still didn’t get the guy’s first name)- Buchanan looked cold would be a massive understatement. The man was practically fucking arctic. The bastard even sat straight for chrissakes!

Liv watched him with a half lidded gaze (or was that wincing?), using his hunched position to watch quietly.

GQ’s face was (he was guessing) concerned, but it looked strange. Liv thought it was safe to assume that was either unpracticed or rare.

Why does he give a shit?

Grease monkey meets Icy Adonis.

The thought made Liv want to laugh, the mental image was so damned accurate but weird as fuck- but he refrained from laughing.

He wasn’t a fucking masochist.

Instead he just closed his eyes and tried to absorb all the warmth he felt from that one Sakarya Escort hand.

“You all right?” Ice-cold Adonis asked warmly.

“M’good.” Liv muttered sleepily.

Then he was being shaken again. Fuck, if he shook any harder he might bruise his brain. Frankly, after the ass kicking he needed the brain cells he had left intact, thanks.

“Oliver, no sleeping.” GQ was saying in that low, gentle, but commanding voice.

Liv knew a lot of people who faked having that kind of voice, but somehow he knew that his was authentic.

“Liv,” he found himself rasping despite the pain, “People call me Liv.”

“Not surprising.”


GQ muttered, “Ollie sounds too normal.”

Liv raised a busted brow at that.

“Nothing about you seems normal.”

Oliver wasn’t sure if he had been insulted or not… After a few beats he decided not to be insulted and shot the man a crooked (albeit broken) smile.

Despite the warmth in the car, Liv couldn’t control the shakes that wracked his body. His brain was feeling fuzzy and his tongue felt thick in his mouth. Perhaps he should be worried, because his ribs weren’t bothering him as much.

“F-fu-fuh-fucking c-co-cold.”

Liv was about to ask if they can crank up the heat, but was replaced with a squeak (yes, squeak) of protest when his poor battered body was dragged (gently) across the seat and was immediately surrounded by heat.

How could he be so warm if he was just was soaked as he was?

Human radiator.

Liv must have said something out loud, because he felt the low rumbled words at his cheek, which was pressed flush against Buchanan’s hard chest.

“Body temp’s always been high… Been like that since I was a kid.”

Yet another thing that was at odds with his appearance: how could someone look so frigid, but be so fucking warm?

What was even more strange was the mere Adapazarı Escort fact that Liv wasn’t freaking out right now. How could he be okay being this close to someone, let alone another man without cringing? Wounds too fresh. Mind still fucked. Even stranger, he didn’t know many men who would do this for another guy they literally picked up off of the street.

Ah shit. He must be filthy.

Shit! The leather! The car guy in him moaned in acute pain. He hated soiling beautiful things.

The car came to a full stop and Liv couldn’t stop his jaw from dropping slightly. Of course, the movement has caused him a considerable amount of pain.

Being kicked in the face would do that to a person.

He was just thankful he still had all his fucking teeth.

The “apartment complex” looked huge and intimidating behind tall cast iron gates.

“You fucking live here?” Liv said quietly, eyes wide.

The place looked better suited to guarding the Royal Family.

Liv looked him over suspiciously. The guy wasn’t some runaway prince or anything, right? Though… It would make some sort of sense.

GQ shifted uncomfortably, his mouth a harsh line as he grunted an affirmative.

The black gates parted with loud metallic clangs, so loud that Liv had to turn his head away from the noise. The sound felt like it was ricocheting in his skull, the pain stabbing behind his eyes.

Liv felt himself being lifted from where he sat, the cold air biting at his already cold skin, and he couldn’t suppress the shudder that racked his body, pain spearing through him like a lance.


Son of a bitch, couldn’t even curse properly. How fucked up was that?!

What was more humiliating was that Mr. Tall Dark & Devastatingly Handsome had leaned over to gather him into his burly arms. He was about to straighten to his full height when a chilled Serdivan Escort hand was insistently pushing at his hard chest.

“N-No! Fuh-fuck no!” Liv was growling through bloody clattering teeth, “I-I-I-” he stopped to collect himself before lifting his angry gaze to the other man, “I’m a-a f-fucking man.”

Don’t fucking carry me around like some bitch, was the silent message behind his glare.

Dark eyes were on him, a look of understanding. For all the man’s seriousness, he still wasn’t able to suppress the small smile that tugged at his lips. Without a word, GQ righted Liv to his feet as gently as he could before dragging Liv’s beefy arm over his broad shoulders, clasping his hot hand over the injured man’s hip.

Liv wasn’t about to turn down the help, but he was damned sure not going to stand for being princess carried like some chick.

Sure, he was in distress, but last time he checked a dick still swung between his thighs.

“Stubborn.” GQ muttered good-naturedly.

“Pompous.” Liv shot back, smiling triumphantly at the man’s expression, “What? Only thought I knew c-curse wor-words?”

So what? He liked to read. Big fucking whoop.

“You’re just full of surprises.”

“Better than bein’ f-full of shit.”

They made it to the elevator when GQ surprised the hell out of Oliver. Hell, his driver (Karl was it?) looked surprised at all hell when a broad smile sliced across GQ’s clean shaven face and the sound of laughter that burst from him. The kind of laugh that you felt deep in your chest. Liv felt that rumble in his, felt that hand on his hip squeeze lightly.

The sound was… warm.

And Liv felt compelled to make him do it again. And again. Felt like the man had a laugh that he could never get tired of.

The elevator dinged and parted with a smooth whoosh. GQ swept him inside, bidding a stunned Karl the Driver goodnight.

Oliver was staring at GQ under the bright lights pf the elevator shaft. He was still holding him, rubbing his hands over his shoulders as if trying to transfer his warmth into him.

It was kind of working.

Liv tilted his head in wonder.

Just who the hell was this this guy?


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