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Dark smoldering eyes.


Steamy sensual kisses.


Desire burning caresses.


This is the fourth time and it’s always the same dream. Yet I wake up before I’m able to put a face to the mysterious stranger. And it’s excruciatingly painful not to be able to look at the face who gets me heated up.


What’s that god awful noise- oh right my phone.


“Get up, get dressed, and be sure to put something sexy on. I’m coming over in 15 minutes and you’d better be ready cause we’re going out clubbing.”

“Rachel are you crazy-” but of course she has already hung.

Well nothing to do now but get changed. I quickly get up and rummage through my closet for something my best friend would consider sexy which if going by her standards would be as little clothing as possible, but then again we’re not much alike. I guess when people say opposites attract they’re right. While I’m responsible, reliable and cautious she is irresponsible, dubious and throws caution to the wind. So now I’m left with the uncertainty of what the night holds ahead.

I finally find something in my mess of a closet that suits my tastes. I pull out a glamorous satin red mini dress that has a V going down the back with a plunging scoop in the front. It glides right onto my frame and pair it with some black ankle boots and a link bracelet. I add a pendant opera necklace that falls beneath my breastbone to help accentuate my cleavage with isn’t much considering I’m just a b-cup. Next I apply my make up making sure to make my eyes look smoky and sexy. I leave my hair as it is because do to my sleep it seems as if I just got up after a quick fuck: ruffled and curly. Which in reality is very far from the truth.

Once I’m done I look in the mirror and I’m pleased with what I see. A 5foot 3 gorgeous women wearing a sultry crimson red dress that reveals her back just barely stopping about the top of her ass. Her long legs accentuated by the ankle boots as well as her breasts, which considering that the dress does not allow for a bra, are firm.


That would be Rachel.

I rush down the stairs, open the door and gasp at what my canlı bahis friend is wearing. If I thought my dress was revealing compared to her I’m dressed as a nun. She is wearing a skin tight extra mini dress. Fishnet stockings with high platform heels. Her hair is teased up high. Dark eye shadow with bright red lipstick. I can see everything she has to offer-her nipples and her thong- and I can’t believe she decided to wear something so revealing.

“You ready Charlotte?”

“Yeah, let me just grab my purse.”

I grab my purse, we walk out to her car and we are on the road to our usual club.

“You do know you could have called me earlier to give me a heads up.”

“If I did then you would’ve had the opportunity to back out. This way I made sure you were coming.”

“Yeah, well, I guess your right.”

“So how was your day.”

“Uneventful except…”-I’m debating telling her about the dream, about how this stranger seems to fill me with emotions I’ve never felt before. But then again I don’t want her to think I’m getting work up by a dream and subtleness has never been a forte for Rachel. In the end I tell her- whether it’s just to get it off my chest or because I want her opinion on what the dream may mean I don’t know-I recount all the details which considering that the dream doesn’t last long are few.

Once I’m done I wait for her to give me some insight on my steamy dream.

“Well looks like someone wants to get fucked.”


Leave it to Rachel to be crass.

“Yeah well it must be your subconscious telling you that you need to have hot, sweaty sex. Rachel’s opinion on my dream made me shudder. Her view could not in any way be true.

“We’re here, hopefully you find your ‘dream’ guy in there.”

“Come on Rachel, we’ve been coming here every weekend and you always get the guys.” And it’s true. I wouldn’t call myself drop dead gorgeous but I’m no monster either. Most of the guys in the club usually look right past me and lay their sights on Rachel. I mean when she wears clothing which pretty much reveals everything guys tend to stare.

We enter the club and my senses are kick in overdrive with loud music, the intermingled smells of smoke bahis siteleri and sweat and too many people instantly assaulted my nostrils as I inhaled deeply. My eyes, now adjusting to the imminent darkness, make out bright spots of neon beer signs on the wall standing out, illuminating the faces of the crowd. We walk towards the bar and I mouth a gin and tonic to the bartender while Rachel ask for a tequila shot. While waiting for my drink I scan the room for potential dance partners knowing they’re probably doing the same thing.

My eyes settled on a hunk of a guy. Tall, muscles in the right places, and shaggy brown hair. And at first I’m shocked because it seems as if he is also looking back at me, but then I assume he’s just staring at Rachel and her not so hidden qualities. For a second I turn around to get the drink the bartender says is ready and by the time I look back to where the guy was he’s gone. Well it’s not like I had much of a shot.

I quickly downed my drink and as soon as I was done with it a guy walks up to me and leads me to the dance floor. From then on I could barely get a breath in for all the dancing I was doing. I’m dancing with an inconsequential guy when all of a sudden I whisked away from him and I find myself in the arms of the hot guy I saw in the beginning.

He doesn’t speak he just stares at me with his hypnotic dark blue eyes and I choose to break the silence in fear that he may just be a figment of my imagination. I mean no guy this hot would dance with me. For the rest of the night he doesn’t let me go and I find myself not caring. It’s not until the patrons say it’s closing time that he lets me go. I’m thinking this is it. This will be the only time I’ll see him. Next time he’ll set his eyes on someone else. I’ve just resigned myself and begun to turn around to leave when he pulls me back to him and before I know it he’s kissing me.

Electric shocks run up my spine. My whole body tingles. The kiss starts innocent enough but soon gains heat and passion. His tongue begins to tease the edge of my mouth. I gasp that he would be so bold and it’s the advantage he was waiting for and does not let pass up to thrust his tongue into my mouth. His hands begin to work their bahis şirketleri way up down my spine and that’s when I break the kiss. I gasp for much needed air. I begin to think he’s going to apologize for being so forward but all I see is his cocky smile and lustful eyes. I begin to wonder who he thinks he is when I realize that he a guy who’s confident in what he wants and right now it’s me so I turn to leave.



“My name. I could see you were wondering who I was.”

“Yeah well I didn’t ask now did I.”

“No, but I thought you should know the name of the guy you’ll be dreaming of.”

“In your dreams.”

“No baby in my fantasy. And it’s going to star me and you.”

“I don’t do asses.”

“Lucky for you I don’t do anal either.”

I blush and quickly turn around hoping he didn’t notice. No such luck. He comes up to me, grabs my chin and makes me look him in the eye.

“Don’t be shy. What’s your name?”

I promptly move away and respond-

“Your going to have to work for it.”

I leave him and I head for Rachel who by the way she’s leaning on that chair I can tell she’s had one too many tequila shots.

“Give me the keys I’m driving.”

She hands them over without a fight and I straggle to hold on to her and half carry her out to the car. Once I get her buckled in we’re off back home. I see a red light up ahead and just when I’m about to start breaking I hear the engine turning off. I begin to wonder what may be wrong with it when I see the gas light blinking.

“UGHHH”- this could not be happening.

“Rachel tell me you didn’t forget to fill up the tank.” I look over at her but by now she’s already asleep.

I try to pinpoint where we are and the options I have which are limited since the nearest gas station is farther back than it would take to get to our homes. It’s then that I see a car approaching that I think we may just be saved. I see a guy coming out of the car and over to the drivers window. I lower the windshield and am quick to give him thanks.

“Thank you soo much you have no idea how thankful I am to see-“

“Well your welcome. Why wouldn’t I help the women who kissed me with such enthusiasm.”

It’s then that I realized that it’s the guy from the club. The one who makes me shiver. The one who makes my heart beat speed up. The one whose eyes say he’d like to do more than just ‘help’ me with the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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