Changes Ch. 11

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Here you go. The final chapter of Changes. It’s a long one. Some parts are detailed and I’ve hurried through some parts. I may take up side plots of this story as a storyline in what I do next. I don’t think I’m ready to let go of Vanessa and Heather yet!

Thank you for sticking with this for more than 13 months now! I appreciate all your comments and believe me when I say I would not have written this if it wasn’t for your encouragement.

I hope you enjoy the last chapter. A lot of love went into the making of this.


Heather paced up and down her room. It was late in the night, but sleep was the last thing on her mind. Truth was, she couldn’t wait for the morning. “6 hours till Vanessa is here,” she thought. She didn’t know if she was more excited or anxious.

She thought of Jules. Oh how she missed her, especially bed time. Reading to her had become a part of Heather’s routine. She’d left a note for Jules saying she needed to go away for a little time and she promised she’d be back soon. She’d also told her to be good and take care of her mum while she was away. Heather had left her number and asked Jules to call her any time if she wanted to talk. Had Vanessa given Jules the note? She must have. But Jules never called.

The sadness in the pit of her stomach had been a constant for Heather these past few weeks. She’d spoken to her parents and her sister about everything and they’d been supportive. She hadn’t expected any different.

“We don’t care who you love honey. As long as you’re happy,” her mum had said, hugging her. “Is that why you came by suddenly? You surely couldn’t have thought we’d have a problem with you having a girlfriend!”

“No mum. I didn’t think you guys would have a problem,” Heather said, helping her mum shell peas.

“Good. There’s always room in my heart and in my house for anyone you love.”

“What about their family?” Heather asked, sighing.

“What do you mean?”

“Vanessa has a daughter. She’s 5 and she’s the best,” Heather said softly, smiling despite herself. How many times had Jules said that? “You’re the best,” she’d whisper, her nose scrunched in a smile.

“How lovely! Trace will have a cousin!”

Heather rolled her eyes at her mum. “It’s not that simple.”


“I’m not, I don’t know. I don’t think I’m ready,” Heather said with a frown, munching on some raw peas.

“You think Jen was ready when she had Trace? You think I was ready when I had Jen and then you?” her mum asked incredulously.

“Mum, but I can’t be a mum. Or a mum figure,” Heather grumbled. “I can barely take care of myself.”

“Well, you are eating raw peas,” her mum teased.

“You know I like the sweet, small ones!”

Heather’s mum looked at her lovingly. “I know, Heath. You’ve always picked the sweet, small ones out of the bowl.”

Heather grinned, going back to shelling peas.

“What’s her name?” her mum asked.

“Whose name?”

“Vanessa’s daughter’s name.”

“Jules,” Heather said, smiling.

Her mum smiled, “Just saying her name puts a smile on your face.”

“She’s really precious. I mean Trace is my niece and I wish I could spend more time with her and I curse Jen all the time for living on the other side of the country. But Jules,” Heather smiled, “She’s smart and kind and so sensitive to what other people need. It’s difficult to believe she’s just 5.”

“And Vanessa’s ex-husband, is he around much?”

“Oh yes, she’s with him every other weekend. He’s always around. They have a very healthy relationship and you can tell they still care about each other.”

Heather’s mum nodded before continuing. “Jules has a mum. And she has a dad. She doesn’t need another mum!”

Heather sighed. “I don’t know mum,” she said softly. “What if we don’t work out? I’ll lose them both. And Jules. It won’t be fair on her.” Heather said shaking her head, tears threatening again.

“Oh Heather. Have you talked to Vanessa about this?”

“No. I need time to figure it out first.”

Heather’s mum sighed. “It’s ok, take some time. But please talk to her. Nothing good will come of hiding away in your room all day,” she added, walking away.

Heather nodded. “Wait, where you going? Who’s going to shell the rest of the peas?” Heather yelled after her mother.

“Now that you’re here, might as well be of some help!” her mother called back teasingly as Heather grumbled. “And for God’s sake, clean your room!”

“I’m gonna eat them all,” she said, moodily, going back to shelling peas.

Her mum had been right. She needed to talk to Vanessa. She’d pretty much scampered home after her talk with Vanessa. And the next day she’d driven to her parents’ home right after work. She’d called Vanessa from the car and told her she needed some time and that she’d left a note for Jules on Vanessa’s desk. That’s it. That’s all she’d said and now it was 2 weeks later. Had she ruined this? Had she waited too long? Oh god, just the thought made her sick. Casibom

How had this happened? She thought back to the day they’d gone to Valerie’s house. The day everything changed.

“Heather,” Vanessa whispered. “Wake up, love.”

Heather stirred, rolling onto her back. Her bare breasts coming into view.

Vanessa moaned and cupped one in her hand. Her thumb flicked across the nipple, drawing it to a puckered peak. She moved lower and sucked the other one into her mouth.

Heather moaned in her sleep, her hand coming to rest on Vanessa’s head. Vanessa moved her other hand down Heather’s body, cupping her mound before running a finger along her slit and dipping it into her wetness.

Heather moaned sleepily, opening her eyes and turning towards Vanessa for a kiss. “You’ve got to stop waking me up like this,” she mumbled against Vanessa’s lips.

“You don’t like it?” Vanessa asked, sinking her fingers in deeper into Heather.

“Mph,” Heather grunted. “I like it too much,” she whispered. “Could get used to this.”

“Good,” Vanessa whispered, “I love that you’re so wet early in the morning.”

Heather hissed with pleasure as another finger joined the one already inside her. “Yes,” she moaned, encouraging Vanessa.

Vanessa wiggled her fingers before moving deeper.

“Ungh god!” Heather exclaimed, her hips rising up.

“Too much?”

“No no, more,” Heather panted, seeking more friction.

Vanessa kissed her, her soaked fingers scissoring in and out of Heather’s wet pussy.

“Oh god, right there,” Heather grunted, trying to keep her voice down. Her fingers found her clit and rubbed furiously as she found Vanessa’s lips again.

“Mmm,” Vanessa mumbled into the kiss. “Yes love, cum for me.”

“Oh Vanessa,” Heather whispered. “Yes, yes oh god!”

“I love you baby,” Vanessa whispered. “That’s it, let go, I know you’re so close.”

“Ungh my…oh yes, just like…ohhhhh!” Heather almost screamed, forgetting about being quiet as she felt the oncoming wave crash into her.

“Oh Heather! Shhh!” Vanessa exclaimed before claiming her lips.

“Shit! Shit, I was too loud wasn’t I? Heather asked, hurriedly sitting up, still panting.

They both looked at the door expecting Jules to knock any second. But when a minute passed and no knock came, Heather relaxed, a giggle escaping her.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, blushing.

Vanessa chuckled. “We’ve already used the ‘you stubbed a toe’ and ‘there was a bumblebee in the room’ story,” she said, grinning. “Maybe we need a couple of more stories ready, eh?”

“Uhh.” Heather groaned. “She was so disappointed that I got scared of a bee,” she said shaking her head.

“Oh I should have told her you killed the bee,” Vanessa teased, chuckling at Heather’s mortified expression.

“I can’t believe you have such evil thoughts,” she said, feigning shock. “Such a pretty face,” she sighed, “So much evil,” she said squealing as Vanessa pounced on her to tickle her.

Seconds later they scrambled to put on their clothes knowing Jules was on her way.

“Was it another bumblebee?” They heard her ask as she made her way to their door.

Vanessa opened the door before she could knock and scooped an unsuspecting Jules up in her arms making her squeal too. “Mum!”

“No bumblebee,” Vanessa laughed. “Tickling match!” she said laughing before laying Jules on the bed and attacking her.

Jules squealed as Heather joined in. “Stop! You’re ganging up against me! Ahhhhhhhh!”

After a lot of squealing and flailing limbs, they collapsed on the bed, laughing and panting.

“Oh come on Jules, don’t be a grump.”

“You ganged up against a 5 year old,” Jules mumbled. “Mum! You’re my mother! You’re supposed to be on my side!”

Vanessa grinned and whispered something in Jules’ ear and the next second they’d both pounced on Heather who froze for a second then screamed bloody murder. Jules stopped and covered her ears in shock, a look of terror on her face. Vanessa rolled on the bed laughing while Heather continued to scream for a few more seconds before she realized that the attack had stopped.

She opened her eyes to see a wide eyed Jules squatting with her ears covered and Vanessa in splits.

“You’re so loud!” Jules whispered, still covering her ears, still in shock.

Embarrassed, Heather looked at Vanessa who was still laughing.

“Sorry,” she mumbled sitting up.

“Mum, why are you laughing?” Jules asked, now more concerned than shocked.

“Oh… oh honey. I’m sorry that scared you, c’mere,” she said hugging Jules, still laughing in spurts.

Once she’d calmed down, Jules looked at Heather who looked back at her apologetically. “It’s ok Heather,” Jules said moving to hug her. “I know we startled you.”

Heather nodded, hugging Jules back.

“But you should try not to be so loud! You’ll hurt your throat.”

“And my ears” Vanessa mumbled playfully which earned her a stinky face from Jules Casibom Giriş and a glare from Heather.

“All right, all right. You lot cuddle away. I’m starting breakfast,” she huffed before planting a kiss on each of their foreheads and making her way down to the kitchen.

“Eat up!” Vanessa chimed, loading their plates with sausages and eggs when Heather came down the stairs with Jules on piggyback.

“Yummy!” Jules exclaimed, digging in. “Can I have some Nutella?”

Heather made a face at Jules. “Nutella with eggs and sausages?”

“I like it with everything. But best with waffles,” she said, grinning at Heather, who high fived her.

Vanessa smiled, “Aunty V’s making her treacle tart today. So maybe no Nutella?”

“Really? I’m having treacle tart for lunch!” she exclaimed, punching the air with her fork.

Vanessa laughed. “I know you are.”

“Heather you should come with us! Aunty V’s treacle tart is the best!”

“Heather is coming along, hon.”

“Yeay! You’ll have the best time Heather! Aunty V is the best!”

“I can’t wait!” Heather grinned.

Heather was feeling nervous as they got off the car in the driveway of a lovely house. It had a very well maintained old Victorian façade.

“Wow,” she whispered under her breath. “This is where you grew up?”

“Mhm.” Vanessa took Heather’s hand in hers. “This is my first home.”

“You were born here?”

Vanessa nodded.

“That’s where mum and Auntie V used to hide when they did something bad and Gramps always found them!” Jules chimed, pointing to a small shed while skipping up the porch steps.

“That shed was built while I was in Italy, honey,” Vanessa laughed. “Where do you hear these stories?”

“Auntie V tells the best stories,” Jules said defiantly. She then looked at Heather guiltily. “But Heather tells the best bedtime stories,” she added shyly making Heather melt inside.

The main door opened and a tall, graceful woman stepped out. She had striking features, high cheek bones, a soft but defined jaw. The next thing Heather noticed were her eyes, dark, blazing with intensity, a spitting image of her sister’s. She saw Jules, and Heather, from feet away could see the spark of joy in them.

“There’s my pumpkin pie!” she exclaimed with childlike glee, lifting Jules up, before putting her back down with a grimace. “You’re getting too heavy for me to do that,” she said pulling her into a hug.

“I’m healthy weight,” Jules said matter of factly.

Valerie laughed an all too familiar, throaty laugh. “Of course you are pumpkin. It’s my old bones, getting a bit rusty,” she said turning her attention to her sister and Heather who were still holding hands.

Valerie’s gaze lingered on their interlocked fingers for just a second before she beamed at Heather. “You look lovely, Heather,” she said warmly, embracing her. “C’mon in!”

Heather smiled before following Jules and Valerie into the house, Vanessa by her side. She noticed Valerie was barefeet, comfortably moving around. There was no pretense, she was what she was. Just like Vanessa had told her, Heather thought smiling.

The house was lovely! Huge glass windows allowed oodles of sunlight which maybe explained the thriving indoor plants. Framed photographs lined every inch of the mantelpiece, some of them old, black and white. Heather looked around as Vanessa dropped down on the sofa, making herself comfortable. Jules had pranced into the kitchen behind Valerie and they soon emerged with a pitcher of pink lemonade and glasses.

“Your place is lovely, Valerie,” Heather said, trying to get a look at some of the photographs hidden behind the more recent frames.

“Thanks dear,” she said warmly, joining Heather. “It’s still pretty much the same as it was when we moved in,” she said, looking over at Vanessa.

“Wow,” Heather said.

“Yep,” Valerie nodded. “No major remodel in what, 43 years now.”

“That table,” Vanessa pointed to the kitchen. “Fell off it and split my head open when I was two,” Vanessa grinned.

“Oh,” Heather said, unsure of where Vanessa was going with this.

“Ran into it and broke an arm when I was 5,” Vanessa continued. “At age 7, I fell off it again and got a nasty bump on my head,” she carried on much to Heather’s amusement. “I’ve run into it, stubbed my toes, hurt myself on countless occasions. I even went into false labour while sitting at it,” Vanessa said, exasperated.

Heather laughed as Valerie shook her head.

“It had to get back at you in some way, Nessy,” Valerie said, grinning.

“Oh come on Val! I was just a couple of months old!”

“What did she do?” Heather asked, thoroughly enjoying the story as Jules who’d obviously heard the story before giggled.

“Mum did a poo on it,” she said looking at her mum, almost embarrassed for her.

“Who puts an infant on a dining table?” Vanessa asked, obviously exasperated as Heather couldn’t help but laugh.

“Gramps was Casibom Güncel Giriş a crazy man,” she said to Jules, rolling her eyes.

“I know. Aunty V said that’s where you get it from,” Jules said, again looking at her mum apologetically. Like she understood that there was nothing her mum could do about it.

“Val! I swear to God!” Vanessa almost roared as Valerie burst out laughing.

“It’s true though,” she said in her defense. “You’re cuckoo. Just like Dad was.” She said, ducking as Vanessa hurled a pillow at her.

“Alright Nessy!” she added sternly, before softening. “We’ll stick to the good stories for today then, eh? For Heather’s benefit.”

Heather couldn’t get over the fact that Vanessa was ‘Nessy’. There was so much about her that she didn’t know! Nessy, she thought. That’s absolutely adorable.

Lunch was so yum. Jules had only the treacle tart as she’d proclaimed she would. They settled into an easy chat and Heather got to hear some stories of Vanessa as a kid. Valerie had a way of getting under Vanessa’s skin. It was so amusing to see the always in control, rational, practical Vanessa lose her cool with her older sister.

“I was 8 when Nessy was born,” Valerie said as Heather listened intently. Vanessa distractedly ran a finger up and down Heather’s arm. They’d just finished clearing up and Jules had run off to her room for something. The sun was streaming through the windows at the back of the house and there was a languid calm in the air. A soft breeze made the leaves of the many indoor plants rustle and Heather couldn’t help but sigh and sink deeper into the comfy couch, almost leaning against Vanessa.

Valerie too tucked her feet under her, visibly relaxing into her seat. She continued with her story. “Mum was a livewire,” she said grinning. “When she was well, she couldn’t sit still for 5 minutes. Always on her feet.”

“Yea, that’s pretty much what I remember of her before she was sick.” Vanessa said softly. There was no pain in her voice, but a hint of loss. Heather instinctively squeezed her hand, hoping to offer some comfort. They exchanges a glance and Vanessa smiled softly.

“She passed quickly after she fell sick. “Nessy was 7, I was 15.”

Vanessa nodded. “Since then Val’s been my mum. And she’s been my dad too for the last 15 years,” she said. Again, there was no sadness in what Vanessa said, but Heather felt an enormous outpouring of love for the two sisters.

Valerie grinned before mischievously adding, “And I still get cushions thrown at me.”

“Oh Val, you know I love ya,” Vanessa grinned. “Please just keep my daughter away from the rest of the treacle tart,” she grumbled.

Valerie laughed but noticed immediately that Heather looked sad. She smiled, “We had a good childhood, Heather,” she said reassuringly. “Dad was lovely, attentive, spoilt us rotten and helped with homework.”

“Drove us to football practice,” Vanessa chimed.

“Attended every recital,” Valerie added, smiling.

Soon they were laughing at happy stories of family vacations and first dates and sneaking out of the house post curfew.

“Val, please none of these stories are to be repeated to Jules. She’s just 5 for heaven’s sake!”

Valerie grinned. “I’ve already told her about the time dad caught you smoking a spliff.”

Vanessa jerked forward, “You what?” she exclaimed as Valerie let out a chuckle.

“Quit!” Vanessa said, harshly, apparently tired of the teasing.

“Your dad caught you smoking pot?” Heather asked, laughing.

“Yea, I had some rebellious years,” Vanessa shrugged.

“I bet Jules will too,” Valerie teased, making Vanessa groan.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly. Heather got a tour of the house courtesy Valerie and Jules. She spent time with Jules in her room which used to be Vanessa’s room. It still had some posters from back in the day.

At some point Heather found herself alone with Valerie. They were sitting in comfortable silence when Valerie said, “Jules is very fond of you.”

Heather smiled. “I love her. She’s such a special child.”

Valerie nodded. “She sure is.”

“Heather, I…” Valerie paused and smiled. “I know you care a lot about Nessy. And Jules. I can see it.”

Heather nodded, suddenly apprehensive about where this was going.

“I’ve honestly not seen Nessy this happy in a long time,” she added. “I mean, don’t get me wrong. Joe is great and they were great together. I’m glad they decided to separate. It’s what they needed to do.” Valerie sighed. “But, it was hard on Jules. She was just 3 and it was hard on her. It’s difficult for a child, no matter how well the parents handle it.”

Heather nodded, not sure what to say.

“Vanessa obviously knows what’s good for Jules,” Valerie continued. It was odd hearing her address her sister by her full name. “And as I said, I can see that you care for her.”

Again Heather nodded. “Vanessa is a great mum. ”

“Yes, she is,” Vanessa agreed. “I can also see how much Jules likes you. She can’t stop talking about bedtime with Heather and how you helped her with her craft project and made Nutella waffles for her.”

Heather grinned, “Vanessa wasn’t happy with how much Nutella we polished off that evening.”

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