Channel 7: KUNT Wars Ch. 03

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Group Sex

Part 3 of 3

Sharon slowly opened her eyes. It took her several minutes before she was able to get them to both look in the same direction, much less focus. It took a major effort to sit up, so she could look around, and when she did, she saw that she was totally alone, and totally naked. She took a quick look at her watch and saw that the entire incident had taken about three hours, leaving her just under an hour to get herself together for the eleven o’clock news show, and the way she felt at the moment, she knew it would take every minute she had.

Well, at least they didn’t rob her while she was out, she thought, as she noticed she was still wearing all of her jewelry. She then reached over and pulled her purse to her and found it’s contents intact as well. Then she noticed something was missing: her clothes. As she looked around more she saw a small pile of clothes sitting on the table. There they were.

She staggered to her feet, and was barely able to make it to the table, grabbing the edge with both hands to support herself. She felt weak as a newborn kitten, and was starting to wonder how she was going to make it to her office.

“What the?” Sharon gasped, when she saw the clothes on the table. They weren’t her clothes. It was an outfit similar to the uniforms the Asian “school girls” had been wearing. She found a pair of white knee socks, a pair of high-healed clogs, a white cotton blouse, a plaid skirt, and a pair of panties but no bra. Oh, well, she thought, better than trying to get into her office wrapped in one of the nasty painter’s drop cloths or even worse, in the nude. Besides she did have a change of clothes in her office, although the idea of calling in sick was getting stronger by the second.

The first thing she discovered was that the panties were a thong, and the backstrap wedged quite securely in the crack of her ass, which was a totally new experience for her. Then she discovered that the waistband of the skirt was too big to fit her slim waist, so the skirt ended up riding low on her hips, showing the panty straps as they rode high on her hips. In a way this was a good thing because when she slipped it on she found the skirt was so short, that even riding low as it was, it just barely covered her pussy and all but naked ass.

Sharon then put the shirt on and only then did she discover it was an island style shirt. No buttons and two long ties that tied just below her large free-range boobs. She was showing almost as much skin now as she did when she went to the beach or the pool. She now knew that she had to go to her office, because she figured that if she went outside dressed like this she would surely get arrested as a streetwalker. No, she would just have to try to sneak into her office and change into her spare outfit.

She sat on the edge of the table and pulled on the socks and shoes. She caught a glimpse of herself in the polished marble wall between the elevators, and gasped at what she saw. It was the sexiest woman she had seen in years. She laughed to herself, looking at her reflection, thinking if she ever got fired from this job, she could always join Monique, and be a hooker.

Somehow Sharon made it to the top floor without being seen. She was cutting through the empty office area towards her private office when she happened to look up at the bank of monitors on one wall. There were a couple that showed what their competion was airing at the moment. Then there was one that showed what the network was feeding them. The next one showed what was going out over the air, and the last monitor was what was coming out of the studio. Usually the on-air monitor was the same as the network monitor, unless they were doing a live feed. Right now the network was feeding them the usual evening sitcom that came on just before the eleven o’clock news. What caught her attention was the studio feed monitor.

It took a few seconds for what she was seeing to register. It was an image of her being screwed by two of the Japanese girls, with strapon dildos, while she ate the third one’s pussy, and the last two sucked and bit on her very sensitive nipples. Her pussy twitched in remembrance.

“OH, MY, GOD!!!” she gasped, as the gravity of what she was watching hit her. Lisa, or someone else had set up atleast one camera and recorded the entire episode, and they were now playing it back for everyone in the studio.

A sudden fit of rage overtook her, and, forgetting her attire, Sharon stormed into the studio. She Casibom was going to have it out with Lisa once and for all. This was going too far. When she had hired Monique, it had been far subtler than this, and she had only been filmed from the waist up. In this video you could see everything, and she meant everything.

As soon as Sharon opened the soundproof door to the studio she could hear the whistles and catcalls as the team and crew watched her getting gangbanged like a two-dollar whore. There was even the sound of her moans of pleasure and the girl’s grunts as they screwed her. This only served to incite her even more.

“Lisa,” she heard Roger, the gay weatherman, say, “This is just too much. You really got her this time. Almost makes me wish I liked women.”

“Thank you, sir,” Lisa said, bowing slightly at the compliment.

Sharon walked up behind Lisa, grabbed her by the arm, spinning her around, and slapped her hard across the face. Lisa staggered backwards slightly from the blow, and put her hand to her stinging cheek, totally surprised by the attack.

“You slut,” Sharon hissed, as the younger woman stroked her glowing cheek.

“Quick,” Sue Marshall, the director, said to Jim, the engineer, “put a couple of clean tapes in the recorders, and switch on the cameras. Stay with the network feed at eleven. I have a feeling this is going to get good.”

Down on the floor Jane, the camera operator, swung her camera to face the two women, and pulled Linda, the new intern out of the way, as Sue told her, through her headset, to start filming. On the other side of the studio the robotic camera swung around to face the two women as they squared off with each other.

“Look who’s talking,” Lisa shot back at her older antagonist. “Planning on making a little extra money after work, as a whore?”

“Bitch!” Sharon screamed, as she reached out for her co-anchor with both hands. At the last second Lisa leaned back, so the only thing Sharon got was the front of Lisa’s very expensive looking silk blouse, ripping it down the front, revealing her lacy blue pushup bra.

“Damn you,” Lisa screamed, looking down at her ruined top. “Do you know how much this blouse cost me?”

The girl lunged at Sharon, pushing her backwards, until the two of them fell to the floor. Sharon used the momentum of their falling bodies to cause the two women to tumble across the floor. All the time the two women clawed and swatted at each other, screaming and cursing like drunken sailors. When they finally stopped rolling, Sharon was sitting astride Lisa’s belly.

Wanting to take full advantage of her dominant position, she began ripping the rest of the younger woman’s torn blouse off. Somewhere along the way she noticed that Lisa’s bra was a front opening model, and went for it.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Lisa screamed, as she suddenly realized what the other woman was going to do.

Lisa grabbed for Sharon’s wrists, but was just a little too slow, and her bra popped open allowing her full firm boobs to spill out for all to see. Sharon immediately attacked the soft flesh, digging her long manicured nails into the white globes, causing Lisa to scream in pain.

“I told you this was going to be good,” Sue said, reaching down to release Jim’s rock hard cock, and start stroking it.

In the studio, the other members of the crew stood or sat in stunned silence as they watched the two women going at each other.

Lisa only allowed Sharon the upper hand for a few seconds, before she brought her long strong legs up and wrapped them around her assailant’s upper body, and pulled her off to the side. She quickly rolled onto her adversary, pinning her to the floor.

“So you want to play that game, do you?” Lisa spat, as she grabbed at Sharon’s blouse, ripping it open.

At this point Lisa had the advantage because Sharon was wearing fewer clothes, and could easily be stripped by the younger girl. Lisa realized this fact and began to take advantage of it. She had Sharon’s blouse open almost instantly, and set about slapping, pinching and clawing at Sharon’s big natural tits. She then spun around on Sharon’s belly and began pulling the short skirt off. Her final goal was to completely strip and humiliate the woman.

Spinning around had been a mistake. With her back to Sharon’s face, she had presented the woman with the perfect tool for getting the upper hand. Sharon reached up, got a good firm grip on Lisa’s ever-present ponytail, and gave Casibom Giriş it a good hard pull. Lisa let out a squeal of pain as she tumbled backwards. Keeping a firm grip on her ponytail, Sharon began ripping at Lisa’s clothes. Soon Lisa was as naked as Sharon was.

“Oh, my god!” Jane gasped, slipping her hand into her pants to stroke her overheated pussy, as she watched Sharon and Lisa struggling on the floor, from behind her camera. She then looked around and saw that Linda, the intern was on her knees in front of Bill the Sports guy, as he sat at his desk, and had hauled out his rockhard cock and was slowly licking it. She had pushed her own jeans and panties down her legs so she could stroke her excited pussy. Between the catfight and what Linda was doing, it was more than Jane could stand. She quickly moved over to the couple and pulled the girl’s jeans and panties all the way off, making her lift each knee to accomplish her task. She then lay on the floor so that her head was under Linda’s dripping cunt. Reaching up with both hands, she grabbed the girl’s hips and pulled her down to her waiting tongue and lips. Linda let out a deep groan of pleasure around Bill’s hard cock, as Jane began tonguefucking her.

By this time, Sue’s slacks were down around her knees and she was standing bent over the control consul watching the activity going on in the studio through the window. Jim was standing behind her holding her by the hips as he plunged his throbbing loveclub in and out of her sopping wet pussy. She suddenly noticed the threesome, and somehow had the presence of mind to turn the robot camera on them and record the action.

Meanwhile the combatants had calmed down a little, but only a little. Sharon, who was sitting high on Lisa’s chest, assaulting her lower body with her razor sharp nails, looked over and saw what Linda, Bill and Jane were doing. This sent an immediate surge of sexual energy straight to her twat, causing her pussy to literally drip onto Lisa’s chest. She suddenly found it very difficult to breath.

“Oh, crap,” Sharon said, as she looked down and saw Lisa’s exposed and very wet pussy. While she was not a lesbian, she had had a lesbian experience in college with her roommate, and then she had spent the night with Monique, after the hooker had eaten Lisa’s pussy through the news cast. But the combination of what the Japanese girls had done to her earlier, what was going on now, and the sight of Lisa’s vulnerable pussy, was just more than she could handle. She fell forward, pushing her face between the girl’s spread thighs. She pulled Lisa’s smooth silky thighs up, tucked them under her arms, and immediately began nibbling and licking her pussy. The girl’s juices tasted like nectar to her, and judging by the amount of fluid seeping out of her, Lisa was as excited as she was.

“What the….?” Lisa shrieked in shock as she felt Sharon’s mouth on her sex. Her eyes, which had snapped open at this new outrage, slowly began to sag as the pleasure coursed through her body straight to her brain. “Oh, my.”

Lisa reached up, gripped Sharon’s rounded asscheeks, and pulled her twat down to her face and began sucking and licking the woman, just as the older woman was licking and sucking hers. Sharon moaned into Lisa’s pussy, and the girl was surprised at how good that felt. She kicked up her oral assault on the older woman’s cunt hoping to make her moan some more.

Roger was beginning to feel left out. He was standing by the weatherboard slowly stroking his cock. He had not had sex with a woman in years, ever since he had figured out that he was gay, but watching the two beautiful women rolling around on the floor had made his cock harder than it had been in years. He was trying to figure out what he could do about his excitement.

He knew better than to try anything with Bill. He had made a casual comment once, and Bill had responded by threatening to cut off the man’s cock if he ever tried anything again. Then he noticed Jane’s wide spread legs as she lay beneath Linda licking her pussy. Why not he thought? He was gay and she was a lezzy, it somehow seemed right to him.

Roger quickly pulled Jane’s jeans and panties all the way off and mounted her before she even had a chance to make a protest. Feeling the rockhard cock slide into her wet pussy pushed any thought of protesting totally out of her mind, and she moaned into Linda’s cunt, which made her moan around Bill’s cock, which made him moan with pleasure. This position Casibom Güncel Giriş also put Roger’s face right in the crack of the young intern’s firm asscheeks.

“Well,” Roger thought, as he began licking the girl’s butt. “In for dime, in for a dollar.”

Lisa moaned again.

Sharon and Lisa were going at each like seasoned lesbians. At the rate they were climbing mount orgasm it would not be long before they reached the summit and tumbled into the abyss of pure pleasure. The other members of the Eleven O’clock News team weren’t too far behind the two beautiful women.

Suddenly Sharon’s toes curled, and she let out a low guttural scream into Lisa’s pussy as her body spasmed with her orgasm. Her cum triggered Lisa’s pleasure and both women came together, their bodies rocking as one.

A short distance away the orgasm monster was busy working over the mini-orgy. Roger came, shoving his cock as far into Jane as he could get it, and his tongue as deeply into Linda’s tight little ass as he could. Some things just didn’t change.

Jane screamed into Linda’s dripping twat, cuming as she felt Roger unloading in her pussy, plus Roger’s tongue in her ass, triggered Linda’s orgasm and she pressed herself down on Jane’s ravaging tongue as firmly as she could and increased her sucking of Bill’s cock causing him to shoot his load down the intern’s rippling throat. While in the control room Sue screamed as her pussy spasmed around Jim’s rampaging lovemuscle, causing him to shoot his load deep inside of her while he roared like a lion.

On the studio floor lay a lump of sweating female flesh, as Sharon and Lisa attempted to recover from their mutual orgasms, gasping for breath. Sharon still laid on top of Lisa, who still gripped the older woman’s firm asscheeks. After a couple of minutes, Sharon had enough strength to roll off of her former antagonist, and lay flat on her back beside her.

Once Sharon had rolled off, Lisa gathered all of her strength and scooted around so that she was laying in the same direction as the other woman, and cuddled up with her, laying her head on the older woman’s shoulder as she casually caressed Sharon’s big soft boobs. Sharon peaked at the other girl on her shoulder, then slipped an arm around her.

“That was fantastic,” Lisa gasped, bending down a little and planting a soft kiss on Sharon’s nearest nipple.

“Who would have thunk-it?” Sharon asked, caressing her counterpart’s smooth back.

A couple of loud groans caught their attention, and the two women looked at the pile of human flesh that was currently trying to disentangle itself on the other side of the studio. They looked at each other in surprise as they began to figure out what had been going on while they had been so busy with their own activities. They were really shocked when they realized that the gay Roger had just fucked the lezzy Jane. Would wonders never cease?

“Now that’s something you don’t see everyday,” Sharon said, with a smile on her pussyjuice covered lips. Then she noticed the control room appeared empty and figured that Sue and Jim had been involved in their own little orgy, and were probably on the floor trying to recover or maybe even go for round two.

“Your place or mine?” Lisa asked.


“Your place or mine?” Lisa repeated.

“Which one’s closer?” Sharon responded, smiling at her new lover.

“Mine,” Lisa said, sitting up.

“Let’s get out of here,” Sharon said, sitting up next to the younger woman.

The two women staggered to their feet, and wobbled their way toward their offices on legs that threatened to give out on them at any second. A few minutes later they came out dressed in their spare clothes, and arm in arm they headed for the door. As they were going down the hall, Sharon stopped, and Lisa stopped next to her wondering what she was up to.

Sharon opened the door to the control room, and stuck her head in and saw Sue and Jim lying naked on the floor. Sue’s head was lying on his shoulder and one of her legs was lying across his groin. He had an arm wrapped around the woman, holding her tightly to him. Sue slowly lifted her head and squinted at the two women who were looking at them.

“We’d each like a copy of the video,” Sharon said, looking to Lisa for confirmation, which she got. “Yeah, one copy each.”

Sue gave them a thumbs up and then let her head drop back onto Jim’s shoulder.

“Let’s get out of here,” Sharon repeated, closing the door, and pulling Lisa to her, as they walked down the hall supporting each other.

“You know,” Lisa said, as they walked, “it would have been a lot easier if we had just done this in the beginning.”

“Hindsight, my dear,” Sharon smiled. “Hindsight.”

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