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I’m Charley. I’m pushing forty and am a rather large man, not fat but solid beef and muscle. I’m a bit of an extrovert, hail fellow, well met, and all that nonsense. I also like the ladies. A lot. Which is partly why I’m telling this little story.

I was sitting on my back porch, enjoying a beer and the dying sunlight, when little Angela popped over my fence on one side of the yard, intent on cutting across my yard to her destination, the house behind mine, where her friend lives. The railings on the fences make this a fast way for her to get there. Mind you, she has to come back the long way, being too small to climb over the fence without the railings to help. Or perhaps she climbs the fences in the other direction. I just know I’ve only ever seen her go one way.

“Hey, Angela, have you got a moment?” I called and she came to a screeching halt and turned to look at me. She gave a shrug, which did lovely things to her upper anatomy, and came trotting over.

“Um, you don’t mind me taking a short cut through your yard do you?” she asked.

“Course not,” I scoffed. “There was just something I wanted to check up on. You’re eighteen now, aren’t you?”

“Last week,” she said with a smile.

“Thought so,” I said, standing up and stretching. “Now that means that, sooner or later, some boy is going to catch you. “I’ve decided that seeing I like you I should really take steps to ensure that your first time is a memorable one, and I mean that in a positive sense.”

From the look on her face you’d thing I’d hauled off and slapped her one. She was blushing, her mouth open, and trying to stutter something. It’s real hard to say anything meaningful while your mouth is hanging open. Try it and see.

While Angela was trying to come up with something to say I reached over and hooked a finger through her belt and tugged on it, bringing her closer to me. Then I started undoing the belt. Angela watched for a moment, puzzled, and then came back to life as she caught on to what I’d just done.

“Hey,” she snapped, grabbing at her belt. I intercepted her hand, catching hold of it.

“Stop that,” I said. “If you want something to hold, hold this.”

I was unzipping as I spoke, bringing my little toy into play and wrapping her hand around it. I wasn’t erect at that stage but as soon as Angela’s hand closed over me I started heading in that direction. From the look on her face she probably hadn’t Anadolu Yakası Escort actually laid hands on a man’s little toy to this stage. Or not so little toy now that it was standing up and looking around.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.

“I’m just undoing some buttons,” I pointed out, my fingers busy at the front of her blouse. I was tugging at the blouse as I went, freeing it from her slacks.

“But you can’t do that,” she protested.

“Or that,” she added, when I unclipped her bra, delighted to find it had a front fastener.

“Don’t be silly. Of course I can,” I told her as my hands closed over her breasts. “After all, why should you have all the fun?”

She looked puzzled for a moment and then blushed and snatched her hand away from my cock. I promptly caught her hand and put it back, feeling it close around me again.

I slid my hands around her, first to her waist and then sliding then down until they cupped her bottom. Her slacks and panties had to drop a bit to allow me to accomplish this but I wasn’t really paying attention to this. Apparently neither was Angela as she didn’t say anything. Perhaps it was because I pulled her a little closer and let my mouth close over a breast, or perhaps because she was distracted by the erection she was still holding, her hand running up and down its’ length.

I tasted both her breasts, feeling her hand tighten convulsively about me a couple of times when I did so. After a few minutes I decided that the time was ripe to move things along a little. I sat down again, which had the unfortunate side effect of pulling my cock out of her grasp. Without that to distract her Angela started to get herself back together.

Fortunately that didn’t last long. I tightened my hold on her bottom, drawing her closer. When her slacks and panties had been pushed down a little I’d made sure that applied to the front as well as the back. She was nicely exposed to me and as I pulled her closer I also leaned towards her a little, my mouth finding her pussy, getting a very shocked gasp for my efforts.

My tongue started exploring while Angela started making funny little whimpering noises. Figuring that she was nicely distracted I took the opportunity to ease her slacks and panties further down – a lot further down.

I now had a hand on her pussy as well, complimenting what my tongue was doing. I stroked Kurtköy Escort and petted, lightly scratched her lips and let my tongue slip further into her. She was squirming around as I played and made a most peculiar noise when I accidentally touched her clitoris. Well, maybe not touched but certainly close enough for her to feel the affect.

I finally lifted my head away from her, my hands going around her to hold her bottom again. A slight tightening of my hold and I was urging her closer, finally standing there, straddling me, my erection rearing up between her legs.

“Time to settle down now,” I said, giving a gentle downwards tug as I spoke.

“But, but,” was all Angela could say, staring at me wide-eyed.

“Hey, sooner or later,” I pointed out, “and you’ve made a marvellous start. Just ease down a little. You’ll find that you’ll have no problems.”

“But, but,” she continued, but she was also slowly sinking down. I noticed that at some stage she’d managed to kick her slacks and panties off one leg.

She sank a little lower and then my cock was pressing against and into her. She finally stopped saying “but”, switching to, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my -ah-ah, oh my god.”

I’d felt the gentle touch of her hymen and had given a helpful push at that stage, which explain the small scream. After that it was just, “oh my god” repeatedly while she slowly took me into her. She was tight and my entry was slow, eased by her natural lubricant, her passage stretching to let me past, closing over me to hold me fast.

She finally settled down as far as she could go, fully impaled on my cock.

“You’re fucking me,” sounding surprised.

“Um, no, you’re fucking me,” I pointed out.

“What?” She sounded scandalised.

“Ah, you are on top,” I pointed out. “I’m just sitting here.”

“But you made me,” she protested. “You know you did.”

“Let’s not quibble over petty details,” I said, waving them off with a gesture. “I think that now we’ve gone this far we might as well finish. Why don’t you try and move with me.”

My hands gently massaged her breasts while I pressed myself firmly against her and then pulled back a little. A very little, seeing I was sitting and had nowhere to go. Still it served as my nudge back in was met by Angela pushing back against me.

From small starts big things grow. It wasn’t all that long and Angela was Pendik Escort happily bouncing on me, rising the length of my shaft and then plunging back onto it with a happy gurgle, relishing the feel of me inside her. I wasn’t resisting that anyone would notice, pushing up hard to meet her.

I was happy to let things build, playing with her breasts the entire time, thoroughly enjoying myself. I considered that I was doing a public service, initiating a young virgin in such a manner that she’d be happy to try again.

It seemed all too soon to me when Angela started tightening up, making little gasping sounds, showing all the signs of an imminent climax. I started surging into her a little harder, a little roughly, watching the startled look on her face as her climax finally hit her. I pulled her close to me, my mouth covering hers, while she clung tightly to me, shaking with this unknown feeling that was tearing her apart.

My cock finished its frenetic throbbing, relieved of its load for a while. Angela sagged against me with a low moan of satisfaction.

She finally sat up and glared at me, although it was a pretty feeble glare.

“I can’t believe that you did that,” she snapped.

“I’m pretty surprised myself,” I admitted. “Still, you were absolutely marvellous.”

“Well, it’s not going to happen again,” she told me, standing on her dignity.

“If you say so,” I said agreeably. “Unless I catch you in the yard again and then I’ll just naturally have to do my best to persuade you otherwise.”

She gave me a put-upon look and changed the subject.

“The very least you can do is let me have a shower now before I get dressed,” she groused.

“Um, I would but I’m not sure that Jean will understand why you’re having a shower at our place.”

It seemed that such minor details as my wife had completely slipped past Angela.

“She’s home?” she asked, sounding horrified.

“Well, yeah. It’s her TV time. She’s in watching Days of our Wives or Game of Bones or some such thing. Still, I’m pretty sure she’ll notice if the shower goes on.”

I needn’t have bothered explaining. Angela was scrambling back into her clothes at a great rate. Never seen a woman get dressed so fast. Then she was heading off home, words sounding like, “Incredible moron,” came floating back to me. Surely she wasn’t referring to me.

I have to admit that the whole episode slightly shook me. I’d expected anything from a polite demurral to a horrified scream and a slap. A faux protest and enthusiastic fuck had not been on my expectation list. Now I was wondering what other opportunities I’d missed by not grabbing when the chance was there. Life can be so hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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