Chatroom Date in Missouri

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I had been talking with a guy from near Branson for about 6 months, he was divorced and had a son staying with him He seemed to be a real nice guy and was in his late 30s, his son was 18. Well one evening I received a chat request from him and as we talked, he invited me to come down to Branson on the following weekend to meet and go out, we had exchanged a number of pictures and even some nudes so I was interested in meeting him, my husband was out of town again on business so that was no problem and the drive was only about 6 hours so I said yes. I told him I could come down on Friday afternoon and would need to come back on Sunday afternoon, he said great and told me to go to a guarded parking lot in the main part of Branson’s show district and that he would meet me there with his car. I agreed and started packing a suitcase for my trip.

I drove to Branson that Friday and when I arrived at the parking lot, I was met by Bill, the guys son, he said his dad had been called out of town for the day on business and would be back that evening. He said his dad had asked him to pick me up and see that I was made comfortable till he got home. Bill drove us to the house, which was south of Branson on the lake, when we arrived he showed me a room and helped me with my suitcase, then he said that once I was unpacked and ready to come to the living room. I unpacked and went down, Bill showed me a wet bar and said help yourself, then he mixed me a rum and coke and ask is this the way you like it? I was surprised that he knew what I drank but he said his dad had told him so I really didn’t think anything of it. We sat around and I had a few drinks, between the drive and the drinks I was a little tipsy, about two hours after I had arrived, there were two other young guys showed up; Roger and Donnie were their names and they were school friends of Bill.

I had another drink that Bill had made for me and curled my legs up on the sofa, the boys were all setting across from me, Bill started to talk about my husband being gone a lot and that he knew I was really a hot number; I was about to protest this kind of talk when Bill said that he had copied all the email that I had sent to his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri dad and that he also had a disk with all of my pictures on it! I was shocked, then I said I would wait upstairs for his dad and Bill laughed and said he is really our out town for the entire weekend, and that it was really he that had invited me down. I said something about leaving and he just laughed, how you have no transportation and you don’t even know where you really are. Bill said that they had all looked at my pictures and wanted to see me up close We sat and talked and I drank a couple more of the drinks Bill kept making for me, then he said come on Sigi strip for us, I put on a little striptease for them and was down to just a black garterbelt, stockings, and heels; then Bill and Roger took turns dancing with me and of course helping themselves to some touching and feeling. I must admit that between the drinks and the idea of being naked in front of three 18-year-old boys really had me worked up and turned on. I could smell myself and my crotch was wet.

About eight that evening we went upstairs to the room where my things were, I did some more dancing and let them touch and feel, then Bill said you know the real reason I invited you down is that Donnie has a real problem. What kind of problem? I asked, well he is to big for any of the girls around here that put out, when they see it they won’t let him near them. Then he said, “show her Donnie”, Donnie began to undress and I was amazed to see the biggest, fattest cock that I had ever seen in person. I had seen pictures of freaks and stuff but this was the real thing! Donnie”s cock was over 14″ long and 3 and ½” across or 7″ round!

I gasp when I saw it standing stiff and straight from his young body, Bill said do you think you can take it all? I just stared and then he said go ahead Donnie do her, do her good. Donnie guided me back to the bed and then lay along side me and began to kiss and fondle my breasts, then I felt his fingers rubbing my clit and I reached down to his massive cock and could not close my hand on it. Donnie told Roger to get some Vaseline and a rubber, I heard myself mumble “no rubber güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri please, and there is a tube of KY Jelly in my purse! Roger ran downstairs and came back with my purse, when he got back I noticed that Bill had been busy also and was carrying in an old video camera and a tripod; which he sat up. In the mean time Roger gave the tube of jelly to Donnie, I watched in fascination as he smeared the head of his swollen cock with some of it, then Donnie smiled at me and rubbed what was left on his hand on my hot pussy.

Donnie quietly said, spread your legs Sigi; he positioned himself between my legs and rested my stocking clad ankles against his shoulders, then I felt the head of his huge cock against my slit and he was holding the lips apart as he slowly rubbed the head of it up and down along my wet pussy. I could feel the head of his cock spreading my cunt open as never before as he slowly pushed against me, I moaned as the head (the size of a medium apple) entered me, then he moved my legs off his shoulders and put my feet on his hips, Donnie leaned forward and kissed my lips and as he did he shoved the full length of his young hard cock into me, I gasp for breath as I felt it pushing my insides up toward my stomach, Donnie immediately pulled back and began to pound his cock in and out of me like a jackhammer.

I caught a glimpse of Bill and Roger in the corner by the camera, both grinning and stroking themselves. I felt him shudder and then his hot jism pumping into me, but to my surprise he stayed hard and continued to ram away at my now tender pussy, I had orgasm after orgasm. I heard Bill tell Roger; “see I told you his first woman would catch hell”. Again I felt him shudder and explode another load of cum into me, but again he just grunted and kept plunging into me, finally he came again and this time he kissed me tenderly and wiped the sweat from my forehead as he slowly pulled his cock form my cunt, I felt the cum pour from me and run down the crack of my ass.

Bill and Roger were slapping Donnie on the back and congratulating him on not only getting his first piece of ass, but that he had satisfied a full grown güvenilir bahis şirketleri women. I tried to get up to go shower but my legs were so weak they had to help me to the bathroom After the bath I dressed in just stockings and heels and put on a coat and we went out to eat, they took me to a place where they and their other school friends hung out and we ate. Then we headed back to the house, Donnie drove and I was in the back with Bill and Roger, they both got blowjobs on the way home and then Donnie did me once more, this time doggie style. Then we all went to bed.

Saturday morning I awoke to breakfast in bed, eggs toast coffee. The boys said that they had told some of their buddies about last night and they didn’t believe what Donnie and I had done. They ask me if I would do it in front of about 20 guys from school! I was scared but at the same time excited, they promised that I did not have to do anything or anyone other than Donnie unless I wanted to. I said okay, but where and how? Bill said he knew a place that they all had gone camping before with the scouts, the boys got out the pickup and threw some wrestling mats on the back, again I was dressed only in the stockings and heels, with a coat. We drove south almost to the Arkansas border and then pulled into a wooded road, when we got to the place, there were five cars with young guys in them. Bill introduced me to each of the guys and then had me take my coat off and climb up onto the truck bed, Donnie joined me and stripped, I was sopping wet by now and he had know trouble in entering me, but again he was able to maintain his hardon through two climaxes and had me where I could barely stand when he was done.

We got a round of applause from our audience and then they left, we loaded up and went back to the house. We relaxed the rest of the day and went to bed early. Sunday morning Donnie drove me to Branson in his van, when we got to the parking lot he carried my suitcase to my car, and then stood holding my hand and smiling. He said he wished he could kiss me goodbye, but didn’t want to have anyone see us in the street. I said come on I will walk back to your van with you, when we got to the van, he kissed me full on the lips, I told him to open the side door on the van, when he did I pushed him inside and said take off those jeans, I pulled off my panties and straddled him and rode that cock one more time. When I got out of the van cum was running down my thighs and I had left my panties, but I was happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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