Chelsea, Adina, and James

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I’m sitting in the middle of the outdoor mall. This is the first time Adina and I had hung out since she consoled me when Ken and I broke up. It had been about a month since James and I “discovered each other”. I’d gotten over my ex and I thought that after that I wouldn’t want to have any more relations with my own brother, but I still wanted him. I wanted him to suck my toes. I wanted to have his hard cock between my feet… or in other places. I wanted both of us to cum together. What am I thinking? What would everyone think? What if my friends found out? What if our parents found out?


Adina’s voice breaks my focus from these thoughts. I see her waving at me. Her long, wavy brown hair reach past her shoulder. For a second I think that it could be someone else-I had a habit of making such mistakes- but, her slender, lightly tanned body in her black tank top and greenish-brown shorts says otherwise. I jog over to greet her with a hug.

“Hey, Dina, it’s been awhile!” I say

“I know,” she replies “So where’s this new coffee shop you told me about?”

“Oh, it’s just this way, follow me.”

We walk beside each other, catching up on the past few weeks. I’ve just been recovering, she’s been doing her usual thing. We get to the coffee shop and browse the menu a for a bit. Well, she browses it, I already know what I want. She says she’s pay for this if I get the movie later, and I agree. She steps up to order, I’ve almost completely forgotten about my worries until *PING* I get a text message. I look down at it.

James: “Are you at work?”

It’s not a big deal. Typical thing to ask each other so we know how long we can just do us until the other comes home. I’m just hoping he stays out of my closet for now. I start to compose my reply. Adina is leading me toward the nearest empty table. The shop isn’t too busy, so we sit in the corner. I kind of prefer it since I know no one will bother or over hear us. I sit in the seat with my back to the counter.

Me: “No, I’m out with Adina, we’re hanging out today.”

“So how did you find out about this place?’ she asks

“Oh, I was just walking through here one day and Starbucks was too packed, so I stopped in here.”

*PING* A new message from James.

“That was quick.” I think to myself. I look at my phone while Adina talks about some crazy thing that happened to her at a Starbucks two weeks ago.

James: “What’s she wearing?” I pause before answering. He has been more confident lately, but I didn’t think he’d do this.

Me: “Umm… like everything?”

“And it was really funny, all the people standing up going ‘I’m Spartacus’ on Monday morning, the only thing that’d be better is if someone reference Le Mis, ya know?” She says, hopefully not realizing I wasn’t paying attention.

“Oh yeah, no kidding, I love that.”

*PING* Probably James again. I open the message.

James: “Just her shoes.”

I never thought to look at her feet the entire time. Like, seriously, how often do you look at someone else’s feet when you don’t have a foot fetish? And now that I think about it, the only girl whose feet James seems more obsessed with than mine is Adina’s. She hardly lets anyone touch them. She’s kinda weird that way, something about when she was little and she was always afraid of someone grabbing her foot from under the bed. For whatever reason, too, she seemed self conscious about her feet, especially her high arches. It was the one part of her she didn’t think was attractive. So maybe that’s why he seemed more taken: She’s more reserved with that, I don’t think he’s even seen her feet. I let anyone touch my feet. I mean, until recently, they were just feet. I take a quick peek under the table. It’s nothing special, just the black converse she’s had since middle school and some neon green socks. I text the description back to James.

“Order for ‘Adina'” the Barista calls out


“Oh, I’ll be right back, Cami Halısı I wanna see how bad he misspelled out names this time.”

She leaves, and I take a look at my phone.

James: “Do you think you could get a picture of her feet for me?”

I’m actually pretty shocked. I never thought he’d be this forward. This is almost like that stupid “send nudes” meme. How the hell am I going to get that without sounding weird? You seem it on the news sometimes when other fetishists ask young girls for things like that; it’s not illegal, but the cops still get involved. Plus if she’s hesitant about it in her own house, how am I gonna get her to do it in public? So, I messaged back.

Me: “How the hell am I gonna get a picture of my friend’s feet?”

I put my phone away as Adina comes around my side of the table, both cups in her hand. We do a quick toast, and then take a sip from our cups.

“It’s really good, right?” I ask

“Yeah, this is pretty amazing.” She replies.

I take another sip from my drink. We sit in silence for a minute, as the feeling that all is right in the world comes over me. It lasts until Adina speaks up.

“You could ask nicely.” She say.


She looks at me this time.

“If your buddy wants a picture of my feet, you could start by asking nicely. I don’t know why he’d want it though.”

I’m stunned. “You saw that?” I ask

“Yeah, I did.”

She sat there, alternatively sipping her coffee and looking at me. I didn’t know if she was toying with me or not. So, I muster up the courage and ask her.

“Umm… Can I take a picture of your feet?”

“Maybe,” she says “but you have to tell me why your friend wants it so bad.”

I wasn’t expecting this. I didn’t think I’ve have to tell anyone about the sexual encounter I had with my brother. I knew Adina was very accepting, but I’m not sure if she could listen to what James and I had done without spitting out her coffee and asking what the fuck was wrong with me. So I decided to tastefully edit the story.

“I, uh… met a guy after Ken and I broke up.”

“Yeah, but that still doesn’t explain why he wants that picture.”

“Well, he has a foot fetish.” I tell her.

“So what did the two of you guys do?”

“He licked my feet, kissed them, sucked on my toes. And then I jacked him off.”

She raised her eye brows a little.

“With your feet?” she asked. I honestly thought she’d be grossed out, but she seem much more intrigued.

“Yeah. He made a huge mess on them.” I laugh as I say this.

“And what did you do afterwards?” she asks

“Well, since I left all my tissues at your house, I licked his cum off and went to bed.” I tell her

“Oh, no way!” she says

“Yes way! Have you ever done this type of stuff before?”

“No, I’ve never even though of it!”

“Well, that’s a first,” I say, “I’ve done something you haven’t. So, what do you say to his foot picture?”

The expression on her face is both shocked and amused. She’s probably heard of these things, but never tried them. I’m ready to move on from the subject and just get a “no” from her so we can move on. But she gets a devious smile. She stares down at her feet.

“I always thought they were ugly. But, I think I’ll need a second opinion.” She replies

“Oh, cool,” I say as I get my camera out “so do you want just take off your shoes here or wait until we get to the theater?”

“I have a better idea.” she says devilishly, “We skip the movie, go back to my place, and we let your friend have a look there. If he likes what he sees, I’ll let him do what he wants.”

I hide my shock. I can’t bring James over there! She’d think I was some back woods hick if I did that! But what if I come up with something else? Maybe, he would have to hide his face or she could cover her eyes. That’s what it’s gonna have to be. To satisfy everyone involved. I smile and tell her I need to Cami Halıları make a phone call and then I’d be back. I walk to the bathroom and lock the door, then I dial James. He picks up after three rings.


“Hey James, you still have that balaclava?”

“Yeah, why?”

I don’t want to tell him here in the bathroom. Someone might over hear. So I just tell him to wear it to Adina’s address and to be there in half an hour. I hang up and go out to Adina. She looks up at me.

“Well?” she asks, weirdly excited for someone who hates having their feet even looked at.

“He said he’ll do it if he can wear a mask. I know, he’s weird”

She laughs, “Yeah, you agreed to get me foot fucked and he’s the weird one.”

“So, are you ready?” I ask her

“Yeah, let’s do it!”

We drive the ten or so minutes over to her house. We park, get out of the car, and head inside. I reach for the zipper on my leather boots to take them off and Adina starts to untie her shoes. I pause and look over. As she slips her heel out of her converse, I tell her we should leave our shoes on. It’s probably a lot like teasing for him. She agrees and slides her foot back in. We go to her room and sit on her bed. I text James and tell him just to let himself in and find us. We spend a few minute adjusting the lighting to a softer tone to set the ambiance for this evening. Once my phone is put away, I catch Adina’s gaze.

“Chels, you know I love you no matter what, right?” she asks

Okay, this is weird, she only drank coffee.

“Yeah, Dina! Totally.”

I hear James’ car pulls up outside.

“How long have we known each other?” she asks

“Since middle school, I think.”

Her front door opens and he comes in.

“Is this the first weird thing we’ve done together?”

“As far as sex goes, yes.”

He’s coming down the hallway.

“And you know the secrets we share stay between us, right?” She says

She’s just trying to make sure I don’t tell anyone about this. James finally enters the room. He’s wearing his balaclava like I told him. the mask has two holes for the eyes and one for his mouth.

“So,” she says to James, “You wanted to see my feet?”

He nods slowly, not sure what to expect. She sits one leg up on her knee and slowly unties one of her shoes. She slides it off and exposes only her heel. She lets it dangle a little, and then puts it on the bed. She slides her foot in and out, exposing her arch and then putting it back in. She does this several times over a minute before finally sliding her shoe off. I don’t have the same tastes as my brother, but I have to admit, that was actually kinda sexy. I never thought someone could turn me on by just taking off their shoes! She wiggles her toes, and sits there, waiting for him to act. James crosses over to her and takes Adina’s foot in his hands. He starts stroking the top with one hand while cupping the heel with the other. I can definitely see the bulge in his pants. I might as well tease it.

I pick up Adina’s shoe and hold it up to my nose. The smell from it is pretty strong considering how old it it is. They’re her favorites and they’re comfy, so she wears them quite a bit, too. I offer it over to her. She hesitates briefly and then puts her face in it and takes a deep breath. She seems to like it more than I did. Suddenly, I feel James tugging at my zipper to get my boot off. I look down at it. He has one hand undoing the zipper and the other rubbing Adina’s foot against the outside of his pants. He finally gets the zipper undone and pulls it off, revealing my socks: pink with orange color on my heel and toe, his favorite. He smells my boot, then passes it to Adina.

I start to rub his cock with her. His face may be covered, but I can see the utter disbelief in his eyes. He can’t believe he’s getting a footjob from two different girls at the same time. Adina leans forward and unzips his pants. She starts to pull them down, and his cock springs out. She smiles and licks her lips a little. She pulls off her other shoe and gives it to James to smell. He holds it to his nose and takes a deep breath.

Adina leans back and starts using her feet to jack him off. I’m not sure how it might feel for James; she often wears the same socks for a week before washing them, and I’m honestly surprised these ones don’t have holes in them. Still, he seems to enjoy it, so that’s good enough for me. I hold my foot up to his face and he starts to massage it. I use my other foot to rub his balls. He quivers a little when he feels the leather make contact. I don’t think it’s hurting him, so I keep going.

“Hang on,” Adina says, pulling her feet off of James ” This is weirding me out, I need to feel at least somewhat normal.”

She lies on her stomach and starts sucking his cock. She starts out slow, going only halfway or so, then moving off and swirling her tongue over the head, and then back to sucking. Neither of us can believe this is happening. I laugh a little. This is better than any porn he’ll ever watch in his entire life. Adina stops sucking and turns to me.

“Your turn.”

“What?” I ask, trying to hide my shock.

“Your turn to blow.” She says.

I look up at him, then I get in the same position she was. I open my mouth and put his cock inside. This honestly feels… wonderful. It’s one of those things that feels good specifically because it is wrong. I feel Adina taking off my other boot. It comes off, and then she takes off my other sock. I pull his cock out of my mouth and start sucking his balls. At the same time, she starts giving my toes the same treatment she gave his cock.

I decide to take a break from James for a little, just give him a show. I take Adina’s foot in my hand and pull off her sock. I lick the bottom of her foot. She tells me not to do it because she’s ticklish. So, of course, being her best friend, I start tickling her. She laughs with my foot in her mouth, alternatively begging me to stop and threatening to bite my toes. I don’t stop, so she starts by tickling me back. When we both settle down from the whole thing, we sit up. James is still off to the side, just jacking off. I look back to Adina. We both lay back and extend out legs to his cock. We try to move in unison with some success.

“You like this, foot boy?” Adina asks him

He opens his mouth to respond. I can’t let her know I… we are doing this with my brother. So, thinking quickly, I shove my other foot in his mouth. He’s surprised, even in his arousal he can see how he almost blew it for the both of us. Adina compliments me on being kinky.

James does the “I’m about to cum” grunt. We pull our feet off and hold them flat for him to shoot on. He angles himself toward Adina and jacks himself off while holding her feet. He unloads himself on her. It’s probably the same amount he had for me, but her feet are narrower, so it seems like more.

“All better?” She asks him

He nods, having learned not to speak right now. She turns to me and tells me to lick all the cum off of her feet. I oblige. Starting with the tops of her feet, then moving to in between her toes, and then to her soles. I have a mouthful of his cum and the taste of her feet.


I look up at her face.

“I said, swallow you little slut!” she commands

I gotta admit, she’s good at this. There’s something about her now, though. I have no idea what possessed me, but I pull her in and kiss her. Our open mouths transfer James’ cum between the two of us. Now that’s it’s all in her mouth, she looks at me, smiles, and swallows it with a loud gulp.

“You clever, kinky, little bitch.” She says jokingly. She turns to James and says “See you later.”

He pulls his pants up and leaves. We start putting our shoes back on, since we took her car from the mall and have to go back now. I can’t believe I did this with my best friend. I can’t believe I gave my own brother a blowjob! I should feel ashamed about doing it, but I don’t. Unlike last time, I’m not wondering if I want to go any further with James. I will go further…

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