Cheryl Ch. 02: Coming to Terms

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As I slowly awoke from a deep restful sleep, I felt a sweet pleasurable sensations on and around my growing erection. I looked down and saw Cheryl between my legs, one hand holding my burgeoning shaft, the other cupping my scrotum while she kissed and licked them, pulling a lobe into her mouth and suckling it for a few before moving to the other.

Cheryl is my forty year old daughter who is twenty years younger than me. We had just embarked on a whole new life which was totally unexpected and foreign to our sensibilities, but we have embraced it. This was our third day of sexual intimacy with each other.

‘Good morning.’ I said softly as I looked down at her.

With her mouth filled with one of my testicles, she looked up at me guiltily. She popped it out and took a long lick up the length of my shaft.

‘Good morning. I hope you had a restful sleep.’ She said as she took a wet lick around the bulbous tip of my cock.

‘Yes I did, thank you. But don’t you have to go to work?’ I asked.

‘Yes.’ She replied as her tongue swam around the bulbous knob of my now fully erect penis.

‘As much as I want you we really don’t have time for sex this morning.’ I told her.

‘We are not going to have sex.’ She said in a whispery sultry voice. ‘I am just going to suck off my delicious dad’s cock before I go. I want something to remind me of you and you of me.’ She said and then took me deep into her mouth.

A gasp escaped my lips at the sudden burst of pleasure she created with her mouth. I then experienced one many wonderful oral sex from my loving daughter as she engulfed my shaft without any moral restraint. The delight and joy on her face was unmistakable.

She then took me into her throat until her lips were deep within in my pubic growth before slowly retreating. She looked at me, and then did it one more time, holding there for a time. I could feel her throat around the tip of my shaft, her gag reflexes causing her to splutter once before she lifted her head. She gasped for breath as the tip left her mouth. A string of saliva hung from her lip to the tip of my organ.

With a wicked look on her face she salaciously took me back into her mouth and continued to orally gratify me. She took the first two or three inches into her mouth and together with tongue and sucking action of her mouth and her hand stroking the lower half brought great pleasure to both of us judging by the look of satisfaction on her face.

I began to moan with the sweet sensations she was creating by her mouth, and that seemed to spur her on. The sight of my flesh slipping in and out of her beautiful mouth was astounding, and the sweet sensations created by her mouth brought me quickly to the precipice. It was hard to fathom that this uber beautiful woman was my daughter and was doing these wonderful things to me, and still does to this day which makes it all very very hot.

‘God Cheryl, you are so beautiful and so hot.’ I murmured. She flashed me a look of amoration and then joyful pleasure as she continued.

With one hand she worked on my testicles, and with the other she stroked the lower half of my shaft, while her mouth worked dexterously on the tip of my organ as she bobbed her head up and down my glistening wet shaft which squelched loudly between her lips. She brought the pleasures ever higher. I heard her moan in a lascivious manner, and then flashed me a look of wanton desire as she began to suck my cock even more eagerly. I assumed she had moaned because she had a taste of my pre-cum.

I began to feel that familiar burn develop in my belly emanating from my testicles which compounded rapidly. I closed my eyes as a sudden surge caused my hips to gyrate anxiously and then suddenly froze and a raspy groan fell out from my throat.

‘Cheryl, I…I am…cu..FUCK’ I cried out as my hips bucked.

Then with a hiss in my ears, a thick stream of my sperm burst deliciously into my daughter’s amazing mouth and she then continued to coax out stream after wonderful stream into her mouth.

A sweet euphoria encased my being as I tried to focus and look down at her as aftershocks continued to strike my body. Undeterred, she struggled to swallow as much as she could until I was spent. A large thick globule of sperm escaped her lips and dribbled down my shaft and over her hand and fingers. It was clear by her passion that she was enjoying every moment it.

She quickly licked and sucked up the juice running down over her hand, and down my shaft, and licked it up from my balls.

She finally sat up and looked at me. ‘My god dad, where did all that come from?’ She asked as she licked her lips and her fingers and then looked up at me proudly.

‘You brought that out. Damn girl, that was certainly inspired.’ I said as my world came back into focus.’Thank you, that was just awesome.’ I said as I grinned at her.

I touched my chin to indicate that she had something on hers. She wiped it off with her finger which she put in her mouth and sucked bursa eskort it clean, then licked up a thick globule of sperm which oozed from the tip of my cock and then kissed it.

She then leaned up over me. ‘That was fantastic, dad. Thank you. You can let me suck you off anytime. I love the way you had cum into my mouth and how you taste. But now I gotta go.’ She said as she kissed me in a rush with lips still wet with my semen. She walked off to the bathroom with a decidedly smug sway to her hips.

I got up, put on my shorts and shirt and go to prepare breakfast for her, my head still in a daze. Some time later she came out of the bathroom naked, her flesh glowing freshly from a hot shower, and flashed me a fabulous smile before going to the bedroom. She looked absolutely gorgeous and sexy. It was like seeing her for the first time,. I felt my cock stir restlessly.

This time I had made pancakes and bacon and set them out for her. I made a coffee for both of us. I was sipping mine when she returned from her room fully dressed in her office attire, a grey knee length skirt and a white button down top which revealed some cleavage.

She sat down and picked up her coffee and looked at me over the rim as she took a sip.

‘Are we going to be okay with this, dad? Do you have any regrets?’ She asked.

‘A thought crossed my mind last night. If I was going to be eternally damned for having sex with you, then it would have been well worth it. No I have no regrets.’ I said to her.

Tears suddenly spilled from her eyes. ‘That is the sweetest thing anyone has said to me, dad. I love you. When I get home tonight I am going to fuck you and rock your world. God you are amazing.’ She said as she dried her eyes.

‘How do you feel about this, do you have any regrets?’ I asked.

‘Dad I have had a crush on you since I could remember. But it’s only been the last few years that those thoughts and feelings began to include a sexual desire. No, I have no regrets either, other than not starting sooner.’ She said and smiled at me.

‘When you kissed me on that first night, it was what I had dreamed about.’ She said as she resumed eating.

She ate in silence all while looking at me. The look on her face said it all. It was a mix of love, lust, and adoration. While loving her attention, it made me think about where we would go next.

She finished, and stood up, and brushed her lips over mine as she passed me. I held her arm and leaned down intent to kiss deeply. She shrunk back.

‘No, don’t. If you do, I will want to stay and make love to you. I already want you after that comment you made earlier. I must to get to work.’ She said as she pulled away from me.

‘I love you, Cheryl.’ I called out after her.

She pauses and looked at me and then shook her head as if she were unable to articulate her thoughts and then closed the door behind her.

Part 2

Later I received a call from my lawyer. He told me that he had contacted the collection agency which had placed a garnishee on Cheryl’s pay check. After getting a few facts, he said he asked them to lift the garnishee. He said that she was grossly overcharged by numerous fees and interest charges well after the principal amount of the debt was paid off and that that she should receive a refund which will be sent to my address. He is still working on the other issues.

The day seemed to crawl by. I decided that we will order takeout for dinner, seeing that it was Friday. I waited in anticipation for Cheryl to come home. To come home, it had a nice ring to it I thought to myself.

I was startled out of my reverie when I heard the key in the door. The door opened and Cheryl flew in leaving the door to swing close on its own accord. She continued toward me as I stood up and she threw her arms around my neck and placed an intense kiss on my lips. I responded immediately and kissed her deeply until we broke our kiss.

I hold her shoulders as I step back to look at her. My heart thumped like a school boy.

‘All I could do all day at work was to think about you.’ She said almost breathlessly. ‘I missed you.’ She says blushing. ‘God, I feel like a teenager. Did you miss me?’ She gushed.

‘Yes I did. The day went by so very slowly.’ I chuckled at her excitement as I let go of her shoulders.

‘Yes, it was for me too.’ She looked me with bright sparkling eyes.

‘Dad, the garnishee has been stopped on my paycheck. Did you have anything to do with that?’ She asked seriously.

‘Yes, I did in a way. I asked my lawyer to look into your problems. He called today and said he had talked to the collection agency and asked them to remove it. But I am sure it was more of a demand or face serious legal action type of request. He said to expect a refund check because you had long paid off the principle.’ I told her.

‘Are you serious?’ She looked at me in amazement.

‘Yes I am.’ I told her.

‘I could marry you. You are perfect. No wonder bursa escort bayan mom loved you so much.’ She said with sparkling teary eyes.

‘That’s twice in one day you have brought happy tears to my eyes. For the last few years it’s only been tears of frustration, anger, and sorrow. I feel so very happy again. Dad, how am I going to ever repay you?’ She asked as she looked into my eyes.

‘You already have by just being here.’ I told her.

‘Stop, you are going to make me cry again.’ She sniffed.

‘Well I can now think about getting apartment for me and Ashley.’ She said, changing the subject.

‘Yes, I was thinking about that too. How would you like to live with me?’ I asked her.

‘What? Really?’ She looked at me in astonishment.

‘Yes, really.’ I replied. ‘I can replace the fold out couch in my office with a proper bed and revert it back into a proper bedroom. You and Ashley could share it when she visits from school. If you want you can continue to sleep with me until she gets home.’ I told her.

Cheryl looked at me for a moment. ‘If I want…? Of course I do. With all my heart I want to be with you. Dad, you are doing it again.’ She said as tears spill from her eyes.

‘God I am a mess.’ She said as she dried her eyes.

Yes she is a mess thanks to that useless waste of skin of a husband, I thought to myself. Again I seethed with anger at what he had done to her. I wanted badly to lay a beating on that boy. I did warn him that if he ever hurt her that I would hurt him.

‘I will understand that you may eventually leave to be with another man. I will not hold that against you. It’s the natural order of things.’ I said with some trepidation.

‘The only men in my age group are either losers or come with a lot of baggage. No, I have had enough of losers and I don’t want to be mother to a man with baggage. I am in a bad enough state as it is. I have my own baggage. Look at me, Dad. I am an emotional wreck. I don’t want another man when I have you, if you want me.’ She says as she looks at me.

‘Of course I want you. This thing, you and me, this has been the best thing that has happened to me since your mother.’ I tell her.

‘This thing is called incest, Dad. I am okay with it. It’s not as if we are going to procreate. Besides, I am past wanting any more children. I think this is good for you and I.’ She said.

‘Yes, this good for us. But it goes without saying, we have to keep it discrete. Although I did enjoy it when we were arm in arm walking down the street.’ I told her.

‘A father and daughter can have public displays of affection. There is nothing wrong with that.’ She said as she gazed at me.

‘Yes, true enough.’ I replied.

‘Do you want Pizza or Chinese?’ I asked.

‘Pizza sounds great. But first, I need to fuck my devastatingly dashing dad. He has been on my mind all day.’ She said as she looked at me salaciously.

She went to her room and came back a few minutes later out wearing her black negligee. She looked hot, very hot now that I saw her in a different light. My cock didn’t need any encouragement as it stirred restlessly in my pants. I poured two wines, gave her one while I sipped the other.

‘You look insanely hot in that outfit.’ I told her as I handed her a glass of wine.

She blushed as she took the glass. ‘Thank you for that dad. You certainly know how to make a girl feel good.’ She said and placed a kiss on my lips as she sat beside me on the couch.

I placed a hand on her thigh. ‘Do you think you can get a week off from work? I was thinking of going up to the cabin.’ I tell her as I feel her hand searching for my cock.

‘The cabin sounds great. And what will we be doing up at the cabin?’ She asked with a smirk.

‘What do you think? I am going to incestuously fuck my incredibly hot daughter all week long in so many ways until she can’t cum anymore.’ I tell her with a wicked grin.

‘Oh fuck, dad. I think you just made me gush with that statement.’ She said as she pressed her thighs together.

‘Let me find out for myself.’ I said as I slipped my hand between her thighs and moved them up toward her shaven mound.

I slip my fingers under her black laced panties and pushed my fingers through her very wet folds. She let out a soft moan as she gripped my swollen cock tighter. Yes she was wet, her panties were equally as wet.

‘My daughter is truly a slut.’ I whispered in her ear as I penetrate her with two fingers.

‘Yes, yes, I am a slut, your slut.’ She responded in a throaty voice and moaned as she gyrated against my fingers..

‘Oh god, take me dad, take me. I am begging you.’ She said even more hoarsely.

‘You are also my bitch, my whore, and this cunt is mine.’ I said as I stroked my fingers in and out of her very wet vagina.

‘Oh shit, dad. Yes, I want to be you bitch, your whore, and god, and this is your cunt to do with however you please.’ She moaned as görükle escort spread her legs further apart while she continued to stroke my cock.

I then removed my fingers from her dripping vagina and lift them to her mouth. She opened her mouth as she looked at me with eyes filled of lust and desire. I insert my fingers into her mouth as her lips closed around them and sucked them enthusiastically as her eyes closed and let out a moan of deep satisfaction.

I then took them out of her reluctant mouth and stood and removed my clothes. I then removed her clothing. Starting with her panties, I pull them off and take them to my nose and inhaled her scent of arousal as I look at her.

‘I see you like pussy juice too.’ I tell her as I removed her top. She raised her arms as I pulled them over her head. She nodded her head as she looked up at me expectantly and then looked at my cock and she licked her lips in anticipation.

‘Yes, it seems I do, well at least my own. I have never tasted another woman, so I can’t really say.’ She said as she looked at my cock again.

I then move up toward her, my cock standing inches from her face. She reached up to take my cock as she opened her mouth. I pushed her hand away and pulled my cock away from her mouth.

‘Dad, please! I need your cock. Please put it in me. Put it in my mouth or my cunt, just put it in me.’ She mewed. ‘…I have never felt as horny as I right do now. I feel as though I will implode if I don’t get your cock.’ She said beseechingly.

I give her a sardonic smile as I lower myself between her legs. I then reached out to her beautiful breasts and scoop them up and buried my face in them and began to kiss and lick her nipples while I fondled and squeezed her breasts in my hands. She threw her head back as she arched her back and let out a protracted moan of deep pleasure as she enfolded my head in her arms and held me to her.

I nibbled and bit her nipples and then nibbled and bit the soft skin of her breasts as I then pulled and pinched her nipples. I am thoroughly enjoyed her soft warm breasts. Never did I ever think of enjoying my daughter in this way. She was just my child who I love and adore. But now she is a woman, a beautiful voluptuous woman who arouses me to no end.

Cheryl cried out fervently. ‘Dad…! This is driving me crazy. Please, please fuck me.’

I moved my face from her breasts and then knelt on the couch between her legs and placed my straining cock between her breasts which I squeezed together around it and slowly began to pump it up and down between them.

‘Dad I hate you…oh god no, I love you. I love you with all my heart.’ She said as she attempted to lick the tip of my cock as it crested above her breasts.

I continued for a few minutes, trying not to get carried away, keeping control of my emotions. Tears now fell down her cheeks. Her lips, like her eyelids, have become translucent with arousal.

She looked up at me pleadingly. ‘Please daddy.’

I then dropped down onto my knees on the floor, my cock level with her dripping hole as I pull her ass to the edge of the couch. I moved closer, with my hand around my cock, I guide the tip of my cock through the wet petal like folds of her labia as I looked into her eyes. She shuddered as it touched her. She looked at me expectantly; her face contorted with a burning desire as she bit her lower lip.

As I pushed the tip into her opening, she lifts and spread her legs. I stop and look at her. Then with a single thrust I drove my cock deep into her sex.

‘Fuck!!’ She screamed as I buried my hard swollen cock deep inside her hot vagina.

I moved up over her, pinning her legs over her head and proceeded to fuck her with long deep strokes. It felt so hot and beautiful as I pumped my flesh in and out of my daughters forbidden body.

I suppose the taboo aspect is part of the overall greater sense of pleasure I am experiencing with her, as I suppose she of me. Yes she is physically very hot to look at, feels physically beautiful to have sex with, and the incestuous act adds to heighten that pleasures that I now felt.

She clawed at my arms as I continued to pound her relentlessly with long powerful strokes that this position offered. The pleasure I am getting is sending me ever higher to the precipice of my rapture.

Cheryl begins to moan deliriously over and over and then suddenly lets out a glorious cry as an orgasm slams her body with such force that she shuddered violently. ‘Daddy…!’ She cried out in alarm.

I continued my assault on my daughter’s beautiful body. I hold back my coming rapture which is compounded quickly. My arms shook as I held back her legs while my cock burned and my balls twisted with an urgent desire to release my load.

Then my daughter is slammed yet once again with a heavier orgasm. She gripped my arms as her eyes flew open and she looked up at me in astonishment. . ‘Gaaaaaa…Jesus Chri…D…dad…daaaaad.’

Unable to hold back the inevitable anymore, I explode. With a guttural cry, my seed spewed deep into my daughter’s forbidden body. Thick stream after thick stream inundated her luscious body filling her womb as I continue to spear her sweet beautiful sex. Her body shuddered and shook uncontrollably beneath me.

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