Chloe and the Red Vinyl Jeans Ch. 02

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And so, at about 6:30pm on the Wednesday before the official start of winter break, sitting on the living room couch, her nose stuffed in a Norton Anthology of Literature, Chloe heard Stephanie carry a giant bag to the front door.

“OK, see you!”

“See you,” Chloe replied, attempting to keep her voice as calm as possible.

“Good luck tomorrow.”

“Thanks, I’m sure I’ll do fine.”

The moment the door slammed, Chloe’s heart began racing. She heard the sound of Stephanie’s car accelerating down the street.

OK. This is it.

Just to be safe, she decided to wait at least an hour before trying anything. Jesus, could you imagine Stephanie barging back in, wondering where the hell her vinyl jeans were? Talk about mortifying. Chloe tried to concentrate on her reading, but the minutes seemed to crawl by. She kept staring at her watch. The wait was absolute torture. She began to have second thoughts. Maybe she didn’t need to do this at all? Maybe she should have just forgotten about the whole lousy idea?

However, the moment she looked at her watch and saw that an hour had passed, she slammed her book shut, and tiptoed into Stephanie’s room.

What exactly was she going to … do? Was she going to try the vinyl pants on in Stephanie’s room? Or bring them into her room and try them on there? She decided that it would be better to try them on in her own room and lock the door. That way, if Stephanie came back into the apartment for some unexpected reason, Chloe would just have to make something up, or hide the pants in her room, or … honestly, she had no idea what she would do, but she couldn’t help but proceed.

Then she had a thought that almost chilled her to the bone: what if Stephanie had … taken the pants with her? She taken them to Seattle, right? OK, well that would at least put a nice, solid end to this nuttiness once and for all. She couldn’t try on something that wasn’t even there. But were vinyl pants the kind of thing you would really take home with you to your parents’ house? Yeah, probably not.

Chloe couldn’t decide if she was hoping Stephanie had truly taken them or not. But as she crept into Stephanie’s room, turned on the light, and looked around, she realized she had no easy escape: the red vinyl jeans were sitting right there on Stephanie’s dresser, perfectly folded underneath her black knit sweater.

OK. Here goes. She walked over to the dresser and … ran her fingers against the fabric. They felt kind of like she’d imagined: smooth, pliable, just a teeny bit sticky. Was she really getting excited about … this? And yet, something about them continued to call to her. She couldn’t quite explain it, but she almost sensed that some unseen “force” was commanding her to wear them.

All right, so, if she was going to play dress-up, what was she going to wear as a top? She might as well try on one of Stephanie’s tops as well as her vinyl jeans, right? She saw the full array of cute shirts she’d seen Stephanie wearing throughout the fall: the black Queen t-shirt, the white Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt, the black ringer tee with the glossy spaceship drawing on it, even her volleyball jersey. Chloe poked her head into her roommate’s closet and spotted the long-sleeve white crop top that said “Girl Power” on it. Yeah. That would be fun to wear with the vinyl jeans.

Chloe’s hands were quivering with anticipation. The time was now. She snatched the white top from the closet. Then she pulled the trousers out from under the sweater, placed the sweater over the top of the dresser to hide the fact that the trousers wouldn’t be there, and then raced to her room and locked the door.

She unfolded the jeans and held them up. Were they even going to fit? As she touched the PVC with her fingers, she had the vague sensation that the pants were … influencing her behavior in some way — altering her, perhaps. A strange series of thoughts began to make their way into her mind, suggesting that these vinyl jeans of Stephanie’s were about to transform her more than just a little. She simultaneously wanted to put them right back onto Stephanie’s dresser, and yet move ahead with her plan like never before.

Chloe had to grin to herself as she observed the contrast between her current outfit and the outfit she was about to try on. She had been wearing a dark green zip-up sweatshirt over a plain beige t-shirt and some light brown slacks. After a moment of hesitation, she placed Stephanie’s clothes onto her bed, put her glasses on the nightstand, and began undressing down to her bra and panties. Was she going to leave any sort of odor on Stephanie’s clothes? Eh, that was something she could worry about later.

She pulled the “Girl Power” crop top over her head, slid her arms in, and was surprised at how comfy the thin cotton shirt felt on her body. The sleeves were skin-tight but the bottom of the shirt dangled loosely past her breasts and fluttered pleasantly Nevşehir Escort against her belly. She peeked at herself in the mirror and loved the way the shirt accentuated her chest and waist. Oh yeah. This was a good choice of top.

And now, the moment she’d been waiting for. She picked up the PVC pants once more and pried the legs apart (as it turned out, the fabric tended to stick together a bit), marveling at the sound of the material parting from itself. One riddle that she was finally able to answer: the inner lining was made of soft cotton, not vinyl. She searched for a label, but oddly, couldn’t find one.

Then, with as much coordination as her quivering hands could muster, she carefully began placing her bare feet through the legs. Putting them on took some doing, as the material seemed to slide up her calves in fits and starts. “Why have I been spending two months obsessing over this?” she thought. “It’s like I’m putting a raincoat … on my legs! Or half a wetsuit. Well, in a few minutes it’ll all be over, and I can finally toss this bullshit behind me and get back to studying.”

And yet, the moment Chloe pulled the red vinyl jeans up over her hips, she knew: they felt good.

They felt really good.

All that time she’d spent wondering how they were going to feel? Well now she had her answer: they felt even better than she’d thought they would. Chloe delicately zipped up the zipper, and then fastened the metal button at the top of the fly into place. She was too engrossed in what she was doing to notice that her white shirt and brown hair began fluttering against her skin, as if a light breeze had suddenly filled the room. Chloe could almost swear she was hearing a voice in her head that did not belong to her, telling her to continue — and yet, she didn’t hear any voice at all.

She stood in front of the mirror, putting her thumbs through the belt loops, switching her weight from one leg to the other. Chloe quickly realized that Stephanie’s vinyl jeans fit her like a glove, and clung even more tightly to her skin than they did to Stephanie’s. That slackness around the ankles and thighs? Not so for Chloe, who could feel every inch of the material press up firmly against her lower half. The inner lining felt surprisingly fuzzy, cozy, and comforting. She slid her hands into the back pockets, absorbing the dual sensation of the cotton on her knuckles and the vinyl on her palms.

Chloe sighed quietly to herself, feeling like she was shedding her old persona and taking on a newer, more exciting one. That strange garment that only Stephanie could wear, that only Stephanie could get away with — well, now Chloe was wearing the exact same thing and she could feel what Stephanie had been feeling.

As she bent her knees, a mass of air slowly oozed out of the vinyl, causing the fabric to press even more tightly against her legs. Her concern that any growing “wetness” might seep into the cotton lining? Not without merit. However, something more mysterious was suddenly going on, something preventing her from becoming too aroused.

She glanced at herself in the mirror and began pacing a few steps in the jeans. Was this really her she was looking at? Her butt almost felt like it had been replaced by an entirely new one — firm and tight, and yet curiously elastic. Seriously, how did Stephanie wear these in public without constantly having an orgasm? As Chloe sauntered back and forth on the carpet, she reveled in the sensation of the unconventional material stretching and bending along with her figure, as well as the prominent squeak that she generated with each step. But she didn’t remain standing for long.

Not fully understanding what was happening to her, Chloe lay back on her bed. The breeze began ruffling her crop top, slipping under the fabric and making it dance against her skin. She wanted to get back up off the bed, but found herself oddly powerless. Chloe felt her entire body becomingly strangely light, as if she were floating. Slowly, her body started to rise above her bed.

What the fuckety fuck.

After what seemed like several minutes of rising, Chloe found herself levitating about three feet above her mattress and blankets. She wanted to scream, to shout for help, but instead she merely found her breaths growing deeper and heavier.

Where the hell did Stephanie get these pants?! What kind of a roommate was Stephanie anyway??? The “breeze” grew more intense, flicking her brown hair behind her ears and neck. The long-sleeve shirt began floating gently around her, as if it were under water, tickling her skin in a relaxing way, but the vinyl jeans stayed glued to her butt and her thighs, not floating in the least.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

OK, this whole thing had gone too far. She had simply wanted to try out some unusual trousers she’d seen her housemate wear a few times, but she’d obviously fallen down some hideous black magic rabbit Nevşehir Escort Bayan hole. Did Stephanie start floating in mid-air whenever she tried these on? Or was this only happening to Chloe? Was it possible that the red vinyl jeans were truly meant for Chloe to wear instead?

She tried to reach for the fly of the pants, to take them off, to make this bizarre sorcery cease, but instead her arms merely hovered by her side, bobbing up and down with the wind, as another, more powerful voice inside her seemed to whisper, “Yesssss.” Her breathing grew slower, almost demonic. There was a side of her that wanted to surrender entirely to this magical spirit, and let it have its way with her. The scariest part was … that was the side that she somehow knew was winning.

Then Chloe’s body slowly began turning in mid-air, the weightlessness pushing her crop top against her skin in six different directions at once. After a minute or so, Chloe found herself face-down over her bed, the shirt hanging toward the floor. She felt free and unencumbered, levitating there above her bed in Stephanie’s “Girl Power” top, and at the same time, she felt protected, constricted, and powerful, the tight PVC having turned her legs into rigid, shiny appendages that didn’t seem to be part of her body anymore. Then she slowly spun up again and hovered on her back.

What was this spirit overtaking her? One side of her was still fighting desperately for control — it had not been vanquished yet. However, the other side of her, the side that was purring with arousal, only wanted one thing and one thing only: a moment of full surrender. “Release this energy inside me,” it seemed to be saying. “Please take me over, once and for all, so that I can never go back.” She hovered face-up for what seemed like ages, as the tension in her pants became unbearable.

Her breaths grew shorter. She thought that maybe if she simply breathed through her nose, and kept her mouth glued tight, she could keep the energy inside her and fight it. The moment she opened her lips, she would be signaling surrender, right? The part of her that wanted to resist, the fading part of her, felt that if she could just hold on a little bit longer, she would be able to take control of herself again. As long as she simply levitated there, she might be able to drop back onto her bed and recover her autonomy. Nothing was happening. Maybe she would make it!

But the other part of her, the part that sensed that its innermost desires were about to finally be satisfied after having waited so long, desperately wished for that one extra movement, that one extra sensation, that would allow her at last to succumb to this strange and controlling phantom. She didn’t know what it would be, but she knew that she would only need one meager something, and then she would be free from this agony and stasis.

Suddenly, with a loud “SNAP!,” the metal button on the fly of the vinyl jeans popped open, and the moment it did so, Chloe tilted her head back, pushed her hips ever-so-slightly upward, opened her lips by the most microscopic amount, and took one sharp, tiny intake of breath. That small little snap was the catalyst — the infinitesimal nudge her body had been waiting for.

The sensation of the tight vinyl finally releasing itself just a little bit from the constriction managed to release the build-up of pleasure and she could fight it no longer. Such a tiny breath, but it destroyed her inner resistance.

The resulting quiver was the first hint of Chloe’s orgasm. The moment that small round piece of metal disconnected itself from its complimentary piece, Chloe surrendered herself over to this powerful spirit, and it was lovely.

There was a pause. She regained her breath just a smidge. Then, the zipper on her jeans unzipped in one swift downward motion. Again, in response to the unexpected movement from this area of her body, Chloe involuntarily arched her back, thrust the cotton of her white crop top up in the air, twisted her otherwise constricted hips upward, and took a slightly larger intake of breath. Chloe sensed that with each breath she was giving herself over more and more to this magical apparition, and she was immensely pleased to do so. But it wasn’t nearly enough. She wanted more, oh God she wanted more!

After another slight pause, the fabric on the fly of the PVC jeans, now having been unbuttoned and unzipped, parted from itself, causing a third little wave of delight to ripple through Chloe’s weightless body, as again she thrust her hips into the air, rolled her head back just a teensy-tiny bit, and took another delicate intake of breath, the cotton of Stephanie’s shirt shifting against her stomach as she gasped from the pleasure. The spirit was opening up her trousers and letting the stimulating breeze blow through her.

As her body reacted to this third unexplained action, her left hand unintentionally brushed Escort Nevşehir against the slick plastic now coating her left thigh. She sensed that this was only the start — she prayed that this was only the start — of her release.

Hovering there in her bedroom, in that “Girl Power” shirt, with the fly of her vinyl jeans open to the air, Chloe felt entirely transformed from the frightened, timid, not particularly sexy person she’d been only moments prior. She opened her eyes for a split second; no one else was in the room with her, but if anyone had been, they might have noticed her eyes now glowing an ever-so-slight shade of red.

This time the pause seemed almost twice as lengthy, Chloe secretly hoping for that little breath to hit her again. Instead, a much more forceful breath caused her stomach to clench up, her back to tighten, and her chest to tilt forward, almost as if she were performing a kind of sit-up. This particular breath created more motion than the previous three breaths combined. The vinyl on her thighs dragged against itself and let out a mighty squeal.

Without thinking, Chloe moved her right hand onto her right breast, and her left hand onto the left back pocket of the jeans, trying to keep her body from jerking around too violently. Only about a second later, this same forceful breath returned, turning her belly muscles into trembling coils of flesh and pushing her head slightly toward her chest. Her fingers pushed into her shirt and her rear as she breathed, in a half-successful attempt to steady herself.

These new, more powerful breaths did not stop. One after another rocked her, as if her body was having a kind of pleasurable seizure. Her breaths were barely able to keep up with the demands of her spasms, almost as if they were lagging behind, just managing to provide her with the necessary oxygen. The spirit was delivering what she’d so desperately wished for and, with each spasm, was fulfilling the teasing promise of those first three small breaths.

Beads of sweat began trickling down her back and into Stephanie’s crop top. This was a climax the likes of which Chloe had not quite experienced before — an incapacitating climax. The energy of it had been set in motion, and she was not the master of it in any way, floating over her bed in Stephanie’s provocative outfit, the tight vinyl trousers giving her the sense of being bound, and yet unbound. The best part about it was that she somehow understood there was so much more on the way.

After about two or three minutes, a slight gap began appearing between the spasms. As in the build-up prior to her release, Chloe slowly started rotating to her right, still bending her knees and shaking against the constricting red PVC with every quiver, strands of her hair gently sliding over her cheek. Her arms began dangling at her sides, like boats tied to a dock on a lake, occasionally colliding with her outfit and her skin.

Soon she found herself face-down again, the white shirt flapping against her belly and her bra, the now slightly less frequent spasms still pushing her butt upward with every breath, almost as if she were fucking the air, the longer intervals between the moments of unexpected recoiling somehow making each of those moments even more sensual and fulfilling.

She now began to let out a little low-pitched growl with each breath, almost as if some naughty demon inside her, with a voice that did not belong to her, was expressing itself. When she experienced a fourth little jerk while in this face-down position, she involuntarily licked her lips with her tongue, savoring the chaotic messiness of it all.

The spaces between each breath now grew, Chloe wondering each time, with a mixture of relief and disappointment, if she was finally “done,” only to feel another spasm hit her, and thanking this indefatigable spirit for at least one more moment of pleasure, because part of her was hoping for this to never, ever stop.

She began rotating with her left side facing the bed, her jerks now occurring with even less frequency, though each one was still quite welcome. Eventually, as she faced the ceiling, she felt the very last spasm ripple through her hips and her stomach, and she let it trickle out of her lips softly into the air.

A calm filled the room as Chloe basked in the afterglow of the exhausting but gloriously cathartic experience, Stephanie’s shirt still hovering around her chest, the soft cotton lining of Stephanie’s vinyl jeans still massaging her constrained legs. She somehow sensed, despite the lull, that this was not the end of it.

Was she finally going to float back down to her bed? Were things going to turn back to normal? A hint of fear began to creep back into her, as she wondered how to regain control and possibly take these bewitched trousers off. Please?! Could she go back to being the normal Chloe? The one who was in control of herself?

But then another, more powerful voice seemed to counter these thoughts. More, she wanted more! Still! All that wasn’t enough. She hadn’t completely released all the erotic energy that was waiting, needing to be released. She trusted the spirit and knew, despite the calm, that it would not let her go unsatiated.

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