Choking Kirsty

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Without a doubt the weirdest and most dangerous sexual relationship I have ever had was with a girl called Kirsty Gallacher. I met her in a crowded night-club, I was 21 and the proverbial ‘young, dumb and full of cum’. She was, looks wise at least, way out of my league but that didn’t stop me chatting her up, buying her and her mates a drink and getting a dance with her. Whether it was my looks, my wit, my charm or my dance moves (I suspect none of the above) something clicked with her and we ended up stumbling down the street of the town we both live in at 3am, both a little drunk and a lot aroused.

Like I said Kirsty was hot and way hotter in the looks department than any of the girls I had been with up to that point in my life. She was surprisingly tall for a girl, had the most gorgeous long, dark hair (I was an absolute sucker for brunettes at that point in my life, weird because I married three blondes), was 5’9″ had a flawless, creamy white complexion and the most piercing bright blue eyes I have ever encountered in my life. What a figure she had too. On that hot, sticky first night in the night-club, she looked coolness personified dressed in a very short white skirt, a loose tied at the back silver top that showed ample amounts of cleavage and almost her entire back and silver high heels. I don’t know physically what was her best feature because her legs were amazing, her ass as curvy as hell and she was pretty well sacked up top too. Actually I do know, it was those damn eyes of her, they seemed to hypnotise me into staring at her and being enraptured by her.

All of which counted for naught when you add in the fact that Kirsty was, by far, the dirtiest, kinkiest, wildest girl I had ever had the fortune (and by the end misfortune) to have ever been with. It started on that first drunken walk back through the silent streets of our quiet town. She barely knew my name but she was leading me back to her place for a night-cap (and we both knew what kind) and without warning she stuck her right hand down the front of my jeans, under my shorts and took a firm grip of my member.

“Mmm not bad, it’ll do” was her immediate spoken aloud thoughts.

I looked at her half bemused half randy as fuck and she just smiled wickedly back at me.

“I’m a little slut aren’t I? Go on call me a slut! I dare you!”

And that was the first time I ever called a girl I hadn’t split up with a slut right to her face. And I have to admit it gave me a little thrill taunting her that she was a slut as we made our way towards her flat. Once we got there we managed to strip out of our clothes in record time and we stood in her hall, stark naked kissing and fondling each other desperately and urgently. It did not take her long to grab me by my balls and lead me through to her bedroom. She was 19 and a student nurse and seemingly possessed no inhibitions. Once we were on her bed she held nothing back and rose to the occasion, matching her forceful kisses with ones of my own before easing my penis inside her neatly shaven pussy and starting to fuck her. And then things got strange.

I was on top of her, she on her back arching her hips to let me get deeper as her pussy walls gripped the slippery sides of my cock when suddenly her face turned wild, almost feral and she barked at me.

“Hit me! Hit me you bastard!”

Never having met someone that was into rough sex before I froze and even stopped fucking her for a moment but her hips soon took up the slack.


“Hit me! Slap my face, slap my tits! Call me a whore! Just fucking hit me! It helps me get off!”

I was no shrinking violet but the thought of hitting a partner while screwing her had not even crossed my mind before but she was adamant and just the desperate tone of her voice told me she was completely serious. So I slapped her face. I guess I was still a bit nervous and surprised because it was a pretty wimpy effort and Kirsty gritted her teeth and spat at me.

“Harder than that you fucker! Is that the best you have! FUCKING HIT ME!”

I was still pounding into her and the effects of my earlier drinking and the intensity of what was going on made me react to her demand and give a bitch slap right to her left cheek. For a moment I was taken aback at what I had done and must have looked horrified but Kirsty virtually screamed at me to do it again and altıparmak escort there was no mistaking that she was riding me even harder now that I had hit her. So I did it again, another hard slap and again the reaction was immediate as she tightened her strong logs around me, drew me deeper in and screamed at me to do it again. Three more slaps I had to give before she came in an absolute flood all over my own pulsating cock, it was the most intense sexual experience I had ever had up to that point and once I too had cum we lay for a while, soundless on her bed and guilt came over me like nothing before. I started trying apologise to Kirsty as I realised how bad this could look and how exposed I was to trouble if she suddenly changed her mind. But on that score I need not have worried, slapping her was to be the least of my worries.

Maybe I should have cut my losses after that first encounter and chalked it up to experience but when Kirsty asked for my phone number and told me she wanted to see me the next day it was impossible for me to resist temptation. She called the next day and told me to come round to her flat after tea and while I had been somewhat freaked out by her the night before I had also had one of the most amazing orgasms of my life so I guess it was no surprise I arrived at her flat door at six that Sunday. Something told me Kirsty was not the chocolates and flowers type of girl so I only brought myself but when she opened the door to her flat, the smile on her face seemed to suggest that was more than enough. I had meant to say to her straight out once I got there that I hadn’t been comfortable with what I had done yesterday but as her nimble hands moved directly to my belt and began unbuckling it, I lost my train of thought.

She was just so bloody sexy and alluring. Almost as if she knew I was going to try and rain on her parade she got down on her knees in the hall, dragged my cock from my trousers and gave me a mind-blowing blow job there and then, ten seconds in her flat and my cock was balls deep in her mouth. She had this way of looking up with those big bright eyes while my cock was between her lips and it was just such an indescribable feeling, I genuinely believe she could have sucked cum from a stone with those lips. But she wasn’t going to let me cum just yet. Having teased me to quite the magnificent erection she allowed my saliva coated penis to slip from her mouth and dragged me through to her bedroom again. In the cold light of day (and sober this time, though equally as horny), my opinion of Kirsty’s looks had not changed she was still looking as hot as hell.

As we moved over to the bed I made my effort to try and salve my conscience about the last night.

“Kirsty, about last time, I, well I don’t really want to hit you like that. OK?”

She just smiled wickedly at me and wriggled out of her tight jeans and top and flung herself backwards onto her bed.

“Come on babe, fuck me!”

She was like a Siren, alluring and arousing and it would have required far more willpower than I had as a youngster to deny her, and so within minutes I was as naked as she and between her legs and rutting once again. It was breathless, urgent and animalistic this time, even harder than last. She did not ask me to hit her at least but soon I discovered Kirsty had even darker corners to her mind. As I rode her for all I was worth she panted and moaned beneath me, again wrapping her long legs around me, pulled me deeper. She reached around and locked fingers with me in a moment of closeness (or so I thought) but then she pulled my hands up to her neck and literally wrapped them around her own neck. Her next words nearly made me freeze.

“Choke me! Choke me you bastard!”

At once I was in turmoil. The girl was obviously a deviant, a pervert that got off on wild, kinky stuff, I was not naïve enough not to realise that even though I had never come across anyone remotely like this in my previous twenty one years of life. Her hands were on my wrists, guiding them, pressing my fingers against her slender neck and urging me to take up the strain myself.

“Come on! Do it! Choke me! I’ll get off even more! Do it!”

I could not control myself, my thoughts were being powered by my dick and right then all it wanted to do was fuck this sexy babe. So what if she was bursa anal yapan escort a sexual freak that got off on being choked? If that was what it took to get my dick off then so be it. Her hands left mine and gently I began to press my fingers against her throat.

I felt like I was in a trance, that it wasn’t me doing this, that it was somebody else. I looked down through blurry eyes as Kirsty bucked under me and thrashed her way towards orgasm and listened as she implored me to choke her harder. To this I must admit being a little fearful but make no mistake I was exerting pressure on her throat and before too long her voice became raspier and her eyes showed signs of light duress. At that I broke contact and concentrated on fucking her, enjoying the sensations my cock was going through as I ploughed into her wet hole again but she would not let the issue lie.

“NO! I want to cum with you choking me! I need it!”

She reached down to grab my wrists again and brought them up to her neck and again forced them against her skin and held them there, almost choking herself as we continued to fuck erratically. By this point I was too far gone to stop anything, I physically needed to cum so I gripped her throat myself and urged the sperm up from my balls and felt myself actually shake as I climaxed inside her. I held on to her trying to choke her as softly as she would let me get away with and finally she came to a shuddering climax herself and we soaked the middle of her bed. When we eventually peeled our bodies apart she wiped the back of her hand across her bee stung lips and caught me in that intense gaze of hers.

“Why are you fighting it? It’s what I want. If I tell you to hit then hit me, if I tell you to choke then choke me, OK? I’ll tell you if you are going too far. The truth is I doubt you could go too far for me, don’t you understand that? I’ll tell you what, you are a good fuck but if you want to be with me you need to learn what turns me on, be here tomorrow, same time and we can go even further than today. I’ll give you the best orgasm of your life, after all I’ve given you the best two so far haven’t I? If you don’t like what I want then fine, don’t bother showing up.”

I turned up the next day at the same time, no question I was addicted. Kirsty opened the door to her flat clad in only a white bathrobe that, as soon as she saw me, she undid the belt of and flashed her incredible body at me there and then in the landing before we went inside. I had visions of her being an exhibitionist as well as being a sexual freak!

“Glad you came back, you obviously know a good thing when you fuck it! But from now on we do things my way or not at all understand? You must do, after all you came back.”

I nodded my reluctant ascent, it had been something of an internal struggle to come back there but in the end my dick had overruled my head. Once again we were in her bedroom and she was tearing off my clothes, we barely spoke as if we both knew we were no more than fuck buddies and the next fuck could be our last together. Once we were both naked and my cock was rising to the occasion she took the white belt from the loops of her robe and deftly tied one end in a knot to create a loop at the end. Without a word she popped this over her head and tightened it slightly and positioned it so that the loose end dangled on her naked back. From an identical white robe she pulled out a second belt and flung it to me then placed her arms behind her back.

“Tie my wrists. Tightly, I don’t want to be able to escape it.”

I didn’t like where this was going but a god was I horny right then so I brushed my concerns aside. She flopped forward onto the bed and crawled awkwardly up it so that I was left with an aching beautiful view of her ass and pussy from behind. She spread her thighs apart and gave her instructions.

“I want you to fuck me doggy style tonight, and while you are doing it pull on the belt around my neck, if you can’t do it get out you can’t get my pussy at all.”

Fucking freaky bitch! Still I had had a shit day and if that was what she wanted then fair enough, the thought of taking her from behind was more than compensation for participating in her weird shit. I climbed on to the bed behind her and without further ado I grabbed the end of the white robe belt, bursa bayan escort pulled it and thrust my straining cock once more deep inside her soaking wet pussy. I felt challenged by her, challenged to see if I was man enough to do what she asked.

For a scary few moments it was like I was not in control of myself as I penetrated her roughly from behind, getting my cock deep within her while I tugged on her makeshift choke leash. Kirsty’s long, dark hair was splayed out across her back and she jerked wildly below me almost as if she was going to cum, which surely could not be the case this quickly. However, I was to be proved wrong, she was coming and undoubtedly it was related to the fact that the white belt in my hand and around her neck was absolutely taut and the colour was rising in her face like nothing I had ever witnessed before. She slapped against the bed beneath her and grunted as best she could and shoved her ass hard back against me so that I was literally banging into her as I fucked her and within seconds I felt a warm, wet flood encircle my penis and knew she had cum and I instinctively released the belt.

Kirsty flopped forward and left the makeshift noose around her neck as she gasped and exclaimed on her bed.

“Oh my god! That was so fucking good! Oh! That was amazing! I want to do it again and again!”

I was pretty stunned, not only had I never seen a girl cum as quickly as that before but it was becoming ever more apparent being put in dangerous situations was a massive turn on to her and already our relationship was already in a very strange place.

“You’ve not cum yet have you baby, bet you really need to, don’t you? Yeah, well you can in my mouth but only if you get that bag over there and wrap it around the top of my face while you do it!”

I left her still trussed up and recovering and me and my raging erection got off the bed, crossed her room and picked up a clear plastic bag. Like a zombie I moved back to her and wrapped it over her face and head right down to her lips so that I could fit my cock in her mouth. I stood at the side of her bed and fed my penis into her mouth. She looked amazing, wrists tied together and still choked (but with no pressure on it) by the second belt around her neck. Her face was partially obscured by the plastic tight around her face, held in place by my hands and it messed her hair up but there was something oddly arousing about seeing her face squashed up like that against the plastic and knowing that she could now only breathe through the mouth I was about to fill with my cock. The fact her hands were helpless only added to the attraction. I was desperate to cum so I wasted no time in prising hr lips apart with my slippery, hard dick and pushing it deep inside her.

I could see the breathe from Kirsty’s nose mist the plastic somewhat, her features squashed beneath it as my cock slid deeper and deeper until I could feel the tip of my desperate cock press against the back of her throat. The gagged on it, her head jerking and bobbing but she was quite the cocksucker and managed to keep my full length inside her mouth, my hairy balls slapping back and forward against her delicate chin. She was struggling for breath, no surprise really when she must obviously have been getting so little air, especially after being choked as hard as I had done with the belt. But to be honest by that point I didn’t care, all I wanted was to empty my bulging balls and if she wanted to be trussed up like this while I did it then more power to her.

I was not gentle. The frustration of the day and the confusion I was feeling over this relationship taking form in the way I plunged my aching dick into her wet mouth and choked her on my dick. I was past the point of being careful and she lay on the bed grunting and getting her own bizarre form of pleasure from the situation she was in I finally came deep in her mouth. It was quite possibly the most cum that I have ever shot in my entire life. I felt my dick fire three blasts into Kirsty’s mouth before I pulled out and fired three more over the plastic covered face. Hell I even squeezed the last drops from my shrinking dick out onto her face and enjoyed immensely the sight of three separate streams of cum slipping down the taut plastic. I knew even as I watched it that I would not see this girl again, she was just too weird for my tastes. This was confirmed even as I took off the plastic bad from her face then undid her wrists.

“That was amazing babe. Come round tomorrow at the same time, I’ve got this idea of how you can fuck me while I’m being hung….”

Like I say I’ve never seen her since but it was one hell of a few days, there’s none so queer as folk, I guess.

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