Christmas Came Early

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It was December the 24th 2016 and I was supposed to be going to my moms for Christmas this year. But last minute my mom cancelled, as my dad had paid for her to go to the Caribbean from the 23rd right over Christmas. He had kept it quiet right until the morning they were due to fly out. My mom rang me very appologetic because I wasn’t able to come for Christmas. I was excited for her though and I told her as much. I told her to enjoy herself and not worry about me. With the plans for Christmas now out of the window. I was ready for a Christmas alone this year with my kitten. I was becoming a bit of a cat lady. Even though I was only 22 there didn’t seem to be a single man in sight. My dating life is at a complete stand still.

Settling in for a Christmas Eve alone I put on some reality tv opened a bottle of wine and relaxed on the sofa. That was until my friend Megan got in touch. I knew her very well from work. She found out about my circumstances on Facebook and phoned me insisting I stay over with her family at Christmas. I didn’t want to intrude so I made sure for her to ask her family if it was o.k. They said they would be happy for me to come. I have been and stayed at her nans before. Everyone is so nice and friendly. They have always made me feel welcome. And her grandad, Alan, is so hot for his age. He has a really big cock too. I know this because it hangs down his leg. You can see it everytime he wears jeans. It was most noticeable when we went Nevşehir Escort to a pub and he was wearing beige jeans. I could see it everytime he bent down to take a shot. I couldn’t stop staring. It made me so horny that I had to fuck someone that night.

Anyway, after I got off the phone to Megan I got changed, packed an overnight bag and headed off to Megan’s. I dropped my kitten off at my sisters and had a nipped in for a wee chat. I ended up staying for well over an hour. Megan’s nans is quite a way away it took me around 2 and a half hours to get there so by this time it was pushing on 12.

When I got there all the lights downstairs were off except the one in the office. Only her grandad uses that room really. He likes to play online poker in there among other things. I like to imagine he goes in there and watches porn stroking his hard cock and cumming all over the desk. I quietly knocked on the door to be sure I wouldn’t wake anyone in the house up. Alan answered. I told him I was sorry I was so late and that I hoped I hadn’t kept him up. He insisted it was fine and he would of stayed up anyway as he was in a online poker tournament. First thing I noticed when he answered was that he was wearing his beige jeans. I imagined that he had worn them just for me. As unlikely as that was. He offered me a drink and I obliged. After a long drive like that a glass of wine was just what I needed. I went and sat in the living Nevşehir Escort Bayan room and Alan headed off into the office only to return a few minutes later. I thought you were in a poker tournament I asked him. He said it was fine and he wasn’t doing too well anyway.

I said I didn’t want to ruin his night, but he insisted. I noticed that he had a couple of tattoos on his shoulders and one on his arm. I had never noticed them before and asked about them to make conversation. We stayed up until 3 am talking and having a few drinks. I wanted so badly to make a move but I couldn’t pick up the courage. He ended up calling it a night though and headed off to bed. I wasn’t long after him. In bed I couldn’t stop thinking about Alan. I should just go in his room and seduce him. He hasn’t stayed in the same room as Linda for a couple of years now. I bet he is gagging for it. He probably hasn’t had sex in so long. I would be just what he wants. How would I do it though? Pretend I got lost looking for the bathroom? Just get into bed with him pretending I had thought I was staying in that room. Thinking about It was making me so wet. Fuck I want the real thing. About 20 minutes went by and i just went for it.

I walked into the room and just got into the bed with him. Once there, I had no idea what to do. I tried to think about it from his perspective. I’m 22 years old and a good looking girl naked in his bed. He’s got to Escort Nevşehir be into this. How could he not be? I started to spoon him and was running my hand down his chest until I got to his pants. I began running my hands around that area. His cock was hard so I leaned over him pulled his pants down a little exposing the tip, and started to suck on it. I moved his pants down a little more so i could suck more and grip his monster cock in my hand. I was so fucking turned on. I was just taking advantage of him. I looked up at him to see him looking at me. He was moaning and his face movements were turning me on. It made me so fucking horny. I bet it was the first time he had got any in months. I loved how much he would of been gagging For this.

He turned over onto his back and I took his pant off. I started stroking his cock while Watching his face. He was so fucking hot. I just wanted to sit on his face. Come here he whispered. Grabbing my hips, he pulled me toward his face and began sniffing my soaking cunt. He was taking big sniffs. Breathing heavy while doing so, taking in all of my musk. He done this for a good 30 second mor before flipping me over, putting me into some reverse doggy style position and started to sniffing my ass hole. I didn’t know what to think dirty old bastard I thought. I was a little paranoid that he was down there what if I hadn’t wiped properly. He seemed to be enjoying it so i just left him to it. With one hand he began feeling my sex the other he was stroking his cock. Suck this he demanded. I did my best but the position he had me in made it difficult. At this point he was full on sniffing my asshole nose deep in there interchanging between nose and tounge. Lick and sniff. His cock was pulsing This must be his kink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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