Christmas in the Coat Room

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Double Penetration

Kyle climbed into the driver’s seat and shut the door as Anna joined him in the passenger seat.

“All set?” he asked.

“Mhmm,” she responded.

“Damn you look good, baby,” Kyle grinned at his wife. She was as pale as ever, with her black hair in two braided pigtails laying on either end of her shoulder. He knew exactly why he found her so irresistible. The first time Kyle had ever masturbated – before he really even knew what he was doing to himself – he had been thinking about Wednesday Addams. Anna knew it too, and she wore her hair like that constantly to make him hard so she could have him whenever she wanted.

“Thanks, babe,” she smiled back. Her dress was dark green and barely came down past her hips; the sleeves were off her shoulders. It made her red shoes and lipstick pop with holiday flair. She knew it drove her husband wild.

Kyle threw the car into reverse, pulled out of the garage, and sped off towards their friends’ Christmas party, about 15 minutes away.

They had barely left the neighborhood when Anna put her hand on Kyle’s crotch and began massaging his already semi-hard cock.

“Well hello,” Kyle said. “What are you up to?”

“Eyes on the road, babe,” Anna replied.

“You make that difficult.”

Anna leaned over the center console and kissed Kyle’s neck, still rubbing his hardening dick through his khakis.

“You trying to give me a hickey before we go out in public?” Kyle asked.

“I can stop…” Anna teased.

“I didn’t say that,” Kyle said quickly.

“Mmmm.” Anna resumed her business on her husband’s neck. “How would you like it if I sucked your big cock, baby?” she whispered to him. She noticed his body shudder in response. His excited chuckle was enough of an answer. She unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his button, and unzipped his zipper. His cock was practically bursting through his boxers. She unbuttoned them, reached into the gap, and wrapped her hand around his throbbing dick. “I love this cock,” she purred as she pulled it out.

“Jesus, Anna,” Kyle gasped as she slowly stroked it. They were driving on a busy street and while the sun was lowering in the winter sky, it was still light out. His heart pounded as he looked around to see if any of the cars he was passing – and he was passing plenty as he involuntarily sped – noticed what was happening in his.

“Don’t crash,” Anna said, and immediately swallowed the tip of his cock.

“Fuck,” Kyle grunted to himself.

Anna slobbered onto his cock, covering it with her spit, and jerked her hand up and down faster as her tongue moved all around the tip. Precum seeped onto her tongue and she lapped it up hungrily. She felt his hand on the back of her hand and allowed herself to be forced down lower – taking more of his cock into her mouth. She moaned loud enough for Kyle to hear her and began rapidly sucking him off.

“Oh fuck yes, baby. Suck that fucking cock. God that feels fucking great!” Kyle moaned as Anna continued to bob her head up and down on his dick. Without stopping, she unbuckled her seatbelt, trusting Kyle to drive safely, despite the distraction, and hopped up to put her knees on the seat, her ass in the air. She could swallow his whole cock now, and she did, taking him into her throat as he grunted loudly at the sensation. She reached back and pulled her dress up off her ass and up to her hips, allowing him to see her bright, Christmas-red thong.

His hand immediately left the back of her head and he slapped her ass hard, as she knew he would.

“Fuck yeah, baby, suck that fucking cock,” he moaned, and slapped her ass again. She almanbahis moaned onto his cock, spurring him to slap it harder still – three times quickly in a row, passion overtaking him. Then he grabbed her thong and pulled it towards himself, stretching it. She knew he was close.

Her suspicions were proved correct when he let go of her panties and moved his hand back to the back of her head and pushed it down again.

“You’re gonna make me fucking cum, baby!” he screamed. “Oh fuck oh fuck I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” With each word a blast of warm cum shot from his cock into Anna’s throat. She caught wave after wave of it, holding every inch of him in her mouth until every last drop had been unloaded into it.

She slowly came off his dick, making sure to lick every bit of it, cleaning it for him, stopping briefly to suck the tip like a lollipop and extracting fresh cum from him in the process. Then he swallowed the whole load. Finally she sat up, pulled her dress back down over her ass, and resumed her normal seated position.

“Jesus,” Kyle said.

Anna laughed and buckled her seatbelt. Kyle wiped some sweat from his forehead.

“I fucking love you,” he gasped.

“I fucking love you, too,” she said with a smile.

“Well I was looking forward to this party, but now I can’t wait to leave it so I can pay you back.”

“Who says we have to leave the party for that?” Anna said coyly.

“Yeah,” Kyle said. “Wait what?”

Anna laughed.

A few minutes later, they parked in front of Sam and Hannah’s and got out. Checking themselves for any sign of their car play, they walked into the front door to find the house packed with at least two dozen people already, mingling and eating and drinking in the large house.

“They really know how to do it, don’t they?” Anna muttered to Kyle.

“They sure do,” Kyle replied.

“There you are!” Hannah cried from across the room. She dodged some fellow partiers and hugged Anna and Kyle. She was already a little tipsy. “So glad you guys are here! Sam’s mixing drinks in the kitchen, the food is laid out in the dining room – you can throw your coats in the guest room right down the hall.”

After catching up, Anna and Kyle moseyed down the hall to the guest room to deposit their coats – despite the cold weather, Anna had just been carrying hers; Kyle knew she was just showing off her body, as she should.

They tossed the coats down and returned to the party. Kyle watched as nearly every man at the party, single or not, followed her with their eyes. He couldn’t blame them. She exacerbated the situation by taking a Santa hat and pulling it onto her head. Her pigtails dropped from it and lent a whole new layer of sexy to an already unbearably sexy outfit.

It was a fun time – they knew plenty of people there, and the food and drink was excellent. Sam mixed a delicious alcoholic eggnog that Kyle just couldn’t get enough of – he knew he’d need to forcibly cut himself off before too long or they’d be taking an Uber home. Anna was drinking wine and not caring too terribly much about the amount. She was a popular attraction at the party, as usual. She was magnetic, and everyone always figured out a way to strike up a conversation with her. She charmed the men and disarmed the women who might otherwise be prone to jealousy. She wasn’t interested in anyone’s envy – except for Kyle’s. Anna loved to flirt with other men (and sometimes women), because she knew that Kyle – who would never get actually jealous – would build up just enough agitation to fuck her senesless later on, as if to prove that she was almanbahis giriş his. As if there was any doubt.

She was doing this now, talking with everyone at the party except Kyle, while constantly looking over at him to make sure he was watching. For his part, he was talking to a beautiful woman named Nicole, but he barely noticed – he was dutifully watching Anna. He knew the game she was playing, and he loved it. But this time, he knew something she didn’t – the blowjob in the car had only heightened his want for her, so seeing her laugh at the stupid jokes and going drink-for-drink with the other guests sent him over the edge faster than usual.

“Excuse me,” he said politely to Nicole, who seemed disappointed at his departure. He strolled over to where Anna was holding court and butted in. “Hey babe,” he interjected. “You gotta see this.”

Anna, interested, excused herself from the throngs of admirers, took Kyle’s hand, and followed him down the hall. Intrigued by this development, she briefly worried that something was wrong when he pulled her into the guest room where the coats were being held. Then he spun her around, brought her back to his chest, and held her shoulders tight. She gasped at the sudden maneuver.

Kyle’s mouth moved to her ear and he sucked on her lobe, sending tingles down her spine. “You like flirting with those people out there?” he whispered. Her breath caught as she realized what was about to happen.

“Yes,” she gasped.

“You like dressing up in this sexy little dress and acting like a slut for everyone?”

“Yes. Yes.”

Kyle pulled away from Anna’s body and slapped her ass. She gasped. He spun her around and she saw the fire in his eyes. Her panties were drenched at the sight of him.

“But you’re my little slut, aren’t you?” he growled.

“Yes…yes, baby,” she managed.

“Pull your dress up for me,” he commanded. She immediately pulled it back up to her hips. “Get on your knees like a good little slut.” She dropped to her knees immediately and looked up at him from under her Santa hat. “Now take out my cock.”

She frantically undid his pants and let his massive erection spring out in front of her. This time she didn’t need to wait for his instruction and she took his cock into her mouth immediately.

But he had built up too much energy to simply be passive – he immediately grabbed hold of both of her pigtails and without waiting pulled them forward while thrusting his hips forward. Anna gagged momentarily in surprise, then relaxed her throat and let her husband take over and fuck her mouth as hard as he could. She reached down between her legs and started rubbing her clit furiously over her soaked panties.

Kyle grunted loudly, throwing caution to the wind, as he fucked his wife’s throat. He couldn’t wait to cover her pale skin with his load – but not until he had had his way with her. With one final tug, he pulled her pigtails as far as he could, his cocked deep into her throat, then pulled himself out from between her lips. She gasped contentedly for air, but he didn’t waste time. He pulled her to her feet and over to the dresser, where he spun her around to face the mirror that hung above it, then pushed her back down so she was bent over. He grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her knees, not even bothering to take them all the way off. He let his pants fall to his ankles, letting them bunch up over his shoes.

He fingered Anna’s clit for a moment, making eye contact with her in the mirror. Both of them were alive with electricity.

Panting, Kyle whispered to her, “everyone almanbahis yeni giriş out there wants to fuck you, Anna. You know that, don’t you?” He slapped her ass, hard.

“Ugh! Yes daddy.”

“Say it.” He slapped her ass again. Red was already spreading over her pale cheek.

“Everyone wants to fuck me,” she breathed.

“But they can’t, can they?” Another slap.

“No, daddy.”

“Why not?” Another slap. Hard and loud – it had to be reaching the ears of everyone in the house.

“Because I’m yours, daddy,” she whispered.

“You’re my what?” The hardest, loudest slap yet.

“I’m your slut!” she replied, aching for his cock.

“You’re goddamn right,” he growled, and without hesitation, he lined his cock up with her pussy and slammed it all the way into her.

“FUCK!” she screamed as he started pounding his pussy. She watched herself get fucked in the mirrored, getting wetter than she thought possible as Kyle’s cock slid ferociously in and out of her repeatedly. She moaned audibly with each thrust, matching the timing of Kyle’s hips smacking into her ass.

She was so turned on watching him ram his cock into her in the mirror. There she was, bent over a dresser, dress hiked up, a little Santa hat on her head, getting fucking railed by a man who hadn’t even seen fit to take her panties all the way off, let alone undress himself.

Then he pulled her hair.

He grabbed his pigtails and pulled. Her whole body lifted, her back arching and her tits pushing forward, shaking with every manic thrust of her husband’s cock, aiding by the new leverage that pulling her hair offered him.

She was moaning so loud now that the neighbors could surely hear them.

“FUCK! You fucking like this, baby?” Kyle cried.

“Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh I’m a slut! Ohh fuck I’m a whore for you, daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me fuck me fuck me ohhh fuck don’t stop daddy!” Anna could usually feel an orgasm build in her pussy, but this time it erupted without warning. “I’M CUMMING! OH FUCK I’M FUCKING CUMMING!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as her body shook as much as it could with Kyle pulling her back towards him. He didn’t stopped fucking her for even a second as the orgasm tore through her body. She held onto the dresser the best she could as she came again.

Kyle was close to joining her. She could always tell because he would squeeze her ass so tight that it hurt her – just a little. And he had finally dropped her pigtails and grabbed her ass. He was grunting with every thrust, too.

“Oh fuck baby, I want you to cum for me!” she said to him, looking at him in the mirror.

“You want my cum? You want my cum?”

“Oh fuck yes daddy, can I please have your fucking cum? I’m your dirty fucking cum slut, baby!”

“Oh, fuck!” he moaned at her words. “I’m gonna cum, baby. I’m gonna cum!”

‘Give it to me, daddy! Give me that fucking load!” she yelled, and he obliged. His first wave of cum shot into her pussy, and she felt it fill her up. She bit her lip. The second wave followed, but then he pulled his cock from her and unloaded the third wave – and the fourth, and the fifth – onto her exposed ass. The white, sticky semen stood out against the reddened marks that had appeared on her white skin.

Anna’s knees were weak and she immediately collapsed to the floor. Kyle fell back onto the bed, sitting on a pile of coats, before sliding to the carpet next to her. They both grinned, panting and satisfied.

Then they heard a floorboard creak and they both spun around to look at the door to the bedroom, where about 6 guests stood, mouths agape. Hannah, Nicole, and a few of the men that Anna had been talking to earlier were among the spectators.

“Ummm…” Kyle said sheepishly. “At least we didn’t do it on the coats.”

Anna was the only one who laughed.

Though Nicole seemed to have been biting her lip.

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