Christopher Gets a Jeff-Massage

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Saturday Morning, 11:30 a.m.

I just had a real hot date with a young man named Christopher. He lives right in the next town over from me, in Asbury Park, and he took the train here, took him 15 minutes from his house. I picked him up at the train station for our first meeting. When he got in my car, I was taken aback for a second by his stunningly-handsome face. His trim 5’9″ frame was hidden under a heavy fleece cotton jacket.

I forget how old he told me he was, but he cannot be more than 25. And he had never in his life been with an older woman, so I could tell he was extremely nervous and he would have been too nervous to have sex with me today, I could sense that from him. So after 5 minutes of sitting on my sofa, I asked him if he would like for me to give him a massage, and he said, “OH MY GOD YES!”

I led him into my bedroom and undressed him like a little boy while he stood at the foot of my bed. As I took off his shirt, each of his upper arms revealed huge bands of darkly colored, intricate patterned tattoos — absolutely gorgeous ones, all of Celtic symbols and designs.

I turned his back toward me while I lifted his arms over his head to pull off his t-shirt, and there, right smack dab in the middle of his upper back, between his shoulder blades was a huge Celtic Cross tat. A bit further down his torso, toward his lower back, just above his waist, was another large, wide band of dark blue Celtic designs. Oh, my, I am realizing now that I really have a fetish for tattoos! Nope, no doubt about that, I have a real bad fetish for them now. LOL!!!

I laid Christopher on my bed on his belly, and told him to tuck the bursa üniversiteli escort cervical pillow under his neck and stretch out his arms until he was in a totally comfortable position. I then pulled the quilt up over his body, all the way up to his shoulders. “I am gonna get undressed, baby, and I don’t want you to get cold while you are laying there.”

He was smiling at me shyly, with twinkling eyes, as if to say, “I hope you don’t mind me watching you undress.” And of course, I did not mind at all, I wanted him to get a good view of my whole body, because it would soon be upon his backside! And I stripped completely naked, save for my black thigh high nylon stockings.

I slowly drew the cover from his back, and perched myself above his rear, with my one knee on either side of his ass. Warming several huge dollops of lotion in my hands for a minute, I then told him softly, “This is just lotion now baby, and it might be a bit cold at first.”

I began smearing it all over his backside, from the bottoms of the cheeks of his ass all the way up to his shoulders and neck. And there it was….. that gorgeous sound coming from his throat already. He was moaning and sighing in ecstasy just from the touch of my hands on his backside, smoothing and smearing the lotion around in deep, wide circles.

I took the bottle of cream again and filled both my hands with a portion, this time smearing and spreading it all over the front of my own body, especially my big, bulbous, boobs. And getting myself onto all fours now, I leaned my boobs, belly, and pussy mound full onto his back and pushed escort bayan down just hard enuf so he could feel each of my individual body parts touching his individual body parts!

After a few minutes of massaging his upper back with my boobs, I skidded my giant knockers further down his spine, until they were just touching the cheeks of his ass. “Oh, baby, I am pushing my hard nipples into your skin now,” I whispered to him as I pressed my bosom into his buttocks with all of my might!

He let out a long grunt, and he was moaning so continuously now that I could no longer distinguish whether the sounds were coming from his throat or my own.

I made big circles around the outer part of his cheeks while I felt as if I was drilling my nipples into him. And with each circle, each nipple would come to his ass crack, and when it did I would take a break there and run the nipple up and down against his asshole a couple of times.

After what felt like a hundred passes, I leaned down my head to his behind, and began passionately kissing his cheeks! My kisses were the wettest-of-the-wet kind, cuz I knew I was drooling uncontrollably, as I tongued, sucked, licked and kissed each cheek equally.

His torso was pretty much writhing on my bed at that point, he was really hot and bothered by what I was doing to him, there was no doubt about it. After teasing his rear long enuf, I gently yet firmly spread the whole length of his crack apart, and in one gliding motion, I JAMMED my tongue into his asshole! Man, I was using muscles in my mouth that I did not even realize I had there! LOL!!!

I rimmed his escort bursa asshole for a good fifteen minutes, barely ever coming up for a second to even take a breath! He tasted and felt so fucking good, his skin was so pale and soft, and he was spanking clean, just like a freshly bathed baby’s ass! He was getting into it bigtime, too, and as I stretched my tongue out further to lap at his balls a couple of times, I could see his hard rod nearly bent in half under his heavy balls!

I reached between his legs, and very tenderly cradled his curved cock in my hand. Using a combination of gentle stroking motions and cupping actions, I could tell his load of cream was beginning to build up inside of him.

“Baby, stay still, I will be right back, I have to go get something,” I apologized to him. ‘Dammit, Leslie, you left your vibrator in the living room,’ I was thinking to myself. I sprinted out to get it so fast, I think he did not even realize I was gone yet. “Christopher, I am going to put my vibrator on you, ok, baby?”

“UMCHGH!!!!” God only knows what he grunted, but I got the idea it was cool with him if I did my will with my vibrator on his ass!

So, I jacked it right up to high, and began circling his asshole with the well-lotioned tip of my green glow-in-the-dark 10″ vibe! Recupping his now throbbing penis in my hand, I started my stroking action on him, in perfect rhythm with the insertion and withdrawal of my vibe from his asshole.

I must have been pushing about 3″ worth of my tube into his hole, when suddenly he blurted out, “Push it in further!!!” So, push I did, and two more inches of length extended into him.


At that instant, the bed between his legs flooded from his explosion, with creamy-clear slippery love syrup. The only sound in the room was the low droning sound coming from Chris’s mouth, as I collapsed on top of his behind in near exhaustion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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