Christy , the Bartender

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Chrissy sat by the phone waiting. He was already two hours late and not a word. She had tried his mobile phone but it seemed to be turned off, and his home phone wasn’t answering either. This wasn’t the first time he had stood her up on a date, but she had made up her mind that it would be the last. Tonight was her night and she was going to make the most of it. After calling a cab, she said goodnight to her roommate Vicki and sat on the front steps to wait.

The cab delivered her to the front door of club she had never been to before. She had been told it was the classiest club in town, and gaining access was never easy, unless you measured up to the strict standards set at the front door. She blushed a little when they not only let her in, but also gave her free entry. Wearing her new black latex skirt was already paying off. She had bought the skirt to impress Brad, but since he had better things to do tonight, she would find another to impress.

The front entrance was a flight of stairs that went upward with every step flashing a different color as she stepped on it. At the top of the stairs was another set of doors and another pair of very large, muscular bouncers. The dark haired one gave her a wink as he opened the door and she actually blushed. Tonight was not a night for blushes, so in a moment of spontaneous daring, she reached up and kissed the bouncers cheek. She has always had a thing for such big, strong men. Perhaps it was because she was so small in structure that these massive hulks of masculinity made her feel so petite and dainty.

The bouncer laughed, catching her mood, sweeping her up in his arms and kissing her full on the mouth, tipping her backwards in a graceful dip. Setting her back on her feet, she giggled sheepishly and slapped his shoulder, darting through the door and into the club before anything else happened.

Pulsing music met her at the door, lifting her already elevated excitement to new heights. She had been to clubs many times, but never alone, and never with such wicked thoughts in her mind. She felt intoxicated even though she was yet to have a drink, something she intended to rectify right away.

Making her way to the bar, she ordered a white wine, changing her mind and opting for a bloody Mary instead. The bar tender winked at her devilishly, asking if she would prefer a slippery nipple, his personal favorite. She declined with a toss of her long hair and a laugh, saying that the night she had in mind was going to wet more than just her nipple. He leaned over the bar, flashing his perfect white teeth and smiling with his sparkling eyes.

“I get off in an hour if you’re not already wet by then, and I truly hope you won’t be.”

Chrissy blushed a little, knowing full well what he was suggesting. The idea of taking home the barman excited her immensely. Many times she had come out to breakfast to find Vicki on the kitchen table, her legs spread and a barman or bouncer between them. She didn’t know what it was about her roommate, but she did seem to have a thing for tables. Once Chrissy got a bowl of cereal and sat eating it while a rather large naked bouncer chatted to her, slamming his cock into Vicki. She had come to spilling the bowl a few times with his thrusting, but she managed to finish without a mess, heading off for a shower and date with Brad.

Two things made her giggle at this point. The memory of Vicky on the table, and the thought of what Brad would think if turned up and found her on the table with the barman. The idea had merit, and Brad finding her in just such a situation might make him see she needed more then he had been providing.

She finished the drink, and ordered another, this time accepting his offer of a slippery nipple, delighted to find it every bit as delicious as the bar tender said it would be. Before that drink was finished, another one appeared in front of her. She looked at Vince, at least that’s what his nametag said he was called, he pointed to a guy across the bar.

“Compliments of the tall gentleman in the black jacket.” The man was eyeing her seductively, smiling and leaning in on the bar. She lifted the drink, tipping a little towards him in acknowledgment, then taking a sip. When she looked back to towards him, he had a dizzy blond hanging off his arm with a grip that made it quite obvious she had no intentions of letting go in a hurry. Chrissy thought the silly bitch would probably fall flat on her ass if she didn’t have the support of his arm. The guy gave her a frustrated and apologetic look. The kind of look that said ‘If I can dump this in a gutter someplace I’ll be back for you.’

Vince seems almost delighted that the guy had to take the intoxicated brat home. He gave Chrissy another drink.

“This one’s on me. I’ll be back in a few, don’t go anywhere.” He really was serious about getting off work and making more than her nipples wet. She wiggled a little on her stool at the thought of it. As the music, istanbul escort atmosphere and alcohol began to mix Chrissy’s senses, Vince appeared beside her. He had changed out of his work clothes, and into a tight pair of black leather pants, and a white shirt, left open half way down the front. Chrissy could not help thinking how good he looked.

“Shall we dance?” Taking her hand he led her out onto the dance floor, spinning her around and wrapping her into his arms. For a moment she knew how the blond felt. If not for him holding her, she would have been on her ass on the floor. With her hands around his neck, and his hands resting comfortable on small of her back, they danced.

Slowly he pulled her closer to him, breathing hot in her ear, his hands sliding down over her ass and cupping her tight cheeks. He kissed her neck, sending surges of pure lust surging through her, making her knees a little weak and her heart beat a little faster.

The song finished and they paused for a moment waiting for the next song to begin, but a moment was more than enough. Their eyes met and their lips followed, devouring each other with heated passionate kiss, his hands cupping her ass so tight he almost lifted her off the floor and her fingers buried them selves into his mass of curly black hair. The music started again, but they didn’t hear it. They could hear nothing but their own primal needs and the beating of their hearts.

Breaking free of her body, Vince took her hand, leading her off the dance floor to a table reserved for staff and special guests. He took a chair behind the table, and pulling her onto his lap, resumed kissing her with more fire and passion than he had on the dance floor. Stroking her thigh with one hand, holding her to him with the other, his tongue exploring every cavity and crevice in her willing mouth, Chrissy new she was at the point of no return. But then, she had no intention of returning when she came here alone tonight.

Vince’s fingers ventured higher and higher up her thigh, her short skirt proving to be no hindrance at all to his curious fingers. The found the fabric of her panties, a touch that sent a surge of heat racing through Chrissy’s crotch. She moaned softly into his mouth and he knew she was his, a plaything to do with as he pleased and be pleased. He caressed the soft fabric, feeling and teasing around the edges of the elastic, lifting it a little and sliding a finger underneath to stroke her soft bush.

Chrissy could feel Vince growing hard in his tight pants under her ass. Just feeling him there, so hard, so close, it made her wiggle a little. A wiggle that had a very arousing affects on him. Her body was taking on a life force of it’s own as her passion increased, and when his fingers reached her aching pussy, she became charged and alive. Spreading her legs as far as her skirt would allow she invited him to explore her most hidden treasures, and he was oh so eager to discover them.

Stroking and caressing the edges of her panties, his fingers sought greater gifts. Finding the beginning of her tender slit and sliding his fingers along it, feeling her hard little love pearl, and then her moist and luscious entrance. He dipped his fingers into her exotic pool of love juices, covering them with the slippery smooth cream, then pulling back to find her sensitive jewel. His kisses became more intense, more aggressive and more desperate. Skilled fingers worked her throbbing clit, manipulating her into a creature of pure lust.

Chrissy wiggled harder on his lap and he groaned with the extra pressure on his already throbbing cock. She burned to see what he had to offer her. Sliding from his lap and under the table she reached for his belt buckle. He leaned back in his chair, giving her more room to work, watching as she loosened the zip and released his caged monster. Chrissy gasped a little at the size of him. He was magnificent. She looked into his eyes for just a moment, licking her red painted lips before she took his throbbing purple head into her mouth. Moving her lips over him, sucking, teasing, and running the tip of her tongue around and around the sensitive rim. She hummed as she sucked, sending vibrations up the length of his shaft and into his loins. He groaned softly, running his fingers through her hair as he watched his cock vanishing into her delicious mouth.

Soon he could take no more. Pulling her to her feet, he turned her round, her cute little ass facing him, sliding her skirt just high enough that he could pull her g-string to one side and pull her back against him. Slowly he moved her over him, lowering her onto his massive tool, impaling her on his love sword. She bit hard on her bottom lip, trying not to cry out at the sudden and complete intrusion of her sensitive pussy. Deeper and deeper he pushed into her until she could take no more of his length. Never before had he found a woman who had come so close to taking his full length. He was enthralled. escort bayan Lifting her slowly up and down, his hand under her ass, she began to ride him. Sliding her hot box along his shaft, taking him deeper and deeper with every move, moaning softly in both pleasure and pain.

If anyone had noticed them taking their pleasure behind the table, it wasn’t made obvious, though at this point Chrissy hardly cared. Never had such desire and lust consumed her. With her hands on the edge of the table, she bounced up and down on his lap, her excitement growing with every beat of the music, and every thrust of his cock. He reached around with one hand, finding her tender clit and pinching it between his fingers, rubbing it, stroking it.

She needed no more encouragement. Pushing down hard, her head thrown back, she bit down hard on her bottom lip, trying not to be heard over the pounding music. He gripped her slender waist, lifting her as he continued to thrust, her orgasm making her tight pussy even tighter. He groaned, trying to keep his own sounds down to a reasonable level, his cock pumping gush after gush of hot cum into her. At last he was done, every drop of his cum drained from within him. Wrapping his arms around her, his cock still buried deep within her throbbing womb; he pulled her back against him, holding her in their moment of shared pleasure.

In time, he lifted her from his lap, sitting her close beside him on the next chair. She straightened her skirt and he did up the front of his pants, smiling at each other wickedly. Excusing her self for a moment, she headed for the ladies room to clean up a little, Vince grabbing her hand and pulling her back for another quick kiss before she left.

Finding an empty cubicle, she did her best to clean up the sticky mess between her milky thighs. Her clit tingled and throbbed at her touch. It had been the single most thrilling sexual experience of her life, and she wanted more. Returning to the table, she was stunned to find Brad standing there talking to Vince.

He reached out and grabbed her, pulling her roughly to him and tried to give her a kiss as she did her best to pull away.

“There you are gorgeous. I went to pick you up and Vicki said you’d gone already, so I figured you had come here.”

Looking at her watch, it was already well after midnight. Her anger began to build; as much at his shabby treatment of their relationship, as the fact that he had just spoiled the wonderful feeling she had hoped she would never lose. She pulled from his grasp, giving him a contemptuous look.

“Eight o’clock was over four hours ago Brad and I waited for you long enough. It’s past midnight and I have already turned back into a pumpkin, and you’re still a stinking rat. You and I are history Brad. As of eight o’clock last night, the final chapter in our story was ended.”

Vince had been leaning back against the table watching and listening to the conversation and he was not overly impressed by the way Brad treated his women. He was even less impressed by the way he was treating this particular woman. Figuring enough was enough, he motioned discretely to one of the bouncers. He intended getting her out of her before it got ugly and ruined a very nice evening. Slapping Brad on the shoulder, he reached for Chrissy’s hand.

“Brad buddy, if you don’t mind, I was just about to drop this lovely lady home. We’ll catch you around.” Brad looked stunned and confused when Chrissy took Vince’s hand and began to walk away with him. Grabbing her arm, digging his fingers into her soft flesh leaving a nasty bruise, he jerked her back, raising his other hand in a move to strike her.

“You little bitch. No one walks away from me.”

His fist was met mid swing with the sound of crunching bones. The bouncer who had kissed Chrissy at the front door now stood between her and Brad, his own huge fist squeezing Brads until the first finger cracked, then drove his other fist into Brads stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Brad buckled over and fell to the floor, coughing and gasping for breath. Still standing over Brad, he nodded to Vince, letting him know that this would be taken care of and to get out of here.

Taking Chrissy’s hand again, Vince led her from the club and out to the rear car park, stopping beside a red corvette stingray to make sure she was all right. Apart from the darkening bruise on her arm, she was fine, a little shaken, but fine. Her heart was pounding in shock. Brad had always been a bit of an ass hole, but he had never threatened to hit her before, and by the look in his eyes up there, it was no threat.

Vince held her to him, stroking her hair and hushing her until she was a little calmer and not shaking as badly. He wiped a tear from her cheek, looking into the bottomless depths of her deep brown eyes, kissing the end of her nose.

“Are you alright now Baby?” she nodded yes and pressed her cheek back to his shoulder. He held her against escort istanbul him with one arm; with the other he fished into his pocket and found his car keys. He opened the door to the corvette and helped her in, liking the way she looked in the passenger seat. She looked at him a little confused.

“This is yours?” he threw back his head and laughed at her child like expression.

“Yes Baby, it’s mine.” He climbed in behind the steering wheel, starting the engine, and backing out of the lot. He drove for a while, not saying a word but looked at her often to be sure she was ok. She sniffed a little, wiping her nose with a tissue from her purse and looked out the window. He had a feeling he knew just how to make her feel better, driving to his favorite place to be alone.

He turned through a gate, drove down a narrow road the seemed to go on forever. Chrissy was becoming a little anxious as to where they were headed, they seemed to be in the middle of no where all of a sudden. He took her hand and squeezed it gently, smiling and assuring her that this was a place she would love and he really wanted to share it with her.

She relaxed a little, but I fully understood her apprehension. They immerged from the trees in a small clearing that lead down onto a rocky beach. The full moon was just above the horizon, shining down with a stream of light that made Chrissy feel like she could just step out onto it and walk all the way to the moon. The waves broke almost silently over the rocks and a gently breeze kissed her face. Vince opened to door and took her hand helping her from the car. She has never seen a more beautiful place. Every ounce of pain and tension she had felt since leaving the club had been swept away on the gentlest of breezes. She took of deep breath of the warm salty air, leaning back into Vince’s strong arms as he embraced her from behind. He made her feel so warm at that moment, so safe and secure.

Turning to him, she reached up and kissed him tenderly, his own kisses a little heated, igniting a fire with her that threatened to consume them both. Lifting her onto the bonnet of the car, he reefed up her skirt, snapping the side of her g-string and ripping from her body. Laying her back, he spread her slender thighs and buried his hungry mouth in her soft bushy crotch. She dug her fingers into his hair, directing him to the places she waned him most. There was no tenderness in his ravaging lips, but he still took care not to hurt her in any way. Licking, sucking and biting, he lapped and sucked, gorging himself on her tenderness.

Chrissy’s body was on fire, burning with a need she never new existed but demanded be fed. Her body wiggled and writhed under his the attention of his incredible mouth. His hands holding tight to her him, not allowing her pussy to escape his torturing tongue for even a moment. She was close, so close. He stood, leaning over her body, digging his strong fingers into the fabric of her blouse and ripping it from her gorgeous breasts. She cried out at the ferocity of his passion, reveling in the glory of her own wondrous freedom of self. His mouth found her breast as his cock found her pulsing hot hole, biting and sucking as he pushed himself deep into her.

“Oh yes.” He moaned as her body opened up to welcome all of his throbbing cock deep inside her. She was magnificent. Meeting him thrust for thrust, holding his head to her breasts, directing him to where her pleasure lay. Over and over he drove himself into her, feeling her entire body shuddering in wave after wave of heated orgasm, the inner walls of her pussy squeezing his cock, threatening to suck him dry.

He was nor ready yet. Slowing for a moment, letting her heaving body quiet just a little as her orgasm subsided, he thrust into her once more, driving her with the same ferocious need he exhibited a few moments before. Her body was gripped by another shattering wave of orgasmic pleasure and he could hold back no more. Pulling his cock from her heated depths, he administered the final few strokes with his hand, shooting a stream of hot cum over her breasts and face. Another load shot over her shoulder and onto the glossy polish of the bonnet, and yet another covered her panting belly.

He collapsed on top of her, painting for breath and resting his head on her breasts. She stroked his hair, giving her own body time to recover as she swam in the afterglow of their pleasure. Lifting her into his arms, he carried her to the water edge, walking out a short distance and sitting in the waist deep water with her in his lap.

Chrissy snuggled in close as the cool water covered her body, trusting in his arms to keep her safe. As he began to bath her in the salty water, washing away the stick cum the coated her splendid body, she gave him a curious look.

“Vince, how do you afford a car like that on a bar tenders salary.”

“Is that what you think I am? A bar tender?” his eyes sparkled with mischief as he lifted a hand full of water and washed her cheek. He could see she was confused and it touched his heart.

“Yes. Of course, aren’t you?” She pulled away from him a little, looking into his face, searching his eyes.

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