Chronicles of A Deviant Arab Girl Chapt. 1

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Quick guide to Arab words used here:

Yallah=let’s go, baba=dad but can also be used as a father calling any of his kids and vice versa, abaya=modest islamic dress basically non form fitting, and hijab=Islamic head covering for women.

Chapter 1

“I need to get laid this is just bullshit.” Amina thought to herself as her fingers rubbed on your clit. Her nightly ritual was starting to take a toll on her. Edging herself for hours sometimes to the brink of an intense orgasm. Occasionally adding either her hair brush or her dove deodorant spray that she kept along her bedside nightstand for when she really wanted to feel stretched out. Growing up in a conservative Muslim household wasn’t helping her situation either. She had to remain “modest” and “chaste” till marriage. But with hormones at the highest peak in her life, she started wondering what kind of religion forces a girl to wait that long. The Islamic clock on her vanity read 12:37 am. Tomorrow is already here and she’s hating it already. Another night another day sexually frustrated with no end in sight, she gives her wet pussy a slap and gives in to her mind reminding her she has a test at school and she needs rest. Falling asleep won’t be easy when your pussy is throbbing and yearning for it to engulf a hard dick, but nothing some melatonin won’t help with. She grabs the bottle throws 2 in her mouth takes a sip of the water bottle she never sleeps without and falls asleep.

“Amina yallah you’re going to be late for school mama”

She hears her mom yelling from the kitchen downstairs as she looks herself one last time before heading out for school in the mirror. Admiring her curves and her really nice around ass she has her mothers genes to thank. Turning to her side and gliding her hand from her thighs seeing the curves from her ass barely being confined by the the long dresses her parents have forced her to wear since she reached puberty. Her hands glide up to her 36D cup tits giving them a nice gentle squeeze making her nipples harden instantly.

“AMINA You’re taking too long and your father is growing inpatient”

“OK OK! I’m coming sheesh! I’m just putting my hijab on mama”

She runs down the stairs seeing her dads eyes grilling her. He was never fond of her putting make up on let alone lipstick. A soft yet striking red lipstick that accented her soft luscious lips and made them look even bigger than they really were at that.

“Amina you’re going to give me a heart attack one day. What’s this on your lips?”

“Baba it’s only lipstick. Look I’m fully covered wearing this stupid abaya like you want me to. Why can’t I wear make up to help me feel more comfortable with myself?”

“Ok but please chose a more modest color next time.”

Whatever that’s supposed to mean. How is lipstick even supposed to be modest she thought as her father started driving off. With lack of sleep, a test on history and her frustration from the night before, she wasn’t looking forward to her day. But it can be worse. At least she gets to see Noah in history class. If only she can see him more than he sees her. She sits right in front of him in class and she knows he stares at her ass popping through the space between the seat and the back rest. Every time she catches him looking, it sends chills up her spine so she purposely makes it a point to bend down more and sometimes further than really needed to attract his eyes to her nice round ass. Not like she really needs to though. She’s a pretty girl. All the guys are always trying to hit on her. Some her age, mostly older.

“Good luck on the test” Noah says as they lock eyes then glances down taking a deep look at her almost impossible to be natural body with a slim waist. She notices his eyes and smiles back at him. “Good luck to you too but I’m sure you won’t need it” she says smiling trying to contain herself as usual. “Harder to concentrate in this class than you think it is” he replies as she bends down a bit to fit in her seat. Her thick round ass filling the seat. Her thong outline now fully visible from the beige fabric of her long dress, once loose fitting now tightening on her body. She glanced back one last time before the test starts to see if he’s looking, and it came to no surprise his eyes are glued to her ass. She smiles again her pussy becoming wet from the pure lust she sees in his eyes as his face turns red with embarrassment.

The bell rings, the test is over the day is done and all she can think about is going home to her bed before her parents come home from work and rub her clit to the images of Noah staring greedily at her ass. Images of him throwing her on her bed face first lifting her hips up by her waist and shoving his hard cock deep into her without warning.



She snaps out of her day dream as Tess her childhood friend calls her name from down the hall.

“Bitch I been calling your name and you ignored me. What’s got your attention missyyy?”

“Oh nothing just tired. Didn’t sleep much last night and just had a history test I know I didn’t do well on” Amina stutters as she finds the words to say. She can’t tell her friend she just pulled her out of a wet day dream and her pussy juices are surely leaking down her thighs.

“Well it’s Friday bitch so you can relax your tits now”

If she only knew her tits haven’t been relaxed since last night. Hell they’ve NEVER been relaxed. At least not the way she would like for them to get relaxed. Just as that thought passed, Noah reaches up to them and his arm brushes against the left side of her firm breast as he starts to walk beside her sending chills right back down to her already frustrated pussy.

“Hey Tess. Hey Amina. How do you think you do on the test? Noah asks.

“Horrible. Doubt Mrs. Hendricks will pass me if I continue this way” Amina sighed knowing her father will be disappointed.

“Well if it makes much of a difference. I don’t think I did well either. The test wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. At least not with all the distractions” Noah smiled knowing she caught him looking at her ass cheeks sticking out through the chair and seemingly not being bothered by it.

“Distractions? What distractions?” Tess asked confused. That was until she seen Amina’s face turn a bright pink with embarrassment.

“Anyway. Have a cool weekend. See you Monday” Noah says as he takes out his phone and starts to walk ahead of them.

“What does he mean you slut? What distractions? Ohhhhhh Never mind.” Tess says as she slaps Amina’s ass making it jiggle. bursa escort “I’ll be just as distracted by that ass too if it’s all I see in class in front of me too”

They both laugh as they start to walk towards Amina’s dads car. “Want to come over? Tess asks.

“I don’t know I’m kind of tired and just want to lay in bed” Amina responds

“Oh you mean lay in bed and fantasize about Noah while you play with your kitty? Come on it’s Friday, we can hang out like old times. Besides, my parents are going on a weekend getaway right after work so we have the house to ourselves. You can even use my hair brush if you want” Tess says laughing

“You dirty skank. I’m not putting that in me knowing you’ve made it a second home inside you” Amina says as they both burst into a loud laughter.

“Hello Tess. Hi sweetie. What’s so funny I want to laugh too” Amina’s dad asks as he smiles making Tess blush. Tess has always had a thing for Amina’s dad. I mean she really can’t blame her friend. Her dad had Amina at a very young age so he was still young and in shape for someone who’s 37. And since he owns a local gym, he’s always been in shape as far back as she remembered.

“Hey Mr. Abdel Rahman” Tess says blushing uncontrollably

“We’re past the formal names Tess I told you that. You can just call me Ahmed.” Amina’s dad says smiling

“Wish I can call him daddy” Beth whispers to Amina just as Amina elbows Tess’s ribs making her jump

“What did she say? I didn’t hear it. I’m getting old you know” Ahmed says

“Nonsense Mr. Abdel.. I mean Ahmed. You’re as young and firm as a ox” Tess says causing Amina yet again to elbow her knowing her friend was yet again making passes at her dad. Ox was the best way they can talk about a guys cock without their parents knowing what they were talking about.

“Nothing baba. She wanted me to ask you if it’s ok if I go to her place after school. I can be home before 9” Amina says

“And if she doesn’t comeeeee you can always comeeee. You’re always welcommeee into my home.” She says making sure to put emphasis on the word come. “We only live next door anyway, yet you never come to knock on my back door when you’re in the yard. Always come to the front.” Tess said indirectly making sexual comments towards her friends dad

“I tell you Amina. You’re friend is such a welcoming girl. If you’re staying next door that’s fine. I’ll drop you off there. But make sure you get a head start on your assignments. Get them out of the way” Ahmed says

“Of course baba. I’ll do it as we eat lunch at Tess’s place.” Amina replies

“So are you going to tell me what distractions Noah was talking about or do I have to have Chase hump your leg as soon as we walk in the door” Tess says referring to her Golden Retriever dog.

“Keep your freakishly always horny dog away from me or I’ll kick him in his balls and neuter him myself” Amina said unable to prevent herself from laughing thinking of the last time Chase jumped on her back trying to hump her as they laid outside by the pool forcing her to fall into the pool trying to get away from him.

And without surprise, as if on cue the dog comes running to the door at the sound of them and in excitement from having someone finally home, jumps up and knocks Amina to the floor then goes to Tess and begins licking her face. Before Amina can get back up, Chase gets back on top of her, his now pink cock slithered out of its sheath and is on full display on top of Amina as she’s on her hands and knees. While Tess is uncontrollably laughing, Amina is in shock. Unlike last time, his cock wasn’t hard nor was it out. This time she feels his cock pushing into her thin dress and pushing onto her already soaked pussy. She can almost swear if it wasn’t for the dress, his cock will surely poke right through her thin anyway mesh see through thong and right into her cock hungry waiting pussy. Shock begins to hit her more as she realizes the humping motions is turning her on again from the pressure his dog cock is putting on her pussy with each thrust. A soft moan escapes her red lipstick covered lips. If it wasn’t for Tess’s loud laugh she surely would of heard her friend moan from her dogs cock hitting her pussy.

“Tess get him off, his penis is hard omg I’m so disgusted ew ew ewwww.” Amina protests knowing if Tess wasn’t there I probably wouldn’t want him to stop. Might even make it easier for him and lift my dress up a bit. A little cock rub won’t hurt anyone! Omg what am I thinking! I seriously need to get laid. Having sex before marriage is haram as it is, imagine the hell fire I’ll be put in if I lose my virginity to a dog which is already forbidden to even be in the same household of Muslims, let alone have his disgusting dog cock pre cum all over my dress.

They run up to Tess’s room and slam the door just before Chase has a chance to get in the room. “I’m hungry. Frozen pizza sound good to you?” Tess asks as she gets out of her clothes and into more comfortable clothes. Amina’s heart nearly stopped at the sight of Tess’s ass bent over in front of her with nothing but the string of the thong preventing her from seeing her pussy and asshole in an unobstructed view. She can faintly see her puckered asshole and one of her pussy lips slipping out.

“Uhhmmm yeah… yeah sure. Pizza sounds good. Can you bring me a water bottle on your way back up?” Amina nearly stumbling over her words over todays eventful events. She doesn’t even know what’s gotten into her. First she gets turned on from the thought of making a guys cock hard from looking at her ass. Then her pussy nearly made her scream from the sensation of a dogs cock pushed onto the entrance of her pussy, now seeing her friends almost naked pussy and asshole. She’s never been into girls. She’s seen her friend in much less and she’s never had these thoughts or sensations running through her body.

“You got it hoe. One pizza and a bottle of water for the prude coming up” Tess says as she leaves the room.

“I’m not a prude. You’re just a slut” Amina replies “can’t deny the facts. I’m a cock crazed horny slut and proud babbbbyyyy” Tess says shaking her ass in a failed attempt to twerk.

Little does she know I’m far from a prude. Hell I’ll probably let Noah fuck my throat and make me gag and choke on his cock till spit is dripping down my chin as she watches if I had the chance Amina thought. She takes the opportunity to lift up her dress as she lays on her stomach in bed to feel how wet her pussy is. The moment she touches her clit she lets out a faint moan and bursa escort slides her fingers further down to the cause of her panties being soaked. As her finger reaches the velvet entrance of her pussy, she pushes the tip of her middle finger in and starts playing with herself. Moaning lightly in case her friend hears her. All the edging the night before sends her into a orgasm almost instantly. Holding her mouth shut with her free in a attempt to muffle her moans as she tenses up and takes her hand out, fingers filled with juices from her orgasm and fixes her self. She can smell the room. The scent of her pussy filling the air so she brings her hand to her mouth and sees her pussy cream coated on her fingers. Takes her fingers in and cleans off her index and middle finger savoring the taste of her sweet nectar.

Amina falls asleep almost instantly but wakes up to the feeling of something under her skirt. “Omg is that Tess? Did she see me rub one out when she left? Ahhh this is so embarrassing. She probably thinks I want to get nasty with her now. Fuck! Why does this feel so good? Should I even wake up and stop this? What if it becomes weird. I guess I can always pretend I was still asleep. Fuck Tess what are you doing to me right now wait is that, is that your tongue? Ohhh fuck that’s good. Holy fuck that feels so fucking good. Ok I can’t pretend I’m still asleep. She for sure knows I’m bound to wake up” Amina thinks to herself as her brain tries to put together what’s happening. “Maybe if I pretend I’m dreaming of Noah I don’t have to wake up. She’ll just think I’m dreaming of him and having an orgasm and this won’t get awkward. Should I moan his name?”

“Mmm mmmhmmm fuck Noah please don’t stop babe. Keep going. Yupp that’s the spot don’t move keep your tongue right there. Eat my whore pussy with my hijab on. Make me your personal hijabi Muslim fuck slut. Fuck you’re going to make me cum. Noah you’re going to make me cum so hard. Mmmmmm ungghhhhhhhhhh” Amina forces her face into the duvet to quiet her screaming moan.

“Uhh… Amina… that uh. That wasn’t Noah” Tess says from the doorway. Wait, why does Tess sound so far away from the bed. If that’s not Tess that was eating me out who….” She quickly turns around and nearly stumbled off the bed from being unable to move. Chase was nose deep right on her pussy under her dress and they both fall over eachother. Tess still shocked in the doorway holding the pizza and 2 water bottles.

“I need to leave. I can’t believe that happened. This is so embarrassing. This is not what it looks like I promise. I was dreaming and I thought it was.. and I wanted to wake up..and…and I didn’t want the dream to end and then..” Amina mortified by what her friend just saw, face turning bright red causing her cheeks to camouflage with her red lips.

“Amina baby relax this isn’t your fault. I went down to make the pizza and didn’t close the door behind me because chase followed me. And I hadn’t noticed he wasn’t near me anymore. He must of snuck up her while I was downstairs. This isn’t your fault. We’re more than friends we’re sisters. I don’t see you any different than I did a hour ago. Look I made pizza. Let’s eat and pretend this didn’t happen.” Tess feeling horrible for something that is practically her fault said. You can hear the remorse in her voice as she tries to console her friend.

“Maybe it’s best I go for now. I need to collect myself. Please don’t tell anyone. I’ll be ruined!” Amina said with a serious concern in her voice and eyes.

“Bitch we’re best fri- I’m sorry I didn’t… I didn’t mean it in a literal.. omg I’m making this worse aren’t I?” Tess nervously trying to find the right words to say to no avail. “Look, you’re my best friend. I’ve known you since we were in middle school. We’ve been neighbors since middle school and we’ve been inseparable since middle school. This will go to my grave cross my heart and hope to die. Scouts honor I promise. Are you sure I can’t convince you to stay and eat this pizza with me? Look no pepperoni this time. It’s halal” she said giving off a slight chuckle with her ever enchanting smile.

Amina laughing at her remarks and smiling back at her and contagious smile, “maybe another time. Besides I think my moms making my favorite arab dish maklooba. Much rather that than your halal pizza. Rain check though?”

“Of course sissy. Maybe tomorrow we can go for real pizza at Dominick’s Pizzariea. Call me later ok?” Tess replies

“Yeah once I settle in, eat, then shower I’ll give you a call. Bye bitch!” Amina says as she walks out the door

“Oh so you can call me bitch but I can’t?” Tess chuckles back at Amina.

“BITCH don’t even go there” they both laugh as Amina walks just next door to her place. She can’t help but feel and understand what the walk of shame is, that movies talk about after a one night stand. Even if it’s only 15 feet of a walk, she still can’t help the heavy feeling she’s feeling. She just got her pussy eaten by a dog only a hour after the same dog poked her pussy with his hard dog cock. Bitch. That’s what I am. He made me his bitch! The flashbacks of it happening and the realization that she enjoyed both moments added to her thoughts of being made a dogs bitch made her pussy soak for the infinite time today it feels. “I need to get in that shower, make myself cum and go to bed. Get this day over with.”

“Hi baba. Hi mama” Amina called out as she entered the house. No one was home though. She sent her mom a text to see where they are and her parents had gone over to her aunts house. They didn’t invite her because they thought she’d be staying longer at Tess’s place. “This works out even better. Now I can shower and fuck myself with my brush. No wait… fuck myself with my deodorant spray bottle. Todays events call for a stretch my pussy out masturbation. Dove spray on deodorant you better do your trick.” She thinks to herself. Stripping down once she enters her room and goes directly into the shower. Before she can even get the desired temperature she wants, she’s already rubbing her clit. Getting her pussy juices flowing to accommodate the thickness of her BWD (Big White Dove)as she loved to call her deodorant spray on bottle. She must of orgasmed 3 times within 15 minutes. The stretching feeling of discomfort and slight pain in her pussy sending her into a frenzy with each orgasm trying to hold on to the walls in the shower. She dried herself up and as she was getting dressed Beth called to make sure she’s ok and to reassure her it’s a secret she’ll never tell anyone.

“So bursa eskort what are you doing?” Tess asked

“Just stepped out the shower. About to read for a bit before bed and go to sleep. You?” Amina asked

“Nothing just laying in bed with my satanic horn-dog. I’m sorry again about today. What time do you want to meet up tomorrow?”

“Ummm how about at noon. We can go for the pizza you owe me at Dominick’s Pizzariea”

“It’s a date. Look sexy for me hot momma!” Tess replied

“Always sugar baby” she laughingly replied

“Bye bitch goodnight!”

“Goodnight my Arabian seductress”

They both laughed and hung up. Or at least Tess thought Amina had hung up. Amina had her AirPods on and Tess had her phone held to her ear with her shoulder since her hands were tied. Both expecting the other person to hang up first.

“Chase stop it. You’re punished now for what you did to Amina. No treats for you. No. I said NO. SIT! Good boy. You cheated on me with my best friend. Bad bad baaddd boy. Nope. Move your nose away from mommy’s cunt. I don’t care about your whimpers. Ohh so you think your sad face is going to do it for me? Argghhh I can’t say no to those puppy eyes. Fine. But I’m not taking my panties off. That’s your punishment.”

“Am I hearing this right? No it can’t be. It’s been a long day I’m just hearing stuff. There’s no way she said what I think she said. Amina trying to put what she heard together. It can’t be. She wouldn’t let that happen. But maybe she can and doesn’t maybe that’s why she was so calm about it when she walked in while her dog was pushing his wet nose on my clit and trying to shove his dog tongue inside my waiting pussy. Omg why is this turning me on all over again?” Amina thought

“Oh fuck good boy. Yes boy. Eat mommy’s pussy through her panties. Soak my panties up with your dog saliva and my juices. Fuck buddy you’re going to make me cum already. Here let me move these… relax hold on I’m trying to help you. Let.. stop let me move mommy’s panties so you can taste it better… holy mother of god sweet baby Jesus that’s good. Yes fuck that’s it chasey poo. Eat that fucking pink pussy. Eat it. Lick mommy’s fuck hole just like that. Whose pussy taste better? Does mommy’s pussy taste better. Do you like mommy’s pussy more that Amina’s? Mm I bet you do. You only did that because I’ve left you without a taste of my sweet pussy for days right baby. Yes that’s my good boy. That’s my good sweet puppy. I bet mommy’s friends pussy taste good though doesn’t it. I bet it taste as sweet as baklava doesn’t it. You want mommy to bring.. oh fuck keep doing that chase keep fucking licking my pussy. Push your doggy tongue up my tight pink wet pussy. Yes. Oh fuck yes keep going oh my god I bet you want me to bring Amina back here so you can taste her again. Ahh fuck ungghhh mmmhmmm want to kiss mommy after you lick her pussy mmmmmm fuck I want to taste her pussy off your tongue so bad. Yes good boy no no don’t move chase no go back where you were ahhhh yes yes keep your nose on my clit. Let mommy push your head into my clit. Fuck I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum so freaking hard AHHHHHH AYYYHHHH UNGHHH IM CUMMING IN YOUR MOUTH. IM CUMMING ON YOUR PERFECT DOGGY TONGUE. ahh god oh my god good boy chase. Oh my god ahhh hmphhh hmphh that hmph was so freaking intense hmph.” Tess let her shoulders relax after holding onto her dogs collar so tight to keep him from moving, her shoulders felt like she always feels after working out at the gym. She hasn’t had an intense orgasm like that since the first time she started letting her dog lick her pussy. This was unexpectedly probably even better than the first time

Tess’s heart dropped as she looked down on her phone and noticed the phone call wasn’t ended without having the chance to catch her breath. “Oh my god did she hear me. Was she listening?” Tess’s mind racing sending her in a frantic run to her window to see if she can see Amina through her window and if she was asleep. Amina was right there on her bed. Through the thin curtain separating the world from seeing everything in Amina’s room, Tess can see her silhouette and notices her hands moving. She decides to put her ear to the phone and hears Amina moaning again for the second time today. But this time, she wasn’t moaning Noah. She was faintly calling out her dogs name. She can almost be certain she even heard her name.

“Hello?” Tess says causing Amina to fumble whatever was in her hand that she was using to fuck herself with to drop to the floor and trip over her vanity legs.

Holy fuck. She heard me play with myself. No wait. She heard me play with myself calling out her name and her dogs name while I was listening to her getting her pussy licked by her dog and her calling out my name!


“Yeah. I’m here.”

“Tess did you hear anything”

“Uh yeah I did. But I guess you heard everything too”

“Yeah I did” Amina replied almost choking on her words. “I thought you hung up and I was wearing my AirPods and they hang up on their own and this is just..”

“Amina, we’re both guilty of this right now no need to explain anything. I think we both know what we heard and what happened. How about we talk about this tomorrow at Dominick’s?” Tess said trying to relax her friend. This wasn’t anything new to Tess. She’s been doing this since she started getting her period well at least the dog part isn’t new to her. But her friend must be going through so much right now. So much feelings she’s already experienced and came to understanding of.

“I don’t think us talking about all this in public in a crowded Pizzariea is a good idea. How about we just have them deliver instead? Can we do that? Oh and when are your parents coming home? Kind of want a sleepover so we can uh.. so we can you know…talk about what happened today.” Amina asked nervously afraid that Tess might not want her in her room after todays events.

“Yeah you’ve got a point. We can order and just have it at my place. My parents don’t come back home till about 3pm Sunday. We can definitely have a late night together and talk about all this.” Tess replied

“Ok great. Thank you. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight BITCH” Amina said as they both burst into laughter. The assurance from Tess allowed Amina to relax her shoulders from being so tense.

“Goodnight hoe. Love you”

10 min hasn’t passed since they both hung up the phone and Amina receives a text from Tess.

::”Chase says goodnight and can’t wait till he sees you tomorrow. Bitch”::

Amina quickly remembering everything that unfolded just hours ago. Thoughts of Tess moaning and talking like a dirty cock hungry slut for her dog is making her want it again. She wants to be used like a bitch in heat. Like Chases new bitch in heat.

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