Cindy , Raj: Mother-in-Law Spanked

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For Women

This story picks up the characters and events of my Cindy & Raj series. It will make better sense if you read “Cindy & Raj: She Takes His Hand” first.


“Did you get my husband to the airport on time this morning?” asked Barbara, Raj’s mother-in-law, who had just entered the living room of the wing of the house where Raj lived with his new wife, Cindy, Barbara’s daughter.

Barbara and James, Cindy’s father, lived in the other wing.

It was late afternoon and Raj and Cindy were sipping Indian tea, the national drink of Raj’s homeland.

“Yes, I did,” Raj replied, “He has high hopes for the meetings in San Fransisco. By the way, he told me that he had left notes for you and me on the desk in his study.”

“Oh?” Barbara said in surprise, “well, let’s go see what these notes are all about.”

The three of them walked to the study in James’s and Barbara’s wing of the house and Raj picked up an envelope with his name on it from the desk, opened it, and began to read.

“Hmmm,” Raj said, after reading the first few paragraphs, “in his note, your husband says that you bought a pair of $200 shoes the other day after he had specifically told you not to spend over $150. He also says that when he asked you to explain yourself you sassed him and called him cheap. Is this true?”

Barbara, who had difficulty thinking of the brown-skinned Raj as an equal in the first place, turned dark with anger when she heard this. She couldn’t decide what was more infuriating. That her husband would reveal this trivial, but personal, detail about their lives to their new son-in-law or that this impertinent upstart would presume to ask her about it.

“I hardly think that’s any of your business,” she said through clenched teeth as she glowered at him.

“Well,” Raj replied, “he left you a note as well. Perhaps that will explain things.”

There was, indeed, a second envelope on the desk with Barbara’s name. She opened it and began to read. As she did her face turned from angry purple to pink and then red.

“Oh, dear,” Raj and Cindy heard her mutter.

Barbara’s eyes grew large as she read more.

“No, No! He can’t mean … but … but …,” she was no longer muttering and her eyes were beginning to water.

“Mother, is something the matter?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, shut up!” Barbara snapped, “I mean, I’m sorry dear. I didn’t mean to snap at you like that; but could you do me a favor and go … um … go … to the grocery store? There are things that Raj and I need to discuss in private.”

“The only thing you could possibly need to discuss with my husband without me hearing is a surprise party for me,” Cindy pointed out, “and my birthday isn’t for months, so what could you possibly-“

“Actually, Mrs. Johnson,” Raj interrupted, “your husband’s note to me specifically says that Cindy is to stay in the room and watch. He probably says the same in yours.”

“Watch what?” asked Cindy.

“I’ll think you’ll see in a moment,” said Raj, “but that’s going to be up to your mother.”

Furiously, Barbara continued reading her note and exclaiming. “Oh … oh … yes, he does say … oh, but this is quite impossible … He can’t expect me to … ”

She looked away from the letter and sniffled for a moment, then went back to it.

“If I refuse … oh, my! … ‘rather severe consequences’ … oh!”

She dropped the note on the desk looked away from both Raj and Cindy. Her face was flushed and she was beginning to breathe hard.

Mr. Johnson was the most understated of men, Raj knew. He was the kind of guy who called a gale at sea “a bit of weather” and a trek across the desert in wartime “a spot of adventure.” For him to use the phrase “rather severe consequences” … well, it probably conjured up for Barbara images of the rack and a cat o’ nine tails.

“Raj,” Barbara said, smiling now, “when my husband wrote those notes, I think he must not have been feeling well, or perhaps he was momentarily angry with me over something and scribbled those notes out in a fit of pique. You see, it is simply inconceivable that he would really intend for me to … that is, for you to … “

“I understand, Mrs. Johnson,” Raj replied reassuringly, “Tell you what, its only 3 pm in San Fransisco. Why don’t we call him at his hotel and-“

“No!” Barbara interrupted in a panic, “I mean, … uh … let’s not bother him on his business trip. I happen to know that he hates that. Let’s just wait until he gets home and then we’ll ask him about the notes.”

“As you wish, Mrs. Johnson,” said Raj, “but I heard you read the phrase ‘rather severe consequences’ from his note to you and I would hate for you to have to undergo something more severe upon his return if he finds that we have not fulfilled the instructions in his notes.”

Barbara considered again the phrase ‘rather severe consquences.’ After a moment, she sighed deeply.

“Alright, we’ll fulfill his damned instructions,” Barbara said with resignation, “except please, as a favor to me, send Cindy out of the room. We’ll tell him when he returns casino oyna that she stayed. He’ll never be the wiser.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Mrs. Johnson. It would involve all three of us in a deception of your husband. This I cannot agree to. My relations with him must always be honorable and honest.”

Defeated, Barbara hung her head and walked slowly to the desk where she kicked off her shoes. She held up first one foot, and then the other, to peel off her socks. Then she stood facing the desk, took a deep breath for courage, unzipped her skirt, dropped it to the floor, and stepped out of it.

“Mother!” Cindy exclaimed in amazement.

“Remain quiet,” Raj said sharply and Cindy clapped her hand over her mouth but her eyes remained huge as she stared disbelieving at her mother.

With a groan of embarrassment, Barbara bent over the desk. She was wearing unexpectedly sexy panties. They hinted at a secret side of her that her daughter knew nothing about. They were a deep bright red with lots of lacy frills and the leg holes were cut very high on the sides reaching nearly to the waistband.

“Let’s not waste any time, Mrs. Johnson,” Raj said politely but, now, for the first time in his relationship with her, his voice became commanding as if her obedience was his due.

“Remove the panties.”

Sniffling, Barbara turned her head to the other side so that she would not have to be facing Raj. She inserted her thumbs into her panties, then froze. It was too much. She could not bring herself to bare her bottom in front of her son-in-law. The fact that her daughter was watching made it doubly impossible. (Both Raj and Cindy had seen Barbara naked below the waist several months before when they watched through a window as Barbara was spanked by James. But Barbara did not know this.)

“Your mother is suffering a failure of courage, Cindy, come here and remove her underwear,” Raj commanded.

“I- I- can’t do that!” Cindy exclaimed, but Raj simply glared at her and, frightened, she walked to her mother, took hold of her panties and yanked them down to her ankles.

“Cindy!” her mother sobbed, “How could you? I’m your mother!”

“Please, Mother, step out of them. Step out of them, now! Raj is angry,” Cindy said with a bit of panic in her voice.

When Barbara didn’t respond, Cindy pushed the panties to the floor and simply slid them out from under her mother’s bare feet.

“Sit there,” Raj commanded Cindy, nodding his head toward a plush chair that faced the desk. She obeyed at once.

“Now, Mrs. Johnson,” Raj continued, “your husband’s note refers to ‘offering your bottom.’ He says that you will know what this means.”

Barbara let out a loud sob of utter mortification. Then, with her eyes screwed shut and her teeth clenched, she arched her back and rose up on her tip toes. The effect was to raise her bottom in the air as if she was asking for chastisement.

Cindy could not help gasping at this lewd tableau, but a glare from Raj silenced her.

Raj walked over to stand beside his mother-in-law and surveyed the scene. Barbara was forty-one, thirteen years older than Raj, the age at which female bottoms begin to sag. The profile of the butt changes from a half circle shape to half teardrop. But Barbara had the ass of a twenty-five year old. The stairmaster had been good to her. Her bottom was high and firm and the skin from waist to heel was smooth and creamy white. If Cindy were beside her now, also naked below the waist, it would be impossible to tell which was mother and which was daughter.

“Alright, Mrs. Johnson,” Raj commanded, “your husband’s note says that you will now tell me why you need punishment and that you will make a polite request of me. So tell me why you are here baring your bottom to your son-in-law and your daughter.”

“I- I- I disobeyed my husband when I overspent on shoes,” Barbara stammered, “and I was disrespectful to him when he reproached me about it.”

“And what would you like me to do about it?” he asked.

“P- please, suh- suh- sir, help me learn obedience and respect by giving my b-b-bare b-bottom a thorough sp-spanking,” Barbara choked out in abject humiliation.

“Very good,” said Raj. “Now, your husband’s note suggests several implements: my own hand, a wooden ruler here in the desk, a hairbrush in your bedroom, and so on; but since I know you look down on people of my color I am curious. Are you so racist that you would prefer the increased pain of a ruler or hairbrush to the ignominy of having my brown hand touch your bottom? So I will give you the choice: hand spanking or an instrument of your choosing?”

It wasn’t as hard a choice as Raj imagined, partly because Barbra was more snob than racist and partly because she was all too familiar with the burning sting and throb that an instrument spanking produced in her hindquarters.

“I’ll take a hand spanking,” Barbara whispered.

Raj wasted no time and immediately brought his hand down with medium strength on the middle of that prettily proffered left buttock.

“Ah!” canlı casino Barbara gasped and jerked. Linda stared, mouth agape. She could not believe she was watching her mother, a mother who had spanked her many times, receiving a bare bottomed spanking at the hands of her new husband.

Smack. Raj struck the other hill. There was another gasp, but less of a jerk this time, from Barbara. For the next two minutes Raj rained moderate to hard spanks all over Barbara’s ass at a rate of about one per second.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Before long, Barbara was making “ow!” and “ah!” sounds that grew louder and louder. As Raj continued, she began to twitch and jerk with each blow. Her head turned back and forth and she gripped the edge of the desk with white knuckles. She did not try to cover her bottom with her hand or reach back to rub it, no matter how strong the temptation. Her husband’s note had explicitly specified that the “usual punishment rules apply” and that meant that her spanking would start over from the beginning if she covered up.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Well into the second minute, she began to twist at the waist and shift her weight from one foot to the other. Her noises grew longer and more frantic: “Owww! Unnnh! Uhhh! Errggh!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Near the end of the second minute, she began to buck her hips against the desk while continuing her twisting as she tried to shake away the pain.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Linda watched in fascination as her mother’s buttocks clenched and unclenched spasmodically as if she thought she could squeeze the pain out them.

After a brief rest, during which Barbara’s gasping and panting was the only sound, Raj resumed. His pace was slower but he smacked at top strength, mostly uppercuts to the most sensitive curve of Barbara’s now very pink bottom.

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!

After a minute of these, Barbara’s cries no longer correlated with the spanks. She simply howled at the continuous burning in her butt.


“Oh, oh, oh, that hurts, Raj, I mean, Sir!”


“Unnnh! Not so hard! Please!”

Raj decided to finish with another 30 seconds of the hard ones.

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!

Now Barbara was blubbering continuously and incoherently. Her buns and legs were performing a salacious mixture of the Jitterbug, the Lindy Hop, and the Twist. She kicked out her legs to one side or the other, effectively spreading her buns and displaying her anal pucker and her pubis. She shifted her hips rapidly from side to side along the edge of the desk and, then, after a few seconds of shifting, she’d switch to bucking the desk maniacally, jamming her hip against it as though hoping that if she could only move her hips a little bit more forward, she could outrace the pain and leave it behind.

She was oblivious to the dirty dancing she was doing or the soft core show she was putting on for her daughter and son-in-law. All modesty was abandoned in the world she now inhabited, a world that contained only pain.

Cindy’s eyes were huge as she watched.

When Raj finally stopped, Barbara continued to twitch, twist, buck, and clench for another half a minute.

“Your husband’s note,” Raj spoke calmly, “says that you are to thank me now; however, I can see that you are unable to speak, so I will allow you to sooth your bottom for the moment.”

Tears streaming down her face, Barbara stood up and reached back with both hands and began furiously rubbing her bottom while she continued to blubber and choke. It was humiliating beyond words to be doing this in front of the daughter whom she had so often spanked and the daughter’s husband; but the pain was so great, she could not help herself.

After a minute, she calmed enough, and regained enough modesty, to move her hands in front to hide her triangle.

“Ow, ooh, th- thank you, sir, for that –sniffle- spanking. I’m sure –sniffle- it will help me remember –sniffle- to obey and respect my husband.”

“I hope so, Mrs. Johnson,” Raj replied. “You will remain bare below the waist as you prepare and serve Cindy and me our dinner. After dinner, Cindy and I will be watching a DVD. You will kneel in the corner half naked, as you are now, with your back turned to us.

“Yes, sir,” Barbara replied humbly and she turned toward the kitchen.

“Stop!” Raj demanded. “You have atoned for your disobedience to your husband, but not for your bigotry to me.”

“Oh!” Barbara squealed in real fear as she instinctively backed a step away from Raj and put both hands protectively on her bottom.

“After dinner I am going to loan you a book about my country and its culture. You will begin to read it tonight when you are on your knees in the corner. One week from tonight, you will present yourself to me over this desk just as you did tonight and I will quiz you about the first chapter. If I feel that you have not studied it hard enough, then you will be spanked.”

“I will, I will,” Barbara kaçak casino assured him. “I will study it very hard.”

“Wait, there is more,” he waved impatiently. “Every week you will study a chapter and be quizzed on it until the book is complete. In the future there will be other books. About bigotry. About respect for other cultures, races, and religions.”

“I understand,” said Barbara, “I will learn it. You’ll see.” She then walked to the door, heading for the kitchen. She could feel her daughter’s eyes on her bright pink bottom and she quickened her step.

When Barbara was gone, Cindy’s eyes turned to her husband and she stared at him in new admiration. Her eyes had a feverish light in them.

Three days later, James returned from his trip and he debriefed Raj about his wife’s punishment session. Satisfied that his instructions had been followed, James explained to his son-in-law why he wanted Raj to punish Barbara instead of doing it himself.

“I’ve been spanking her since before Cindy was born, over 22 years now. In addition to the pain, there used to be a powerful embarrassment factor for Barbara that made the spankings more effective. But after all these years of twisting and squirming lasciviously during spankings, she’s gotten used to it to some extent. I have various tricks to increase the humiliation factor, such as making her ask for her punishment and making her thank me afterwards, but to some extent she’s gotten used to all that, too. A new set of eyes on her bare bottom and a new hand on her bum is what is needed.”

“I understand,” replied Raj, “and I’m happy to oblige, and perhaps you would return the favor sometime if I think a punishment of Cindy would be more effective coming from you than from me?”

“Gladly,” said James, “only she’ll have to have her panties pulled up into a wedgie or wear those thong things: I don’t want to see my daughter’s privates.”

“Of course,” Raj agreed, “I quite understand.”

Four days later, it was time for Barbara’s first quiz about India and its culture. The four of them had dinner together in the older couple’s wing of the house. She had been nervous all through dinner and she blushed frequently at the thought of what was to come.

After the dishes were cleaned, Raj spoke to his mother-in-law, using his commanding voice and manner.

“It is time for your quiz, Mrs. Johnson. Come into the study now and bring the book I loaned you.”

The two of them walked to James’s study and stood before his desk.

“Now, present yourself to me as you did last week,” Raj instructed.

“Oh, dear,” Barbara whimpered, “surely there’s no need for me to … I’m mean it’s just a quiz and if I do well you won’t be spanking me anyway, so-“

“Quiet,” Raj interrupted her firmly but calmly. “This is part of your punishment for your bigotry, so you will do as you are told.”

With a quiet sniffle, Barbara kicked off her sandals and, blushing furiously, began to unbutton her slacks. At that moment she noticed that her husband and daughter had followed them into the room.

“Wh-What are they doing here?” she asked in a quavering voice, “surely you are not going to let them stand there and watch while I’m bent over naked below-“

“No,” it was her husband interrupting her this time. “I’m not going to stand here and watch. I’m going to sit on this chair and watch.”

With that he plopped himself down on a plush chair that faced the desk. Cindy sat down on the arm of the chair, smiling. The chance to see her husband spank her strict, demanding mother a second time had excited her.

“Oh” Barbara groaned, but after another moment of hesitation, she opened her slacks, let them drop to the floor, and pushed them aside with her foot. Knowing in advance that she would probably be “presenting” herself to Raj this evening, she had worn conservative white cotton panties. She put her hands on them, and then hesitated again.

“Don’t be uncooperative, Barbara,” her husband instructed from the chair. “or you’ll be punished no matter how well you do on the quiz.”

Barbara didn’t need a second warning. As her eyes watered a bit, she quickly pulled the panties down, squatting to get them to her ankles. She stepped out of them, turned to the desk and bent over it, taking hold of the far edge with both hands.

“Complete the presentation, now, Mrs. Johnson,” Raj instructed patiently.

With a small sob, Barbara raised herself on tip toes and arched her back. This caused her bottom to stick up as if she were inviting her son-in-law to spank her.

“This time,” Raj continued, “I want you to turn your toes a little pigeon-toed as well.”

Barbara did as she was told and then began to weep softly at the utter humiliation of her situation. Her pose seemed to actually beg her strong, brown-skinned, son-in-law to spank her. She realized, too, that in another context this pose would seem to beg to be fucked from behind or taken anally. In any context, it was a posture of utter and complete submission. That her own husband and daughter were watching made it infinitely worse. Barbara squeezed her eyes shut and prayed that the earth would open up and swallow her.
“Now, Mrs. Johnson,” said Raj, “explain to us why you are here displaying yourself so shamelessly.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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