Clara’s Different

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I’ve been married to my wife, Becca, for twenty-four years; for the most part, pretty happily. Together we have two children, eight-year-old Martin and eighteen-year-old Clara. We’re your typical suburban middleclass family, meaning we’ve all got our own lives we focus on; however, I pride myself on being a part of every member of my family’s life.

Martin is obsessed with baseball. From the professionals to his own team, which he is the pitcher for, everything in his world revolves around the sport. Becca is an account manager at a P.R. firm; she makes decent money, loves being in charge, and rarely complains. As for myself, I’m a psychologist, with my own in home private practice. That leaves Clara. She’s different. She doesn’t let me in. We’ll talk and it’s very artificial; I know no more about her than I do my neighbors, but it wasn’t always like that. I hate that it’s like that now.

Today started off like any other day. We had breakfast as a family, went off and did our own things. I made dinner. Martin and Becca came home after school. Martin and I laughed and talked about sports and the upcoming game we’re going to see next week. Clara moved her carrots around her plate and politely nodded or said a brief word when absolutely necessary. A few hours after dinner, when the kids were doing their own thing, and I was in my office working on a paper, I see Becca’s car beam lights pull up to the gate. I’m sure she’ll eat, then take a shower, put the kids to bed, then go to sleep herself. Life as usually.

Only today, there was a knock on my office door.

I check my watch, half past one in the morning. Everyone should be asleep. “Come in.” Slowly the door opens and Clara sticks her head in, “Hey Dad, can I talk to you?”

As if she’d need to ask, I practically jump up from behind my desk, “Of course Sweetie.” I gesture towards the couch I have for my patience, Kağıthane Escort she takes a seat and stares at the floor. I lean against my desk and wait.

After twenty minutes of silence, she finally looks at me. “Daddy, do you think I’m attractive?”

This was no where close to where I thought she was going. Clara has never presented any signs of low self-esteem or body issues. Completely taken aback I answer without thinking, “Of course.”

She shakes her head as she turns to look at me, “No, not like I’m your daughter and you love me pretty. Like, am I attractive as a woman to a man. Before you answer, think about it, I’m asking you, because you’re not like other father’s. You can be objective, plus you’re honest, this will be confidential, you’ll be pensive and I trust you. I want your opinion as to whether you find me attractive as a woman.”

Before I say a word, she stands and unties the white robe she walked in wearing. It falls to the ground at her feet, and there’s my daughter, naked staring at me. All I can think, is that she want’s my honest opinion. The why is moot right now.

Staring at her I take in her features, features I know by heart. Even with her olive skin, it’s obvious there’s always a bit of natural pink in her cheeks, that compliments her dark brown eyes and oval face. She’s of average height, with an hourglass figure, I know for a fact, women would kill for. Her breast are incredible, small waist, tight ass. An ass I wouldn’t mind seeing right now. “Turn around for me.” She does so without hesitation, and that ass comes into view. It’s a perfect heart shape. Her long dark hair, almost kisses it. I move my hands to cover my hardening cock.

“Turn around again.” She does so and her face is full of apprehension. “After I answer, will you tell me why?” She nods. “You’re absolutely stunning.”

“Dad…” Kağıthane Escort Bayan

I hold up a hand to show her I wasn’t finished. “You asked, if as a man, I found you attractive. The answer is yes, incredibly so. You’re an extremely desirable woman Clara.”

She smiles and walks over to me. “Thank you, Daddy.” She wraps her arms around my neck and moves in so we’re abdomen to abdomen. I slightly hesitate as I wrap my arms around her waist. I try to position my crotch at an angle so she doesn’t feel how much I find her attractive.

The hug lasts longer than normal, and it’s me that pulls away, “Now why do you ask that sweetie?”

She stands on her tip toes and leans in to me, I lean towards her, head tilted, ready to hear her reason whispered in my ear, at the last second, she turns my head and captures my lips onto hers. Shocked I don’t move. Clara isn’t deterred in the slightest. Her lips continue to move over mine, and then I feel her tongue slide over mine. It’s as if I wake up. Quickly I pull away from her, “What was that?” With a wicked smile she licks her lips, turns, walks back to her robe, seductively bends down, then collects her robe and walks naked out of my office.

I don’t move from desk for several minutes. There are too many unanswered questions running rampant in my mind, along with my throbbing cock in my pants, the combination is making me upset. I go to bed, determined to sleep off the event, but it’s pointless, I’m too on edge to sleep. At four thirty in the morning, I march into Clara’s room, straight to her sleeping on the bed, and throw off her blankets. She sleep’s naked. I didn’t know.

She quickly stirs awake. Too quickly, I didn’t even have time to take my eyes off her body. “Hi Daddy.”

The anger leaves me as I stare at her gorgeous face, “Sorry to wake you Sweetie.”

She Escort Kağıthane turns on her side and scoots to the opposite edge of her bed, “It’s okay Daddy, just lay with me until I fall back asleep.” My brain screams it’s a bad idea; but that only pushes me to do it, I shouldn’t have any qualms about lying next to my sexy as fuck daughter. I’m her father. She trusts me.

Looking back to notice whether I shut the door or not, I see it’s ajar, and with a sigh of relief, I slide into bed next to her. Like a log, I lay there stiff and unmoving.

She turns over to see me then giggles and whispers, “You look so comfortable Daddy.” I smile and try to relax, it doesn’t help when she takes hold of my hand and places it firmly on her ass. “It’s a small bed, I don’t want you to fall off.” Feeling her warm flesh in my hand, I can’t help but squeeze her closer.

Her leg goes over mine. She scoot’s up towards the headboard, her breast now in my face, her hard nipples a sliver away from my lips. “Daddy you’re balding.” I open my mouth to protest, but no words come out, her nipple goes in. Fuck. I wrap my lip around that nipple and suck for dear life. No longer is her leg alone wrapped around me, she maneuvers herself onto my lap. Grinding down as I lick her breast. She starts to moan as she bounces up and down. It isn’t until I feel her hand wrap around my rock-hard cock that I realize how much I need this. Want this.

Then I hear a sound at the door and see the shadow of Martin passing by outside. He must have gotten up for a glass of water or something. I barely breathe as I wrap my hand around Clara’s forcing her to stop stroking my cock. I wait for that shadow to pass by, back to his room again. He does so without even glancing this way.

Quickly I lift Clara off me and carefully place her back on the bed next to me. Breathing heavily, she asks, “What are you doing? He didn’t see anything.” I get up and briskly walk out of her room and straight into mine. Laying in bed I close my eyes and try to get the picture of my naked daughter out of my head. It doesn’t work, and I cum quickly imagining what would have happened if I had stayed in that room any longer.

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