Cleaning Out Kelly

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Kelly pulled into the driveway of her mom’s house after a 4-hour drive from college. She got out of the car and opened the trunk. She removed her two suitcases and a bag of dirty laundry. She walked toward the front door, turned the knob and entered the house.

“Mom?” I’m home, she said in an exciting voice.

Her mom was upstairs and replied “Hi baby.” as she headed towards the stairs. She reached the first floor and hugged her daughter.

“How’s my little girl?”

“Fine mom.” She replied.

“It’s so good to see you after you started college.” Added mom.

“Me too.” Replied Kelly.

“Let’s get these bags upstairs and get you settled in.” Replied mom as she took one bag and headed towards Kelly’s old room. Kelly followed her up and when she arrived at her old room, she tossed a suitcase on the bed and sat down on the bed. She looked at her mom with a face that one displays when going to ask a personal question. Her mom saw the look and asked Kelly “What’s on your mind? Everything at school going ok.”

Kelly nodded, everything is ok except for one thing mom.”

“What is it?” I think I’ve been eating too much junk food at school and I’m not sure how to tell you this.” Kelly’s mom cut her off and asked her “Let me guess, you haven’t been able to go poopy.”

“Yeah, basically that’s it.” Kelly answered. Joan walked in front of her daughter took her hands and said “Would you like mommy to help you?” Kelly nodded yes. “Ok then baby, let’s go to the master bathroom and let mommy make you feel better.”

“Ok mom.” Kelly replied with a smile.

Kelly and Joan proceeded to the master bathroom.

“Kelly, you going to have to remove your clothing.”

“Ok.” Replied Kelly. Kelly removed her sneakers and socks; she then pulled off her tank top showing a white cotton bra. Her hands when to her sides and she unbuttoned her jean shorts and pulling them down. She stood in front of her mom wearing her white cotton bra and panties. Joan noticed how well her daughter had matured and noticed a dark patch in her panties. Kelly put her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra, then letting it fall to the floor. Her firm 34B cups breasts stood out and her nipples stood out like little erasure tips. Kelly took in a deep breath and then pulled down her panties. After stepping out of them, she looked at mom and said, “I guess I’m ready.”

Joan looked at her daughter “You have grown up to be a beautiful girl.”

“Thanks mom.”

“This could get a little messy Kelly, so I’m going to have to take my clothes off.”

“Ok mom.” Joan removed her blouse and then her bra. At forty-five, her 34C breasts had little sag. She pulled down her shorts and then her panties. Like Kelly, mom had a thick bush covering her privates.

“Kelly, here’s what we need to do. I want you to place a towel in the roman shower and get on your hands and knees. I’m going to fill up my douche bag with some nice warm water and a little oil to see if we can’t get you cleaned out. If at any time, you feel uncomfortable, you’ll let me know?

“I will mom.” She replied as she grabbed a towel and put in on the flood of the shower.

Joan opened up the linen closet and removed the douche bag and a large nozzle. She went to the sink to start running the water to get the right temperature. While the water was canlı bahis running, she opened a drawer in the sink cabinet and removed a small bottle of oil and a tube of KY jelly. She tested the water and knowing it was right she filled the red bag with two quarts of water. She then added some oil into the bag, placed the cap on it and shook it around. Joan put the bag in her right hand and held the hose and nozzle in her other hand.

“Kelly, I want to on your hands and knees, and rest your head on the towel turning it sideways.” Kelly got down on the town and her small ass was pointing up. Joan attached the bag to a hook on the wall and got behind her daughter. She opened the KY jelly and squeezed a small amount on Kelly’s small hole. She gently rubbed it back and forth and in circles. With a slow movement, she pushed her middle finger into Kelly’s tight ass. Kelly let out a whimper. “You ok baby.”

“Yeah mom.”

“Ok then. I’m going to use my finger a bit to make way for the nozzle.” Joan moved her finger back and forth in slow strokes. As she was doing this, she noticed a small glitter on Kelly’s pussy. She removed her finger and told Kelly to relax. Kelly took in a deep breath as Joan pushed the tip of the nozzle slowing into Kelly’s ass.

“Doing ok baby?”

“Yes mom.”

“I’m going to release the clamp to let the oil and water in and if you feel any cramping, you’ll let me know?”

“Will do mom.” Joan reached up and released the clamp. Knowing how packed Kelly’s ass is, she knew the water would take some time to go in. Kelly felt the warm water into her ass and bowels. It was not a bad as she though. Kelly kept her eyes closed to take the edge off. Joan was kneeling behind Kelly and then reached around her and began to rub her tummy.

“This will help prevent any cramping.” Joan told her. Joan rubbed the soft belly of her daughter and had her pelvic region pushed up against Kelly’s ass. She looked at the bag and noticed it was half empty.

“Doing ok? Baby.” By this time Kelly was feeling the water within and felt her mom’s pubic hair against her ass. With Joan still rubbing her tummy, Kelly took her right hand and moved under her towards her belly.

She found her mom’s hands and slowing pushed them down lower to her pelvic region. Joan was a little surprised by the action, yet offered no resistance. With her left hand rubbing her belly, she moved her right hand between her daughter’s legs. She felt her soft pubic hair and she slid her middle finger down the middle and slid it over her slit. She felt how wet she was. “Are you ok baby?”

“Yes mom, very much so. Your tender hands feel nice and so does the water.” Joan notice herself getting damp during the process. She looked at the wall and noticed the bag was empty.

“Mommy is going to remove the nozzle now and I want to hold the water in as long as you can.” Joan removed the nozzle with her right hand and then stood up. She looked at her sweet young daughter with her small ass sticking up and her belly swollen with water.

Joan moved herself towards the front of Kelly and then squatted in front of Kelly head. While her mom was moving around, Kelly had begun to finger herself. She then noticed the sweet smell of her mom’s privates.


“Yes baby.”

“I need to do something to keep my mind off my swollen bahis siteleri belly.”

“What can mommy do for you?” Kelly looked up at her mom and said.

“I want to lick you between your legs, to thank you for doing this for me.”

This took Joan aback. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea being your mom and all.”

“When was the last time someone licked you between your legs and made you feel good.” Asked Kelly.

“It’s been a very long time baby.”

“Then just sit down and spread yourself for your daughter so she can make you feel better. And by the way, I only like girls mom.” She said with a grin. Joan looked at her daughter’s petite frame and then gave in. She sat down and spread her legs. Kelly moved her head forward and then sniffed her mom’s private area. She loved her sweet aroma and slowing teased her mom with her tongue.

Joan looked down and saw her daughter’s face pushed right up against her privates. She shuttered when Kelly’s tongue went right between her folds. She felt her hot breath and warm tongue in a place that had seemed forgotten. Kelly savored every lick and nibble. She continued to rub her privates making them very wet. Joan felt her nipples harden as Kelly slowly and softly caressed her privates. Kelly had an idea of what she was causing and looking up at her mom told her.

” It’s ok to rub your breasts mom.” Joan didn’t resist and she reached up and began to run and massage her breasts and nipples. Kelly began to pick up the pace with her tongue and mouth. She nibbled on her mom’s swollen clit, which was now sticking up a quarter of an inch.” Joan began to rub her privates up and down.

“Does mommy feel good now.” Kelly asked in a coy voice. “Yes baby, your making mommy feel really good.” Kelly sucked and licked mom harder. Joan was breathing heavy and moving about. Kelly moved her head upwards and dragged her tongue up her mothers belly and then to her breasts. She was kneeling up and then began to suck her breasts. Joan grabbed her head and held her close. Kelly sucked and nibbled on her nipples. With her right hand she went down to her mom’s private area and slid two fingers in. She began to slide them in and out while sucking hard on nipples. Joan was moaning heavily.

She was on the verge on cumming for the first time in years. Kelly stopped and got up on her knees. She knelt close to mom and offered to her, her young firm breasts. Joan dropped her hands between her legs and rubbed her privates as she sucked on her daughters firm breasts. Kelly began to finger herself again. She was wet and Joan could feel little drops hitting her. Kelly was ready to let the water out. She grabbed her mom’s hands and whispered to her.

“Rub my privates and make me go.” Joan was beyond and sense of reason and complied. She sucked Kelly’s breasts harder and rubbing and fingered her privates. “Oh mom, you make me feel so good.” As she let go a gush of sticky fluids from her privates. Joan took her right hand and then put in it into her mouth. She tasted the warm sticky liquid from her daughter. “You like that mommy?”

“Yes baby, I do replied Joan.” Joan put her hand back between Kelly’s legs.

“Does mommy want to see her go like a good little girl?”

“Yes baby. Show mommy how little girls go.”

“Are you sure mommy?”

“Yes baby, mommy is sure. Show mommy bahis şirketleri how little girls go potty.”

Kelly looked at her and then kissed her.

“Mommy needs to lay down so her daughter can show her how she goes potty.” Kelly got up on her feet and watched her mom lay down. Joan looked up at her daughters swollen belly and noticed her large lips protruding from her pubic region. Kelly then squatted over her moms mid section. She pulled her lips apart.

“Want to see your baby go pee pee.”

Joan looked at her and replied. “Yes. Show mommy how you go tinkle.” A few seconds later, Joan saw a yellow stream coming from Kelly’s privates. Kelly’s urine ran all over Joan and Joan began to rub it over her breasts.

“I see mommy likes to watch her daughter go pee pee.”

“Oh yes baby. It makes mommy feel dirty to watch you.” Kelly smiled and then moved herself over her mom’s face.

“Now you can have a really good look.” Kelly sprayed her mom’s face with her warm urine. Joan instantly opened her mouth for her daughter.

“Mommy want to be a urinal for her daughter?”

“Yes baby. Mommy needs to be your urinal.”

Kelly lowered herself till mom had her mouth on her privates. Joan gulped down as much urine as possible. Kelly said to her.

“Your such a good mommy. Offering to be a urinal for her lesbian daughter.” When Kelly was done, she looked at her mom and told her.

“Use your tongue as toilet paper and clean up my privates. Joan did so without hesitation.

Kelly stood up and looked her urine-covered mom. Looking down at Joan she smiled and said. “Ready to see your daughter go poopy.”

“Yes baby. Show mommy how good little girls go poopy.” Kelly turned around and squatted over her mother’s privates. Joan was able to get a good view on her tiny ass.

“Does mommy want to play with herself while I go poopy.”

“Yes baby, mommy would like to rub herself like a dirty girl does.” Joan moved her hands between her legs and rubbed her privates hard.

“Ready Mommy.” Asked Kelly.

“Yes baby, show mommy how you go poopy.” Kelly released her hold and stream of dirty water shot out from her ass. Joan watched as the water shot from her ass and covered her privates. Joan was delirious from all of this. With the water gone, Kelly moved back closer to her mom.

“Watch me go poopy mom.”

Kelly was on all fours and lowered her head so see could see between her legs. She pushed down and began to empty her bowels on her mom’s breasts. To make it more exciting she would grunt each time she pushed more excrement out. Joan had come so many time while this all happened.

“Did mommy like watching?” Asked Kelly.

“Oh yes baby, mommy liked it very much. I came like a dirty girl.” Joan stopped rubbing her privates and then moved her hands to her breasts. Without thinking, she began to rub Kelly’s excrement over her breasts. Kelly looked at her.

“Does mommy like the feel of her little girl poop?

“Yes baby. It feels to smooth and warm.’

“Good.” Said Kelly. “Now bring your tongue here and clean up my tooshie.”

Kelly spread her butt and Joan got up on her hands and knees. She moved towards Kelly bottom and then began to clean her up. When Joan was done, Kelly looked at her. “Thanks Mommy. Perhaps we could do this again, or better yet, I could have some of my lezbo friends come over some night.”

“Your welcome baby. Perhaps mommy could be your dirty girl to you and your lesbian friends.” Joan replied. Kelly squealed with delight. “You’re the best mom!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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