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As I ascend the steps to your apartment, I glance at your window noticing the lights are already off. I don’t want to wake you but you told me to come over, so I continue.

As I reach to ring the bell, I see that the outside door is slightly ajar. I step inside, latching the lock silently behind me and slowly slip into your apartment.

I turn the corner and gaze upon your sleeping form in the comfortable bed. Your arms stretched above your head, eyelashes fluttering in your dreamy slumber, chest exposed and a thin sliver of your hip peeking from beneath the sheets inform me of your nakedness. I already feel the heat rising within me, the wanting and yearning, but I brush it aside, once again taking into consideration that you are already sleeping.

I realize then, listening to your even, slow, repetitive breathing, that I am exhausted,as well, from my long day. Speeding around a restaurant, swishing my hips from side to side for the sheer purpose of milking a tip larger than two dollars off of an old perverted man has worn me down.

As quietly as possible, I undress before you, half wishing you will awake and pull me into the bed with istanbul escort you. Still turned on from the sight of your naked body, I begin to play with myself. Gently caressing my full breasts and slowly lowering my hand to flick my fingers of my clit. My breathing quickly becomes ragged and I moan as I feel my stomach muscles begin to tighten and my toes begin to tingle. However, my presence still does not disturb you.

I finish undressing quickly and once again decide to brush my feelings of horniness aside. Though I am wet and ready to be ravaged by your large hands and beautiful body, I know all I really need to feel at this very moment is the warmth of your body next to mine.

Once my body is exposed to the night air, I move toward the bed and climb in next to you, watching your face the entire time. I notice a small smile tugging at the corners of your mouth and am almost convinced I have woken you. But, as I settle in next to you, fitting perfectly between your thighs and your chin, directly against your warm, naked flesh, I realize you are still sound asleep.

When you feel the warmth of my body next to you, your arm escort bayan slowly creeps across my hips and instinctively comes to rest at the exact point where my breasts end and my belly begins. Now mumbling in your dreamworld, you move your head close to mine and begin to nuzzle my neck. In the warmth of your arms, I quickly drift off to sleep.

I awaken several hours later to you gently pulling me onto my back, and as you pull your head up from kissing my forehead, I find your beautiful, sleepy-eyed, smiling face above mine. I return your warm smile and kiss you passionately on the lips. Our tongues meet in unison and begin twirling around one another, involved in a unique dance that only we can perform.

Quickly, you pull the covers over your head and begin to attack me, tickling me and arousing me all at once. You begin to run your beautiful hands up and down the length of my body, caressing every curve, clawing my thighs and massaging my breasts, biting and licking and sucking your way from my nipples to my neck and down again, biting my ribs and so on until I cry out in ecstasy. I cannot do anything but tangle my hands in your long escort istanbul wavy hair, grip your back as you quickly enter me in one hard thrust.

Savoring this moment, you exhale slowly and pause just long enough for a passionate, lustful kiss, before you hungrily devour me. You bite my neck, ears, my lower lip, as you thrust rapidly in and out of me, breathing in every scent and aroma the mixture of our bodies produce.

I encourage you and tell you how wonderful you feel inside me, filling me up to completion. I tell you I love you and you return the vow. I feed hungrily off the sounds that escape your mouth, the words of encouragement and the moans of pure ecstasy driving me closer and closer, harder, faster. I wrap my legs around you and match your rhythm as our sighs and moans escape simultaneously.

Closer and closer, until at last with one final thrust, my hands gripping your arms tightly, your face pressed against my shoulder, both slick with each others sweat, we climax.

Earth-shattering, breath-taking orgasm.

Finally, after a few moments, you move down my body, sensuously licking sweat from my stomach and chest while blowing gently across my damp skin, cooling my naked flesh, and causing goose bumps to cover my body.

You crawl up next to me, put your arms around me and kiss me. We lay in your cozy bed, whispering to one another until we fall asleep once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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