Club Church Ch. 01

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As a sales engineer I travel around the world meeting with various companies that need my products. My favorite destination is always Amsterdam. Whatever you want or want to do you can do it in Amsterdam.

I am a 40 year old single bi male and like all guys I have needs – more than just my hand. I arrived in Amsterdam and checked into my hotel around 7:00 on a Wednesday evening. I dumped my bag in my rooms, hoped in the shower and redressed to go out for a meal and some fun. I went to the lobby and looked a several brochures as well as the tourist books with the normal things in the front and the sex ads in the back. I knew I could go to the famous Red Light District and visit a lady in the window but was not in the mood for that.

As I was looking at sex ads, the concierge came up behind me and asked if he could be of assistance. He noticed I had the booklet open to the sex ads and asked what I was interested in. I explained that I was horny and wanted to have a good time. He then said “Sir, if I may be a bit bold, do you prefer women or men or both?” I felt a tingle in my groin but stuttered my answer of “Both.” He told me to follow him to his stand.

I am standing there trying to collect myself, he hands me a piece of paper and says this is always a fun place on Wednesday nights. I opened up the paper and it said Club Church. He wrote a note on the paper and said to give it to Henk at the entrance and I would not have to pay. I asked no questions and decided what did I have to loose. I get for free and might get lucky and find someone to relieve the ache in my balls.

Off istanbul escort I went and had a nice Italian dinner. It was close to 9:00PM now and I decided to wander the 4 or 5 blocks over to Club Church. When I was approaching the address I noticed a Gay bookstore on one side of the street and then when I arrived at Club Church, I realized it was a gay club, though still had no clue what I was in for next. I walked through the first set of doors to the window. I asked the completely nude well-built man behind the window for Henk and he said that was him. I handed him the note and he read and smiled and buzzed me into the club.

Once undressed, he was getting hard himself and reached over to tweak my nipples and fondle my balls. As he did, my 8″ of manhood started getting hard. He stroked it a little, bent over and kissed it and said I was in for a good time. He handed me my two tokens for drinks and told me to go through a different into the club. As I went through the door I realized it was a dark narrow hallway. I as stepped into the darkness, I could sense I was not alone.

I was immediately touched all over by multiple sets of hands from guys I couldn’t see. I soon felt a hot wet mouth on my cock and as I was being sucked a cold finger was pushing against my asshole. I soon realized it was cold because there was lube on the finger. He started finger fucking me as I was sucked. OMG did that feel good. Soon it all stopped and a door open and I walked into the main part of the club.

As I came into the light with my hard cock lots of guys turned avrupa yakası escort to look my way. What a mixed of bodies – all sizes and colors and cocks. I walked up to the bar to get my first drink and saw a guy on a bar stool in a leather harness as another guy was standing but leaning up against him. As I waited for the bar tender I saw the guy in front moving slowly and moaning how good it felt. I immediately realize he was being fucked right there at the bar. The tingle returned to my balls.

I walked around and saw some step leading to more of the unknown world of Club Church. Down in the basement there was a bathroom where you could buy a douche hose to clean yourself out. The attendant convinced me and even helped me do it. I moved into a stall over a drain as the attendant lubed my hole some more and inserted the nozzle. This caused my cock to go back to full hardness and the attendant made sure by stroking me as I was getting cleaned out. Now I was ready for lots of fun.

I wandered in and out of some dark rooms, not finding anything of interest. So I went back up to the main floor and noticed there was a set of steps to a large balcony area. I started up the steps and immediately this was where the action was. At the top of the stairs was an older guy with a big hard-on.

As I tried to pass him he said something in Dutch. I said English please and he said I had to pay the toll which was to suck on his cock. I bent over and took his cock in my mouth and he grabbed my head and pushed it up and down on his cock.

As bahçelievler escort I was getting face fucked I felt someone behind me who reached between my legs and started playing with my balls and cock. Suddenly I felt something drip on my ass and a finger plunged into my ass unexpectedly. It was a shock but felt good. After a minute or so he added a second hand and was still playing with me. Then as fast as it started the finger fucking stopped. Or so I thought. I head the unmistakable noise of a condom pack opening and soon I felt the pressure of his cock pushing at my hot hole.

He started in slow but I still felt like he was tearing my ass open. He was HUGE! Soon he was slowly fucking my ass as he held my hips. I was being spit- roasted and enjoying every minute of it. The guy in my ass picked up the pace with his fucks and soon he was moaning. Out pulled his cock and soon I felt his seed sprayed on my back. He was done and walked away. I never knew who it was. The “toll collector” stopped me and told me to move on. I really wanted his load but it was not to be.

I wandered over to an area where a bunch of guys were standing watching a guy lying on his back being fucked hard while he was sucking one cock and stroking another one. I started stroking my cock and the guy next to me took my hand and put it on his cock. A minute or so after I started stroking him he put his hand on top of my head and pushed. I got the message – no more stroking, time to suck his cock. I obliged and got down on my knees and started worshiping his cock.

So I looked around and say I was surround by 5 or 6 guys stroking there cocks in my face. This was driving me wild. Soon the guy in my mouth was cumming and I had trouble keeping up with his load. No sooner did his cock leave my mouth and it was replaced by another one. I was in cock heaven.

To be continued?

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