Cobalt Blue Ch. 11 Pt. 02

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Chapter 11: Leather, Lust And Love Part 2 Of 2

In the den, Stewie lay on his stomach on the daybed and switched off the cordless phone. Soft music played and the blond hummed along. He knew he’d had a lucky escape, they both had. Jaze could have been hurt so much worse. He looked up as his lover came into the room. The serious look on the beloved face had Stewie moving instantly to stand, concern radiating from his turquoise eyes.

“Jaze?” he asked holding out his hands.

The bigger man clasped Stewie’s hands tightly and then manoeuvred them so Stewie was sitting as Jaze knelt before the younger man. He gazed into sapphire depths that glowed with love and reflected his mate’s worry. Taking a deep breath, Jaze uttered words he never expected to say.

“Marry me.”

For a moment it seemed as though time itself had stopped. The two men, one sitting, the other kneeling, seemed frozen as the words hung in the air between them.

Jaze then realised he was lying on the floor, Stewie was straddling his body and the beautiful blond was laughing and crying at the same time. In between butterfly kisses, laughter and small sobs, Jaze could barely discern the words, but when he did, his heart soared.

“Yesjaze, yesjaze, yesjaze,”

“Thank you,” Jaze husked as he pulled Stewie to lie on top of him and mated their mouths. Their tongues began a slow, intimate caress. Jaze moved his hands to cup taut, golden globes, squeezing rhythmically as their tongues slid sinuously, entwining to pull first one then the other into mouths to be sucked leisurely. Finally they broke apart to pant shallowly and then Stewie pulled back to gaze in adoration at his fiancé.

“I love you, Jackson Kingston Donovan,” he laughed.

“I love you, Stewart Donovan Kingston,” Jaze replied. He rolled them to loom over his diminutive lover and looked down, his eyes sparkling with love and mischief. “And that definitely sounds the better combination.” He fused their lips, kissing Stewie until they were both completely breathless and then cradled him tightly to his broad chest. He felt Stewie’s breath, warm and moist, as the blond nuzzled through dark chest fur to latch on a large, pink-brown nub and suckle appreciatively. Jaze caressed the soft curtain of golden silk that reached past his mate’s shoulders. “Will you take my name, baby?” he asked huskily.

Stewie released the peaked flesh he’d been nibbling. He’d known Jaze was serious about the marriage, but thought he was joking about names. He looked up into anxious hazel eyes.

“I’d love to, if you’re really sure, Jaze. I don’t need it to know we’re married.”

“I want other people to know. I want people to see just what a beautiful and intelligent man I have as my husband. I’ll be so proud to be married to you.”

Stewie felt the heat blaze at his cheeks and he buried his face into Jaze’s shoulder.

“Not half as proud as I’ll be with a husband who’s tall, dark, devastatingly handsome as well as intelligent,” he murmured.

Jaze hugged the lithe form tightly and then groaned as their doorbell sounded. Reluctantly the men separated and Jaze went to collect what was bound to be their take away order. As he closed the door, the rumbling growl from his stomach persuaded Jaze that they needed to eat. He returned to the den to find Stewie sitting cross-legged, naked and smiling at him from his position at their low table. Two chilled bottles of water, disposable chopsticks and napkins were ready. Jaze grinned. Once they’d eaten their fill, everything could be thrown away. The smile widened as it sank into Jaze’s mind that Stewie had agreed to marry him, was *his*. Was prepared to make it public he was Jaze’s. He sat at Stewie’s side and kissed his mate hungrily, another appetite beginning to build even as he was preparing to assuage the first.

As their meal progressed, they began to trade kisses and caresses, allowing their lust to simmer gently. Stewie leant forward and slowly licked a drop of sauce from Jaze’s lips. He then dipped his finger into the carton that held it and dabbed it onto the nipple he’d nibbled earlier, sucking slowly and deliberately, finishing his cleansing with a gentle nip. He allowed his bigger mate to push him back to lie on the cushions. A drop of sauce was dripped onto each breast and then trailed down the smooth, golden skin. A couple of drops in his navel made him giggle and then the trail casino oyna ended just above his small nest of pubic fur.

Jaze moved to straddle the slender form. He lapped at each breast, laving at the areola before nibbling at each perfect cinnamon nub. His tongue followed the sauce, occasionally licking became sucking and Jaze admired the marks adorning the beautiful body that were a sign of his passion and possession. He diligently tongued the small indent to ensure it was completely clean as Stewie moaned and writhed beneath him. Finally Jaze had removed all evidence of the sauce and placed soft open-mouthed kisses just above soft blond curls. Carefully he tugged at the small treasure trail to soft cries of pleasure. He ignored the column of smooth pinkened flesh that rose as testament to Stewie’s arousal. Instead he licked the glistening trail of pre-come that had pooled on the younger man’s toned abdomen. He nosed at the curls cradling the base of the erect flesh to savour the scent of jasmine from the bath and Stewie’s musk. As he placed slow kisses up the hard flesh, his mate mewled and moaned. Stewie’s head rolled from side to side, his tresses fanning out like a golden halo. Jaze growled his appreciation at the sight and sound of his mate lost in sensual bliss. He sucked slowly on the engorged head of Stewie’s sex. His tongue teased at the sensitive underside and he gnawed delicately at the glans, holding Stewie’s hips down to prevent his lover thrusting too deeply as he thrashed uncontrollably.

“Roll over, baby,” Jaze said, his voice a low, husk of primal desire.

As Stewie lay on his stomach, Jaze parted the smooth thighs, bending to kiss up each one. As he reached the delectable globes, he sucked hard and gave a feral grin at the mark adorning the perfect honeyed cheek. He heard the soft groan and slid a hand under Stewie’s hips to caress his mate’s hardness. As his hand stroked, Jaze plunged his tongue into the small pink portal to his lover’s body. He relished the moan of pleasure and the way Stewie panted and writhed, pushing back on the moist invader that thrust into his body and forward into his mate’s strong grip.

“Gonna come, Jaze,” Stewie moaned. “Gonna…gonna…oh…Jaze!” Stewie’s body convulsed as he came. He could feel Jaze’s tongue continue to lick and thrust at his entrance as he erupted over Jaze’s hand. His mate’s other hand stroked over his buttocks in soothing circles as his climax came to an end and he slumped breathless and boneless. He felt himself be rolled onto his back and Jaze’s tongue caressed his skin as his lover cleansed his body.

“So beautiful, baby,” Jaze said hoarsely. “I love it when you come.”

They kissed unhurriedly and Stewie moaned as he tasted himself in Jaze’s mouth. Despite being achingly hard, Jaze was in no rush. He wanted to show his fiancé just how much he was loved, how much it meant to him to have the younger man accept his proposal. He moved to suck at each taut teat, nipping carefully and pinching gently whichever bud was bereft of his mouth. He felt Stewie reach to mirror the caresses to his own nipples and groaned his appreciation of his mate’s dexterity. He allowed himself to be pushed to his back and then Stewie’s lush lips were sucking and kissing each of his nipples as the smaller man’s hand slid between Jaze’s thighs.

Jaze gave a guttural cry and his legs drifted apart to allow Stewie more intimate access. Stewie’s blond head moved between the powerful thighs and began to lick at the lightly furred skin. He licked up the crease of thigh and groin, his lover’s hairs tickling his skin as he moved. His tongue slid over his mate’s furred sac. He delicately tugged at the hair to gasps from Jaze whose erect organ pulsed pre-come in response. Stewie lapped up the pooled evidence of Jaze’s desire and then probed at the small slit at the broad, red head of his older lover’s sex to drink down the salty sweet nectar. Stewie sealed his lips around the thick hard organ and moved to slowly envelop the whole length. Jaze gave a long, low, drawn out groan as Stewie then reversed the caress to place kisses as light as humming birds’ wings over the purpled head.

“Bed, baby,” Jaze growled. “Bed now. Want to come in you.”

The two men moved as one just as far as the daybed. They writhed together, their kisses hungry and demanding, hands stroking avariciously, each trying to possess as much of their lover as possible.

“In canlı casino me, Jaze. Need you in me,” Stewie groaned as a large thick finger pressed inside his channel that was still somewhat slick and loose.

“Want you to ride me, baby. Want to see you come when I’m buried deep inside you.”

“Make me ready, lover, please,” Stewie begged.

Jaze’s hand slid under the pillows and snagged a tube of lube. He slicked two of his fingers and as Stewie devoured one pebbled nipple then the other, Jaze thrust his fingers voraciously inside molten heat. Stewie immediately began to grind back on the questing digits and then abandoned Jaze’s nipple with an impassioned cry as Jaze began to rub the smaller man’s sweet spot.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Jaze growled possessively. “Let me see how much you love this. How much you love me inside you.”

“Love you inside me,” Stewie panted and then groaned gutturally as a third finger crowded his tiny channel. He felt them pump and corkscrew, pleasuring and stretching him and he pushed back eagerly, demandingly. Wanting more, needing more. “Love you, Jaze. Always love you.”

“Love you, Stewie. Want to be inside you, want to feel you all around me.”

“Do it, do it,” Stewie gasped.

Jaze lay on his back, his long powerful legs bent at the knee. Stewie knelt between them his slender hands warmed the lube and then spread it on Jaze’s aching shaft. The feel of the slickness of the gel and the tenderness in both Stewie’s touch and the younger man’s eyes had Jaze writhing with need.

“Want you so much, angel, love you so much.”

Jaze watched avidly as Stewie moved to throw a smooth limb over Jaze’s body and shifted into position. Stewie knelt up, reaching behind himself.

“Help me, Jaze,” he said huskily. “Want you in me.”

Jaze’s large hands spread Stewie’s buttocks wide as the younger man took hold of hard, thick flesh and positioned it a his entrance. They locked eyes, smouldering turquoise with inflamed hazel as he began his descent. “I love you, Jaze,” he ground out as the broad head of Jaze’s sex pushed through the tight ring of muscle. Finally he sat flush on Jaze’s groin, the older man’s furred body tickling Stewie’s smooth skin. He smiled as Jaze’s hands rubbed soothingly over his thighs and flanks as the smaller man adjusted to the feeling of complete fullness.

Jaze watched Stewie unblinkingly as the younger man relaxed around him. The hot tight sheath rippling over the length of his flesh was almost enough to fracture the older man’s control, but he had no intentions of coming without his lover. He reached to caress the half hard flesh at Stewie’s groin, his thumb teasing the tiny slit on each upstroke, encouraging both full hardness and the addictive pre-come. As his thumb became slick and the shaft harder, Jaze changed hands to be able to suck at his digit just as Stewie’s eye opened to gaze at him.

Stewie moaned softly as he watched Jaze lick his essence from his thumb and then opened his mouth obediently as Jaze raised his other hand to Stewie’s lips. As they both tasted his pre-come, Stewie clenched his inner muscles causing a low guttural growl from his mate. In response, Jaze gave a short, sharp thrust that expertly pounded against Stewie’s prostate. Stewie gasped and began to tense and relax his thigh muscles. His movements slow and small to start, lifting him incrementally higher and higher as he began to ride his mate in earnest. Stewie’s eyes closed, his blond hair, in disarray, gave him the appearance of a debauched angel. Sweat beaded at his brow as he concentrated on impaling himself over and over on the hard flesh that pierced him. His focus was on every delicious feeling that Jaze’s sex, buried so deeply within him, could engender. He ensured that at well as riding, he occasionally tightened his muscles. He groaned as he raised himself to keep just the engorged head of Jaze’s arousal in him and the gasped aloud as he shifted back down, his hips giving an added wiggle to pleasure them both.

Jaze made incoherent growls and groans of pleasure. He loved to see Stewie like this, riding him, lost in sexual abandonment and focused only on the pleasure their most intimate of unions could provide. Stewie’s hands were tightly gripping Jaze’s thighs, using them as leverage to help him rise and fall. Jaze’s hands roamed imperiously over the expanse of honeyed skin, fondling the sac between Stewie’s kaçak casino thighs, tweaking each diamond hard nipple and stroking his mate’s erection. Stewie’s shaft now jutted hard and needy from the sweat-slick body and Jaze gave a feral rumble of satisfaction. Seeing his mate so close to fulfilment, Jaze began to flex his own powerful muscles. On each downward move of the slender body, Jaze thrust upwards, causing his hardness to ram against Stewie’s jewel and the blond to wail his approval.

“Want you to show me I’m yours, Jaze,” Stewie gasped. “Come in me.”

“Mine,” Jaze roared in response to his mate’s submissive words.

Jaze abandoned both the reddened nipples and Stewie’s erection to grip tightly at his lover’s slender waist, helping Stewie rise and lower faster and harder, pulling him down hard as he thrust upwards. It was the extra stimulation Stewie needed. Jaze watched enraptured at the joy that lit up Stewie’s face as, with an undulating cry of Jaze’s name, his mate’s climax thundered through his slender body.

Stewie was lost in a storm of passion. Jaze’s shaft pounded against his sweet spot causing the younger man to see stars behind his closed eyes. His nipples tingled and throbbed from Jaze’s impassioned attentions and his own organ ached for release, his sac heavy with seed. He was so close, so close, heat radiating from his groin and then he was coming. He felt his release in every cell as he convulsed in an overload of sexual pleasure. From a distance he heard Jaze’s voice bellow his name and he wailed again as Jaze’s essence, hot and wet, pulsed deeply into his still spasming body.

As Stewie came, Jaze felt his erection grasped even more tightly and the clenching of the tight channel was finally too much to resist. He shouted Stewie’s name as his orgasm blazed through him. His climax surged with an intensity that took Jaze’s breath away. His hips pistoned hard, fast and his semen jetted deeply and unendingly into Stewie’s molten depths. His seed filled the still rippling channel even as Stewie began to sink bonelessly towards Jaze’s chest. As Jaze’s climax began to wane his movements became more languorous, still thrusting Jaze cradled Stewie’s limp body to his heaving chest. The older man content to simply lie in sated completion until Stewie showed signs of recovering.

Stewie blinked as awareness returned. He was still snuggled to Jaze’s chest and his mate’s shaft was still in him, although Stewie could feel it was almost at the point of slipping from his body. Jaze held him with one hand whilst the other stroked his hair and Stewie purred his satiation.

“Welcome back, angel,” Jaze said. “That was intense.”

“Mmm, love,” Stewie murmured. “Thank you.” He kissed the sweat-damp curls of Jaze’s chest and felt his lover kiss the top of his head.

“Thank you for filling all the cold empty places in my life, Stewie,” Jaze added, his voice husky with suppressed emotion.

“Just as you fill mine, lover,” Stewie assured immediately. “I can’t imagine life without you,” he added nuzzling into Jaze’s neck. Both men gave a soft moan of loss as Jaze finally slid from Stewie’s body. As he did, Jaze moved to position Stewie to lie nestled tightly to his side.

“You’ll never need to, baby,” Jaze vowed. “I’ll get in touch with my family to let them know about us. My brother’s pretty open-minded, Dad’s more conservative, but it’s our life, angel. I want you to take the lead in the wedding preparations. Discuss with me whatever you want and need, but the final decision on things will be yours. Although I do have one suggestion.”

Stewie shivered despite being fully replete. Jaze’s dark and seductive voice sending a frisson of arousal that had him twitching dryly in response.

“Yeah?” he whispered unable to trust his voice.

“I can picture you swaying up the aisle in a tight leather mini, with those sexy leather boots. ” Jaze followed his words with his tongue to caress Stewie’s ear, smiling in primal triumph at the full-blown shiver and shallow panting from his mate. Before Stewie could reply, his mouth was ruthlessly plundered. As the kiss broke apart, Stewie gazed adoringly up at his older lover. The wide, mischievous grin on Jaze’s face making the blond give a peal of his own light, musical laughter.

“And the bride arrives riding pillion on a Harley Davidson,” Stewie said with a giggle. However, he didn’t fail to notice the gleam in his lover’s eyes. He nuzzled into Jaze’s embrace and soon heard his lover’s rasping, rhythmic breathing. Even as lassitude began to overwhelm the blond, his mind was working overtime.

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