Coed Confidante Ch. 03

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My name is Melanie, and I am a student at a large state university—a place that has quite a reputation as a party school. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I am masquerading as a student to get some interesting perspectives on college life in the millennial age. I am really a writer/blogger working for an alternative newspaper. My editor approached me with the concept and offered to pay all expenses if I would be willing to go undercover to experience college life firsthand. I was admittedly rather hesitant since I am a rather modest person with limited experience in the world of parties and sex, but I agreed when he told me that the project might lead to a book project and possibly an independent art film. It seemed like a promising way to take my career to a new level, and so I accepted the challenge. I vowed to push myself to explore experiences I might otherwise have avoided, and, in the end, I surprised myself with a newfound sense of courage and adventure. Here is a chapter in my series titled “Coed Confidante”.


Until a few weeks ago, I had always considered myself to be a relatively modest girl. I had only dated a few guys in high school, and only a couple of them had ever managed to get my clothes off. Since I started this Coed Confidante project, however, I must admit that my horizons have been expanded and some of my long-standing inhibitions have started to melt away. My editor had been hoping for this outcome, and so far he has been pleased with the articles I have written for the project. As for me, I have started to enjoy my confident new lifestyle and I have surprised myself with my willingness to take on assignments that have led me to bare my inner emotions-as well as my body—in the pursuit of human interest stories.

That being said, I was still more than a bit unnerved when I got a call from my editor with a lead on a new story. He had seen a classified ad in the Help Wanted section of an alternative newspaper seeking a waitress at a clothing optional resort over in the next town, and he figured it would be a great set-up for my next assignment. The resort was less than 35 minutes from campus, he argued, so I could easily get there after classes or on a day off. When he heard the hesitation in my voice, he quickly reminded me that I had already done the skinny dip sorority initiation thing and the nude swim team thing. With those experiences under my belt, he continued, taking a job at a nudist resort would probably not be much of a stretch for me. He told me to think about it for a couple of days before I decide.

That evening, I poked around on the Internet to do some research on the resort. The photos I found made it look like a very respectable and somewhat upscale resort, and I found a ton of reviews from people who claimed it was one of the better clothing optional resorts in the country. That helped to raise my confidence a bit, so I decided to explore the option.

I knew immediately that I would only go if I could get a good friend to join me—someone who would give me advice I could trust. I also felt it was best to have someone with me in case I encountered an uncomfortable situation or felt pressured to do something against my will. My first choice was Jason, my new friend from the fraternity that partners with my sorority house, but he had another commitment on the Saturday I had picked out to visit the resort. My next choice was Kelly, one of my best friends from high school. I picked up my phone and gave her a call.

“Kelly!” I said enthusiastically when she picked up. “It’s Melanie.”

“I saw your name on the caller ID, and I admit I was a bit surprised,” Kelly replied. “What’s it been? Three months since we last talked?”

“Probably longer than that,” I apologized. “Sorry I am such a shitty communicator.”

“So what’s up?” Kelly said with a laugh. “Do you need money or something? Did you get into an accident?”

“No, I am all good. In fact, I am really starting to settle in to the college scene. I actually called with a request. Let me warn you in advance, though—you are going to think I am making this up.”

“I’m listening,” Kelly said in a quizzical voice. “What is this wild request?”

“I am thinking of going to a clothing optional resort on Saturday, and I am afraid to go alone,” I replied. “You’re the first person I thought of who might have the guts to go with me.”

“You’re right. I do think you are making this up,” Kelly laughed. “Of all the people I know who might tell me that they wanted to walk around naked in broad daylight in front of a crowd of strangers, you would probably be the last one on my list. What in the hell are you talking about?”

I spent the next fifteen minutes explaining my Coed Confidante project and some of the experiences I have had over the past few weeks. I assured her that I was no longer the painfully shy girl that she knew in high school, and I told her that the thought of visiting a nudist resort was not quite as daunting as it might ataköy escort have been before. We talked for almost an hour and got caught up on all of the news in our lives, and then I steered her back again to the purpose of my call. After offering up some lame excuses, she finally admitted that she was free on Saturday and that she would agree to join me. I told her I would pick her up early on Saturday morning.

The drive took about forty minutes and after a couple of missed turns, we found the small road that led into the resort. We had to stop at a security gate where an attendant looked at our ID cards. I explained that I was answering a classified ad for a waitress position, and he waved us through with directions to find the main office.

Once in the resort office, I began to relax a bit since every one working behind the counter was dressed, at least for the most part. There were a couple of girls sitting topless behind their computer screens wearing only wrap-around skirts, but they were not all bare-assed naked like I expected them to be. I introduced myself and Kelly to the receptionist and explained that I was there to inquire about the waitress position. She told me the restaurant and bar manager was a man named Chris and that she would call him to let him know I was here. She suggested that we sit at a table overlooking the pool area and we heard her put out a call to him on a walkie-talkie as we located an open table. As we gazed out over the pool area, all of my worst fears instantly came rushing back. Unlike the office staff, every single person out there was completely and unequivocally nude. There were no topless sunbathers here. There were no women wearing thongs or guys in those so-called banana hammocks. There was no one exercising the “optional” part of the “clothing optional” label. Just a sea of naked people of all sizes and ages walking around or swimming in the buff.

“This is not exactly what I was expecting,” I said quietly as my eyes continued to take in the gallery of flesh in front of me. “This boggles my mind.”

“It is a little overwhelming,” Kelly admitted, “but I will give these people credit. They obviously have no issues with self-assurance to bare their bodies like this regardless of their shape or physical condition. Maybe we should all be a little more like that.”

“I’m already wondering if we should just ditch out now. I’m not sure I can picture myself working in a place like this.”

It’s got one thing going for it, though,” Kelly replied with a sly smile. “You would not have to spend much on your wardrobe!”

We were about to get up to leave when we saw a guy walking toward the office. Rather, we both wondered if we were seeing an adonis from a Renaissance painting heading our way. He was tanned from head to toe—an easy thing to evaluate because he was also completely naked. He had a muscular athletic body and a handsome face, but I think our gazes were fixed more closely on his impressive cock that swung slightly in a teasing way as he walked. He was like a bit of male perfection torn straight from a steamy romance novel.

“If that’s Chris, I don’t think we should leave just yet!” Kelly whispered.

“I’m with you,” I replied quietly, “though I’m not sure it is him. Look. He is turning into that front office.”

“But here he is again,” Kelly said a few moments later, “and he is definitely heading our way. It looks like he just stopped to get a packet of papers. Maybe I should apply for a job here.”

I was about to reply when Chris walked over to our table. As he stood close to us, his tanned physique was even more impressive, as was his captivating phallus that was now just a few inches from our appreciative eyes.

“I would sit down,” Chris began, “but I forgot to grab a towel. Rule number one at a nudist resort is that you never sit anywhere without a towel under you. Which one of you is Melanie?”

“That would be me,” I said as I reached out to shake his hand. “This is my friend Kelly.”

I am guessing that this is your first visit to a nudist resort.”

“It’s that obvious?” I answered. “I will admit that the scene is a bit overwhelming. I am already second-guessing my decision to come. I am not sure I am ready to be a nude waitress.”

“Actually, the state health department prohibits our waitstaff from being totally nude, though I confess the “uniform” is still pretty revealing. Maybe you would prefer take a quick tour and get more information before you make your final decision. It’s your call.”

I looked over at Kelly for some guidance, and when I saw her give me a quick nod, I said, “We’re OK with that. Where do we start?”

Chris led us down a flight of stairs to the pool level and pointed to a row of lockers along one wall.

“You can undress here and put your things in any of the open lockers,” he said. The keys are attached to an elastic band that you can put around your wrist or ankle.”

“We have to get naked for the tour?” I bakırköy escort asked. My head was spinning since this was all happening faster than I expected.

“I’m afraid so,” Chris answered. “The resort complex is designated clothing optional, and if you have time later to explore all of the facilities, you will most likely see a few people wearing clothes. But like every resort like this, guests who use the pools and hot tubs are expected to be nude. Since the restaurant and bar are in the pool area, we have to conform to the rules.”

Kelly and I stepped away for a minute to discuss this new wrinkle in the plan. I told her that I was willing to walk away if she did not want to strip down, and I also offered to do it alone while she waited back in the office. After we took a few moments to sort out our feelings and calm our nerves, we both decided to continue the tour. We found a couple of empty lockers and began to undress.

I should have mentioned before that Kelly is about as Irish as a girl can get. Her natural red hair is gorgeous, and it is especially stunning when it is set next to her fair white skin. I had never seen her naked before, and as she slid down her panties and faced us, I was even more struck by her beauty. Her skin is flawless, and the wispy triangle of red hair that was now on view confirmed that this was her natural color. I like to think that I keep my body in good shape, but Kelly appeared like a goddess at this moment, and I realized that I felt just a bit insecure standing next to her.

Chris gave us the complete tour. He pointed out the large communal showers that faced out over the huge pool, and it was interesting to watch men and women showering together in the open. He then took us over to the restaurant and bar area. Both were done in a tiki style decorated with fake palm trees, colorful plants, stuffed parrots, and other items in the Margaritaville motif. Now that we were closer to the action, I discovered what Chris meant when he said the waitresses were not nude. But they were not far from it. The “uniform” consisted of small piece of thin fabric tied around the girl’s hips like a tiny skirt. The fabric was virtually transparent and left nothing to the imagination. Completing the ensemble was a pair of thin sandals whose only purpose was to protect the feet from the hot pool deck.

Chris explained the basic workflow and the main duties of the bartenders and waitresses. Since it was just drinks and short order food options, the responsibilities did not seem very daunting. Chris pointed out that when there are job openings at the resort, they get filled very quickly. The location has something to do with that, he explained, but the real benefit is the tipping. The male guests apparently find the near-naked waitresses even more captivating than the fully nude resort guests and they tip accordingly. He looked us both over again and assured us that we would be instant hits among the guests if we decided to sign on.

We spent the next hour touring some of the other facilities. We watched a pickle ball tournament, saw a small crowd at the petanque courts, and stood for a while to admire the beach volleyball players near a large lake in the center of the resort. We got some appreciative stares from the guys, and two of them ran over to urge us to join them. It’s a sure bet that they were more interested in our looks than our volleyball skills.

Things got a little more awkward when Chris took us back to the resort office to speak to the manager. While we waited in the lobby, two families were checking in. While their parents were filling out the forms, two teenage boys and a girl about the same age were staring at us. It felt very strange to be completely naked while fully dressed people were eyeing us so closely. For the guys, I am sure they saw us as the essence of their youthful fantasies. The girl looked like she was a bit uncertain about the whole thing and might have been trying to picture herself in our position. We wondered if this was their first visit and if they knew what experiences lay ahead during their stay. After we met with the resort manager—another awkward scene since he was also fully dressed—Kelly and I looked at each other and motioned to the clock on the wall.

“I think we better be going,” I said as I pointed to the clock. “Do you know when I’ll find out if I got the job?”

“Don’t go yet,” Chris implored without answering my question. “Stay for the dance party on the pool deck.”

“Pool party?” Kelly said. “It looked like a pretty—how shall I say it—mature crowd at the pool today. It’s hard to picture them staying up for a dance party.”

“It’s a totally different crowd on Saturday night,” Chris explained. “The older set make their way back to their villas and leave the dancing to people our age. We get a lot of day visitors from the university and nearby towns who come to play sand volleyball during the afternoon and party all night.”

So instead of leaving, we took Chris up on his offer to go back to his villa. He introduced us to his roommate, Jake, and the four of us sat around on their patio for a couple of hours drinking margaritas and munching on chips and salsa. We found out that they had lived in the resort for about two years. Chris had recently taken over the manager role at the restaurant and bar after working as a bartender. Jake was a personal trainer at a nearby gym and also taught pilates classes at the resort.

We were still thinking about the drive home, both since we were both still a bit tipsy from the margaritas, we decided to stay and walk with Chris and Jake to the pool. We could hear the music long before we spotted the pool area, so we knew the party was already in full swing. The night air was a bit chilly, and I was reminded that I had been naked for more than ten hours. I had to admit that it was starting to feel natural. When we stepped back onto the pool deck, we laughed as we watched of sea of people doing country line dances—a whole lot of boot scootin’ without the boots or anything else for that matter. When we heard the first strains of the “Cupid Shuffle,” we joked that it was like being at a wedding reception except that everyone was naked. Chris pulled us into the crowd and we were soon sliding to the left-to the left-to the left-to the left along with all of the others. We spent the next two hours chugging more margaritas and dancing to classics like Gloria Estefan’s “Conga” and doing our best scary impersonations of Michael Jackson and his “Thriller” routine. An unexpected cloudburst threatened to dampen the activities, so Kelly and I started to look for cover. The others kept dancing and cheered when the DJ quickly switched to “It’s Raining Men”. We felt like little girls again as we danced in the rain completely naked and without a single inhibition.

It was near midnight now and I knew that we were still too drunk to drive, so Chris invited us back to his villa. He uncovered the hot tub on their small deck and all four of us climbed in. I’m not sure if it was the tequila or the nudity, but I was as horny as I have ever felt in my life. I had spent the entire afternoon wondering what it would be like to take that luscious cock in my mouth, and so I eased Chris up on the edge of the tub and went to work. As I was eagerly working over that sweet piece of manhood with my tongue, I saw Kelly doing the same with Jake. I could sense that Chris was ready to come, but I also knew that Kelly wanted to get her mouth on his cock, so we gracefully switched positions in the hot tub. Neither guy seemed to object to having a different girl sucking his cock. They both climaxed after a few minutes and they settled back in the hot water.

To my surprise, Chris gently hoisted me onto the edge of the tub and began to return the favor. He started kissing my breasts and working his tongue over my aroused nipples. He continued to work his way down my torso. When he reached my navel, I spread my legs, hoping that his tongue would find its way to my love button. He did not disappoint. I arched my back and opened my legs a bit more to invite his tongue a bit deeper, but instead I felt his wonderful cock sliding inside me. He had apparently recovered from his own orgasm faster than I expected, and he was now ready to bring me the same pleasure. The combination of the water jets and the rhythm of his thrusts enhanced the experience, and it did not take long for me to reach orgasm.

Meanwhile, Jake and Kelly had stepped over to the outdoor shower next to the hot tub and were going at it like crazed lovers. Jake’s soapy hands were sensuously caressing Kelly’s breasts while he coaxed her body up and down his slippery cock. She was gently massaging his balls with one hand while clutching his muscular ass with the other. They climaxed simultaneously and then stood under the hot water for a few more minutes, hugging each other with satisfied smiles on their faces.

We were all pretty wasted by this point, but Chris brought out some powerful jello shots that we downed quickly. My head was spinning, so I lay down on one of the deck lounge chairs. The next thing I knew, the morning sun was in my eyes, and I realized that I had spent the night out on the deck. I looked over and saw that Kelly and the guys had done the same. It took me a few minutes to get the energy to sit up, and when I did, I spotted Chris walking over with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. It would take more than that to stop the pounding in my head, but it tasted great and I knew it would help.

“What a night,” I said quietly as I sipped a second cup of coffee. “I can’t believe we did that.”

“My question is, was this just a typical Saturday night for you guys?” Kelly said. “Same story, different girls every week?”

“In my dreams!” Chris said with a smile. “I won’t lie to you. Jake and I have had some good times at the pool parties and here on our deck, but it’s hardly a den of weekly orgies as you might imagine.”

“I know it may sound like I am kissing up,” added Jake, “but I can honestly say that I have never been with a woman more beautiful than Kelly. I can’t speak for her, but last night was special for me.”

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