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“Bugger it,” Colin muttered as he knocked a pile of notes on to the floor. He had been working at the computer on a tutorial paper for most of the morning and had stood up to have a stretch.

He knelt down and started to reassemble the notes when he spotted a book among the tangle of wires at the back of computer that at some time must have fallen down the back of the desk. He picked it up, looked at it, and realised that it was a book he had borrowed from his friend Damien at least a couple of months ago and had been forgotten.

“He’ll kill me,” Colin told him self, “I’d better get it back to him fast.”

Colin and Damien had been friends since elementary school days but since becoming heavily involved in tertiary studies they had seen less of each other, Colin going the way of economics and Damien horticulture, and this had taken them to different colleges. Not seeing each other for a couple of months might have accounted for the forgotten book.

As a welcome reason for not working Colin decided he would take the book round to Damian straightaway, he needed a break and it would be an opportunity to catch up with Damien and his mother Wendy. At her invitation he had called her Wendy ever since he was sixteen.

The thought of Wendy put another idea into his head. Colin’s parents were away on a months camping and touring holiday and he had to prepare his own meals.

There had been suggestions that he might have stayed with his grandparents or an aunt, but with youthful independence he had boldly told his parents he could look after himself. A week into his lone watch he was starting to regret his hasty decision. His mother had left the freezer stacked with frozen meals but the effort required to unfreeze and heat them was tedious (typical male), and he now saw the chance of getting a meal at Damien’s place.

The boys had spent a great deal of time in each other’s homes in the past, and that had meant providing sustenance for them, and so there was a good chance that Wendy might come across with lunch now, and with any luck an evening meal, and in any case it would be good to see Wendy again.

Ever since Colin had entered those years of rampant hormones he had been fascinated by Wendy and this on two grounds. First, Damien was now twenty one and Wendy was thirty six and unmarried. As people say, “There was a bit of a story there,” but what the story was Colin had never learned. What he did know was that Damien and Wendy lived pretty well, and Wendy’s part time job in a women’s clothing boutique could not account for the way they lived.

The second reason for Colin’s fascination with Wendy was her looks. She might not be the world’s most beautiful woman but youthful and potent Colin found her extremely sexy with her triangular face, long dark hair, bright blue eyes, ripe red lips, soft voice and a figure that might make a monk forget his vow of chastity.

For Colin Wendy was something of a mystery. Why since she was clearly attractive had she never married, or at least why did there seem to be no lovers around? Several times he had wanted to question Damien about his mother, but had been afraid to intrude uninvited, and he had also become a little wary of Wendy.

For a young man she was a disconcerting woman, giving rise to feelings of sexual frustration in him. It was not that Wendy was an older woman — Colin had enjoyed the favours of a couple of older women – but his frustration was exacerbated by the fact that and even if she was willing to become the third older woman in his life, as his friend’s mother she was inviolable.

Despite his unease over Wendy and the sexual feelings she aroused, he had not been able to keep away from her until he and Damien had started to see less of each other. Now the thought of seeing her again after nearly two months sent frissons of pleasure coursing through him, and not only because of the anticipated lunch.

* * * * * * * *

Damian’s house was only a little over a kilometre from Colin’s, and so as usual he walked there. On arrival he was greeted exuberantly by Wendy, who flung her arms round him, and kissed him and said, “Where have you been, it’s been ages.”

She was obviously en deshabille wearing a floppy dress that showed a great deal of cleavage and thigh, and that unleashed the wellsprings of Colin’s lust.

Somewhat uncomfortable Colin replied, “Well, I’ve been rather…”

“Busy,” Wendy interrupted, “Yes, that’s what Damien says. Well if you’re not too busy now come in…come in, I’m clearing out the spare room, so if you don’t mind we’ll talk while I carry on.”

“I’ve just come to return a book I borrowed from Damien,” Colin said, “I…”

Wendy laughed and said with mock forlornness, “Oh, he isn’t here and I thought you’d come to visit me.”

“Will he be long?”

“Yes, I’m afraid he will,” Wendy said, “he’s gone to help Margaret and I don’t expect him home until…well, I don’t know when.”

“That’s his Aunt Margaret, isn’t it, the one who has a plant nursery?”

“Yes,” Fatih escort bayan Wendy said, “she did herself a big favour when she bought that place. It’s right in a new suburb and people are laying out their gardens; she’s making a fortune. Damien spends more time there than he does here,” she added glumly.

“Oh well, “I’ll just leave the book and…”

“Colin, I’m craving some company, you can’t just go running off, come and talk to me,” Wendy said.

“Well, if I won’t be interrupting…”

“Dear Colin,” Wendy laughed patting his cheek, “you’ve always interrupted so what’s different, so stop standing there and come in.”

She led Colin into the spare room and he could see why it needed clearing out.

Dominating the room was an old sofa. “Sit down…sit down,” Wendy trilled, “I’m afraid we’ve used this as a junk room, disgusting isn’t it?”

Colin sat on the sofa which groaned in protest, and looked at the household detritus that must have accumulated over some years. He readily agreed with Wendy that it looked disgusting, but diplomatically refrained from saying so.

A bicycle frame, a wheelless shopping jeep and a vintage television set had been moved near the door, no doubt with a view to eventually moving them outside when there was a hard rubbish collection. Wendy now began to add some old saucepans, vases and other unwanted ornaments to the pile.

“Can I help?” Colin asked.

“No…no,” Wendy said, “I’ve got to sort out what I want to keep and what not, I’m making a few changes around here so just talk to me. How are you’re parents?”

“Fine,” Colin said, “they’re away touring round the country.”

“Good for them, how long for?”

“A month.”

“So are you’re living on your own?”

“Yes,” Colin said despondently, hoping Wendy would feel sorry for on him and offer him lunch.”

“Now there’s a coincidence,” Wendy said

“What coincidence?”

“Both of us on our own,” Wendy replied.

It occurred to Colin that he had never before been alone with Wendy for more than a few minutes, Damien had always been around.

Busying herself with her sorting out Wendy asked Colin about his studies. Colin had difficulty replying because as Wendy bent or knelt down to examine or pick up something the top of her low cut dress hung open giving him a view of her delectable unrestrained breasts.

Ever since he was about fourteen he had been getting horny over Wendy, and at times it had been embarrassing because it was difficult to hide his erection. Now it was not only her breasts and thighs that fascinated him. As she bent to pick something up her back was towards him and her dress rode up to reveal her strong thighs, firm high buttocks and flimsy panties through which he was sure he could see the temptingly indented lips of her vulva.

Colin’s testes were aching as he imagined his penis entering that place of female heaven. Had it been any other woman he might have suspected she was deliberately trying to entice him, and he’d had experience of that with his two older women, but not Wendy. He had known her since he was a child, she was his friend’s mother, and it was out of the question that she would try and seduce him no matter how much he hoped she would.

Wendy stood holding an old toaster in her hand and said, “I think I should leave all this until another time, I don’t often get you to myself and I’m not being very hospitable, how about some lunch?”

“Yes…yes…thanks very much.”

“Come on then, let’s go to the kitchen,” Wendy said, beckoning him.

* * * * * * * *

As Colin watched Wendy prepare a ham salad he wondered if it had been wise for him to stay. He tried not to look at her but it was impossible. She moved so gracefully and alluringly he could not drag his eyes away from her. She asked the common place questions that people often asked about how long his course was, how he saw his future and did he manage to socialise much.

She reiterated that Damien was hardly ever at home now and she feared he was thinking about giving up his studies to go and work full time at the plant nursery.

She chuckled and said, “Fancy both of us being on our own, and you know the old saying, when the cats away the mice play.”

“I haven’t had much time to play,” Colin said somewhat ruefully, “its study, study all the time.”

“Oh, that’s not good for you,” Wendy said sympathetically, “we all need play time.” She paused for a moment looking searchingly at Colin and added, “Perhaps we can both think of some games to play.”

Colin was struggling to make appropriate responses he was too aware of Wendy’s alluring presence, and also aware that his erect penis was oozing pre-cum. It had never been as bad as this before, but then, he hadn’t been alone with Wendy for such a long stretch of time nor seen her dressed so carelessly.

As she put the plate of food before him she touched his cheek and said, “It’s lovely to have you all to myself for once.”

He was Escort Fındıkzade so absorbed in watching Wendy that Colin had difficulty eating, and when it came to the washing up his hands were trembling and he dropped a plate. Wendy looked at him with mock annoyance and said, “It’s just as well I didn’t use my best china, but I might make you pay a price for that plate.”

The washing up over Wendy first said she’d better get back to her sorting out, but then changed her mind, saying, “I’ll make coffee and we can go into the living room and talk, the sorting out can wait.”

This might have been the moment for Colin to make good his escape from a time of sexual torment, but he chose to stay in the hope of catching more glimpses of Wendy’s breasts and delectable thighs. It’s strange how we want to stay within the orbit of one for whom we have sexual desire even when we know we shall not attain the goal.

Wendy entered carrying a tray with the coffee on it. It was then Colin got his wish. As she sat Wendy pulled up the bottom of her dress to reveal an even greater expanse of ivory white thighs, and bending over to pour the coffee the front of her dress fell open and he could see her pink tipped naked breasts.

Looking up and catching his gaze Wendy smiled but said nothing, and Colin looked hastily way, his heart pounding and his penis throbbing in unison with it.

They drank coffee in awkward silence, Colin striving to stop his hands trembling.

As if to break the silence Wendy said, “I told you I’m making some changes around here and I’ve had a spa bath installed, it was only finished yesterday, would you like to see it?”

Colin’s interest was far away from a spa or any other sort of bath but seeing Wendy’s enthusiasm for her new acquisition, and out of politeness, he said yes, he would like to see it.

Since he had spent a lot of time in the house and sometimes stayed over night, Colin was well acquainted with the bathroom as it had been. On entering the bathroom he was amazed at the transformation. The old bath and the bathroom fittings had gone and in their place was a magnificent in-floor oyster shaped spa bath.

Despite his other distractions Colin gasped enthusiastically, “It’s terrific.”

“You like it then,” Wendy said, obviously pleased with his response.

“Yes…yes,” Colin said, “it looks really is great, I wish we had one at home.”

“Like to try it?” Wendy asked.

“Mmm, yes,” Colin replied. “You know, I’ve never had a spa bath.”

“Well now is your chance,” Wendy said cheerily, “and I’ll join you. I got a bit grimy sorting out that rubbish in the spare room.”

That brought Colin up with jolt. He had thought that the invitation was for him alone to use the spa. “I…er…well…I haven’t got anything to wear if we’re both going to…”

Wendy laughed and said, “Don’t be so silly, you don’t take a bath in your clothes; keep your underpants on if you have to wear something, but I’m not bothered.”

As if to reinforce her point Wendy turned on the spa and as it started to fill she took off her dress and throwing it aside she stood before Colin wearing only her panties and a roguish grin, and then she slowly took off her panties and kicked them to one side.

Colin was dumbfounded; he had often fantasised Wendy naked, and now with incredible equanimity she had stripped in front of him. She was all he had fantasised and more, with the swell of her hips, pink tipped breasts and the little triangle of pubic hair at her groin. He stood staring at her, unspeaking, unmoving.

She looked at him coolly and said, “Well, are you going to undress?”

Colin hesitated because it wasn’t only the undressing that troubled him, but the fact that Wendy would see his out of control erection.

As if enough had been said Wendy stepped into the spa, and after fiddling with some gadgets the water began to bubble and swirl. She sat, her arms resting along the edge of the spa, the tops of her breasts showing just above the water. “If you’re worried about stripping in front of me I won’t look,” she said playfully, and closed her eyes.

With sudden resolve Colin quickly undressed and joined Wendy in the water, adopting the same arm resting pose as Wendy. At least his erection would be hidden beneath the rippling water.

Sensing that he had joined her Wendy opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Colin found the swirling and bubbling of the water relaxing, but it did nothing to reduce his pulsating manhood, on the contrary it seemed to make it worse.

“You know Colin,” Wendy said, “I’ve always been fond of you, very fond.”

“Oh…er…yes…we…I’m very fond of you too,” Colin responded.

“Mmm, yes, I’ve seen how fond you are of me,” Wendy said, her mischievous eyes looking directly at Colin.


Wendy gave a soft laugh and moving so that her shoulder was touching his she said, “You don’t think I haven’t noticed do you?”


“Colin darling, Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan what you’ve got can’t be hidden, I’ve seen that big bulge in your groin lots of times, you naughty boy.”

“I…I’m sorry Wendy, it just…I can’t help it, I…”

“It’s all right darling,” Wendy said, I don’t mind you being naughty about me, it’s rather flattering; I feel a bit naughty myself at times, but it’s really unfair isn’t it?”


Wendy laughed again and said, “It doesn’t show so much on me, but suppose I tell you I feel the same naughty way you do, what would you say to that?

“You feel the same…?”

“Yes, horny is the word, isn’t it?” Wendy interrupted, her hand reaching down to take hold of Colin’s penis.

There was a sharp indrawn breath and Wendy gasped, “Oh my God!”

“What…what is it?”

“I didn’t realise; I thought you were big, but not this big darling.”

One of Colin’s older women had playfully measured his erect penis and found it be just short of eight inches long and five and a half in circumference. Now he protested, “It’s not all that big it’s only…”

Again Wendy interrupted him and as she moved to stand in front of him said, “I’m going to have it, so don’t start getting all virtuous, you want me and I want you and so…”

“But Damien he’s…”

“Darling, Damien isn’t here, the cat’s away so the mice can play, and they can play at being rabbits.”

Wendy put her arms round Colin’s neck and lowered herself onto him until his penis just entered her and she began to playfully tease him saying, “Feel that darling, do you like it?”

“Oh God yes,” Colin moaned.

Gradually Wendy lowered herself on to him until his full length was in her, and then she stopped, smiling as she looked into Colin’s eyes. She wrapped her legs round him saying, “Beautiful darling….beautiful, we should have done this a long time ago.”

Colin, all thought of protest gone, was about to make some response but Wendy’s open mouth closed over his her darting tongue seeking entry. As their tongues danced together she drew one of his hands to her breast and pressed his fingers round it.

As the kissed ended Wendy moved up slightly so that Colin could suck one of her nipples. As he took it into his mouth Wendy starting moaning, “You’re going to cum in me…I’ll make you cum in me.”

It took little effort for her to make him cum. Her legs wrapped round him more tightly she began short sharp movements over his penis and began making soft cries, “So good….so good…let it go darling…let it all go…put it in me…ah…oh my darling…ah…oh…oh God I’m coming…I’m coming…”

Buoyed by the water she was moving faster now and Colin had taken hold of her hips. Suddenly he cried out, “I love you…I love you…” and dragged her forcefully down onto him his full length in her as he shot the first spurt of his semen into her.

Wendy gave a wild cry, “Deeper…deeper…” as her orgasm took control of her.

Colin relentlessly poured his seed into her as he dragged her saturated convulsively clutching vagina over his sperm spewing penis.

Colin’s ejections ended but Wendy was still beating frantically over him as she sobbed, “Coming…still coming…stay with me…stay…”

Colin stayed until he felt her vagina relax round his length. Wendy sobbing quietly and with Colin’s penis still in her vagina leaned weakly against him. “Oh darling it’s been such a long time and that was so good, so beautiful,” and then impishly added, “That’s paid for the broken plate.”

Picking up her mood Colin kissed her softly on the lips and said, “Shall I go and break another plate?”

Wendy laughed weakly and said, “Do you really want to pay the price again?”

“You’ll end up with no plates at all,” Colin replied with mock seriousness.

“Perhaps we could dispense with the plates and just get on with doing what we want to do,” Wendy said.

She removed herself from him and Colin, the head of his penis still sensitive, he gasped as it passed over her pubic bone. Wendy stood but her legs seemed to give way under her and Colin had to support her.

“What have you done to me you beast?” she said, her voice tremulous.

“Not nearly as much as I’d like to do to you,” Colin replied, “But Damien might come…”

“No he won’t,” Wendy butted in quickly, “he’ll be far too busy.”

“Looking after plants?”

“Perhaps, but more likely he’s looking after Margaret.”

“Looking after Margaret?”

“Mmm, yes, in bed.”

“You mean she’s sick?”

“Yes and no.”

“Yes and no?”

The pair of them, they’re sick with love for each other.”

“You don’t mean that…that Damien and Margaret are lovers?”

“I mean exactly that my dear Colin, and what’s more she’s pregnant and Colin is daddy.”

“Damien has made Margaret pregnant, but she’s his aunt, he can’t…”

“Oh yes he can and he has. And so you’ll understand that it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing Damien for a while.”

His penis out of her vagina Colin’s sperm began to leak out of her, and rose to the surface of the water to make glutinous patches. Wendy plunged a finger into one of the patches and a strand of sperm clung to it. Holding it up in front of Colin she said, “Had it occurred to you that you might be a daddy too?”

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