Collar Me Ch. 03

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The next day Marcus woke up bright and early to the soft sounds of Kim sleeping next to him. As gently as he could manage, he slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom. His fingers found the light switch and flicked it on.

Marcus stared at himself in the mirror and groaned. Mornings were hard for him. His short light brown hair was sticking up in odd places. This was always his first hint to take a nice shower to get himself ready for the day. He closed the door silently and tip toed his way to the shower on the cold tile where he turned the nozzle and brought the shower to life. The hot water would feel more than refreshing to his skin and hair.

The last day had really taken it out of him. It was going to take him some time to get used to having his girlfriend as his pet. Other than the obvious sexual connotation that it left hanging in the balance, it sparked an incredible drive in him that he still felt unsure of.

Regardless of the fact that pet play was his most loved fetish he had never really had the chance to go all out with the scene. His last girlfriend had dabbled in it when they had both accidentally stumbled on it but she had left him high and dry when she decided half way through that it was stupid. Without wanting to bring up an argument he did what all men in his position would do. He agreed and swallowed the feelings he held about it deep in the darkness of his stomach.

Now that his girlfriend was opening up to the idea, he felt he could finally release what he had kept locked away for so long. The very idea of finally letting it out on the other hand left him horribly nervous. What if she pulled the same stunt that his last girlfriend had? He didn’t think he could take the disappointment again.

Could he really continue to bottle it up though?

Marcus sighed as he stepped into the awaiting warm water, “I doubt it.”

The water felt just as good as he had anticipated. It was soothing on his worn muscles. His powerful arms massaged his legs as he let the water run down his body. It prepared him for the shampoo and body wash that was soon to come. He then stood fully erect and the image of Kim on her back whimpering for him while fingering herself popped into his head.

Marcus’s cock immediately stiffened at the thought. She had looked so incredibly sexy. There was no way he was going to have a chance to resist her when she played the act out. At that moment he had felt like a stud dog looking at his mate that was in heat, anticipating the coming action.

Just then the door to the bathroom opened up and Kim walked in with her hair looking almost as distraught as Marcus’s had before he entered the shower. Her full breasts bounced as she stretched in front of the mirror and bid him good morning.

“Good morning, sweetheart” he replied back to her as he opened the bottle of shampoo and poured the liquid into his hand.

Marcus watched her through the clear glass of the shower as she undid the collar around her neck that she slept in and placed it on the countertop. Her hands rubbed her neck lovingly after the absence of its new favorite cover was felt. “Did you sleep well?” she asked.

“Yeah, I slept pretty good actually,” Marcus answered her as he lathered the shampoo into his hair trying to get it all in as deep as he could. He closed his eyes to make sure that none Nevşehir Escort of it gave him too abrupt of an awakening from his morning fog. The sound of Kim opening the shower door behind him alerted him to her presence in the shower with him.

As Marcus dunked his head under the showerhead he could feel a hand on his now completely rock hard cock, pumping it lightly.

“Oh, you’re so hard baby”

Marcus groaned happily under the pleasure of her hand. She knew exactly how to work the nerves over his cock. His hand shot up to the wall of the shower in front of him and he pleaded with her, “baby, please!”

Kim turned him around after letting go of his cock and stared him deep in the eyes. With all the new changes to their lives now that she was attempting to fulfill his fantasy, she could see him in a different light. His eyes seemed just a little more blue and lifelike. They were no longer filled with the sorrow that she knew lay dormant inside, tucked away to hide from the world. This new Marcus was one she was ready to take and make more of hers than anyone else ever had. The fact that she was so turned on by their pet play felt like a sign from God that they were meant to be together.

With her arms now wrapping their way around Marcus’s neck, she pulled herself up to his lips and laid hers on his. Electricity shot through her body as the kiss awakened her pussy. The nectar that flowed between her legs started to burn for the cock that she could feel pressed up against her lower stomach. She relaxed her lips and pulled away to whisper into his ear.

“Marcus, I want you to make love to me however you want. Don’t be afraid anymore. I’m not going to hate what you try- I promise.”

Marcus’s eyes scrutinized her face to see if there was any hint of a lie but they found none. Her face shown pure and he nodded to her. There was nothing like the love of a good woman to sooth the soul.

Slowly but ever so smoothly he released her arms around his hips and backed her up to the shower wall behind her. One of his hands was placed above her to the left on the wall and his right hand slid down her stomach to find her wet spot.

Kim closed her eyes and breathed out, relaxing under his power. His control over her drove her wild. Marcus moved his left hand to her hair and he gave it a good pull before lunging his lips and teeth for her neck.

“Oh God!” Kim cried out and consequently bit her lip hard. The indentation on her lip showed through her gritted teeth.

Marcus bit and sucked at her neckline as his fingers massaged her receptive clitoris tenderly. The sensitivity of the spot was always a dynamite area to hit on his map of her body as he roamed her every cavity. After about a minute of this he backed up and stood about a step away from her. She looked at him beckoning him to fuck her but he would not- not just yet.

“Turn around, puppy,” he ordered her.

Kim bit her lip. She enjoyed the power that he was now letting loose from his every whim. The thought of being ordered around and kept a little longer from her orgasm only seemed to further entice her to go with his moves.

“I said turn around.”

Kim finally turned around for him but did so a little slower than Marcus would have wanted. He readied his hand and gave her perfectly round ass a smack. She cringed and then released Nevşehir Escort Bayan the air that she had so hastily taken in at the sudden action.

“You’ll learn to obey my orders, puppy or you will find yourself to be in a much worse position than you would otherwise be in. I will treat you like my own as long as you are ready and able and will always be fair.”

Kim nodded in agreement and pushed her face further into the wall in front of her. She raised her ass as high as she could to allow him the use of his hand once more if he so chose. Bad puppies would be punished. This she understood to be the truth within the time it took for the sting to go away from her first smack.

Marcus got down on his knee under the showerhead and inspected her ready slit and asshole from his prime view.

“Your pussy is so sexy,” he complimented her and moved his tongue to it giving it a long sweep.

Kim moaned in agreement as his tongue pleasured her. He moved it up and down her slit over and over and her moans continued. The pleasure was immeasurable. Every ridge and bump on his tongue sent her further over the edge into sweet ecstasy. This change of pace was vastly to Kim’s delight due to the irregularity of his tongue on her snatch prior to her entrance into puppy play.

“Yes baby, more please!”

Marcus backed up and gave her ass another swoop over her right ass cheek.

“Puppies do not use words; we’ve been over this.”

The scolding put Kim right back into the right mind set as she centered her attention on her ass. It felt so good for it to sting like that after her pussy had been taking a good licking.

Marcus returned to licking her slit but this time he started to tongue the inside of her. His tongue lapped up all the juices it could find while simultaneously rubbing up against her g spot.

Kim struggled not to cry out words that she knew would describe the pleasure she now felt but her instincts told her not to. There was only one thing that Marcus would permit to come out of her mouth. She would have to whimper. And that’s exactly what she did.

It started out really soft as she tried to work her emotions up into it. She had to take all of the words that she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs and translate it into a louder whimper that filled their bathroom. As the time went on she built it up to the point where she thought the neighbors would call the police on them but she didn’t care. She was a dog now and the things that concerned humans no longer applied to her.

All she had to be subjected to now was the pleasure that her master, Marcus gave to her. It was so freeing and so amazing that she couldn’t help herself any longer. She pulled her pussy away from the tongue that probed it and pushed Marcus against the wall before getting on her hands and knees on the floor and lifting her ass up. Her pussy pleaded for him to mount her as she moaned the loudest whimper she could muster up inside of her.

“God, you look just like a dog in heat. It looks like you need a mate to mount you now.”

“Mhmmm,” Kim cried out and went back to whimpering. Her hand shot to her clit and started to violently massage it as she waited for Marcus to get down on his knees once again.

As Marcus came up to her from behind with his cock ready Kim screamed, “fuck Escort Nevşehir me like a dog! Please! Be my mate!”

Marcus’s cock immediately hardened to immeasurable solidity at the words that clawed their way out of his girlfriend’s mouth. With as much courage as he could conjure in his life he barked at her, making her whimper back the answer that he now understood would be the norm.

With his powerful legs, Marcus mounted her and slid his cock deep inside. A bark issued from his mouth once more and he began to whimper with his girlfriend as he pounded away at her insides.

As one, they continued to wiggle on the full size shower floor, imitating dogs that were mating for procreation. Kim looked forward from her low view and her eyes glazed over as she gave way to the animal that was inside of her. She barked, she whimpered, and she clawed at the floor. Nothing felt so incredible. She was actually a dog- a full-blown beast.

The two of them continued like this for minutes. They never missed a beat as Marcus’s cock entered and exited Kim’s pussy with such brute force that they could not be mistaken for anything other than what they now were. They joined the ranks of the beasts as they both inched closer to their own orgasms.

Marcus suddenly reared back and clenched Kim’s hips.

“I’m going to cum!” he roared.

“Me too! I’m cumming!” Kim screamed back at him while her body ravaged itself in full orgasm.

Finally Marcus slammed for the last time into her tight hole and filled her to the brink with his seed while howling.

Kim continued to whimper until Marcus removed his cock and let the collection of their sweet nectars slide happily out of her.

“That was- so good!” Kim swallowed and breathed out through troubled teeth.

Marcus laid his head back against the wall and ran his hand over Kim’s back as the water washed away the cum from her inner thighs.

“Marcus,” Kim tried at him.

“What is it?”

“I had a dream last night about all of this last night,” she answered him.

“Yeah? What happened in it?” he struggled to catch his breath.

Marcus stood up with his legs now weak and picked her up with him. His hands grabbed the body wash and poured it all over her body.

“In the dream I turned into a real dog. I had the ears, a collar, a tail, and fur. It was the most intense dream I’ve ever had. The morning in the dream I woke up and you kissed me while saying you wish that I would turn into your actual dog and as you did so I started to magically transform into one. Afterwards you walked me around the neighborhood and washed me in the bathtub and even fed me my dinner in the dog bowl that you bought for me. It was weird but it felt in an odd way like… home.”

Kim looked onward at Marcus as he lathered the body wash into her skin. His hands ran over her body not missing a single spot. Afterwards he moved her under the water of the showerhead and he lightly replied back to her.

“Maybe you were a dog in your past life. You never know, right?”

Kim nodded and after the wash had been removed from her now silky skin she kissed Marcus on the lips.

“I want to try it,” Kim admitted to him, looking at him with eyes that hinted no joke. The idea had been in her head from the moment she woke up. It was something that she knew she wanted to try.

“You want to become a dog?”

“Yes, I want to become a dog- your dog.”

Marcus grinned and thoughts ran through his head.

“I think I know just the things to pick up then. I’ll go pick them up today and then tonight we will try to do just that.”

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