College Days Ch. 08

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When I woke up she was gone. I slept so hard I didn’t even wake up when Collette rummaged around the room getting ready for the conference, I didn’t even hear the door as she left. The heavy, dark curtains were still closed, the room cloaked in darkness. It was nearly noon when I finally opened my eyes to the world.

My first thought was that it couldn’t have been real. It must have been a dream. Collette and I had decided to take things slowly between us and hadn’t gone beyond kissing and a little touching. It was just my pent up desire for her that triggered a dream that felt so real. About that time I noticed I was sleeping nude. I felt soft, moist skin between my legs. I remembered Collette’s delicate hands spreading lotion all over me. It was not a dream.

I could hardly believe we’d done that. I was so tired that night, when she cuddled up next to me in bed I wasn’t exactly thinking clearly. But Collette had been awake. What was she thinking? Why had she led me on all this time about taking it slow, only to whisk me away for 3 days in California and jump me the very first night. It didn’t make sense. Then again, it was exactly what I really wanted. Who was I to complain? Knowing Collette, we’d have a long talk about it later.

I showered and pondered, convinced it was real, but still feeling like it was a dream. Stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around me, I turned on the TV. The hotel channel noted it was actually a rather cool day, which I hadn’t expected. Being right next to the ocean, the cool wind from the Pacific was steadily blowing in keeping the temperatures in the low 70’s. I dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt, my shirt-tails left to hang over my belt. Collette wouldn’t be done with the conference until around five o’clock, so I found a place to get a cheap sandwich, then strolled down a paved walkway and sat on a bench near the ocean. As I ate, I watched squadrons of birds hover low over the water looking for a meal of their own. Done eating, I put my trash in a can and drifted around the shops in town before returning to a bench outside the hotel, watching the clouds and the birds over the ocean.

It was pretty relaxing. Nice to get out and see a place I’d never been before. It also gave me a lot of time to think.

Collette had been a bit upset about me messing around with Jen and Tammy together. She and Jen had made so many comments up to this point about how I could get a girlfriend; I guess I figured that it wouldn’t be a big deal. I was with Jen, after all, it’s not like I was off at a bar picking up strangers. This relationship was… I don’t know… odd?

Tammy was definitely pleasant on the eyes, but more than that, I liked Tammy. What I knew of her anyway, which was considerably limited. I’d probably only spent several hours with her altogether, and never just with her. Jen was invariably around anytime Tammy was over. I didn’t have a crush on Tammy – she was fun to hang out with and seemed to have a pleasant way about her – but I was very focused on my desire for Collette and Jen. I guessed it was probably a good idea to keep my interactions with Tammy to simple friendship and stay away from further compromising situations with her. I really had no intention of upsetting Collette, what happened just sort of happened. It wasn’t planned.

Collette. She and I had been so close for so long, and yet Jen was the one who leapt right into bed with me. Jen always had been more forward, almost childlike in comparison. Collette was the grown-up of the pair. She was the one holding down a good job, paying the bills, keeping the house in good repair. Collette was responsible and domestic. Jen was more like a kid with a new toy, and I was the toy. I didn’t mind being the toy, I loved Jen terribly. It was just different with her, less serious. While Collette and I first joked about getting married then later started talking seriously about it, I never had any such illusions with Jennifer. The idea of Jen settling down and getting married seemed laughable. She’d always be jumping from one obsession to the next, looking for the next cool thing. Jen would rather buy a new outfit than clean her own clothes. Collette scrubbed floors and washed laundry as though it were her life’s work sometimes, then scolded Jen and I if we didn’t keep the house the way she’d left it.

At 18, I hadn’t given much thought to long-term relationships, but realized in the last few days that, if I had an ideal mate, it was Collette. She knew me better than anyone, all my odd habits and mannerisms, my faults and shortcomings, yet… she loved me. She had known me since I was three, nearly my entire life. She’d kissed my scrapes and bruises, played with little green army men with me, even bathed and fed me from time to time, yet she loved me, not just as a little brother, but as a man.

I knew her just as well, and that’s why I was so in love with her. Warm, nurturing, emotionally grounded, Collette was the emotional rock in our family. She could be a vicious viper when someone she loved was threatened, but she was a gentle, purring cat nuzzling my bursa escort bayan neck when we were alone. She was incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and quirky. All that, combined with a surreal, intoxicating beauty that stopped my breath and started my engine whenever I laid eyes on her. As I sat there on the bench staring at the bay, I realized that I didn’t just love Collette, I was hopelessly, desperately in love with her, with everything about her. I would never be completely satisfied with anyone else.

Cool hands slipped from behind my head to cover my eyes. I had been lost in thought and was taken by surprise, startled until I felt warm, soft lips brush the nape of my neck. Of course, there was only one person in the entire state that even knew I existed, so I knew who it was. I felt a second warm kiss a little higher up, then a hot, breathy whisper in my right ear.

“Hey baby, how you doin’?” Collette said in as low a voice as she could muster. I laughed, remembering the line from Joey on the show ‘Friends’. It was a joke we had started using to greet each other for a while when I was in junior high and she had come home for the summer.

“I could really use a good meal, I’m starving!” I said, reaching up over me to hold her head and pull her closer to me “I haven’t eaten much since I got up at nearly twelve o’clock.” I pulled Collette into a smooth, full kiss as she stood over me. Collette slipped around the bench to sit next to me and cuddled up close.

“How did you know I was out here?” I asked, “Is it five thirty already?” Collette snuggled up against me in the cool salty breeze, her hands grasping mine, trying to warm up her fingers.

“The last seminar got out a little early,” She kissed my cheek, “I went out to the lobby, looked through the windows to the bay, and saw this amazing guy out there! I went to go hit on him, but he seems to have disappeared…”

I gently punched her shoulder with my free hand.

“Yeah, I saw this hot babe across the street when I walked out of the hotel this morning, but she was gone by the time I could get through the traffic to attack her with my boyish charm.” I retorted.

Collette pinched me.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed with a smile, “You’d better watch out, sis, I’m stronger than you! And I know just how to get you.”

“Ooo, maybe you’ll pin me down later… I might like that!” She cooed, returning my smile.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” I asked, liking where the conversation was going. “Maybe I should carry you up to our room right now and show you who’s boss?”

“Tempting, but maybe later, I’m hungry too.” Collette stood up and pulled my arm to get me to follow her, “Let’s go find some good food, you can pin me down and torture me later!”

I got up and we started walking down the paved path to find a restaurant called the “Old Bath House”. One of her friends at the conference had suggested it as a good, quiet place for a meal. I held Collette’s hand in mine as we strolled along the bay and watched all the people walking and roller-blading around us. By the time we got to the restaurant, the temperature had dropped a few more degrees and Collette was cuddled up tightly against me, her arms around my back and chest, my right arm around her shoulder. I loved the feeling of her close to me, it felt safe, secure, and even a bit of a turn-on, given our recent encounter.

As soon as we stepped into the restaurant I knew I was out of my financial league. It was a much nicer restaurant than I had imagined. We were seated at a table by the window, overlooking the bay. A lighted candle on the white cotton tablecloth put a warm glow on Collette’s pretty face, I loved staring into that face. The whole room was rather dim, making the whole place seem intimate. When I looked at the prices on the menu, I decided I was in trouble.

“Collette, I’m not sure I can afford to eat here.” I said cautiously. Collette tilted back her menu to look up at me with her brilliant green eyes. Butterflies attacked my stomach just meeting her gaze, she was so beautiful.

“Mark, my food is going to be expensed, and I can pay for yours. Don’t worry, just enjoy yourself.” She went back to reading her menu. I continued staring at her, watching her eyes as they scanned the menu, the way her hair cascaded down her neck, the noble curve of her nose, the full, luscious lipped that I longed to kiss once more. God she was gorgeous.

At the same time, I was trying to figure out whether I should feel grateful or embarrassed. On the one hand, she was my sister, it’s not such an odd thing for a sister to buy dinner for her brother. On the other hand, we were now much more than siblings. I was raised to be pretty traditional, and it just didn’t feel right, this meal was pretty much a date, I felt like I should be paying for it. Oh well, I’d been eating her groceries for 2 weeks, though I’m sure our parents had given her money to help cover expenses. I sucked up my pride and looked through the menu, stealing glances at her from time to time. I made sure to order something that wasn’t on the gorukle escort high side of the price list.

Of course, we were at a restaurant overlooking a bay, so we both ordered seafood. I had grilled tuna, Collette ordered salmon, along with a bottle of red wine. It was great food, but sharing it with Collette was the real treat for me. It was so nice to have her all to myself. We stared out the window at the ocean making small talk as we waited for our food and grazed on the bread and butter the waitress had brought to our table.

“You’re like a little kid in a candy shop.” Collette said after several minutes.

“What do you mean?” I asked, noticing how gracefully her lips moved when she talked, and the gentle curve of her chin down to her elegant, smooth neck. I couldn’t wait to get my lips back to her neck later on.

“You keep looking at me like a special treat that you can only see behind the glass case.” She said, “You know, you’ll get to reach in and take some candy soon!” My heart jumped at that comment. I so badly wanted the candy right then and there.

Collette laughed, “It’s not like I’m playing hard to get!”

“I’m just waiting for my next chance to smother you with kisses and hold you close to me. I can’t wait!”

We were interrupted by the waitress bringing our food. We thanked her and dug into our meals, neither of us had eaten for several hours.

“I think the waitress has a crush on you.” Collette said mid-meal, smiling across her half-eaten filet of pink fish.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, totally unaware of whatever it was she had noticed.

“Are you telling me you didn’t notice how she smiles at you? How her eyes brighten up when she talks with you? For the love of God, she even did a hair-flip for you when she turned to take your order. If it was any more obvious she’d be drooling down your neck by now!”

“I only have eyes for you.” I said, sweetly as I could muster.

“Would you like some wine with your cheese?” She sneered, then actually did pick up the bottle and pour it into my glass.

“You know I’m too young to drink.” I said nervously, glancing around to see if anyone noticed. Collette winked.

“As long as you don’t advertise it, no one’s going to ask.” She said, “Now stop looking like you’re a criminal back from the bank with a bag of money!”

“But I am!” I said quietly. She gave me a light kick under the table.

“Quit acting like you’ve never sneaked a drink before,” She said, “it’s not like you haven’t been drinking at my house anyway.” Collette took a sip of her wine.

“Ok,” I replied, “Changing the subject…” I hesitated, I wasn’t really sure how to broach the topic, “what exactly happened last night? I thought we were… you know… taking things slow?”

Collette actually blushed, “Well,” she smiled over at me while scooping a piece of fish with her fork, “I guess I just got a little carried away.”

“Carried away” I raised my eyebrows, “I think that’s a bit of an understatement!”

Collette lowered her voice, “I was actually hoping you’d follow me into the shower last night, but I know you were really tired. I did my best, though, I even got naked in the bathroom with you! And I saw you looking in the mirror!”

“Sorry,” I said, my voice quiet as well, “I was really tired, and, truthfully, it didn’t even occur to me that it might be ok with you. You do remember how we were taking it slow?” I emphasized.

“So you want me to back off?” She asked, faking a pout.

“Of course not! I was just… surprised, that’s all.”

“Well, maybe it’s time to take it a little less slow.” Collette mused, “Mark, I can’t stand it anymore. I love you, I want you, and remembering how… nice… you look outside of your clothes… I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve been wanting to do that and so much more ever since that first night we made out on the couch the other week.”

I was surprised. I thought she was the responsible one in this relationship. She’s the one who convinced me to slow down, that it wasn’t the right time. She’s the one who tried to help me not be overly excited about sleeping in bed next to her each night without any sort of release. Now it turns out she was just as frustrated as I was? Go figure.

“I think this will be an interesting evening.” Was all I said. We both bust up laughing. The people at the tables next to us looked over to see what the joke was, then went back to their meals none the wiser.

We chatted casually about various things through the rest of the meal, then held hands over the table while we continued talking after the dishes had been cleared away. We weren’t talking romantically or anything, it just felt nice to be touching, to be together. We ordered a single piece of cheesecake with strawberries and decaf coffee after the meal, then fenced with our forks over who would get the last few bites. It was very comfortable, very casual, and I was having a lot of fun just being with my favorite person.

We walked briskly back to the Hotel as the sun was setting, bursa merkez escort bayan arm in arm. The air was getting even cooler and Collette wanted to get into the warmth as soon as possible. When we finally got through the door to our room she slammed it shut behind us and jumped on me, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips, laughing and thrusting her lips boldly onto mine. I felt her cold hands on my neck and shivered a little bit, but enjoyed the rush of passion and desire as we kissed against the closed door.

“Take me to the bathroom,” She said into my ear, “I want to get into that Jacuzzi-tub and warm up!”

Collette locked her lips on my neck while I awkwardly carried her into the bathroom and set her down on the counter-top. She kept her legs wrapped tightly around me and started unbuttoning my shirt from the top down. At the same time, I began working the buttons of her blouse, feeling the excitement each time my hands brushed her lovely firm breasts. Butterflies were making hurricanes in my stomach. This was going to be it. We were finally alone.

As Collette pulled the shirt from my shoulders, her mouth met my chest, sucking a nipple between her warm, liquid lips. She laughed into my skin as I struggled to get her shirt off, physically having to pull her arms away from me as I fought to get her blouse off her arms.

“Watch out or I might bite!” She said, gently nibbling on my nipple.

“You watch out, or I’ll bite back!” I warned playfully, “Don’t make me pin you down!”

I managed to get her shirt off and started working on the clasp of her bra, not a small feat while she was busy exploring my entire front side with her lips and tongue. Without warning, she sat up and reached behind her own back with a coquettish grin, undoing the clasp herself and tossing her bra to the floor.

“Enough!” She said, “I’m too cold, go start running the hot water!”

I obeyed as she jumped off the counter, kicked off her shoes, then took down her pants and panties all at once as I walked to the tub. Collette came up behind me and unzipped my jeans, pulling them down along with my briefs to my ankles before realizing my shoes would need to come off first. She knelt behind me while I struggled with the knobs to adjust the water temperature and tried to lift my foot so she could remove my shoe.

“Did I ever tell you you have a really nice ass?” Collette said, planting a kiss on my right butt cheek.

“Did I ever tell you ‘ya got a real purty mouth?” I shot back, lifting my feet one at a time so she could wedge off my shoes before getting my pants off of my ankles. Collette laughed and gave me a pat on the butt after she tossed my shoes aside.

Both of us completely naked now, I couldn’t help but turn and stare, completely unashamed that my manhood was sticking straight out like a lightpost between us, suddenly, I just didn’t care anymore. I guess I just no longer had any inhibitions with Collette. I looked her body up and down, appreciating it as if for the first time, relishing the curves of her hips and breasts, the neatly trimmed public hair, the slim hourglass shape of her figure.

Noticing what I was doing, Collette jutted out one hip and pushed out her chest, striking a pose.

“What do you think?” She asked, smiling at me with her whole being.

“I think I just died and went to heaven.” I said in a near whisper, “I think you are the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on.” Collette turned and pushed her ass out toward me, her long auburn hair cascading down her slightly arched back as she leaned forward and shoved her hips back, giving me yet another fantastic view.

“What about this side?” She asked mischievously, waiting for another compliment.

“If you stand that way much longer, you might start to feel some bumping sensations…” I laughed, then ran my hand up the back of her thigh and tracing it up the smooth round curves of her toned ass and hips.

“Ok, I’m still cold…” She said, turning to face me “do you have that bath ready yet?”

“Yeah, I noticed you were cold!” I said, gently grasping a breast with my hand and slowly massaging an erect nipple between my thumb and index finger. The water wasn’t very deep yet, just a few inches, but Collette brushed me aside and climbed in anyway. I climbed in after her and we cuddled up together as the hot water kept rising. The tub was a good size for two people, this was obviously its intended purpose. We kissed passionately, stroking each other’s bodies while we waited for the tub to finish filling. I felt like bursting, not just with an orgasm, but with the pure joy of finally being so intimate with Collette.

Collette was still shivering, goose bumps climbing up her beautiful chest. I loved the way her nipples hardened and stood out proudly from her large breasts. Nevertheless, I grabbed the shower attachment and turned it on, then sprayed warm water over her body to help warm her up. Collette cooed with satisfaction at finally getting warm. I left the water running between us as I brought her face to mine and we continued kissing, her hand gently stroking my chest, my abdomen, then reaching down and gently, slowly stroking my aching erection. The water slowly filled the tub around us as we explored each other’s bodies with our hands, grasping here, stroking there, I wanted to feel every inch of her at once.

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