College Girl Sells Dirty Panties

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College kids agree to exchange panties for a skiing vacation

The fetish of buying and selling women’s underwear gets our story going, but there’s more. In a “Kids just want to have fun” way, our six young people go on a skiing trip and have lots of sex with a variety of partners. All characters are over 18.

^^^December 27th^^^

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

A naked, young woman named Amanda cried out in rhythm with every thrust of her partner’s steely cock. Steve, an ex-boyfriend from high school, was banging the blond, college freshman utilizing the missionary position.

The fit young man with brown eyes and curly brown hair was also a college freshman and also naked. His muscular arms were straight. That kept his weight off the petite woman and allowed him to see the expression on her pretty face. Her little boobs barely jiggled as he drove into her.

The two twenty-year-olds had dated in high school. She thought they broke up because they were accepted at different colleges and neither thought a long distance relationship would work.

He was glad to let her think that. It made their breakup easier and amicable. He had grown weary of her mercurial nature. She would be happy one minute and sad or angry the next. Anything and everything set her off.

He hadn’t given her a pass because she was beautiful. She wasn’t.

She was pretty, barely. If her lips were skinnier, they’d be non-existent. If her eyes were smaller, she would appear to be squinting all the time. If her nose were pointier, the end would be sharp. Her super fit body and stylish, shaggy blond hairdo kept her from crossing the line between pretty and plain.

He had put up with her volatile behavior in high school because he was grateful. He was shy and she was the first woman who’d let him go all the way. He felt he owed her some loyalty for taking his virginity.

Steve and Amanda were back in their hometown during winter break from college. They’d bumped into each other, got to talking, drank some beers, and ended up in bed together.

“Ohhh. You’re so tight,” Steve exclaimed while they screwed.

“Do me doggie-style,” she ordered. “In high school, sometimes your dick rubbed my G-spot. Let’s see if it happens again.”

“Okay, but only because I want to see your great ass!”

The ex-lovers rearranged themselves.

“Ohhh! Fuck!” Amanda cried out as he plunged into her.

“Ohhh! Amazing!” Steve hollered as he thrust inside her.

They rutted. It was raw. Primal. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. He felt powerful and in control.

Amanda would’ve denied it, but part of the appeal to her of doggie-style was that it was a submissive position. She felt vulnerable. There was no eye contact. She often was passive and allowed men to use her as Steve was doing, He slammed into her going in deep, hard, and fast. This appealed to her in a kinky way.

Steve reached around and groped her petite breasts. Then he pulled a long, hard nipple.

“Fuck!” she hissed. “Do that again,” she begged.

He tweaked her other nipple.

“Oh, God!” she cried and took a deep breath to recover from the assault.

Steve smiled. He’d been with her enough to know that she enjoyed rough nipple play. He slid his hand down to her clit and he rubbed the swollen nub. “Time to get her off,” he said to himself. He played with her clit until she screamed and came.

“Oh! Oh! Yes!” She cried out loud enough for their friends in the next room to hear.

He felt her pussy clamp down on his penis. Her body went rigid. He pulled his hand away from her vagina, knelt tall behind her, and slapped her ass hard. Then, he repeatedly drove in. Deep. Until he lost it and dumped his load.

She shoved her ass back into him as he came. She didn’t know why, but for some reason, it felt good to push herself into him as he came and accept all his jism.

They fell on their sides. They were sweaty and happy and they gasped for air.

After they’d recovered, he tenderly kissed the shaggy-haired blond and said, “That was amazing.”

She smiled and purred, “I was thinking the same thing.”


(10 p.m. December 28)

“You cheating bastard! ” Amanda shouted. The short, blond cursed her old high school boyfriend. She knocked his glass over and spilled cold beer onto his lap.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Steve called out. He stood to avoid having all the liquid soak his pants. The woman sharing his table scooted her chair back to avoid the mess.

“Who’s Miss Big Tits?” Amanda demanded to know. Her face was an angry snarl.

“This is why I broke up with you,” Steve said. “I never knew which Amanda was going to show up. Last night it was the sweet, friendly version. Tonight it’s the jealous, bitchy one. What’s next? Spiteful? Combative? “

Amanda’s jaw was clenched. Her brow was low. She was still angry. She shouted, “How am I supposed to behave? Last night, you had sex with me and tonight you’re chatting up this pretty girl.”

Everyone in the room heard bursa escort their row and was staring at Steve and Amanda. Most of these folks were people who had gone to high school with them.

“Damn it! Amanda, enough!” Steve complained. He surveyed the damage. His pants were wet. It looked like he’d peed himself.

“It’s shit like this that caused me to break up with you. I’m not cheating on you. We’re not even in a relationship. Last night was just two people who used to date hooking up!”

The attractive, young woman who was at his table stood and said, “Hello, my name is Taylor. I’m Steve’s cousin.” The tall, buxom, brown-haired twenty-two-year-old smiled.

“Oh. Fuck. I . . . I,” Amanda stammered. Her face blushed red.

“We’re kissing cousins,” Taylor elaborated. “We’re related, I’m just not sure how. We’re not first cousins. Maybe third?” She extended her hand.

The embarrassed woman shook the young woman’s hand and stammered, “Sor . . . Sorry. I really screwed the pooch. I assumed you were on a date.”

Sally, a fellow classmate who’d never liked Amanda, piped up and said, “That’s our Amanda. She can’t help herself. She jumped to the conclusion that Steve was two-timer her because she’s insecure and Taylor is prettier than her.”

The room fell quiet. The comment was harsh. Many were unsure of the first statement, but there was no doubt about the second half. Taylor was taller, better looking, and better dressed. She was a beautiful woman wearing designer clothing.

Compared to Taylor, Amanda looked like a high school girl. She was 5′ 2″, seven inches shorter than Taylor. She looked okay in her white corduroy pants, a dark sweater, and a colorful scarf. It was a coordinated outfit she’d bought at The Gap. Altogether, it cost around $100.00. It was a cute outfit for a cute girl.

No one would call Taylor a girl. She had wonderful, long legs and she was three cups sizes bigger than Amanda. There was no doubt, she was a woman. A beautiful, stylish woman.

She had on expensive, leather, knee-high boots that accentuated her legs. High waisted, black, Halston Heritage, wool blend pants emphasized her slender waist and the open chest, mohair sweater showed a generous portion of her large, tanned breasts. Costly, gold jewelry hung from her ears and neck.

Ronny, whose house the get together was at, ran over with a handful of paper towels and mopped up the beer on the table. He said, “I see we had a visit from ‘Wicked Amanda’.” He laughed. Steve and Taylor smiled. Amanda gave him a dirty look.

Amanda looked at Taylor and Steve. She said, “Sorry.”

Taylor smiled and said, “No problem. Want to join us?”

“Thanks.” Amanda took an empty chair.

Billie, a tall, good-looking, athletic, young man, walked over to the table. He only had eyes for the voluptuous brunette. He gave her his best smile and said, “Steve, introduce me to your cousin.”

Steve chortled and said, “Taylor, this shy guy is Billie.”

Another couple joined them. Steve and the pair exchanged salutations and then he said, “Taylor, these are more friends from my high school days.”

He pointed to a solidly built, black haired, blue eyed woman and said, “This is Gail and the blond, mass of muscle beside her, is Gary. They’ve been boyfriend/girlfriend since the first day of high school.”

The short, stocky, blond-haired guy shook hands with Taylor. He said, “It was love at first sight. I saw Gail on the first day of our freshman year and I knew she was the one for me.”

“That’s so cute,” Taylor responded. She also shook hands with Gail. She instantly like them. They were attractive and had a friendly demeanor. Gail was a thick woman with curves. Her muscular thighs and a large, round ass really filled out her jeans. She was sexy. Hot.

The young adults sat around Ronny’s dining room table, drank, talked, and observed the other party goers in the adjacent living room. The discussion turned to life at college.

Steve said, “Shower shoes are a must. The floors in the bathroom and showers are disgusting. God only knows what creepy crawlers are growing in the filth.”

“God! Yes,” Gail agreed. “Another thing I noticed was that not everyone has the same standard of personal hygiene as me. People cough without covering their mouths. They chew without closing their pie holes and they use the bathroom and don’t wash their hands!”

Everyone nodded. Billie said, “I learned that the laundry room is like a war zone. It’s every man for themselves. People steal your clothes. They think nothing about pulling your shit out of the washer and leaving it in a wet pile on the machine.”

“Yeah,” they all agreed.

Gary said, “College has its issues, but home does too. It’s a pain in the butt being home and under my parents’ supervisor after having enjoyed my independence at college.”

Steve agreed, “I love my family. I’ve enjoyed seeing them again and eating my mom’s cooking, but it’s stifling to be back at home and having to follow their rules. It’d be bursa ucuz eskort great if we could go could go away on a skiing trip or something.”

That led to a discussion of how cash-strapped they were. They commiserated about not having much money. Taylor chimed in, “Yes. What a pain.”

Amanda said in a bitchy manner, “You seemed to be doing okay. You’re wearing designer boots and gold jewelry. How do you afford it?”

“I’m an entrepreneur.”

Expressions of surprised appeared on everyone’s faces.

“What do you do? Could I do it?” Gail asked.

“Yes,” Taylor answered with a sly smile.

“How about me?” Billie asked.

“No,” she answered with a smirk on her face.

Billie was surprised by her answer. He asked, “Why not?”

“I don’t think anyone would want to buy your underwear. Apparently, lots of guys

are willing to pay good money for mine.”

The group was stunned and speechless. Steve broke the silence. “You’re kidding, right?”

“No. I sell my panties. It’s easy. It doesn’t interfere with my classes and the money is good.”

The group gave her a strange look. She added flippantly, “It also makes doing my laundry easier!”

The group was quiet. Taylor challenged them. “What’s the big deal? No one gets hurt. I’m not having sex with them. I never even meet my customers. We chat by e-mail. I send them a picture of me wearing the panties. Then, if they want to, they buy them. No one knows my real name or ever see my face.”

“What do you call yourself?” Billie asked intrigued.

” ‘Sweet T'”, Taylor said. “It’s based on my name, the word ‘sweetie’ and, well, you know, the aroma of my panties. It’s a win-win situation. I get money and my customers get what they ask for.”

“What does that mean?” Amanda asked. “What do they ask for?”

“Some guys like a particular style of panties. Others, want me to wear them for 24 or 48 hours. Some ask that I give them panties I wore to a workout in the gym or that I’ve masturbated in. Others want underwear I wore during my period.”

Taylor was not ashamed of what she did. She stood, rolled her hips provocatively, looked from guy to guy, and purred in a sexy voice, “Guys, would you like to see my underwear?”

Gail laughed at the lustful look in the young men’s eyes. She said, “Of course, they would. Damn! Look at you, Sweet T. You’re so hot I want to see your underwear!”

The group laughed. The awkwardness of the situation evaporated.

Taylor said, “Cousin, you mentioned going skiing. One of my customers has a condo at a ski resort a couple of hours away. He’s offered to let me use it in the past in exchange for my dirty undies.”

“Do you think he’d let us all go?” Steve said. “I need a vacation from my parents.”

“That’d be great,” Gail seconded. “How about tomorrow?”

The others murmured in agreement. Some wanted to ski. All of them wanted to party. Billie saw it as his chance to hook up with Taylor.

“I can ask Franklin,” Taylor said. She got out her phone, typed in a message, and hit send.

Less than a minute later, she got a response. Taylor read it and said, “He says the condo is unoccupied. He’s asking how many people want to come. How many are women and when? Does everyone want to go? Tomorrow?”

They all nodded or said “Yes.”

Taylor answered his e-mail. She spoke as she typed, “Six people. Three females. Arriving tomorrow.” Then she sent it.

Franklin responded. Taylor read it out loud. “Okay. In exchange for room, board, ski rentals, and lift tickets for six. I want pics and two pairs of underwear from each the women daily. I will ask for ‘specials’, but nothing that different than the requests you have agreed to in the past. Deal?”

Taylor smiled at her new acquaintances and asked, “Is this a go?”

All the guys said, “Yes.”

“I don’t know,” Amanda hedged. “It’s creepy knowing some guy will be sniffing my panties.”

To herself, she said, “I’m not keen on the idea of some weirdo smelling my dirty underwear, but I’ll be with Steve. The sex the other night was good. Maybe if he spends more time with me, we’d be a couple again. I’m so tired of giving it up to frat boys who forgot my name and lose my phone number after banging me.”

Gail said, “Come on. Let’s do it. It’ll be fun. I’ve been there. It’s an upscale resort with great skiing. Is this that different from flashing some boob to get a guy to buy you a drink?”

Amanda still had concerns. She turned to Taylor and asked, “What are ‘specials’? Am I going to have to do weird stuff?”

“No. The things he asks for, are things we already do,” she answered. “He wants panties that we wear doing everyday activities: running, working out, sleeping. That sort of stuff. He’s not expecting a video of you masturbating in public or starring in a gangbang.”

“And he won’t know who I am or see my face?”

“That’s right.”

“Okay, but I don’t have an unlimited supply of underwear,” Amanda said.

Taylor bursa anal yapan escort said, “I’ll go to the mall and get underwear for everyone. You can give me your sizes later. I’ll text him and tell him we want to come tomorrow.” She sent the message. She quickly received a response. “He says he’ll contact the resort managers and let them know we’re coming as soon as we send him some panty pics.”

“I’ll take them,” Gary volunteered. He pulled out his phone.

“Thanks, but we’ll use my phone,” Taylor said. She handed her phone to Gary. “I have Franklin’s contact info on my phone. He’d freak if he got a pics from any other phone than mine.”

Steve looked around the room and spotted their host. He waved to get his attention and said, “Hey Ronny, can we use your bedroom to take some photos?”

“Sure. If it turns into an orgy, I get sloppy seconds,” Ronny said and laughed. He pointed down the hall and added, “It’s that way.”

Taylor crooked her finger and everyone followed her to the bedroom. Steve was the last one to enter the room. He shut the door.

“Gary,” Taylor asked, “if the three of us lean over the footboard of the bed, can you get all of us in the picture?”

“I think so.”

Amanda said, “We only need one of the guys to take the photograph. Are we going to let all of them stay?”

“I don’t mind,” Taylor said.

“Amanda,” Gail said. “It’s not like we are getting naked. For God’s sake. Stop being such a bitch!”

The women gathered by the end of the bed. Taylor undid her belt and asked, “Ready?”

Gail giggled and said, “Yes.” She unbuckled her belt and pulled her skin tight jeans down. She had on cotton briefs that were covered with images of pink kittens.

Amanda said, “Sure.”

She quickly undid her corduroy pants and pushed them down to her ankles. She was wearing colorful boyshorts. She leaned over the bed and stuck out her tight, fine ass.

The boys smiled.

Taylor shimmied out of her pants. She bent over the bed and exposed a great ass and a sexy, black thong. Her butt looked so delicious all the guys want to bury their nosed in it.

Gail joined the other woman and leaned over and displayed her big bottom.

The guys stood and stared at the asses in front of them. Gail giggled again. She was feeling naughty and sexy. She glanced back at the guys and saw that they were mesmerized by the view in front of them. She said, “If your friend is anything like these guys, he’ll like this picture.”

“Enough staring. Take the photo,” Amanda ordered.

Gary took the picture. The women stood and turned around. He showed it to Taylor and asked, “Will this do?”

“Yes. Now take an individual photo of us. A close-up. Front and back.”

The women took turns posing. Gary snapped a picture from less than a foot away of their panty-clad pussies and asses. His dick grew hard and dented his pants.

The women dressed. Everyone checked out the pics. Taylor said, “These are great.” The snaps were sent off.

A minute later, Taylor received a text. She read it out loud, “Beautiful photos. I look forward to more. Go to the front desk. Ask for Roger or Thomas. They are expecting you tomorrow. They tell me the skiing is great. Enjoy!”

“That’s great news,” Gail said. “I’m going home to pack.”

“Who is this guy?” Amanda asked. “Is this offer for real?

“Franklin’s one of my best and oldest clients. He was money. He’s a successful computer programmer.”

“If he’s rich and successful,” Amanda asked, “why is he buying your dirty underwear? Why doesn’t he have a real girlfriend?”

Billie teased her and said, “What? Are you volunteering?”

She gave him a hard look.

Taylor said, “He’s shy. He says he’s not confident enough to date women.”

Taylor’s phone pinged. She looked at it and said, “I have another message from Franklin.”

She opened it, read it, and smiled. She said to the group, “Franklin’s asking if we want to sweeten the deal.”

Gary asked, “How? We had a place to stay, food to eat, and we can ski as much as we want.”

“The deal is room and board. It doesn’t include alcohol,” Taylor explained.

“We could bring some beer,” Billie offered.

Taylor said, “He’s offering an unlimited bar stocked with beer, wine, and liquor.”

“What’s the catch?” Amanda asked.

“To get free drinks, we’d need to send him individual photos of the everyone nude. And the daily ‘specials’ can now include short videos us creaming our panties while having sex. All faces will be excluded. To get the free alcohol we need to send six nude photos today.”

A hush fell over the group, but not for long. Billie piped up, raised his hand, and said, “I’ll do it.”

“Me too,” Taylor said. She gave Billie a big smile.

Gary turned to girlfriend and asked, “What about it, Gail? The trip’s a sweet deal and free booze would elevate it to awesome. No one will know it’s us. Still, it’s a lot to ask. If it’s too much, I’ll understand if you say no.”

Gail hugged the big man. She wrapped her arms around his thick neck, kissed him, and said, “For a great vacation and an unlimited bar, I’d fuck you in front of your mother and father. I’m in. We are going to be to having sex anyway, so why not?” She giggled and asked, “Can I get a copy of the tapes, Sweet T?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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