Coming of Age and Coming Out

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Cathy and Tammy have been living together for two years, since they both finished high school. They had to keep it a secret for many reasons, but mostly they were afraid what their friends and especially their family would think.

They had a crush on each other the first year of high school, but didn’t act on it until their senior year. They lived in Birmingham, Alabama, in the deep religious south, where homosexuality was frowned upon.

Cathy grew up here in Birmingham, spending her whole life not going more than one hundred and fifty miles from Birmingham.

Tammy was different, she was Hispanic and grew up in San Francisco, moving her at the beginning of her first year of high school, and Cathy was the first friend she ever made.

They both had nice jobs, they were lucky; both companies each one worked for supported the gay and lesbian community, a rarity for the Deep South.

Their lives were great, except they had to live in secret, afraid of what the neighbors, friends, and their families would think. Tammy wasn’t really concerned about her family much, but a part of her was afraid to tell them.

Both of their parents knew about the other and had met them many times, but their parents and friends only thought they were best friends. They knew they lived together, but not as lovers, but as friends sharing an apartment to save money.

One night, after a long day at work, they were on the couch cuddling and watching a chick flick they both loved, Tammy said, “We should tell our parents and friends the truth about us. I am tired of living a secret life.”

Cathy just sat there and watched the movie; she was trying to ignore what Tammy said. They had this conversation many times, and it all ended the same way, with a big argument.

Tammy persisted with it and finally Cathy said, “I love you very much, but you know how I feel about this. I am tired of living in secret, living a lie. I can deal with my friends, even my job, they wouldn’t care much, and even if they did, I would get over it. My family is another thing, I have no idea how they would react, and you know they are super religious.”

Tammy replied, “I know, just think about it. It would so much easier if everybody knew. I know we would have to move if the neighborhood found out, but all of this will make us stronger.

Cathy and Tammy didn’t speak about it the rest of the night, Cathy knew Tammy was right, about everything; she was just scared that everything they have could be destroyed and she would lose Tammy over it all.

They went to bed and held each other while they slept. Cathy tossed and turned all night, the thought of coming out to everyone weighed heavy on her mind.

The next morning at breakfast, Tammy was eating her morning toast, Cathy sat down at the table, and she sipped her coffee and said out of the blue, “You’re right, we should tell everyone about us, and it should be done soon.”

Tammy almost gagged on her toast, she was not expecting that. She looked across the table and said, “How about this weekend, Saturday, you can go to your parents, and I will go to mine, and we will deal with the fallout Sunday.”

Cathy smiled, she got up and gave Tammy a kiss on bursa eskort bayan her forehead and said, “That sounds like a plan, I am still scared this will all blow up on us.”

Tammy got up, she held Cathy close and said, “I promise you, if this blows up on us, we will pick up the pieces together.”

Cathy smiled; she kissed and gave Tammy a big hug before heading off to work. Tammy realized it was getting late; she threw her dishes in the sink and headed out herself.

They both called their parents and set it all up for Saturday night since they both had to work that morning. I would be a long day for both of them since they won’t see each other from breakfast until late that night after the talk to their parents.

Saturday came and they both headed out to work, they kept sending each other text messages of support all day.


Cathy drove from work at a large international publishing company to her parent’s house. It was a twenty minute drive with traffic. As she pulled into her parent’s driveway, she was scared as hell as to how they would react. She wished Tammy was here to comfort her and give her support, but she knew it was best she didn’t come with her, her day had a violent temper when he got angry.

All through dinner, Cathy couldn’t sit still, her parents knew it was something big she had to tell and tired to pry it out of her during dinner.

After a long and usually quiet dinner, her parents John and Mary, followed her into the family room and all sat down in the chairs, her parents were sitting directly across from her.

Cathy took a deep and started by saying, “Mom, dad, I have something to say and I know you won’t like it, but I hope you will understand.

Her parents looked at her and her mom said, “Its ok dear, whatever it is, and you can tell us. Let me guess you lost your job, didn’t you.”

She looked at her dad who had a confused look on his face, she looked at her mom and said, “Mom, dad, this is not about my job.” She took another deep breath and continued, “As you know, Tammy and I have been sharing a place for two years now.”

Her mom interrupted and said “No, is Tammy okay? Did something happen to her? Tell her we will keep her in our prayers and ask the church to pray for her.”

Cathy knew this was going to be a lot harder and not good, she continued, “NO mom, Tammy is fine, we are best friends, but also more, we are lovers and we are both lesbians.”

Cathy was in a way relieved that it was finally out, but she could she her dad was about to explode, and explode is what he did.”

Her dad stood up and yelled, “What the hell are you saying. We raised you to be a good Christian. You know God hates fags and you will burn in hell for this.”

Her mom didn’t say a word for several minutes, she finally said, “Now John, let me handle this.” Her mom looked at Cathy and continued, “Cathy, you know how the church feels about this. What did we do wrong? We raised you to know better. What about children? You need to find a nice man, marry him and have children. How bursa merkez escort are you going to have children now?”

Cathy was upset; she knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Before she could respond, her father started again saying, “We raised you, fed you, gave you shelter, and you do this to us as repayment. You are nothing but a whore, and you know what the bible says happens to whores. What do you think the pastor and the congregation at the church will say?”

Cathy looked at her father and replied, “Tammy is not whore, neither am I. She is more loving and caring than you two hypocrites. All you are worried about is what the pastor and the church congregation will think; you both don’t give a shit about me. I love Tammy and I know God loves me.”

Her mother was about to reply, but her father cut her off and said, “How dare you speak like that in this house.” I could see he wanted to backhand me, but he just stood there and continued, “Get out of this house and don’t ever come back. As far as we are concerned, you are dead to us.”

Cathy ran out of her parent’s house crying. She drove off with her tires squealing and leaving a mark on the driveway. She drove to a nearby gas station and dialed Tammy on her cell phone.


Tammy drove up to her parent’s house near the automotive factory where she worked in the main office. Her parents greeted with smiled and they sat down to dinner.

During dinner they all caught up on what was happening in their lives, it had been several months since she visited them, due to the high volume of paperwork she had at the office.

After her parents caught her up on what was going on with the family, Tammy thought it was time to pop the news. She looked across the dinner table and said, “Dad, mom, I have something to tell you, a secret I have been keeping. “

Her parents looked at each other and her dad said, “What is it? You know we don’t keep secrets in this family, now spit it out.”

Tammy took a deep breath, she knew Cathy would have a rough time and hoped this went over good, finally she replied, “Cathy and I are more than best friends, we are both lesbians.”

Her parents looked at each other in a way that Tammy didn’t know what to expect. Her father stood up and went into the other room and her mother said, “Help me clear the table dear.”

My mother and I cleared the table and brought the dishes into the kitchen. Tammy was washing the dishes when her mother walked up and said, “Tammy, me and your father are very disappointed. We hoped you would find a man and settle down and have children. Now we won’t have grandchildren and it’s disappointing.”

Tammy rinsed off a dish and looked at her mom and replied, “I know mom. Cathy and I are very happy. She makes me so happy, all she has to do is be there for me when I get home and I am happy. I don’t even care if she happy or mad at me. I know you and dad want grandkids, we would like kids too, and there are ways to make that happen.”

Her mom put her hand on Tammy’s shoulder, she bursa sınırsız escort bayan was silent for a moment before saying, “Let me talk to your father. We are not mad at you, and we still love you. Cathy is a very nice person, and we both like her. Just let me talk to your father for a minute.”

Tammy was just finishing up the dishes when her father walked in. They sat down at the table and her father said, “Are you sure you are happy with Cathy? All me and your mother want is for you to be happy.”

Tammy looked at her father and said, “Yes daddy, I am very much in love with Cathy. I think I can speak for her and say, we both promise you will have grandchildren.”

Tammy’s father stood up and put his arms out, Tammy stood up and went over to him and he gave her a big hug while saying, “Then you and Cathy have our support and blessing.”

Tammy pulled away a little and said with an excited tone, “You both do? Thanks daddy. Can I bring her over dinner soon, she is telling her parents tonight too, and I know it won’t go good.”

Before he could respond, her cell phone rang and when she answered it, Cathy was on the other end, all her father could hear was a woman crying on the other end and Tammy saying with a surprised tone, “They did what?”

Tammy could see her father motioning with his hands that he wanted to say something, Tammy put her hand over the phone and her father said, “Tell her to come here, she needs you, tell her to come here and we will all figure this out.”

Tammy repeated what her father said and hung up. Tammy looked at her father and said with a sad look, almost crying, “Its bad daddy, worst than what we thought would happen, she will be here soon.”

Tammy and her father walked to the parlor, her mother was sitting down waiting for them. Tammy looked at her mother and said, “Cathy is on her way, her parents didn’t take the news very good.”


Tammy and her parents heard Cathy’s car pull up. Tammy went to the door and let Cathy in. Cathy was crying and when Tammy closed the door, she hugged her and said crying, “They hate me, they hate you, and they hate us.”

Tammy patted her back and tried to comfort her; she wiped Cathy’s tears and said, “My parents are in the parlor, they are waiting for us.”

Cathy looked at Tammy who was hiding her smile out of respect for her love, as Tammy continued to wipe her tears, she said, “Really? Did you tell them yet?”

As Tammy held her, she looked in Cathy’s eyes and replied, “Yes I did, they are happy for us. They are waiting for us in the parlor.”

Tammy led Cathy to the parlor, when they walked in, Tammy’s mom ran up to Cathy and said, “I am so sorry dear, maybe your parent will come around some day. Until then, you will be part of ours.”

Cathy looked up at Tammy’s mom and actually cracked a small smile and said, “Really? You don’t care we are lesbians.”

Tammy’s father stepped forward and said, “We are disappointed about not having grandkids, but as long as you keep our baby happy, you will be welcome here anytime. We will think of you as our daughter in law.”

Cathy ran and gave Tammy’s father a big hug and said, “Thank you. I love your daughter so much, and we figure out how to give you grandkids.”

Tammy walked up to Cathy and kissed her, it felt good to get this out in the open, and they wanted to do this for a long time. Tammy broke the embrace and said, “We can always adopt.”

~~To be continued~~

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