Coming Out’s Easy Ch. 01

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It’s my senior year of high school. Just a few more months and that’s it. Finally 18 and finally gonna get outa here!

I’m bisexual, and have been as long as I can remember. It’s been eating me alive not telling anyone and I figure, if I was going to open up about it, this is my last chance.

I talked to my best friend Mark about it, and to my surprise, he was very supportive. I began talking about this girl, Sara. She was in our senior class and cheer captain. But it wasn’t just the fact that she was a cheerleader that had me drawn to her, nor her looks. It was everything. Her personality, her smile, her laugh, her hair. I could go on forever. He told me that she had a boyfriend and there is NO way she’d be interested in me. She was completely straight. Naturally I was disappointed, but I kept her in my mind anyway.

The next day I bumped into her in the hallway. She asked if we could talk and we went into the girl’s bathroom. She looked amazing. She had her mid-length, vibrant, blonde hair curled today. I love it when she curls her hair. She was wearing this very provocative bursa eskort black blouse, which even though it was neckline, would still turn on anyone.

She asked how I was and how my year was going. Small talk basically. Then she asked the most heart-stopping question ever. Are you bi? Well my guess was she caught me taking glances. I figured that I was technically “out”, even though I only told one person, so I said yes. “I thought so.” She said with a naughty tone. Her reaction caught me off guard. She had a boyfriend. She was straight, right?

She led me to a stall. “Let’s talk in her.” She tells me. She starts asking me questions about my experience with women. I told her I had none. No one even knew about me until recently. She tells me she doesn’t have any either. I wasn’t surprised. Though she did shock me when she asked if I’d be willing to change that for her. She said she wanted more sexual experience before college, and her boyfriend just wasn’t cutting it. I agreed.

She sat me down on the toilet and then sat on my lap. She gave me the most intense bursa escort bayan kiss I had ever felt. Tongue and all. She broke the kiss, gave me a naughty look, and handed me a piece of paper. “Call me. Maybe we can hook up this weekend.” I was able to muster a “sure” and she gave me a wink and said thanks.

I call Friday evening and we set up a place to meet. I told my parents some friends were meeting to go to a movie and that I’d probably be late. I told them not to wait up.

I meet her at a local motel out on Rt. 18. We get a room and get settled in. She says she’ll be right out as she heads for the bathroom. I turn on the TV and try to relieve some nerves. She comes out of the bathroom wearing some very sexy lingerie. My heart was pounding. I was worried I’d be too nervous. That I wouldn’t do a good job.

She motioned me onto the bed and we lay side by side. “It’s my birthday today. 18.”

“Well then I’ll give you a great night.”

We kiss softly at first, then more passionately. Soon, were squirming and groaning as görükle escort our tongues intertwine. I was surprised how natural it felt. Before I know it, our hands are moving up and down each others’ bodies. She rolls onto her back and pulls me on top. I break the kissing and move to her neck, beneath her ear, her collarbone, kissing everywhere. I move to her breasts. They’re not small, nor big. They’re just the right size. I suck and nibble through the lacy cloth, my hands rubbing up and down her thighs. I look up at her and she gives me nod. That’s all I need to move down to her pussy. First, I kiss her right thigh, then her left, and move upward. I lift up her lingerie to her hips. First I rub all over with my fingers, spreading apart her lips. I give one good stoke up the middle and she moans and squirms. She spreads her legs wider and says “Oh, do it baby.” And I do. I lick up, then down, then up again. Back and forth. I slip a finger into her hole, then two. With a smooth, rapid motion, I go in and out, in and out. She pulls my head in closer as she humps my face. I slide my tongue into her hole. In and out, in and out. Slow at first, then faster and harder. She wriggles with desire. She lets out a loud, long moan even the top of Mt. Everest could hear and she explodes.

She gives me another naughty look and says, “Give me a minute to recover, then it’s your turn.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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