Confessing Father, Daughter Love

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(A daddy’s attempt to justify his incestuous relationship with his slutty daughter)


I’m writing to you fellow Literotica readers to try and put what I did last night into proper perspective. Yes, I know what I did was wrong…but after all, a man can only take so much teasing.

My daughter Kimmy is not a slut outside of the home. All her friends are really good kids. Their (as well as Kimmy’s) dress and moral behavior is excellent. But at home with me, Kimmy is a complete immoral cock-teasing slut when alone with me. And I have fought the good fight for these many years since she started her bull shit with me at the age of 18. Now on her 19th birthday she crossed the line so far that I finally broke and screwed the little bitch and now I fear our daddy-daughter relationship is totally fucked!

First I need to tell you what Kimmy looks like as a full-grown woman.

She’s 5′- 7″ tall with the face of an angel. She has long brown hair past her shoulders. Big brown eyes that are full of mischief with me and breasts to die for with a narrow waist, wide flared hips, and an ass that was made for sex. Her legs are long, slender, and well shaped. She is my idea of a woman made to please a man.

Like I say, outside of the home, Kimmy dresses down her gorgeous figure and is the epitome of good taste and moral manners. Her deceased mother would be very proud of that.

But inside our home since she turned 18 she began dressing like a complete whore and on her 21st birthday, I just couldn’t take any more of her teasing. It finally spilled over at the dinner table last night just when I thought she had changed and she took me completely over the edge! I lost it for good on her 21st.

I brought home her favorite Mexican restaurant take-out to celebrate as she had asked me to do. “Daddy, please, daddy let’s have dinner on my turning 21 with just the two of us. We can have a quiet dinner and make a champagne toast to mother to celebrate my becoming a full-grown up woman and reaching legal drinking age.

Sounds innocent right?

I sensed deep down what she was up to was probably no good but nevertheless I gave her the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe (with the mention of her mother and all) just maybe she was going to turn over a new leaf. Ha, what a laugh that turned out to be. As soon as I entered the dinning room I knew I was in for another of Kimmy’s sexual teasing that was always punishment for her dad. The lights were out and three candles flickered in the center of the table. She had obviously poured the chilled wine when she saw the headlights from my car and let me tell you what the little bitch was wearing.

She had on one of her mother’s see-through lace baby-doll negligees. She looked so much like her mother it was fucking scary. My heart nearly stopped at the sight of her. The only difference between her and her mother in the candlelight was the fact that Kimmy’s breasts were larger, firmer, and her nipples so proud and inviting.

Kimmy was blessed not only with big breasts but she had the damnedest, knobbiest nipples you ever saw on a girl. They were big, puffy, and dark pink in color with large areolas. Yep, daddy was her target tonight and my will power totally gone at the sight of her in the candlelight in her mother’s baby-doll gown. And if that wasn’t enough…she walked over to me (obviously as practiced) framed by the candle light to let my eyes see that she had shaved her pussy (which was completely visible through the sheer black laced panties)! The conniving bitch and I remember thinking, OMG look at those swollen pussy lips begging for a hard cock to penetrate!

She hugged me tight plastering her firm young body to mine. Putting her warm lips up to my ear she whispered…”Oh daddy, please give me a big, grown up birthday kiss for my 18th and let me know I’m finally a woman.”

I was a cooked goose as she then placed her face to me and planted her wet lips on mine slithering her wicked tongue far into my mouth. It wasn’t the Mexican dinner she had really wanted placed on the menu, it was me…her very own father. And like I said, I had no more defense left in me. I was horny as hell with a totally hot, slutty 21-yr old daughter pressing her tits into my chest and kissing me like a wonton whore.

She had stepped far beyond my ability to discipline. Dressed as she was and French kissing me just begging me to get nasty with her. Obvious she was dedicated to giving herself to me. Me? I was just broken man in my ability to resist. I was hers to do anything she wanted tonight. Damn I hated myself yet wanted more of the woman in my arms more than I had ever imagined.

I put my arms around her and kissed her back with everything I had in me. Her mother’s perfume wafted into my nostrils and my cock tented my pants right into the very center of the ‘V’ formed by her long luscious legs and hungry pussy. The only thing between her needy snatch and my cock filled pants was her silky, thin, baby-doll bursa eskort bayan panties.

Kimmy knew she had me, but good! As she continued snaking her pointy tongue inside my mouth and around my tongue there no longer remained and resistance from me. Flooding my mouth with her hot breath, she further shocked me by sliding her hand down inside my pants and right onto my rock hard cock giving it a firm squeeze. I tell you it took the fight completely out of me and filled my desire for her all at the same time.

Squeezing my hard on and sliding her hand up and down the shaft she said, “Oh daddy, is this all for me tonight? Are you finally going to make a woman out of me for my birthday and take me into your bed and make love to me?”

As I said…she had completely broken me as surely as a cowboy breaks a bronco from a wild stallion into a docile horse she could ride anytime and anywhere she wanted..

“Yes baby, I give in…it’s all for you if that’s what you really want…but are you sure your ready for daddy’s big cock?”

“Oh, Yessss my love! Yes! I’ve waited all these years to give myself to you. Let’s eat now, have some Champaign and then go to bed so you can make me yours forever.”

We not only drank that one bottle as we finished our meal but I had two more large helpings from a second bottle before taking my slutty little girl to bed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her face glowed, her breasts beckoned to me and my balls swelled with desire to flood her pussy with my jizz. I felt like a dirty old man about to fuck a young girl knowing it was so wrong…yet not able to resist her youthful treasure of love and sex. And for whom? Her very own father.

I was so tortured. I had to bring this to a conclusion. I knew the right thing to do but it would only bring more torture of my mind and soul. Giving into her desire seemed the only logical thing to do.

Kimmy’s negligee kept getting lower and lower on her shoulders until the swelling of her breasts pushed her puffy nipples just above the lace in plain view of the lighted candles…brother that was the last fucking straw on the camel’s back.

I got up and roughly picked her up out of her chair by her arms. She didn’t say a work but only smiled knowing the effect she had on her hapless father by flaunting all her young charms at me. Lifting her up in my arms, I carried her like the prize I was now claiming to my bed and laid her out with that big wicked grin of hers she had taunted me with all through dinner.

I flipped her over and said, “You’re going to get a little more than you bargined for before I fuck you little girl.”

Then I gave her 21 hard smacks on her ass. So hard in fact, she buried her face in a pillow to stifle her cries. When I turned her back over her eyes were red from crying and her face tear stained. But there was something else in those eyes also.

She knew she was getting what she wanted. She was now mine for the taking and her eyes told me so. She was like a cat in heat and I though I was a low-life dog of a father about to take her…take her I would!

And while I knew she wasn’t a virgin, it was worse knowing all the while I was about to commit the horrible act of incest. Forgive me, but…all my will and my moral values had been drained from my brain into my cock and testicles. I could smell the odors even more now coming from her wet and ready pussy as I stripped off my cloths and lay beside her.

I didn’t want any preliminaries, I just wanted to get it over and fuck her thinking I could possible wipe away all the years of her teasing out of my mind. But oh, no…the my little slut wasn’t about to let me off the hook so easy. She had a woven a spider’s cunning plan out for our first coupling and I was her victim fly, trapped in her web of a young woman’s tormenting flesh.

As I reached out to touch her big beautiful titties she said, “No daddy, not just yet. Promise not to touch me until I say so, ok?” I felt a wet drool of pre-cum slide from my throbbing prick and drip down the inside of my thigh onto the bed.

Oh fuck…let the games begin you little teasing, loving cunt of a daughter, I thought!

She began her final chapter of seduction by sitting up and slowly taking her top off and posing for me. Arching her back as she lifted her lacy top so her tits and nipples stood out, she then turned her torso to the side. She finished her goddamned torture of me by leaning her head all the way back allowing her long beautiful hair to touch the bed. Her upturned tits were peaked by her big hard nipples begging to be sucked. Oh, it was a sight that had me drooling from my mouth as much as my pre-cum had been drooling from my cock.

“So daddy look at me. Do I look like a grownup woman in your bed like this? Do you want me as much as I’ve wanted you all these years of growing up? Do you want to take me as your lover now? Do you want to plant your seed inside of me and make a beautiful baby for just the two bursa merkez escort of us? Do it daddy, please take me as yours forever.”

Oh shit, I thought. So that’s how far my daughter wants to ultimately go….having a baby with her own father? Oh fuck, I can’t let that ever happen!

I should have grabbed my pants and got the hell out of there but…but…here was this beautiful woman in my bed that I had been tormenting over the past 3 years and she had consumed me totally. My only thought was to make damn good and sure I didn’t get her pregnant! That was the only one restraint I had left…or so I thought.

I didn’t answer her there in the semi-dark with her naked young body on display in the open for me. Obviously she wasn’t looking for one either because she simply leaned over and dropped her titties onto my naked chest ever so lightly so the only two things touching me were the pointy tips of her nipples teasing my flesh.

Kimmy began making slow circular movements with her tits circling around and around, and down my body searing my skin ever so deliciously light as a feather on my skin. I could feel her nipples harden from the touch of her skin on mine as she slowly descended her path clear down to my rigid cock.

When her firm tits got to my hard dick she took it in her warm hand and slipping it between the valley of her awesome tits she slowly began titty fucking her father. The sight and womanly smell of her in heat…emanating the womanly smell of her wet pussy was fantastic. And the sight of my hard cock encircled with her tit flesh and knobby nipples… Yes, I was in heaven and hell all at the same time.

“Do you like the feel of my tittys on your hard cock daddy? Do you want me to take your cock in my mouth and suck it? I want your cock in my mouth so bad,” she whispered.

Oh fuck, what a nasty mouth my little girl had. I loved the way she whispered so suggestively in the darkened bedroom. She knew I wanted her to suck my cock. My answer came in an angry groan, “Fuck yes baby…suck daddy’s cock with that slutty little mouth of yours. I’m so close to cumming because of your fucking teasing games all night. Do it…suck your father’s prick until you get as much of my cream as you want damn you!”

I became transfixed as she simply continued to do just that while I watched it all in marvelous wonderment close up. My daughter sucking my cock. It was beyond description seeing my very own daughter deliciously taking of her father’s cock between her lips and slurping on my hard prick like a wanton whore in heat. AND THAT SHE WAS…A WONTON WHORE IN HEAT READY TO DRINK HER FATHER’S CUM.

The sensation was AS heavenly as her warm, wet mouth. She took it all the way into her mouth. First sliding down ward from the tip of my cock, she slowly descending down the entire length of my 8″ shaft until I could actually feel the back of her throat. Hesitating until I groaned in appreciation of her sucking me so deeply she lifted up a bit to begin a dedicated assault of her sucking lips on my swollen veiny meat. She lifter her face from my cock so she could show her adoring eyes to me.

Kimmy then took me over the edge by beginning a slobber bobber throat vibrating sucking.

“Ummmm, unnnna, unnnng”, she groaned sending vibrations down my shaft to my balls. I was ready to fill my little girl’s mouth completely.

Shit I knew I damn well was going to cum the moment she started sucking and I was right!

After only about a dozen or so of her vibrating slobbered sucks combined with the bathing of her tongue on my cock shaft , felt the welling up as my nuts tightened. Boiling sperm in my nutsack began searching for a quick immediate release of the huge load of my long pent up lust for my sexy daughter. My balls had been waiting a lot of years to flood her pussy and the time had come to instead to give its first release into her mouth. Then I thought…shit this is bad enough of me in fucking my own daughter. I shouldn’t let go inside her mouth. What a dirty thing that would be.

For the first time since lying in bed with this beautiful woman-child of mine I spoke out saying, “Oh fuck baby…daddy’s going to cum I better take it out now.”

Kimmy sensed it as well from the swelling of my fat mushroom of a cockhead swelling to the point of bursting in her mouth. She wouldn’t have any of me pulling out. She had obviously been thinking of this very instance for a long time and was prepared for my trying to withdraw.

She quickly slipped both hands around and under my ass pressing my hips further into her hot mouth. Securing her prize, she received all of my warm pulsing sperm into her mouth. My sexxy daughter had it in her mind to give me her all and wow…did she ever!

I then watched in amazement as the half child, half woman blowing me feasted on her ultimate prize of daddy’s seed. Swallowing much of my cum as she could, a small amount slipped past her pursed lips and bursa sınırsız escort bayan down my shaft pooling around her tight fist wrapped about my cock and just above my pulsing cum filled testicles.

One, two, thee full hard spurts of cum shot out and into her mouth…and I wasn’t finished yet!

Kimmy kept guzzling my seed, and milking my veiny cock with her sucking and sliding of her hands up and down so as to pump the maximum amount of my liquid into her mouth and down her throat. She encouraged me to give as much as I had…”Uh-huh, uh-huh…ummmmm….ummmm.” She was getting off on sucking me off…I though what a hot little sexy bitch my Kimmy had become.

After a full minute of slurping daddy’s cock she lifted the remaining thick globs of my warm sperm on her hand up to her mouth. Then posing to make sure I received the maximum effect of her cock sucking efforts…she slowly licked the rest into her wicked sexy lips and smiled waiting my approval.

“Did I do that right daddy. Did I make my darling father feel good?”

“Baby, you did it perfectly. I was the best blow job I ever had a woman give me…just the fucking best ever!”

I could tell from her wicked little smile and the twinkling in her eyes that my words were what she wanted to hear. Leaning back down she began a slow sucking on my balls as her hand brought renewed life back into my prick. Between taking my balls in her mouth and lathering them with her warm sucking tongue she said, “I loved giving you head daddy. You can have my mouth anytime you feel the need to release all your tensions. I want you to feel free to just tell me to suck your cock whenever you need me.”

For the first time I put my hands under her skimpy thin baby-doll gown so I could finally get my hands on the marvelous firmness of her tits and feel her hard nipples. They were sublime in my hands. I kept the feel of those young woman’s breasts in my hands as she sat up, slipped her panties to the side and began a slow descent of her tight pussy down upon my resurrected cock. The feeling of her hot, wet cunny on my cock for the first time was some thing I’ll never forget.

The sensations of the tight walls of my very own daughter’s pussy squeezing and milking my fat cock was so indescribably delicious, and so very evil all at the same. She was teaching me how incest can be such a naughty and so sublime a dichotomy.

Her wide hips and firm round ass posting down onto my thighs was a wonderful sexual ride on my pistoning cock.

She began moaning dirty words that sounded so good to my ears.

“Oh yes daddy…fuck your big grown up daughter. Fuck me harder, make me cum daddy…make me yours…take me all the way!”

Each stroke of her fucking her father and the nasty words were all wondrous sensations indeed. It felt like heaven and hell both pulling on my cock all at the same time. Surely I was doomed in sublime torture by her seduction of her father. Yet I was becoming more and more an accepting and willing accomplice to this so called evil of incest.

So many cultures approved of such conduct between father and daughter…mother and son throughout history. Could it be the teachings I had been given in my youth were wrong? How could such a bonding between a father and his daughter feel so good and yet be judged an evil sin. Hadn’t I often been sexually attracted to my mother when I was growing up? And for the past few years hadn’t I secretly craved her teasing young body? More than just a few times I went to sleep after masturbating to thoughts of fucking her tight, young pussy and feeling her firm tits in my hands.

Yes, I understood the desires my daughter had for me and I for her. Maybe she was the bravest between the two of us to have the guts to act upon what could only be recognized as natural yearnings within a loving daddy-daughter relationship. What could be so wrong in expressing love by touching, kissing, and sharing the ultimate joy of sex between consenting adults within a caring family?

I only knew the sexual release I was feeling with the physical coupling between Kimmy and I was a wonderful feeling indeed.

What was so wrong in two adults choosing their time and moment to a physical joining of each other’s natural desires? While I knew it was right for me as a father and an adult male to hold off and restrain myself sexually from touching my daughter before she became a woman. How was it also not her right of choice and consent to whom she decided to give herself as an adult?

If her adult choice was to give herself to her father and he accept her sexual gift to him how could that choice on their part be wrong?

Mothers and adult sons making love with each other as they freely choose should be their right. My beautiful grown daughter and I should have the right and freedom to give ourselves to each other without society judging us as doing something wrong. Where is it written that it’s a sin for adult and fully matured mothers, sons…fathers, daughters…brothers and sisters wrong for them to a mutual consent in sharing their love with each other physically?

Finally as Kimmy rocked her ass all the way down pushing my hard cock deeply into her womb then beginning a slow, delicious rotation with her wide hips and arching back I knew two things.

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