Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 01

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My parents were born in the 20’s. Both were raised catholic and have done their best to pass those traditions onto my two older sisters and I. My parents started having us kids late in life. My mom was forty four when she popped out her baby boy. My next older sister is four years apart from me and then another four years separate she and my oldest sister. My parents were good looking people in their day so they popped out some pretty good looking kids. I’ve never had any trouble getting chicks but I still haven’t met the right girl. Despite my solid catholic upbringing, I’m a total perv. I like things dirty and nasty in the sack. I still haven’t found that girl that can handle my level of kink. I’m a real nice guy otherwise. My sisters and I did not grow up in some disturbed dysfunctional family environment filled with booze and drugs and money problems. Both my parents did well to provide for us and although we weren’t stinking rich, we never struggled that hard and had all the modern conveniences of your average American home. My parents never fought and my sisters and I went to a private catholic school. Basically your all purpose typical all American family. Well, of course as we grew older we all experimented with drugs and sex. There was just no way for our parents to shield us from the evils of the world. One of my sisters I know for sure has had at least two abortions that I know of. And my oldest sister, now in her forties, is still a big pot head. Just a message to all you new parents out there, you can do all you can to shelter your kids from harm but unless you hire someone to fallow them around, harm will find them and seduce them and convert them.

Now as adults we all still live in the same state and are no more than an hour drive from one another. I have been very careful to use birth control with all my female partners. I’m not looking to have any kids so I have always taken steps to use a rubber and insist on her using the pill or some secondary form of birth control. My next older sister is divorced with two kids and my oldest sister is too past her prime to have any kids. She has had only five relationships in her whole life. All of them lasted seven to ten years with not much down time in between but in the end they fizzled out and she never did get that ring on her finger. She is now currently single and looking. Despite their age, my sisters are still looking very good. A little rough around the edges but still in relatively good shape. I wouldn’t say that their bodies are toned from hitting the gym and they aren’t super model skinny either with a little junk in the trunk, but they can still turn heads and get those wolf whistle milf calls from male by passers. I myself have managed to stay in shape with my home gym, but I’m not all shredded like some of the work out junkies you see at a membership gym. We all stay in touch via the telephone and even get together for lunch once in a while and of course the holidays.

It was one of those holidays that changed the lives of me and my sisters forever. We got together for Christmas eve at my parents’ house just like we’ve been doing our whole lives. We spend the night and open presents the next day. My two nephews were spending Christmas eve with their father and the plan was to pick them up in the morning. So there we all were, one big happy family having a traditional Christmas dinner and then my parents announce that they need to step out for several hours of last minute present shopping. My sisters and I looked at each other and had no desire to fight the crowds at the shopping mall so we decided to just stay home. So parents gone, we all gathered in the living room for some TV and hang out time. As we were sitting there my oldest sister Becky asks me,

“So Tony, any new women in your life or are you just content to date through the entire female population of our city?” My other sister Lisa, holding the remote, presses the mute button and puts an awkward silence in the room waiting for my answer with an evil grin on her face. I answer,

“Well I don’t have any prospects if that’s what you mean. I dated this chick last month but you know me, she was a total prude. I could barley get her out of the missionary position to even try something as basic as doggy.” I was always able to talk freely about sex with my sisters. Even cussing was fundamental with us and we all were very comfortable with each other. Becky chimes in saying,

“You know little brother, not all chicks have to be complete whores. Why does sex have to be the one thing that seems to kill all of your relationships? If you ask me you watch too much fucking porn and now all girls have to measure up to those adult film sluts that will do just about anything they’re paid to do. Is that what you’re looking for, some raunchy skank that will take it up the fucking ass?”

“Well, maybe that is kinda what I’m looking for and yes, for me if the sex sucks I’m done. I need a nasty filthy whore in the bedroom and to be mom and dad’s perfect angel when they see her. Is that too much topkapı escort to ask?” Lisa joins in saying,

“Well there’s nothing wrong with some dirty play in the bedroom. I love it too. I’ve taken it in ass before.” In unison Becky and I say,

“You have?”

“Sure. It hurt a little at first but I got used to it and now I love it. How about you Beck, you ever been butt fucked?”

“Of course. It’s awesome. Nothing else like it in the world. How bout you bro?”

“What me, taken it in the ass? Fuck no!”

“No you idiot, have you ever fucked a chick in the ass? I figured you’ve never taken cock.”

“No, not yet. Like I said, haven’t found a willing chick. I guess I had no idea my own sisters were such nasty whores.” Lisa speaks up saying,

“Wait a minute bro, just cuz we take it in the ass doesn’t mean we’re whores. It just means we’re open to experimentation.”

“Damn girls, how come I can’t find chicks like you, too bad we’re family.”

As the words left my mouth I immediately froze and the room was deathly silent. It just slipped out. I couldn’t take it back. My mind raced to think of how I could manage some semblance of damage control. I think that subconsciously I’ve always been curious about what it would be like to bang one or both of my sisters. I mean they are attractive women. But then as soon as I thought about it I dismissed the thought right away. Clumsy words exit my mouth as I stutter,

“I I uhh… didn’t mean that. Fuck, you guys no what I mean. I just meant…” Becky finishes my sentence saying,

“That you want to see what it feels like to fuck a chick in her ass hole. Right?”

“Uhh… yeah right.” Another awkward pause fills the room until Lisa speaks up and says,

“Cuz yeah, us having sex… like that would ever happen. Heh Heh.” Another pause. We all stare at each other with a very uncomfortable look on our faces. Becky breaks the silence saying,

“Well, I’m just going to come out and say it, Tony, I will admit… that I have occasionally thought about you sexually.” Lisa and I both went bug eyed as the news shattered the room like a bomb.

“And as long as I’m fessing up about shit, Lisa…” Lisa’s face went blushing red at the sound of her name. “I know you won’t believe this but I’ve had some thoughts about you too, even though I’m not gay at all. I mean I’m totally into dudes but you know how it is, every chick has that fantasy. It’s fucking programmed into our DNA. All chicks have that curiosity. Are you trying to tell me you haven’t fucking wanted to kiss some hot chick? Bull shit! Tell me you haven’t fantasized about a chick.”

“Well, maybe.” Becky cuts in,

“Ah ha! You have you dirty slut. You’ve thought about what it would be like to get with a chick. It’s alright sis, we’ve all done it. Admit it, women are hot, well, not all women but… you’re hot. What the fuck, I’m not afraid to admit it. You’ve got a great ass and big tits. It runs in the family. All the women in our family have curves. We’re hot. What’s so god damn fucking bad about saying it.” I quickly butt in saying,

“It’s true, you two both have a great ass and tits.” Becky continues,

“And you mister hotty, you’re a hot ass motherfucker. I’ve seen you in a bathing suit and god damn you’re fine. Seriously, if I were your girlfriend… I’d fuck the the shit out of you. I’d do what ever nasty perverted twisted thing you wanted just for the sheer fact that I wouldn’t want to loose a hot piece of ass like you to some other whore that would do that kind of shit. You know even though I’ve been in long term relationships it doesn’t mean that I haven’t had my share of one night stands. I know how to separate sex from love. Sex is just sex. If you have a scratch, you itch it. When you need to take a shit, you do it. When you have to piss, you go and when you need to get the shit fucked out of you, you find some stud and fuck his brains out. There’s no love, no emotion. Sex is like breathing, do it or die. Do you understand what I’m trying to say to you guys?” Becky paused so we could answer. Neither of us did. “Come on you guys, if we did this it would just be sex. So what if we’re family. We are three very attractive people and mom and dad are going to be gone for hours, Lisa… what do ya say, let’s pop our baby brother’s anal cherry tonight?”

“Geez Beck, I don’t know… incest. That’s a little creepy.”

“It’s not creepy. You know what it is?… it’s our chance to let down our guard. Our chance to do something wild and free. Seriously, when will a chance like this ever present itself ever again. Tony, back me up here. Your dream fantasy of being with not one nasty anal loving whore but two is staring you right in the face. What do ya say?”

“Man, it is tempting. Could we really cross that boundary though? I mean that’s like going to hell type shit.”

“Ahhh we’re all going there anyway’s for all the fucked up shit we’ve done in our life time, we’re doomed anyway’s. A little incest isn’t going to change our fate. I’ll see you fatih escort both in hell even if we don’t do this.”

“You make a strong case sis, but I’m not sure Lisa’s on board. What the fuck Lisa, I’ll do it if you do it.”

“I don’t know guys, that’s crossing a serious line. There’s no turning back from this. Our lives will be changed for ever. This could really fuck things up between us.” Becky shook her head saying,

“I don’t think so sis, we’re family. I love you guys more than anyone else in the world. I would never let anything change that. In fact I’m certain that it would bring us even closer. And I say if we do this, we should go all out. Get totally nasty and freaky. Drop all our inhibitions and just go for it. Really say and do some raunchy shit. Just play it by ear and hold nothing back. God damn I’m getting wet just talking about it.” I pipe in asking,

“What if mom and dad come home early? That would be a disaster.” Lisa agreed saying,

“Yeah that would suck big time.” To which Becky replied,

“Okay, if you like I’ll call dad on his cell and find out what time they think they’ll be back and maybe add on a few stops for them like, oh I don’t know, pick up some ice cream or some shit like that and then a bottle of wine at the liquor store. That’ll add another hour.” Lisa, still not sure says,

“Fuck Beck, you’re not going to let this go are you?”

“I’m begging you sis, let’s do this. Pleeeeease… do it for me. Do it for us. This will be so great I promise.” On board, I join in saying,

“Come on Lisa, it’ll be fun.” Sighing in defeat Lisa gives in saying,

“Shit! I can’t believe I’m doing this. Okay, but this better not change things or I will disown you both and if this ever leaves this house, so help me god… Call dad god damn it.” A loud cheer erupts from my sister Becky running to throw her arms around Lisa, smothering her with kisses.

“Okay, I’m calling dad right now.”

After a brief phone call to my dad my sister tells us that they will not be back until 10:30 to 11 tonight. That gave us a solid four hours, giving us plenty of fuck time. I myself have some decent stamina in the bedroom but even then, four hours is like a marathon for most guys. The anticipation and excitement of this event would very likely over simulate me to the point of premature ejaculation and this was going to be a problem. I definitely didn’t want to give a bad performance and even more, I didn’t want things to end too soon with so much time to fill. I’d love nothing more than to get lost in a four hour perverted ‘fuck-a-thon’ with my sisters. I brought it up saying,

“I don’t mean to be a buzz kill but I’m a little worried about… um… well, cumming too fast.” Becky spoke up saying,

“Have no fear little brother, I know where dad keeps his viagra. I was cleaning one day and found them in his dresser drawer. I’ll go get one. What do you say we move this party to the, *wink*, “Family room?” We all laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. As Lisa and I got up, I grabbed her hand as we walked into the other room. She smiled at me and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. I smiled back and said,

“I love you sis. I promise this won’t change my love for you.”

“I love you too Tone, I believe you.”

Becky came back dressed in a bath robe with a little blue pill and a glass of water.

“Here ya go bro, all night staying power.” I took the pill and chased it down with the water. My manly pride was a bit bruised but not half as much as blasting off too early and not getting it back up. Becky takes the glass back saying,

“I’m almost sure you’re going to cum more than once but this will keep you hard as a rock. And since she and I are both on the pill, I’m not worried about some accidental pregnancy by my very own brother, although the thought of being knocked up by my brother is very VERY nasty. I don’t know about you guys but this whole incest talk is making me soaking wet. The very idea of the three of us doing this has me on the edge of orgasm. Something you should know is that I tend to go into character when I fuck. I plan to play up the whole incest angle big time. If you hear me go off on our brotherly sisterly situation, feel free to play along. Let’s just have fun. As far as I’m concerned, nothing is forbidden tonight. Little brother, make your fantasy come true. What ever you want to fucking do to me, you have my complete consent. I surrender my body and mind to you both. I think we should start with a nice strip tease. I volunteer Tony to go first.” Lisa agrees saying,

“MMM HMM. I second that motion. Yummy. Come on you. Strip for us. Let’s see what you’re packing.” Becky flips on some dance mix CD and I start to surrender once I see how eager my sisters are to see my naked body. I didn’t have much to work with. Just T-shirt, jeans, shoes, socks, and boxer shorts. I started with the shoes and socks getting hoots and hollers from the two girls. I move to the shirt and pull it off slowly. I do my best to clinch my abs which I’ve eyüp escort pretty much had most of my life. “Oh yeah baby, take it off” is shouted and the shirt is flung to the girls. Next came my pants and I teased my zipper up and down then inched them off completely. The moment of truth and my sisters’ cheering had noticeably lessened and they were completely glued on the anticipation of my cocks big grand entrance into the room. I could tell I had a semi chub and as I inched them down, my dick was also getting antsy to be shown off to the girls. So I went for it and dropped my drawers to the floor. Expecting a loud cheer I instead got silence as my sisters were both locked onto my cock and slack jawed. I even think I saw some drool coming out of Becky’s mouth. I wouldn’t say that I have an enormous cock but it has more girth than length. Evidently my sisters found it impressive. They were now both salivating over the sight of their brother’s cock. I broke their focus asking,

“Okay, who’s next?” The question did the trick as they both blotted their mouths dry and then looked at each other. As if sisters could speek telepathically, they both said,

“Fuck it.” And lunged at my cock from across the room. They tackled me to the floor and went crazy on my cock. One took my nuts in her mouth and the other was all over my cock with her mouth. They made all kinds of animal grunting sloppy slurping sucking moaning noises. It was an all out attack on my cock. Becky paused to ask in her nastiest voice,

Are you watching bro?.. Are you watching your two sisters devour your cock?.. Watch me bro… Watch me circle your dick head with my tongue.” Her eyes bored into mine as I watched her tongue swirl around my cock head with a sick evil smile on her face as she did it. Knowing she had my full attention she raked her teeth across my head and then gently but aggressively bit down on it. I tossed my head back, closed my eyes, and moaned in extacy at the painful but pleasurable bite of my oldest sister. Becky continues saying,

“I know… let’s get a train going. You stay where you are bro and Lisa, you keep working on this fantastic cock of our little brother and I’m going to slide on up behind you and work on your back side.” As Lisa took over cock sucking patrol, I could tell she was starting to lower her reservations about this totally crazy thing we had thrown ourselves into. She was really going off on my cock and when Becky started in on her cunt and ass hole with her tongue, oh my god, Lisa took it to another level. It was just the thing she needed to dissolve the last of her inhibitions. She was now fully submerged in incestuous bliss. The sloppy animal noises resumed as the girls went to town. The audio and visual along with the incredible blow job I was receiving, were bombarding my senses with pleasure. Toss in the taboo factor of incest and it wouldn’t be long before I blew my wad. I felt it necessary to speak up and let them know of the impending outcome of my sensory overload.

“If you don’t stop right now I’m going explode!” Lisa backed off and Becky, whose face was covered in juice, took a break as well. “I’ll tell you what Beck, why don’t I just get at the end of the line and work on your caboose and you can keep going on Lisa, sort of a changing of the cars?”

“MMMM yeah I’d like that very much, be sure to dig that tongue of yours right up my ass.”

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna make an all you can eat buffet out of your ass sis, don’t you worry.” And that’s exactly what I did. I dove right into her sphincter with tongue and teeth. Being that all three of us were single, we were a bit unkempt in the hair trimming and waxing department. After all, when you’re not expecting to get some, you kind of let yourself go when it comes to grooming the pubes. And none of us were planning this spontaneously twisted family affair, so it didn’t bother me at all that Becky was a bit bushy. She even had some anal pubes for me to deal with but I’m one of these guys that subscribes to the notion that as long a girl keeps her pits and legs shaved, and maybe has a go at that upper lip, the nether regions are up for debate on how well they are trimmed. I think a little hair down there is kind of hot. It makes me feel like I’m with a woman and not some bald teeny bopper. So there I was with my face buried in my sister’s big doughy ass. I’ve always had a thing for a thick juicy ass. I can’t stand these skinny boney chicks and I’m glad to see that curvy women are making a comeback. Hay, don’t get me wrong, I’m no chubby chaser, but I do like a girl with some meat. If she’s fifteen or twenty pounds over weight, she’s perfect in my book. So I’m going to town on her ass hole when she blurts out some very specific ass eating instructions and her delivery was so raunchy that I felt a jolt to my cock head. She said,

“Oh god little brother… Eat my ass hole… Munch my onion ring… Make your tongue long and stiff and spear my ass hole with it… That’s it… Tongue fuck my ass… Oh god yes, yes fuck it… Fuck the shit out of my ass hole with your tongue… Plunge it in there bro… Eat sister’s ass… Munch my ring… OH GOD OH FUCK OH SHIT… That feels so fucking good… Don’t fucking stop god damn you… Don’t you dare fucking stop… AAAAAAAAAAAA!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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