Confusion Time

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“Shit,” I exclaimed. I had been in the middle of writing an email when the power went out.

“Shit,” I said again, as I fell over the archive box I had forgotten was sitting in the middle of my study floor. I finally made it to the window and looked outside to see that every other house in the street had their lights still on, so the power outage was restricted to my house. Fortunately I knew where the torch was as I had only replaced the battery a few days before, and once I was armed with it I headed down stairs.

The ground floor of my house was in the process of being converted into a large self-contained apartment. During the day a steady stream of tradesmen came and went from there, at great expense to me, and to the increasing concern of my personal banking manager. But it was almost finished now and was looking quite impressive, even without the final decorating done.

I couldn’t understand what might have happened for me to lose the power, everything about the wiring was new and there had been no problems. The rear doors were still loose though and I wondered vaguely if someone might have broken in. I moved the torch in a wide arc to cover the whole of the small area at the bottom of the stairs before I stepped down. I strained my ears and thought I heard something beyond the door, but when I froze and listened I heard nothing and felt foolish.

The fuse box had been relocated during the renovation and was now in an inset cupboard in the shared entryway, grandly called the ‘foyer’ on the plans, which opened onto the street. I opened the door to the foyer and quickly shone the torch around the cluttered space before I stepped out, wondering why there was so much building material stacked up in there. I shone my torch on to the power box and saw it was open, the workmen never seemed to tidy anything up and it annoyed me at times as I had to climb thorough their mess to leave the house or get back inside. I stepped over to the box and looked inside. The main power switch was off, which was odd, I flicked the switch back across and the outside light, visible through the fanlight over the front door flickered on. I stood there for a moment, puzzled; as there was no way that the power switch could have gone off unless someone had turned it off. A sudden chill ran through me as I heard a sound behind me and I swung around.

The next thing I can clearly remember was half waking with a terrible headache. I moved and it exploded in my head and I had to freeze still until it eased. The bright light was hurting my eyes, which seemed wrong somehow. Then I vaguely wondered what had happened and imagined I must be lying on the floor of the foyer I had been walking into.

“Are you Ok?” someone asked, and I got another stab of pain as I turned too quickly to find the owner of the voice.

“Ahhh,” I gasped, and a reassuring hand was on my shoulder.

“Just relax, you had a bad knock,” Roger said, pushing me gently but firmly back.

I wondered vaguely what my architect was doing there at night. But I was also relieved that someone had found me, as I was not feeling too good. “What happened?” I asked him.

“I don’t know, I Just came back to check on the progress and when I turned the light on I saw you lying here, out cold. I’d better get you an ambulance,” he added.

“No,” I gasped, making a grab for his arm, with my head clearing quickly now I was awake. “No. I feel Ok. Just a bit dizzy.”

Roger settled back down beside me and I tried to sit up again, but was overcome by dizziness once more, and he had to help me. He had casino siteleri an arm about my back and under my arm and was holding me quite firmly. And suddenly I found his neck in front of my face and his mouth not too far away. I leaned in to him, and he turned a fraction, so that almost accidentally our lips met. I hesitated and so did he, so that we stayed that way for a moment before I made the move to make it a proper kiss. Then there was no hesitation on his part.

“Hey,” he said, when we pulled apart. “Nice. You can’t be feeling too bad then, so no ambulance. But I’d better get you upstairs.”

I let him help me up, not leaning on him much more than I really needed to. And I wasn’t too far out of it to appreciate the concern in his deep velvety voice.

“Thanks,” I said. Unable to say more just then. I was still shaky and could not have made my way back upstairs without Roger’s help.

When we reached the top of the stairs he said, “I think you should go to bed, and then I’ll get you something to drink,”

“Sorry to put you to so much trouble,” I replied, “But I don’t think I could have got upstairs without your help.”

“No trouble,” he replied, helping me to my bedroom, me very aware of his mouth close by my ear.

I turned to him impulsively and fed my arms around his neck and we fell into another deep kiss. I had always fancied Roger, but he had made it clear he already had a partner and that it was a monogamous relationship. I was waiting for him to say something now. But instead he moved his arms about my waist, pulling me into him and beginning to eagerly delve into my mouth with his tongue.

His partner Hiram was older than him and a wealthy property developer of the better kind. He was famous for his large inner city renovation and conversion projects. Turning big old impractical but beautiful homes and building into luxury apartments and townhouses was his speciality and Roger had found his place as the firm’s principal architect. He still did private work though, which was how I had come to engage him. He was good and I wanted my small project to have the right sort of style to it. But it was also well known that Hiram was the jealous kind. It was common knowledge a previous lover had been dumped and badly hurt when he had been caught seeing another man.

When we disengaged from our kiss I could feel Roger pressing his hard rod against mine. “Better get you to bed,” he said huskily.

He moved me backwards as we took little frantic bites at each others lips and I ran my hand to his zipper and opened it so I could get to what he had inside there. He was larger than I expected, and still growing. We made it to the bedroom and he pushed me back onto the bed and knelt over me straddling my thighs as he pulled off my shirt.

As he dropped his mouth to my right nipple and lipped and sucked it I realised that my dizziness had gone about the time of our second kiss. Then I curved my chest up to him as he began teasing the hard lump between his teeth. Soon he had my mouth again and was unzipping me and roughly pushing my pants and briefs down under my balls and grasping my engorged cock.

“Nice,” he whispered again, as he moved his mouth to my left nipple and bit that, sending a shiver of anticipation through me, back to my buried rim and making it twitch. He was resting on one hand and only had the other to use on me. “Stroke yourself,” he whispered, then released me and worked his hand under my arse and fed his fingers between my cheeks as his thighs kept mine pressed to the bed. His hand was strong and canlı casino large and he grasped my cheek and pulled his fingers down the crease to my rim and fed one finger into me before I realized it. “Nice and tight,” he said huskily, removing his hand and moving his hips up me so that his cock joined mine and he could take both and stroke them together.

I was desperate to have him inside me and wanted to open my legs and invite him in, but he had me trapped tight. I worked his jumper off with my free hand and began to feel his hard abs and his muscular chest. He was harder and leaner than I’d expected, stronger too. I pinched and rolled his nipples making him gasp. “I want you to fuck me,” I said brokenly, getting close to coming already.

“Good,” he grunted, “Because I’m going to,” he added in a deep low growl.

Hearing him say it like that was enough to have me shoot off all over his belly and my chest. “Good,” he said, releasing me and sliding off the bed, pulling my pants and shoes off me as he went.

I lifted my legs and opened them ready for him but he laughed. “No, I want you over the end railing.”

I looked down, confused, knowing the railing was quite high. I slept in a fancy low timber bed with polished rails across the head and foot, five at the foot, seven at the head. I slid to the floor and Roger led me down to the foot of the bed and had me climb onto the second rail. Then he spread my feet wide apart until my hips were level with the top rail and I could just fold forward over it. My cock was pushed back painfully between my legs but my arse hole I realized was at a very good height for him to work it with his tongue and fingers. He commenced to loosen me up, pulling my cock back in one hand and working my arse with his other hand and his mouth.

I was soon rehardening, as his probing and pulling fingers went deep, making me moan with pleasure as well as leaving me well opened for him when he released my cock. My head was resting on the bed looking back at him and he reached through and pulled my face close to the rail. Then he fed his cock through the gap and into my mouth. I was tied up in knots but reached through the rails to take his hips and pull him to me because I wanted everything he was doing to my arse and more.

Then he licked me between my balls and my hole before his tongue rimmed me again and he was feeding his fingers back into me, rotating them as he fucked my face in hard strokes that had me gagging at each inward landing, even though he couldn’t get his full length into me through the rails. Then he had both hands at my arse and I jerked and grunted as he pulled at my entrance, painfully widening and spreading me with the fingers of both hands as his hard tongue was searching inside me

Then he was stroking my spot inside with his long fingers and I was having trouble keeping up my sucking as he fucked my face strongly. I was desperate to come and to be filled, and starting to feel stretched and sore in my spread legs as well as my arse.

“Now,” he said, “Stand up and lean back to me.” He had his hands on my back as I stood up with relief, my legs cramped and strained. Then he made me lean back and take my legs up over the top rail so I was hanging from it, leaning back against him as he lowered my arse to his cock. I reached back around his neck to support myself and arched my back, moving myself into a perfect position as he took one hand and fed his cock into my well stretched and opened hole, while I descended on it. I gasped at his entry, because he was thick as well as long and with my kaçak casino legs already strained I was going down on him uncontrollably quickly.

I cried out as he entered me to the hilt and I landed against his crotch, feeling his pubic hair slippery under my stretched arse. He pushed me forward and I grabbed the top rail and lifted myself up before he lightly pushed my hips down and I descended on him again. He stood there leaning back to get full depth. He worked me like that, an uncomfortable fucking machine as he powered deep into me. But I didn’t want to stop as I worked myself faster and harder on him, until he slowed me and started bringing his hips up hard to meet my descent. I jerked and moaned at each shared thrust. Then he had a hand roughly stroking my own cock, caught between my belly and the bed rail and I felt him lurch as he came inside me, coming myself from the feel of it. Then he bounced me on his cock again and once more shot off deep inside me.

When he was done he pushed me forward and I pulled myself up over the railing and collapsed forward onto the bed, achingly well fucked and filled, but wanting more.

Roger crawled up beside me and spooned me against him, then took my chin and brought my face about into a deep kiss while he stroked my chest and belly with his other hand. He refilled quickly and fed his cock into my passage, still well opened and lubricated with his cum. I sighed and moaned as he plowed me for a long time with deep long strokes until we both came, me loving the feel of his hot cum shooting deep inside me. He stayed buried as I lay back, spooned against him and exhausted.

The next thing I remember was half waking with a terrible headache. I moved and it exploded in my head and I had to freeze still, until it eased. Then I vaguely wondered what had happened, because I no longer felt my bed under me, and for a moment I imagined I was again lying on the floor of the foyer where Roger had found me

“Are you Ok?” someone asked, and I got a small stab of pain as I turned too quickly to find the owner of the voice.

“Ahhh,” I moaned and a hand was on my shoulder, as I blinked in the bright light.

“Just relax, you had a bad knock,” Roger said, feeling my head over and finding the sore patch that had become a lump, then pushing me gently but firmly back.

I reached for him, clasping his neck with my arms as my head spun, but he pushed my hands away. “You’ll be okay,” he reassured me, and I looked about, suddenly confused but already less dizzy. I realized I was dressed as I had been when I’d first come down to check the power box and I saw sunlight streaming through the open street door.

“What are you doing here Roger?” I asked

“I came by to check on progress,” Roger replied, “And found you lying here.”

I sat up, feeling much better already. “But weren’t you here before?” I asked him.

“I just got here,” he replied, “are you going to be okay?”

I was trying to think but unable to, wondering if I had dreamed it all. My legs, hips and arms ached, but that was not surprising if I had spent the night on the bare timber floor of the foyer and only dreamed the wild fucking Roger had given me upstairs on my bed.

Roger didn’t go far away but was obviously looking over the work of the last few day’s. “Its looking good,” he said returning to me, “Coming on very well.”

I was right to stand up by myself by then, and my head had cleared, “Were you …”

“Are you ready Roger?” a voice came from the entrance. I recognized it as Hiram’s, “Hello Jim,” he said, seeing me, “I’m double parked out here,” he added fretfully for Roger’s benefit.

“Are you Ok?” Roger asked me, and I nodded, knowing I could make it upstairs alone now. “Then I’ll catch you later,” he said smiling, and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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