Connecting With Mother Ch. 05

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“I think that’s enough Ian. I need a drink badly.”

She did up her blouse and sorted her skirt. Her stockings, belt and heels were still in place so we could move fairly quickly to the aisle and up to the front office and entrance. As we rose to go there were the odd comments like: brilliant; lush; fucking gorgeous; do come again (or was it cum again?); thank you; when will you next be down?

The last is one I knew not to answer. To be specific on that would have drawn crowds in anticipation. Better to leave punters to go in hope.

As we stepped out into the street into the late afternoon light I checked she was feeling ok. She reassured me with a hug and we stepped along with me checking we were not being followed. I had never known bad experiences at the club but it was my natural caution.

We hugged all the way to the pub we had started out from earlier in the afternoon, her local. There were a few of her acquaintances there but none had been in the club to our knowledge. I resumed my normal distance from her given it was her local and she gave me a slightly dismayed expression but smiled knowing it was probably tactful to do so.

I got the drinks from the bar and joined her on the sofa she usually headed for. A double gin and tonic wasn’t her usual but she drowned it almost in one and asked for another.

On my return I had a large draught of my beer and we sagged with ease into the sofa.

“Ian that was amazing, just amazing.” I squeezed her hand in recognition of her feelings. She just basked in the sheer thrall of it, beaming at me as if she had just consumed all the cream and couldn’t stop the beaming. It was the perfect introduction to the club for a woman. To have been engaged as she was, be in control and not pushed by the men.

“I hope I was alright for you Ian?”

“Jean, (I called her by her name in public — she loved it) you were fantastic, but remember it was for your enjoyment. Anyone else, including, me getting off is great but not the most important thing — your enjoyment is the key.”

We then sat and recalled the incidents. She loved wanking the stranger next to her. “Funny yet powerful” were her words. But her best moment was making herself cum in front of all that audience willing her as she worked herself up totally uninhibited before them.

Suddenly I went serious and preoccupied. One of the guys from the club had walked in and was ordering at the bar. He turned and saw us. I got up after giving Mum a reassuring hand squeeze and went up to him having clocked him. He asked if he could get us a drink on him. I noticed he was in awe and very respectful. I said he could but that we wanted to remain on our own rather than with company. He fully accepted that and said he respected our privacy. He wasn’t a regular and obviously did not live in the area. He caught Jean’s eye, swallowed the remains of his pint, smiled and departed saying quietly to me that he hoped we would be there again. Just as he left he gave me his card with a mobile number. I pocketed it.

Jean was curious about him. She liked his manner and his demeanour, having noticed he had given me his card.

“You could phone him just before we go next time Ian.”

That was the dirtiest come-on I had heard out of her mouth. Looking around I kissed her on her cheek and asked what she wanted now. “You Ian. I need to leave. I feel rampant.

We left and got a taxi back home. We sucked each other’s tongues in urgent need as we found ourselves at the flats. The taxi driver winked at me as I paid him. “Wish I was in your shoes mate!”

Letting ourselves in, Mum tore at my denims to get to me. I pulled her blouse apart tearing the buttons open to get my hands on her tits. She stripped off her skirt leaving her stockings and belt and heels on. Pushing her to the living room I turned her round to face the sofa, held open her arse cheeks and tongued her dark crevice as well as fingering her clit. Soaking wet she screamed at me, “Ian now fuck me I need you in me, fuck me. I want just your prick up my cunt. Do it.”

Sliding in her, I felt my prick home-in her tight cunt that had had no other prick in her for months, if not years. She was very wet and I sank up to her cervix, pushing at the head as I caught her to her hilt. I relaxed, no longer anxious about fucking her as I realised I had been over the last few weeks, perhaps out of concern that she might refuse at the last moment.

From this delicious doggy position I could eye her arse as well as fingering her clit. She was getting close as I rubbed her nubbin more feverishly. Suddenly she screamed, “yes my dear darling son fuck it’s just what I’ve dreamed about for years and I’m doing it with you, you lovely bastard. Fuck, fuck oh fuck that’s it yes I’m cuming nişantaşı escort yes oh fuck yesss.

She collapsed around me and dropped onto the cushions from her kneeling position. I adjusted to stay in her, intent on dropping my load in her rather than on her.

She concentrated on my pistoning her cunt relentlessly. I realised I was feeling very aggressive now I was assured of her total acceptance of our incestual needs. I started slapping her arse cheeks. “Lovely Ian more, more I need it badly. Hurt me make me sore I want it so badly.” I wet my index finger in her cunt juices alongside my prick and brought it to her rectum and pushed but it was resistant.

“You dirty shit Ian. Yes do it. Finger my hole. Fuck me there too Ian. I haven’t tried that in years Ian — I’m starved. I carried on fingering her unyielding arse as I rammed my prick in her. She started shaking again as I moved back to her clit with my finger, flipping it quickly as she reached another climax, this time quiet and heaving with her breath as I shot my spunk into her receptive cunt. I was shattered with emotion and exhaustion from the last few hours’ tension in holding her feelings and attending to her just in case she had frozen out.

We collapsed together now and slipped into a snooze for what seemed ages but in fact was just a few moments.

We were refreshed on waking and totally soaked from sweating and sexually devouring one another.

We shared some water to replenish our thirst. She knelt down in front of the sofa and smoothed her hands over my naked thighs. She drew her mouth to my prick and licked the remaining cum off the tip and proceeded to clean up. She had no problem engaging my flaccid prick. It soon started to respond to her smooth cleaning which was soon converting to sucking as well as grooming my shaft with her hand. Sliding to the floor with her I moved in on her cunt and started to reciprocate as she was getting me high again. I found my spunk dripping from her and wiped it up with my tongue. She was relishing my prick but moaned when I began licking her clit again. I started to switch between her clit and her rectum with my tongue.

“Ian that’s great oh do it do it, I love that.”


“Your tongue on my arse, yes right there.”

I drove my fingers into her cunt to catch the remaining spunk and her juices and moved to her rectum to deposit my catch in her hole. Her rectum was very resistant to my fingers, even with one finger. Tight bitch.

Afterthought. Get the lubricant from my bedroom I normally take to the club when going by myself. Reassuring her I quickly go and return with it. Liberally deluge her rectum with the wonderful liquid (it beats Vaseline) and my prick after getting her to stiff me again with her sucking. We lift up so she is astride an arm of the sofa, leaning forwards to expose those delicious cheeks for my view and invasion.

I start to pierce her anal orifice, pushing my stiff gently but firmly into the moist glistening den I aim to be in. She is still inadvertently resisting me but her moans suggest she really wants me there.

“Gently Ian it’s almost virgin there but I so want you in me.” I continue to press my way forward. Just the tip of my circumcised prick is reaming a little inward now. The head is now in and I pause as she gets used to it. She is holding very still concentrating on allowing me entry as if it needs to be going the other way if defecating, but not.

The lubricant is doing its job and very slowly I find I am slipping relentlessly forward into her tight dark red hole.

“Oh Ian the pressure is exactly what I want but know I am resisting. What is happening now? Are you there in my arse yet cos I don’t feel relaxed as if you were in my cunt. Ouch that felt like a big push you lovely bugger. Yes you’re my bugger a real bugger. I feel as if I’m going to shit all over the place but that can’t be it, can it?”

“No I’m almost there Mum just relax and try to get used to it. I don’t want to hurt you yet I’m needing to dig deep to get my prick right in you. Oh god I’m nearly there, through your beautifully tight ring and getting close to your arse cheeks — fantastic. I want to talk you through it — it’s so dirty. I love being in the dirt with you, you fucking shitty cunt. I’m there to the hilt and it’s fucking marvellous. I’ve dreamed about doing this since I was a teenager and now at last we are doing it — fucking your tight arse through your wonderful hole that’s just right for me and I hope for you.”

“Oh it is Ian. It is. I feel better now that you’re in there. I have dreamed of this too Ian. Now just fuck the shit out of me like you would fucking my cunt. Don’t worry about me now just do it. Yes slap my arse too. Oh jesus this is fantastic. Let kağıthane escort me look after myself while you drop your load Ian. Come on fuck, fuck, fuck oh yes, that’s so good I’m wanking myself silly Ian it’s so bloody good. Oh I can feel you going over Ian that’s it oh yes, oh yess. Oh I love you my dirty son so much. Oh god yesssss. . . . . .

I collapsed on her back on the sofa arm. She just absorbed my weight as we both came down from our near mutual orgasms. Brilliant sex or was it love or fucking or both?

We both noticed my prick slipping out slowly. I watched and we both felt it slip out, clean as a whistle. Without any hesitation she leapt to the head with her mouth and engulfed me cleaning it for me, though it was unsoiled. She slowly withdrew. To complete the circle I leapt to her mouth and tongued her to show my sexual love for her.

We moved to her bed and slid into oblivion wrapped together as I spooned her.

I woke to find myself alone. It was Saturday and she had gone off to work at least an hour before I woke. In the shower I washed off the sweat and dried residues of our evening and felt strangely satiated. In the kitchen I found a note saying she had not wanted to go to work, would see me later after intending to phone me and would I strip her bed and get the washing machine going.

I went back to bed and made a phone call home to the family. The kids were out Gillian informed me and what was I getting up to in London? I sorely wanted to tell her all but was strangely wary even though we had recently shared her dalliance with her brother.

I decided to tell her about the club. She was very curious my not having mentioned it before. I slowly conveyed the details about the club, shortening the time I had frequented it to fairly recently, though I was a bit vague about that. She wanted to know what happened down there. Did I wank and cum. I told her about the gay scene there. Did I get into that? Not really. What does that mean? I told her how I let guys stroke me. And did you stroke them? She was right there and no churlishness was showing, at least not on the phone. I did occasionally stroke them. And did you go down on them or them on you? Really getting into it, I thought.

Where are you now I asked?

“On my bed.”


“A t-shirt, and that’s all.”

“And where is your free hand?”

“If you must know its round my nipple — you’re getting me going. I want you you shit.”


“When am I going to see you?”

“How’s next weekend?”

“I’d like that?”

“I thought you were relieved I came to London to work.”

“I was but the last time you were here, I thought we got on a lot better than we had been.”


“Well you more attentive with the kids and with me.”


“We actually connected with each other.”

“I can certainly agree with that.”

“And how is your brother?” I noticed my prick was stirring and I was casually stroking it.

“He’s fine.”

“Has he been round again?”



“Well what Ian?” Was she going shy on me?

“When did he come to see you?”

“A few nights ago. He stayed for supper.”

“You seem reluctant to tell me about it Gillian?”

“I don’t want to hurt you Ian.”

“Look Gillian you saw how I was the when you told me about it then. I had a steaming erection and I’ve got one now so what’s the wavering about?”

“Ok I’ve got your point and thank you for understanding, so let me tell you.”

“He came round about nine, rather late for supper and the kids were in bed. He looked very shy and almost guilty without saying why. I chose not to ask him why either. I had decided not to wear a bra again and my skirt was nice and short and my usual low heels. I had a drink before he arrived and he got into a couple of glasses pretty quickly. Over supper I saw how he was taking in my breasts pressing against my t-shirt. I remarked about how he seemed to be looking at them rather than at my face. I thought I would tease him a bit. He blushed. I said it’s alright I don’t mind him looking at them. Less blushing more squirming in his seat.

“We finished supper and I went with my wine to the armchair and crossed my legs as he sat opposite me. I could see he was getting uncomfortable in his chair and he seemed to be tenting a bit. I got blunt and asked what he wanted. He replied that he wanted me to feel my tits and let him watch. Why, I asked, should I do that? Is that what he had been wanking about on his own? Hesitantly and obviously thrown he agreed he had. Fantasies eh? Yes he said.

“Without responding I began to stroke, first with one hand and then with both, then encouraging my nipples with my fingers. He was totally fixed osmanbey escort in his attention. I noticed his erection and looked up at him. He seemed to take a hint and pulled his zipper down and got his hardon out to show me. Why don’t you wank and I’ll carry on playing with these.

“I was in the armchair as he stood up and over me. He started to wank seriously standing near my face, but I didn’t offer my mouth. I just concentrated on my breasts pulling the t-shirt above to let me rub my nipples more directly.

“What else did he fantasize about? What he is doing now was his response. “So wanking very near my face whilst I squeezed my nipples was his way of getting off. I lifted my skirt. He saw my shaved cunt (yes I’ve shaved myself to see how you like it). I got to my clit with one hand the other remaining on my nipples crossing over but mostly on my right nipple, the most sensitive.

“He told me to go and lie on the floor. He obviously wanted me supine and passive yet I continued to wank my clit and nipples with my t-shirt above my breasts and my skirt round my waist. I felt totally exposed and vulnerable yet growing hornier with all my finger work.

“He continued wanking but more slowly. I closed my eyes momentarily concentrating on my budding cum.

“Suddenly I felt a warmth over my tummy, then my breasts. Opening my eyes to him pissing all over me and now on my face and glasses. He then sprayed over me down to my cunt and back again. Just as he finished over my mouth and cheeks I went over in a huge self-induced cum. My whole body must have frozen as I went into my reverie.

“I just lay there in my post-cum state and calm with myself. He restarted wanking his hard penis over my chest and head, about three feet above me, still in his shoes and denims round his ankles. He went over just then and proceeded to release his spunk on my face and breasts careful to spray without missing my body.

“I said nothing and just looked at him. He was very post-cum embarrassed, pulled up his denims, muttered something about getting me a towel, my telling him not to bother and sulked out of the house with a thank you and goodbye. He obviously didn’t know how to take care of a woman at all. Fortunately I preferred to look after myself. He must have drunk loads before he arrived. I was drenched as well as the floor. Thank god for pine floors instead of fitted carpets.

“How did you feel about him?” I asked.

“I was a bit pissed off with his attitude. I know he will wank about it for months. If I am charitable I think he was feeling guilty. I know you would have looked after me.”

“How do you feel now?”

“Great that I’m connected with you again Ian. Heh, tell me more about this club you go to. How long have you been going there?

I took a leap. “About five years, when I used to go to see Mum by myself.”

“Really. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I had only been at Mum’s for about three months.

“I didn’t think you would like me going there. But we seem to be ploughing new fields of our relationship.”

We certainly are. I can’t understand how we didn’t connect early at all. “You didn’t say if you went down on the men Ian.”

“I don’t. I regard that as I risk too far. Nor do I let them go down on me.”

“What about women there Ian?”

This was potentially risky ground. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t beat about Ian — you know what I mean.

“Yes, they do.”

“Fucking hell, do they?

“Yes.” But at the same time wondering how she’d react.


“No with a man.” I then started to tell her the story I had told Mum about the first woman I experienced to go there when I went, which happened a long time after I had gone for the first time.

I relayed the details. She kept asking more like did they play; enjoy their partner, other men, if so how, and then what about me. I slowly unravelled the story of how the first woman got onto me and how she moved to the front of the room with me close to her and her naked now and being played with.

“Oh fuck Ian you’ve got my clit going you shit. I’m cumming. Oh fuck it’s so good, so fucking good. Yesssss.

She went very quiet for what seemed ages on the phone but must have been about a minute or so.

“Are you alright Gillian?”

“Oh, Ian I’m in a lovely place now thanks to you. I think I should like to come and stay with you at Jean’s some weekend Ian provided she can cope with me and we can park the children. Maybe even try that club of yours?”

“What’s happening to you Gillian, you’ve changed.”

“You changed in your attitude to me Ian. Suddenly I’m a sexual being for you and not simply a Mum who takes care of your children when you are away.”

“We should definitely explore that idea. Mum might even get over her jealousy around you, but I am a bit cautious about that.”

“Well Ian I certainly won’t take offence any more. I used to when she tried to exclude me.”

Possibilities began to emerge in my mind.

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