Control in the Hotel Pt. 03

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Female Ejaculation

The next day Jeff and Shelia explored the local area until mid-afternoon. Jeff had instructed Shelia to wear vibrating underwear which meant Shelia was so worked up by the time they got back to the hotel room she was begging Jeff to take her in the lift. Jeff led her to the bedroom and removed her clothes before restraining her to the bed. It was time for her punishment, the moment Jeff had imagined multiple times over the years. He placed a blindfold over her eyes before kissing her softly.

Jeff set the music to come on and then went back to the living area. Shelia’s best friend was bisexual and had always shown an interest in her, Shelia denied any reciprocal feelings unless drunk. She once confessed to Jeff she always wondered what it would be like to have her pussy eaten by another woman. Jeff decided to grant that wish for both of them. Jeff snuck Lisa in through the apartment door. Lisa immediately kissed Jeff’s cheek in greeting before heading toward the bedroom. She removed her light sundress to reveal just a thong.

“Remember you must ask to cum slave,”

“Yes sir,” Shelia shivered in anticipation. Jeff stood at the edge of the bed looking over his partner. Lisa slowly moved between Shelia’s legs, she dragged one finger through Shelia’s folds before turning to Jeff and sucking on her finger. Jeff felt his cock twitch in anticipation. Lisa then licked all through Shelia’s folds before circling her pussy. Lisa began flicking her tongue across Shelia’s clit whilst Lisa also plunged two fingers into her pussy and stroking her G-spot. Shelia began to moan softly at the feeling. Lisa carried on flicking her tongue across Shelia’s clit and thrusting her fingers against the G-spot. As Shelia began to moan loudly Jeff decided to see if she would notice the different. He reached forward and sucked on Shelia’s left nipple. Immediately Shelia stilled.

“Jeff? What the fuck?!”

“Shhh, you are being punished for yesterday. Remember to ankarada sakso çeken escortlar ask to cum,”

“Jeff, tell me what is going on now!”

“You aren’t in charge here, if you truly want me to stop you know the safe word or it can be slowed with the pause word slave,”

Shelia took a deep breath before muttering the pause word, “Pineapple,”

Jeff stood and gestured for Lisa to continue hoping the pleasure would counteract the shock. Slowly he lifted the blindfold from Shelia. She immediately looked down to see Lisa’s eyes staring at her whilst Lisa’s tongue flicked her clit. Shelia looked up to Jeff who immediately captured her mouth in his whilst Lisa aggressively licked and sucked Shelia’s pussy.

“Just feel,” Jeff commanded before lowering the blindfold again. Jeff then took his position back at Shelia’s nipples. Within a few minutes Shelia was begging to cum again.

“Not yet,” Jeff commanded wanting to push his slave a little further. Lisa didn’t give up on Shelia’s pussy and as she knew she was getting closer plunged on finger into Shelia’s soaking folds before pushing it into Shelia’s arse.

“Fuck! Please let me cum,”

“Not yet. Now stop,” Immediately both Jeff and Lisa stopped. Lisa pulled back from the bed completely knowing what their next agreed move was. Jeff removed Shelia from the bed and walked her to the window. He told her to bend over the desk which had been move to the window exactly for this purpose. Jeff then told Lisa to get in position. Lisa knelt between the desk and Shelia whilst Jeff aligned himself with her arse. It was time to take her in her virgin hole. Lisa began to slowly lick and suck on Shelia’s pussy whilst Jeff applied lube to his cock. He then applied some to his index finger and began to push on Shelia’s arsehole. She suddenly stopped moving, very much aware where Jeff was aiming for. Shelia then, tentatively, pushed back towards his finger encouraging elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar his next move. Once Jeff determined her ready he placed the end of his cock at her entrance. Shelia tensed again and this time Lisa moved her exploration back to Shelia’s clit. Lisa flicked the little bud quickly with her tongue and pushed two fingers into Shelia’s pussy whilst Jeff pushed into Shelia. Jeff moaned with the tightness of her arse around his cock. He knew this would be quick. He waited a moment for Shelia to get used to his size before he began to move back and forth. Lisa pounded Shelia’s pussy with her fingers in sync with Jeff’s thrusts filling Shelia together. Shelia’s moans soon became incredibly loud prompting Lisa to suck hard on her clit.

“Fuck! I am going to cum. Please” Shelia barely got the words out trying to stop herself. Jeff smiled at her desperation and leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

“Then cum,” Shelia screamed out at the earth-shattering orgasm overtook her, Jeff began to pound punishingly hard and soon he was exploding inside of her tight arse. Lisa licked eagerly at Shelia’s cum trying to take in every drop. He legs were shaking in need and she was desperate to orgasm herself. Jeff walked Shelia back to the bed and laid her down ensuring the blindfold was firmly on before helping Lisa to her feet and pointing to the lounger. Lisa sat impatiently squirming with need.

Jeff walked back to his partner on the bed and smiled down at his woman. She was flushed, her bottom lip with swollen slightly due to biting it and her pussy was swollen with use. She looked perfect.

“Now Shelia, do you want to thank Lisa for everything?”

“Yes sir, thank you Lisa,”

“I think she deserves a little more than that don’t you?”

“Y…yes sir,”

“Good girl,” Jeff smiled at his partner, his cock twitching in anticipation. He grabbed at the cuffs sincan gece kalan escortlar on her hands and ankles securing her in place. “Now Lisa come over here,”

Lisa stood obeying immediately, she was most excited for her reward. Jeff of course would not touch her; he would never cheat on Shelia like that but he was happy for Shelia to have a pass. Lisa crawled over Shelia’s body kissing, licking and nipping as she went. She then captured Shelia’s lips with hers, the kiss was tentative at first but soon became stronger and needy. Lisa then moved further until her knees were either side of Shelia’s head.

“Now slave you will thank Lisa properly,”

“What? Jeff, I don’t know how!” Lisa chuckled softly at this.

“Baby girl, you just need to lick and suck, you will be perfect,” Lisa stated before removing Shelia’s blindfold so she could see her eyes whilst she came. Lisa’s tongue softly swiped up Lisa’s pussy in such a gentle move she almost couldn’t feel it. Hesitantly Shelia’s tongue explored Lisa’s folds before circling her clit once or twice. Lisa was starting to become frustrated with the uncertainty and began to move her pussy more onto Shelia’s tongue.

“Be confident baby girl,” Lisa begged, “you are doing perfectly.” With her words of encouragement Shelia immediately began to lick with confidence. Her tongue was soon plunging in and out of Lisa’s pussy before teasing her clit. As Shelia worked her tongue over Lisa, Lisa began to moan and rub her pussy onto Shelia’s face. Shelia could feel her best friend’s wetness across her face which turned her on more and made her more determined to make her friend come. Then whilst alternating between flicking and sucking her clit she heard it, Lisa moan louder than before. Shelia desperately increased the assault on Lisa’s pussy, focusing on her clit, and soon enough she heard Lisa scream out in euphoria. Once Lisa had calmed a little, she moved down Shelia’s body and kissed her passionately. Lisa then removed herself from the bed and soon enough the suite in general.

“I am so proud of you slave. You made another woman cum,” Lisa smiled looking deep into Jeff’s eyes. This weekend was more than she thought but it was wonderful all the same. She felt exhausted but knew there was at least one more plan from Jeff, she could see his excitement.

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