Corrupting Amber Ch. 07

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The weekend had finally arrived and although I had enjoyed the little bits of time seeing and hearing about Amber’s progress, school had kept me fairly distracted as finals were in full swing. Additionally, I had been taking a few extra shifts at the grocery store to save up a little cash for what was going to be a big surprise for Amber. This weekend would mark the beginning of her visual transformation. I loved Amber and her sexy, innocent beauty but I longed for her image to mirror her attitude and activity. I wanted her to look the part.

The plan, unbeknownst to her, was to get her first tattoo and a piercing. I would let her choose what and where but I was going to suggest a slutty tattoo on her lower back just above her toned little ass and a nose ring. I was unsure how she was going to react to me springing this on her, but by now I had lost most inhibitions related to this whole process. I arrived at her house a little before 5pm after I had ran home to shower and clean up a bit. She greeted me at the door with a sweet little kiss and I could faintly detect the smell of weed under the strong masking of perfume. I looked at her eyes and could plainly see she was stoned. I smiled and she nodded in silent affirmation of my appreciation.

“What are we doing tonight, babe?” She asked softly while running her finger along my chest playfully.

“Oh I have quite the night planned my love,” I replied coyly.

She flashed me a goofy grin, possibly trying to look sexy but only succeeding in looking high. Either way, my cock lurched a bit. She told me one sec and ran upstairs, returning with her purse. She yelled out good-bye to her parents and we were off. My heart was racing as we headed downtown to the dirtier section of the city. I was a bit worried that she would be hesitant because of the pain but knew I had to convince her regardless. This was only the beginning and would usher in the continued reinvention of her image. We were going to start simple though, and we arrived at a trendy salon with Amber none-the-wiser.

“Am I getting a haircut?” She asked puzzled.

“Dyed,” I responded flashing her a devilish smile.

“Ahhh.. I see..,” She nodded to herself.

Smartly I had set up an appointment and we were right on time, 5:15pm. I gave her the name and the instructions and the stylist led her back to a chair. I sat and watched with anticipation as her golden brown locks were stained pure, shiny black. When she was finished her long black hair framed her gorgeous face, accenting her sexy dark eyes and full, dark red lips perfectly. It was a tiny step but it looked amazing.

“Like it?” I asked hopefully.

“I love it,” She smiled back.

We headed out to the car and to our next destination and she immediately lit up a Newport, double-pumping hard and exhaling in my face as I watched with pure adulation. She wasted no time and took another hard pull off her cigarette, residual smoke still faintly escaping her nostrils as she filled her sexy mouth again. She removed the cigarette slowly and with apparent ease opened her mouth wide showing a huge, white ball of smoke before forcefully snapping it down her throat and into her awaiting lungs. She leaned over to me and I took the hint, meeting her in the middle and kissing her hard. I tasted the thick smoke in her mouth as our tongues danced and I grabbed the back of her head, sucking hard on her tobacco stained tongue.

Finally we broke and she smiled at me with her freshly dyed black hair, shiny and vibrant.

“I love you baby,” I sighed.

“I love you too sugar,” she cooed.

With that I fired up the car and while sneaking glances at Amber smoking, headed down the road to the tattoo parlor. When we pulled up I parked the car and turned it off and sat there for a moment, awaiting a response from Amber and hoping it was positive.

“I see what you’re doing,” she observed cutely.

“Any objections?” I asked, somewhat apprehensive about her response.

“Nope. Just ideas,” she snapped back with enthusiasm.

I breathed a sigh of relief and we got out, walking hand-in-hand to the door.

“Ideas, eh?” I questioned, now intrigued.

“Yup, you’ll see,” She said smiling back at me sweetly.

We walked in and approached the counter to find an overweight bald man with about 15 facial piercings and a burly beard to greet us.

“Hey, did you guys have questions?” He asked, surprisingly cordial despite his appearance.

“Actually no, we wanted to get something Bostancı Escort done,” I replied as confident as I could.

“Oh.. So you know what you want then? You have your own design?” He asked, somewhat doubtful.

“Nothing too complicated, just a tribal tattoo on the lower back and a nose ring,” I replied, trying to avoid Amber’s gaze as she looked up at me, possible annoyed at being left out of the decision making process.

“For you, or her?” He asked, motioning towards my petite, preppy little girlfriend.

“Her,” I replied quickly.

“So just the standard tribal, like that?” he asked, pointing towards a generic drawing of what is commonly referred to as the ‘tramp stamp.’

I opened my mouth to speak but instead Amber answered back.

“Actually not quite,” she interjected.

“I want the tribal pattern but in the middle I want a pot leaf,” she responded like a pro.

I smiled to myself and realized how sexy her idea really was. My cock surged slightly at the thought of my innocent little Amber with a pot leaf tattooed onto her lower back.

“We can do that. And the nose ring, are we talking an actual ring or a stud?” He asked, looking at her.

“What do you think, babe?” Amber asked, touching my arm and looking up at me like a lost puppy.

“I love the rings,” I replied and stroked her arm back gently.

“The ring it is,” she grinned.

We settled up the price and the bald man led her back to a black padded table. She laid down on her stomach, pulling her shirt up and her pants down. Suddenly I was overcome with a bit of worry. I hadn’t ever gotten a tattoo myself but I had heard they could be quite painful. I hoped this wasn’t going to be a nightmare experience for her, resulting in our night being cut short and tattoos being out-of-the-question going forward. Luckily my fears were unfounded as she winced occasionally but never made a noise. At the end I went and looked down at the finished product and asked her if she was alright. She said it didn’t hurt much at all and I again breathed a small sigh of relief.

Next she sat in a traditional tattoo chair and awaited the piercing. I heard a small, soft moan as the bald man leaned into her face and pushed the piercing tool through her cartilage. After a few seconds he stood up and I looked at my Amber, eyes watering a bit and a sexy ring in her right nostril and smiled. She smiled back and wiped her eyes, giving me the thumbs up sign to assuage my concern. This was going better than I could have ever hoped for. And now that she looked the part, it was time for her to act it as well. We hopped back into the car and headed to our next destination, a seedy little motel down the road from the tattoo parlor.

When we pulled up Amber looked over at me quizzically, almost taking me by surprise with how different she looked with jet black hair and her nose ring.

“What am I? A prostitute?” She queried with mock outrage.

“Shut up and get out of the car,” I responded sarcastically.

We laughed and walked around the car to get mt backpack of ‘gear’ out of the trunk. After grabbing our room key we proceeded to the second story to get the fun started. What that fun entailed, however, was still a mystery to my dear Amber at this point. Entering the room it was surprisingly cozy for $50 a night and despite the awful floral patterns and outdated TV, it didn’t look too cheap either.

“Not bad, actually,” Amber mused to herself.

I ignored her and headed to the small table at the far end of the room. I took out a bottle of Grey Goose, a baggy of weed, and my newcomer to the party, a bottle of 30mg Adderall. I wasted no time and took out the pill crusher I had bought at Walgreens and went to work. I read online that about 3 would be perfect, if not quite a bit. I didn’t care at this point, my heart was racing with anticipation of seeing Amber snort in front of me. It had always been something I found incredibly sexy, yet had never seen in person. Whenever a woman snorted something in a movie I would always get a weird feeling of sexual excitement.

Something about it appealed to me greatly. Sensing something was up and hearing the crushing noises Amber came up next to me and looked at the table, saying nothing. I knew better than to assume she was going to object, as she almost seemed just as into this whole process as I was.

“What’s that?” She asked, sounding less like the confident bad girl and more like the reserved, preppy teen Ümraniye Escort that she really was.

“It’s Adderall, I got it from a friend at school. It was actually really expensive,” I informed.

So… I snort it?” She asked, sounding more than a little intimidated.

“Yup,” I replied quickly, crushing the third and last pill.

She stood in silence as I finished crushing it and arranged the powder into 4 fairly thick lines with my debit card. I then unzipped the front pouch and removed a straw, cut in half, and handed it to Amber with trembling fingers. She feebly reached out and took the straw, looking a bit more apprehensive than I anticipated.

“Are you scared?” I asked, somewhat worried about her response.

“A little..,” she answered truthfully.

I probably showed a sign of disappointment on my face because she immediately tried to reconcile the situation.

“I probably just need to lower my inhibitions a bit first,” she blurted, and put the straw down and headed over to her purse.

She rummaged for a few seconds before pulling out her small pipe. She walked over and began grinding up a bowl and instructed me to open the vodka. I did as she asked and she began packing her little pipe with a fresh bowl of grade A kush. After she finished packing it tightly she wasted no time with lighting and filling her lungs with hit after hit. On the last hit of the bowl she inhaled so deep that she had to visibly arch her back to accommodate. While holding the smoke deep inside she reached down and grabbed the Grey Goose and began swallowing steadily. After about 3-4 seconds she removed the bottle from her mouth and exhaled an almost invisible stream of well-inhaled smoke in my face.

“O.k., I think I’m ready,” she grinned at me sexily.

My already rock hard cock surged as she took the half straw and leaned over the table, about to snort something for the first time in her young life. I watched with anticipation as she positioned the straw at the beginning of the first line and slowly and smoothly ganked it back cleanly. She immediately stood up and began rubbing her nose, being careful not to agitate her fresh piercing.

“You o.k.?” I asked, almost out-of-breath.

“Yea.. just burns a bit,” she informed me.

And after a few more seconds and a deep breath she again leaned over and went after the second line. This one she snorted much quicker and with more suction. Again she stood up but this time smiled at me with slightly teary eyes.

“So?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“It’s a lot better when I snort hard and fast,” she informed me with grin.

I sighed, relieved that she seemed to be getting the hang of it. I wondered what kinds of feelings she was experiencing having smoked weed, chugged vodka, and railed two thick lines of Adderall within a few minutes.

“Do you feel good?” I asked, hoping for positive news.

“I feel fucking amazing,” She gushed happily.

Just then though made a peculiar face and started sniffing and swallowing in quick succession.

“What’s wrong babe?” I asked with genuine curiosity.

“There’s a drip down the back of my throat.. It’s weird feeling,” she explained.

“Do you want some water?” I queried.

“Water? Fuck that,” she spurted profanely.

With that she reached over the bottle of Grey Goose and took a healthy gulp. Smiling deviously at me while she did it. Then, without being told, she reached over and grabbed her straw again. I watched in silent appreciation as she ganked back the last two lines cleanly, even snorting furiously to get all the stray powder scattered throughout the glass table. After hoovering every last granule of powder from the premises she stood up and rubbed her nose and smiled. In between sniffles she began taking small gulps of Grey Goose, which I noticed was already past a quarter gone.

“Damn baby.. you must be seriously fucked-up right now..” I half-baited with a suggestive tone.

“Yeah.. Is that what you want? You want to see your baby get all fucked-up? Hmm?” She said as she clearly took the bait.

I was a tad speechless as she stumbled over to me, sniffling with glassy eyes and a bit more darkness around them then I was accustomed to seeing. I opened my mouth to respond but she interrupted me with a clumsy and sloppy kiss, half missing my lips altogether. I grabbed the back of her head with my left hand and supported her swaying body with my right, grabbing her around the waist and Kartal Escort pulling her close. I kissed her deeply, enjoying the flavor of alcohol and weed on her tongue and breath. She pulled back slightly for a moment, looking into my eyes lovingly with a spaced out gaze and smiled.

“I love you so much,” she slurred.

“I love you too Amber, I can never explain how much I appreciate you doing all this for me,” I replied with pure honesty and adulation.

She smiled again and reached her hands down and began fumbling with my pants zipper.

“I want you to clean my dirty tongue while I play with your cock,” she breathed as she stuck out her tongue and eased my prick from out of its’ cotton prison.

I took no time and immediately began sucking on her alcohol and weed stained tongue, ‘cleaning’ every inch of it. She proceeded stroke my shaft with her divinely soft hands, adding another degree of pleasure to something that I already found to be amazing. It wasn’t long before I could no longer taste any ‘sin’ on her tongue and gently put my right hand on the top of her head, guiding her to her knees. She needed almost no encouragement and took the hint immediately, dropping to her knees and wrapping her lips around the head of my cock.

Her tongue swirled around the head of my prick as she teased me, only taking an inch into her mouth and applying a healthy amount of suction. I was feeling particularly brazen and overcome with my lust grabbed her head with both hands, giving no warning before thrusting my cock all the way down her throat. She gagged lightly and moaned in surprise, otherwise taking my cock like a champ. I began pumping her face furiously, intent on using her mouth like my own personal fuck-hole. I closed my eyes and ignored her occasional gag, slamming my cock down her throat mercilessly while picturing all the naughty things she’d been doing.

I felt myself nearing orgasm and looked down to see Amber doing everything she could to keep up with my torrid pace, all the while drool leaking out of her mouth on either side. I decided to just go for it and dump my load down her throat without warning, being overcome with my enjoyment of treating her like such a worthless whore. I felt the orgasm build from my toes and eventually make its’ way up to my testicles, my body tensing in anticipation of a massive explosion. I secured my hands around her head and thrusted my cock balls deep into her mouth. I clenched my jaw and shot a powerful ejaculation directly down her throat, completely ignoring the powerful gagging noises I heard coming from my beloved.

I made sure to pump every last drop of cum into Amber before finally loosening my grip and allowing her free movement of her head. I heard her gasp a few times, almost sounding as if she’d just come up from holding her breath underwater. I felt my legs nearly give out and reached out to one of the nearby chairs next to the table, steadying myself and waiting for my lightheadedness to pass. I held my eyes closed for another few moments, thinking of my first words to Amber and what I would say if she were upset. My thoughts were interrupted by the click of a lighter and the smell of cigarette smoke sneaking up my nostrils.

“Mmmmm baby.. you make me feel like such a whore. It turns me on so much,” she cooed as I finally opened my eyes to see her sitting in a chair, smoking and playing with her pussy.

I smiled and without saying anything dropped to my knees in front of her, immediately burying my face in her soaking wet cunt. I kept my eyes trained on her as she continued to smoke and drink vodka from the bottle while I lapped furiously. Occasionally she would grab the back my head and grind her pussy into my face, usually while holding a lungful of smoke and slowly letting it escape through moans of pleasure. It wasn’t long before her breathing began getting more labored and I sensed her nearing orgasm. She placed both hands behind my head, one them holding a cigarette between her fingers, and ground out her orgasm on my face. I felt her wetness drip into my mouth and smear across my cheeks and chin. The smell of fresh pussy and cigarettes the only things I could smell.

When she finally stopped trembling her hands dropped from the back of my head and I leaned back, and looked at the fine mess we’d created. Her pussy glistening along with stains of her pussy juice on the chair, ashes on the floor, chair and even on her white Gap tank top. Her make-up running and smeared, shiny black hair tangled from having my hands gripping her, and drops of vodka spilled in the heat of the moment on all manner of clothes, carpet and furniture. My mind focused for a moment, amidst the haze of the evening, and saw this ‘mess’ as my own creation.

And in that moment, I was proud.

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