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Some of my most vivid memories are ignited when I recall my affairs with older women. The encounters all occurred prior to my marriage and were for the most part accidental. I did not target mature women in particular, although I have always been attracted to women who know what they like and want. I was very pleased that on occasion a few of them wanted me.

At first I only thought of these memories as being erotic, but as I began to write I realized that there were other elements involved. The humor, embarrassment, sense of inadequacy, and fear all returned to my mind. Many years later I still sometimes grit my teeth and shudder at the thought of what I had done as a young man.

The following story pretty well contains all of the above elements in one package.

I was working one summer in my hometown following my second year in college. I was dating a girl that I had known since high school, and one to whom I was very attracted. Emily was a girl that I could have married quite easily if the world had not turned us in different directions.

She had been baby-sitting regularly for Bonnie and her husband Johnny, a late thirties couple. Johnny was a hard rock miner and was away on contract jobs for much of each year. Bonnie had a reputation in town. She often went bar hopping while Johnny was away, and rumor had it that she took on many lovers.

Bonnie was a blond bold and brassy gal. She was very attractive and enjoyed wearing provocative clothes to display her big tits. Her speech was loud and laden with suggestive comments, and despite being a kind woman, some people did not like her. She and Johnny were friends of my parent’s best friends.

I quite often joined Emily when she looked after Bonnie’s kids, putting in many long evenings helping her babysit. One of the less pleasant aspects of those evenings was walking home with a set of lover’s nuts.

We quite often got naked in the spare bedroom, but it was kiss and touch only. Liftoff had not yet occurred. The primary reason for my lack of success was that Emily would not let me do her without a condom. Damn, women are so much smarter than men.

For my part, I was pretty sure that I would not make a woman pregnant. Or at the very least, I thought that it was a long shot. I was also too embarrassed to purchase condoms at the local drug store. Even later in life I preferred to order them by mail order.

It was my final weekend before returning to college and Emily and I were naked once more in the spare bedroom. Emily had called my bluff and brought a condom that I believe she had swiped from an older brother. It was the first time that I had ever worn one and I was struggling to pull it on.

I was kneeling between Emily’s legs, her beautiful body spread expectantly beneath me. Would I miss this opportunity? Could I keep it up long enough? Would I go off before I got in? The worst worries of a young man all raced through my head.

I can easily conjure up that image to this day, a beautiful young woman illuminated in the pale light spread naked and waiting for me. I can still picture her firm tits and erect nipples, and the dark triangle pointing at her tight slit.

Suddenly the bedroom door swung open, the light catching me kneeling there like a deer in the headlights with the condom dangling off the end of my cock. There was a gasp from Emily, and ‘Oh sorry’ from Bonnie as she shut the door.

When we emerged from the bedroom, flustered and embarrassed, Bonnie was sitting at the table with a coffee. She had a smug smile on her face but did not utter a word of censure. It was likely that she had entertained some guy that night and was not about to lay any grief on Emily and I.

I returned to college a few days later, and by the time I returned home at Christmas, Emily was in a serious relationship with another man. In fact, she ended up marrying this ‘other’ guy.

I finished college and had taken a job some distance from my hometown. I returned home most weekends to join friends and buddies for a few days of pub crawling, fishing or hunting, and chasing women.

On my return home one Friday evening, there was a note from my parents to the effect that they were at a party at their close friend’s house. They suggested that I drop in and say hello before I joined my buddies’ downtown. I stopped in to find a house full of middle age people, most of whom I had known all of my life. The house was rocking with chatter, music and high spirits.

I accepted a beer and drifted around and found my father dancing with Bonnie in the living room. My father loved to party, play music, dance and drink beer, not necessarily in that order. But as always, when he danced with ‘other’ women, he was holding Bonnie at arm’s length, swinging her around at a half step faster than Güngören escort the music.

Bonnie spotted me and immediately pulled away from my father and said, “Jesus, there’s young Jim, he will know how to hold a woman better than this old fart.”

There was an outburst of laughter at this, my Dad laughing as he left the room for another beer. Bonnie was not laughing as she slipped into my arms, buried her face in my neck and jammed her big tits against my chest. I was embarrassed to a degree but the few couples still dancing ignored us, being used to Bonnie and her provocative moves.

We were soon alone in the room, and Bonnie was pasted against me, begging me for ‘just one more dance’. I was ready to leave despite the full erection now being massaged by the hip and belly of my dance partner.

She whispered, “That hard bulge reminds me of the last time I saw you. Do you recall?

I responded, “Oh yes, that was terrible, I am still embarrassed when I think of it.”

Her reply, “Ah honey, I have dreamed of that sight ever since. And from the feel of you now, I would guess you might be ready again. Did you ever get that, hmm, hard bulge into Emily?”

I said, “No, that night was going to be it, and by the time I got to see her again, she was engaged to Sonny.”

“Ah God,” she continued, “If you would have stayed around with me for a while that night, I would have taken care of your problem. Why not drive me home tonight and let me make amends.”

I was on high alert by this time. At an age were hard-ons were an almost continuous issue I was normally ready to put it in any lukewarm hole, and here was an invitation to help myself to a hot one. But, I was also in the home of friends of both Bonnie and Johnny, on top of which my parents were in the next room. I murmured a ‘maybe’ and disentangled myself from her before someone caught us in our standing dry fuck.

A few minutes later, as I was finishing my beer and talking to my mother, Bonnie entered the room and smiled at my mother and said, “Jim’s going to drive me home.”

My mother’s radar was on ‘maximum search’ and she said, “Call yourself a cab, he’s looking after his father tonight.”

Actually I had no plans to look after Dad, but being wise in the way of my mother, if not most women, I nodded. I departed after Bonnie had left, assuring my mother that I was going to join the boys.

A month or so after the above evening I was back in my hometown. I had joined my friends at the only true nightclub in our town, a place where a guy could dance with a girl and not necessarily get into a fight. There were four of us in a booth when I felt soft hands on my shoulders and neck. The other guys in the booth were gawking upward at whoever was behind me.

It was Bonnie; clad in a red ‘off the shoulder’ peasant blouse, wearing an obvious uplift bra that pointed her tits right at the eyes of anyone looking at them. She smiled down at me between her tits as I looked around and up at her, “Come on, dance with me.”

What the hell could I do? So I smiled and said hello and led her to the dance floor. She rammed one big tit under my arm; the other massaged my chest, and she inserted her knee between my legs.

She said softly in my ear, “I want you to drive me home. I will leave here in a few minutes, and you can follow me in ten or so. I’ll wait for you at the corner.”

I did not answer and headed back to my table, to be jazzed and kidded about my conquest. I told them that she was just a friend of my parents and to relax. They knew that it was more than that of course, and asked about her big tits and if she was a good lay and so on.

At this point I had no plans to follow Bonnie or drive her home. But a few minutes later I spotted her look back at me as she exited the club, just as two of my friends got lucky on the dance floor and moved to sit with two girls at another table. The other guy was still dancing so I made a move as if going to the ‘john’ and left via a side door.

Bonnie was at the corner as I knew she would be. I also knew that I was in over my head. She slid in beside me and planted a wet kiss on my lips, ran her hand up between my legs and said, “Let’s go out to Thomas Lake.”

Thomas Lake was a picnic area with a parking lot overlooking the lake. It was the primary lover’s lane in the area. When we found a spot remote from other cars, Bonnie jumped out and opened the back door. She removed her panties and climbed into the back seat. I thought, ‘oh fuck, this is it’. To say that I was nervous is an understatement.

I crawled into the back seat beside her, and she turned and lay on my lap, her legs stretched out away from me, and the hem of her skirt at just about her panty line.

She unhooked her bra and lifted İnnovia escort bayan the bottom of her blouse up to expose two beautiful large boobs. She reached up and pulled my head down and said, “Now honey, let’s see what you can do for a girl. I can feel your interest rubbing my back.”

I was like a kid looking through the glass in a candy store, uncertain what to choose. I lifted one big tit up and found the nipple, bent down and licked it before swallowing it. Good move. She moaned and pulled my head to her. I was feeling more confident, so moved my mouth up and we kissed, softly at first. She became more demanding, sucking my tongue and running hers around inside my mouth. I had done a lot of necking in my life, but Bonnie was a different experience. She just went for it all and held nothing back.

I eased the hem of her skirt up and dared to look down at her pussy. It was a woman’s pussy as opposed to some of the less developed pussies I had encountered. She had a big bush and the lips were open and swollen.

“Feel it for fuck’s sake honey,” she groaned. I played a bit in the bush and along the slit, and then ran a finger slowly into her. She began moving her butt, pressing up against my hand and rotating it as if trying to choke my finger.

I was thinking that this was it, the next step was to be on her and in her, and I began to make the necessary moves. But she said, “I don’t want it here in the back seat of a car. Take me home, we have lots of time.”

Well, I wanted to fuck her, but not in her home where her hard rock mining husband might stumble home ahead of time. I said, “I don’t think so, but I’ll drive you home.”

We got back in the front and as we pulled away, she unzipped my fly and rubbed my cock through my shorts. “I know that you want it as bad as I do, let’s see your cock,” a pause, “Again.”

As I drove her slowly home, she eased my cock out of my shorts, massaged it and felt my balls. She was the boldest woman I had so far encountered. I could barely keep my knees bent enough to drive. I was expecting her to go down on me, but she just caressed and stroked me slowly. I suppose that she just wanted to ensure I would have the need and courage to enter her house.

She said, “Stop here and let me out, I’ll send the baby sitter home and then you come in by the back door.”

I didn’t protest; my cock was so hard that all other concerns had receded from my brain. I parked on the next block and walked down the lane behind her house. The back yards were without fences. I located her house and climbed the stairs of her back porch.

Just as I was about to knock I caught a glimpse of her waving frantically from the house next door. Ah shit, I dropped off the back porch and headed for her place only to trip on something in the yard and fall face first.

She was shaking with mirth as she pulled me into the house. She kissed me softly and said, “Jesus sweetheart, I guess you are really in need of some pussy. Wait here and let me change, maybe you better wash up a bit.”

She returned from her bedroom a few minutes later wearing a thin negligee’. I could make out her voluptuous naked body under the sheer fabric. I could see the cheeks of her ass as she turned to place an LP on the record player.

She slid into my arms and said, “Dance with me first, I love to feel the excitement in your body. You dance so very nicely.”

I can still feel that warm soft body against me to this day. My hands massaged her. I cupped her ass cheeks as we ground away.

“God, your hands are burning honey, I love it. How long since your last pussy?”

She expertly loosened my belt and I allowed my pants to drop to the floor. We were barely moving, just kissing as she pushed my shorts down and freed my cock.

She stepped back and loosened the tie on her negligee, her tits spilling out. I moved behind her and pulled it off her shoulders and slipped my hands under her arms. I pressed against her and massaged her tits as she turned her head for a lingering kiss. My cock worked its way between her cheeks and we rubbed sensuously.

I turned her back around and stared at her standing in front of me. Her eyes burned as she read the pleasure in mine.

I looked down at her bush, what a great looking woman I thought. I felt her tits, bent and sucked the nipples and rubbed her mound. She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off.

“One more dance like this, naked,” she said. It seemed that she was more subdued at this point. I was uncertain whether I would be able to live up to her expectations. We came together again, naked tits on my chest, naked pussy rubbing my thigh and erect cock, and her hands busy caressing me. She pushed my hard cock between her legs and we stood there grinding to Escort Kağıthane the beat of the music.

At the end of the song she took my hand and led me to the spare bedroom. I realized suddenly that I was in the home of another man whose wife I was about to fuck, and on the bed where I had almost fucked Emily, which thought jolted my memory.

“Jesus Bonnie, the condom is in my wallet in my pants. Wait a minute.”

She said, “Ah not to worry, my diaphragm is in place, I hate fucking with sheiks.”

She pulled the curtains shut on the window and turned on a bedside lamp. I watched her climb on the bed, feeling useless, not really knowing what she was expecting me to do. She seemed somehow more soft and submissive. I suddenly felt more confident as it appeared she was putting herself in my hands.

She lay on her back and watched me climb up beside her. “No rush honey, use those hot hands to fire me up. I want to feel them on me.”

I had always believed that I was the seducer in my previous encounters with younger women. It had been a seduction right up to entry in most cases with me striving to overcome the lady’s uncertainties by teasing and cajoling. Bonnie seemed to prefer it this way now, so I slipped easily into that mode.

I lay beside her and proceeded to feel her and kiss her neck and ears, her eyes and cheeks, the corners of her lips. I pressed the flat of my hand firmly down her side to hips and down the outside of her leg. I bent down and nuzzled her tits, pushing my face up under them to lick and kiss the crease with her chest. I slipped my hand up the inside of her leg until the edge of it rubbed along the length of her slit.

She lay with her hands up beside her head, almost motionless except for her heavy breathing and light purring sounds. I found her lips, and forced my tongue between hers as my finger worked along her slit. She was pressing against it with a slight rubbing movement.

She rolled to her side facing me. My hand was still between her legs and I lifted her upper leg over my hip, opening her crotch wide. My hand clamped on her pussy. I ground the heel of my hand on her mound while squeezing my fingers into her cunt. She cried out, “Yes, yes, it’s yours.”

She slipped a hand between us and found my cock. It was my turn to take in my breath at her touch. She ran a fingertip around the knob, and then teased the pee hole, rubbing some pre-cum around the knob.

I slipped my cock between her legs, sliding the knob along the wet slit. I ignored the urge to bury my cock in her right away and simply slid it back and forth in a fucking motion.

She loved the tease, pushing her tits against me and answering my movements with her own. She attempted to capture the knob with her pussy lips, but I pulled it back a bit. She whimpered a “please honey”. I held her ass cheek in one hand, massaging it and teasing her crack with my probing fingers.

Finally, I angled my cock into her about half way and held still. She almost panicked, jamming her hips against mine, trying to force my cock deeper. She fucked the end of it, slow and tight, sucking it. I rolled her to her back and planted my cock deep, our bushes meshed and ground together.

I sensed her regain control of herself, no longer passive and waiting for me. Her hands grabbed my ass cheeks, “Love your butt,” she groaned and pulled me into her. “Nice and slow honey, we have lots of time, just rub that hard cock side to side in my pussy. Ah baby, you got it, that’s it, just let me have it like this, I knew you would be good.”

Her encouraging words calmed me as we fucked away. There was no driving need to get off. I was not nearly as frantic as I normally was during sex. We churned away until I could sense and feel her wanting to come. She began to raise her hips up at me in perfect timing to meet each of my thrusts. Her legs opened and came around my back. Her fingernails dug into my ass and scratched at me.

“Do it honey, do it now, I want it all.”

In retrospect, it was one of the most accomplished fucks of my life. I had made love to a very demanding man-eater of a woman and got her off. There was no doubt that she had acted to guide me all the way, her apparent mood shifting from demanding to submissive and back again.

The reality of where I was sunk in as soon as her pulsing pussy squeezed my cock out. I pushed myself up off of her.

“Don’t go, stay a while, we have lots of time,” she pleaded.

But for me it was mission accomplished, and now time to get the hell out of there.

That was my only encounter with Bonnie. Despite the pleasure and satisfaction of screwing a very beautiful older woman, I did my best to avoid her in the future. I doubt that it worried her very much, and I was probably just one trophy of many she had acquired and would continue to acquire.

Although for some months after that evening, and when I returned home for a weekend, my mother would tell me that ‘some’ woman had been asking when I would be home. I would claim complete innocence of knowing whom it might be. I don’t think I fooled her.

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