Cousin’s House Ch. 02

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Allie Haze

After our first encounter, the pattern was quickly established. There was no lovey-dovey stuff, but every day when my aunt would leave, Wendy and I would start painting or scraping and the sexual tension would build. When we broke for lunch, things would get interesting.

The day after the backrub became sex, Wendy started the conversation in her usual blunt way. Over sandwiches, she told me, “That was fun yesterday.”

I agreed that it was, and told her she was amazing.

“You were good, too. I can tell you’ve done some stuff before.”

I nodded wisely, not wanting to admit my inexperience.

“Do you want to fool around some more?” she asked? “I didn’t get a chance to give you a blowjob or anything, and you didn’t get to go down on me either. Do you want to do that?”

“Hell, yes!” I responded.

We went inside this time, into the air-conditioned dimness. Wendy shucked off her clothes nonchalantly. I did the same, and at her direction, we laid down on her narrow brass bed. My arm was under her head, and although our faces were close together, we did not kiss just yet. She caressed my stomach, and I ran my hands up and down her thighs, brushing her soft pubic hair with each stroke. When she slid her hand down my cock, I took that as a signal to start and curled my fingers lower along her labia, not pushing them inside, but rubbing her firmly the way my last girlfriend, Alison, had taught me.

Wendy moaned a little, and I leaned over to suck her nipples once again, not forgetting to bite them periodically to get her going. When she opened her legs further, I saw the opportunity and dipped two fingers into her pussy, getting them slippery with her juices, which were starting to flow. I rubbed those two fingers along bursa suriyeli escort escort her slit repeatedly and at the top, spread her juice all over the hood covering her hard little clit. My fingers circled there for a few seconds, then dipped back into her pussy to gather more moisture. She was laying back now, rubbing my cock half-heartedly and enjoying my attentions.

When I shifted a little to get comfortable, she looked at me directly and said, “I want to feel your mouth on my pussy…will you lick me?” What she lacked in conversational skills, she made up for in forthright language that made my pulse speed up.

Without a word, I climbed between her thighs, hiding my uncertainty with direct action. I spread her labia with my fingers and lapped at her pussy, broad licks alternating with sticking my tongue in as far as I could and swirling it around. She began to hump up against me in a regular rhythm. My nose was buried in her pubes, and my tongue moved up to nudge her clit. When I did that, she arched up and stayed in that pose, pressing herself against my tongue. Then I saw her grab her nipples and twist them. That said to me that she liked what I was doing, so I kept doing it! Alison had told me to go easy on her clit, so I didn’t attack Wendy’s directly-I licked all around it.

Her hands moved to my head when I did that, and she said, “Don’t stop…don’t stop” in a low voice. With a quick glance, I saw her eyes were closed, and she was biting her lower lip.

I had no intention of stopping-the idea of making her cum again was a huge turn-on for me, and I wanted to see it happen. My cock was rock-hard against the sheets, and however uncomfortable I was crouched between my bursa ucuz escort cousin’s legs at the foot of the bed, I was thrilled by this new experience and determined to see it through.

Just as my tongue was about to give out, her fingers twined into my hair and pulled me hard against her. “Oh, fuck…oh, fuck…oh, fuck…” came softly to my ears.

In a final frenzy, my tongue went nuts on her clit, lashing that little jewel over and over. One of her legs was twitching, but the other draped itself across my shoulders, pulling me tight against her as her final spasm began. I jammed my tongue against her and groaned, feeling the throb of her stomach muscles, her thighs, her pussy-hell, her whole body pulsed with the strength of her orgasm! I stayed locked in place until she relaxed, my cock painfully hard against the rough bedspread, my tongue exhausted, and my confidence soaring as she started to breath more normally.

She pulled me up abruptly and kissed me-our first real kiss-and I could feel her searching for the taste of herself in my mouth and on my lips and tongue. I lay full length on her athletic body and kissed her back as well as I could manage.

Breaking the kiss, she murmured, “I love tasting myself on you…”

With a quick peck, then, she shifted gears as suddenly as ever. I smiled once again. Wendy was clearly ready for more.

“Stand up,” she said, indicating the side of the bed.

I did, and she curled herself into a ball on her side. Her hands reached out to my cock and pulled me close. She wrapped one hand tight around the base of my shaft and pulled up and down, using the other hand to swirl my copious precum around the head. Then she pulled me in a little more bursa üniversiteli escort and leaned forward to take the head of my cock in her mouth. She held it there while her tongue snaked out to lick the underside over and over. She kept a tight grip on me, but the other hand, slippery with my own lubrication, moved over my balls gently, tugging and caressing me in a whole new way.

Now, I had had blowjobs before, but they were given by my peers-girls who were eager and willing, but not quite sure what to do any more than I was. This was a whole world better. Standing by the edge of Wendy’s bed, my hard cock in her mouth, and her lips, tongue and hands urging me toward orgasm, I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Wendy,” I said. “Wendy, I’m close…”

She looked up at me with a smile and went back to work, sucking, licking, and stroking me. I was in heaven, watching my cock disappear into her mouth over and over again, watching the smooth play of her back and neck as she moved back and forth. More than anything else, I wanted it to last, but I was so turned on by her body, her orgasm, and the amazing sensations she was creating for me. I started to rock my hips into her mouth, keeping the rhythm going and not pushing too deeply, but Wendy knew what that meant, and started sucking hard on the head, stroking the shaft smoothly with her slippery hand. The fingernails of her other hand tickled my scrotum, and she moaned softly, which set up a wonderful vibration.

With a sudden rush, I felt my balls tighten up. My cock swelled to a new dimension of fullness, and suddenly, I was shooting rope after rope of cum into her warm, wet, sucking mouth. I could feel her swallowing every drop, squeezing my balls and milking the shaft to get every last drop out of me. When I finally stopped cumming, she sucked hard to clean me off.

Then she got to her feet and hugged me fully, body to body, and gave me a quick kiss.

“That was excellent,” she said. Then my wonderful, sexy, gear-shifting cousin patted my cock one last time, and said, “Let’s go finish the front door.”

To be continued

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