Cucked at My Reunion

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It was embarrassing, I admit, to be going to my high school reunion alone. Most of my friends at the time were bringing dates, or wives, and here I was wearing my best suit and hopefully slipping a condom into my wallet. Jessica would be there. I haven’t seen or spoken to her since graduation, and I have no idea what she’s up to, but I’m praying she’s single and that tonight might be my chance.

After all, I’ve grown into myself. Gone are my days of acne and nervousness. I have a job now, money, a nice car and a good home. My biggest fear is that Jake might be there too, the high school bully who caused so much pain for me back then, but he always thought himself above this sort of thing.

I pull into the parking lot by the football field, and recall particularly painful memories of Jake giving me wedgies in front of the cheerleaders. I shake the thought from my mind, adjust my cufflinks, and walk toward the gymnasium.

There’s a line out the door. I see Dave, my best friend from senior year, with a beautiful girl at his arm. “Hey! I’d like you to meet Lisa, my fiance.”

“Very nice to meet you,” I’m sweating already. It seems no amount of money or employment can change who I am beneath the surface – a nervous wreck, a virgin, shaking hands with a girl so beautiful she would never have looked twice at me in any other circumstance. “Say, Dave, have you seen Jessica around?”

“She walked in a few minutes ago. You’re not still hung up on her, are you?”

“No. No, not at all.” Why am I blushing? Dave whispers something into Lisa’s ear, and she giggles. I could swear her eyes drifted down to my slacks, where I admit the sight of her and the sound of her giggle had made my small cock rise a bit. I cross my legs a little to hide my shame. I don’t dare ask about Jake. The embarrassment of still fearing our school bully might make me fully erect, and my loose pants wouldn’t help much to hide it, small as it was.

An hour later, and I’m stuck sitting at a table with nothing but a cup of punch for company. Dave had left long ago, his beautiful fiance ist esc Lisa at his side, to dance. Everyone was dancing. Groups of girls he recognized from years ago stood huddled in their groups, with husbands or other alumni behind them, grabbing them or kissing their necks. I wish I could be one of them, but I’m hard enough just watching, and worry that if they were to brush against me I might embarrass myself. That makes me harder, and I fight back tears at the shame of it all.

I gaze across the dance floor, looking for Jessica. I don’t see her, but someone taps me on my left shoulder. I look over, but nobody’s there. Before I can look around, I feel the familiar burn of my boxers in my ass crack, and whimper as I slump over from the pain of the wedgie.

“Fuck!” I cry a bit. It hurts, and I see some girls giggling from the dance floor.

“Hey buddy!” Jake is here. “How you been?”

I close my eyes, letting tears slowly stream down my face. I shouldn’t have come. Why did I come? I could have predicted this, and I hated that my small cock was hanging out the side of my taught boxers now, harder than ever before.

“Jake!” Oh no. I look up, my vision blurred by tears, to see Jessica facing me and defending me. “Jake, didn’t he get enough of this in high school?”

I feel the relief of Jake releasing my underwear, and I reach down to adjust my pants. My little erection flops as I do this, and I blush harder than before. Jessica noticed. I see her look at my crotch, and let out a little laugh. She clasps her hand to her mouth as though she didn’t mean it, but continues to laugh behind it.

“Hey! It’s Jessica! Hey bud, you remember Jessica, don’t you?” Of course I do, he knows I do. Everyone knew how much of a crush I had on her, still have on her. “What’s so funny, Jessica?”

She couldn’t control her giggling as I fiddled with my cock, trying desperately to tuck it away. “He’s… He’s so hard, and so small,” she laughed, pointing at my shame. I realize most of the alumni had stopped dancing, and were watching the scene unfold.

“He fatih esc is, isn’t he,” Jake agreed. He pulled me out of my chair by my boxers, renewing my pain and my shame, and yanked my slacks down. My cock was poking out the sides, bare for everyone to see. “Stay like this, bud. I think it’s important that I show Jessica what a real cock looks like. And if she’s lucky, what it feels like.”

He began to walk over to her, but she skipped over to us instead. “Ow!” I cried. She had flicked my cock, and it bounced lamely before settling again.

“Ah!” Jessica cried, and then giggled. Jake had pushed her over the table, presenting her beautiful round ass to the room. I nearly touched myself, the sight was one I’d only ever dreamed of, Jessica bent over in tight leggings. I could see the contours of her crack, and to my horror I could see that she was wet.

Jake unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them down. He wasn’t wrong, he had a big cock, easily twice my size. Jessica looked back at him, and grew visibly wetter. She pulled down her pants for him. I feared I would cum. She was wearing lacy black panties, which she promptly pulled down for Jake’s pleasure. Everybody was watching now, and nobody was stopping him. Nobody, except for a small voice from behind the crowd.

“Hey!” It was Dave. He emerged from the throng of people, with Lisa at his side. “Why don’t you leave him alone? Whatever it is you two need to do, you can do it in private.” I looked up at him, and could see that he was growing hard too. How could anyone help it, Jessica looked so good with her bare ass in the air, her wet pussy against the table, her large breasts swelling with the excitement of seeing Jake’s big cock.

“Davy! Glad you came to join us.” Jake walked over, his manhood swinging back and forth. Nobody laughed like they had laughed at me, his was a real man’s cock, and the girls stared in awe at it, and in jealousy at Jessica. I noticed even Lisa couldn’t take her eyes off him, even when Jake grabbed her date by the collar and threw him to the ground.

I wanted ataköy esc to yell. I wanted to call out and help defend Dave, just as he had come to defend me, but more than that I wanted to see what would happen if nobody interfered. I throbbed with the anticipation of seeing Jake enter Jessica, and I dripped a little thinking about it.

“Come on, dear, why don’t you join us?” Jake grabbed Lisa, and bent her over the table next to Jessica. She didn’t protest. He tore her dress above her head, revealing red underwear and a very tight ass. “So, who first?”

Both girls wiggled up against him eagerly, not seeming to care about the watching crowd, but the question was directed at me. “Jessica,” I squeaked. I was leaking cum, and my self control was waning. I reached a hand down, and began to stroke myself as Jake entered my beautiful crush’s pussy, and began to pump in and out of her. Jessica moaned, and it was all I needed. Less than a minute later, I came.

“Done already?” asked Lisa. Jake, Jessica, and the rest of the room looked over and laughed. I had barely dribbled a tiny puddle on the gymnasium floor. I couldn’t help myself. As I stood with my flaccid dick hanging over my shame, I felt someone grab me by my collar. “You get to clean up.” It was Lisa again. She thrust my head next to Jessica’s ass, so that my face was inches from Jake’s pulsing cock. Never in my wildest dreams had I been this close to her womanhood, and now here I was in the middle of my waking nightmare. Jake came, and pulled out of her.

“And what’s your name?” he asked, breathless, of Lisa.

“Lisa,” she replied, then willingly bent herself over the table. Dave muttered some sort of protest, but Jake silenced him with a short kick. Jake was still very hard, and every bit as big as before, and he began to fuck Lisa.

“Clean me.” Jessica commanded me. She grabbed me by my hair, and pulled me into her soft pussy. I tasted Jake’s cum leaking out of her, and his salty seed mixed with my tears. I licked her clean, savoring every moment of the experience so that I might relive it every day, jerking off alone as I always will. No doubt he would make Dave clean his fiance out too. I’m ashamed to admit how much I’m looking forward to the ten year reunion, and I certainly won’t bother to bring a condom next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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