Cuckhold Love Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 Sylvia’s and Jordan’s New Experience

The clouds formed a blanket over the landscape below or so it seemed to Sylvia Drake. At 30,000 feet, confined in a small airplane seat, she had plenty of time to contemplate what had happened two days ago. It all seemed so surreal now as her thoughts traveled back to the exact moment her husband walked in on her being taken from behind by a total stranger. She was moaning for the stranger to fuck her harder as he rocked back and forth, grunting with each hard thrust. She was so lost in the pleasure of being fucked that she simply looked at her husband standing in the doorway watching, not stopping but moaning louder. He stood in the doorway watching her get pounded by the well-built stranger not saying a word and not moving. Staring out the small window, Sylvia saw a break in the clouds. The streets of some city far below were laid out in rectangular patterns as she thought of how it started out so innocently, never intending it to happen. But it did and now she was about to face her husband Jordan Drake when she arrived home. A soft sigh left her lips and the woman in the seat asked her if she was alright. Sylvia smiled and told her she was fine but the thought of divorce papers waiting for her when she got home did nothing to lighten her darkening mood. But even now as the sound of the airplane droned in her ears, the thrill of seeing her husband watching her get fucked excited her as she recalled being with the stranger, Roger Howell.

It was not unusual for Sylvia to travel as a free lance photographer and Jordan to stay home, tending to his computer business. This trip was like so many others except for … except for Roger. She met him on the plane from Miami to the remote island for a photo shoot she was producing for a local magazine on vacation spots. Sitting next to him, it turned out to be a welcome relief than having to think about the argument she had with her husband the night before. They had argued about him spending the evening on his computer instead of making love to her before she left for a few days. He was trying to find a virus for a client and she was in the mood for some tender loving before she left. He told her he would be right but after an hour and a half, Sylvia was fuming. It seemed it was always like this, and she wondered if he loved the computer more than her. When he tried to wake her, she simply turned over, her back to him, faking sleep. The next morning they hardly spoke to each other and the good-bye kiss was more of a peck rather than one of endearment. She glanced at the tall man next to her, smiling as he told her about himself.

Roger was a Wall Street stock broker on vacation, getting away from the grind of the business world, and meeting some friends for a little rest and relaxation. She told him about life in Chicago and he regaled with stories about living in New York City. She thought he was nice, giving him the once over as she surveyed him with a photographer’s eye. She seemed dwarfed by him, taking in his 6′-2″ frame in the small seat while her 5′-3″ height had enough room in her seat. They talked about the differences in the two cities and he seemed overly interested in her work, telling her about his admiration for photographers and their ability to tell stories through the camera lens.

When the plane landed on the paradise island, they laughed when they found out they were staying at the same hotel, enjoying the bus ride to the hotel full of people of all ages, excited to start their vacations. In the hotel lobby, a few men were waiting for Roger, calling out his his name. They smiled at her and then at Roger as if expecting him to introduce her as his girlfriend. He explained how they met on the plane and she was here on a photo-shoot for a magazine. The looks of interest in their eyes were not lost on Sylvia to which she smiled demurely at them and then made her excuse to leave. Saying their good-byes, Sylvia thought that was the last she would see of the stranger.

The spacious bungalow was situated away from the main hotel and she smiled thinking the magazine must have spent a pretty penny for it. But she didn’t care, she was here to shoot some exotic scenes of island life for the publisher. Over the next few days, she roamed around the island, finding interesting landscapes and subjects to photograph. At the end of each day, she returned to the bungalow, downloading the images onto her computer. Sipping a glass of wine helped her relax while she reviewed each image, tweaking them for highlights and cropping to give just the right look. Then it was off to a late dinner at the hotel dinning room, eating alone and listening to the sounds of the band playing songs for the crowd. She had just finished enjoying her dinner when she felt a hand resting on her shoulder. “May I join you,” came the soft sound of a deep male voice.

Sylvia’s body tensed at the touch but when the man came into view, she let out a sigh of relief and then a sweet smile, looking up to see Roger, the man from the airplane. “Sure. Please do,” she responded watching him pull out a chair and sit across the Kartal Escort table. “Where are all your friends tonight?”

Roger smiled. “They’re all packing for an early flight tomorrow. I plan to stay for a few more days. How about you Sylvia? When do you leave?”

Sylvia was impressed he remembered her name. “I plan to finish my work in a few days and then head back to Chicago.”

The waitress approached the table and Roger ordered a glass of Merlot. “What about you Sylvia? What would you like to drink?”

“I’ll have another glass of Pinot Noir,” she said looking at the man across the table. He looked like the perfect vacationer, dressed in a flowery shirt and kaki pants. She took in his rugged facial features, the short brown hair, and what seemed to be a well built physique. She blushed when he caught her staring, thinking how different this man was from her husband. He certainly was different from her husband who was thousands of miles away in the Windy City. It was evident Roger worked out while Jordan was starting to get some love handles from sitting in front of the computer screen all day and night. To her, Jordan was still handsome and gave her everything she wanted materially, a nice home in an upscale suburb, new clothes, a shiny red BMW, … everything except an adventurous sex life.

They met in college, dated and married as soon as they graduated. When they had sex, they stumbled through their inexperience due to their strict upbringing. In college, her friends tried to persuade her to go with them to wild parties but she never went, spending all her time with Jordan. When her friends talked about their experiences, Sylvia would nod in agreement, telling lies about tales of her and Jordan. Secretly she yearned for exciting times in bed but after a few failed attempts at trying different positions, their sex life was … well was vanilla. They both threw themselves into their careers with sex thrown in on the weekends when they weren’t too tired but never during the week and never during the day. Now at the age of 28, married four years, Sylvia started to fantasize about what it would be like to have sex with another man and that man was sitting across the table from her.

“How is your photography going?” The question snapped her mind out of her daydream.

“It … it’s going really well. There are a lot of interesting subjects here on the island.” She could see him staring at her with his dark emerald eyes that seemed to glow in contrast his brown hair. To her they were like two piercing daggers examining her.

Their wine came and Roger picked up his glass, holding out to Sylvia for a toast. “Here’s to having a great time what’s left of our vacations.” She clinked her glass to his, taking a sip while still observing this stranger. He was smiling at her and then asked. “Would you mind if I accompany you tomorrow? I’ve always wanted to see how a professional photographer decides what will look good.”

Sylvia was taken aback for a moment. Here was a stranger wanting to accompany her. She didn’t know him and for a moment she thought against having him with her. Her eyes looked over his handsome features and he seemed nice from their talk on the plane. “Sure why not. But I think you’ll be disappointed. Most of our shots are fixed on the computer so what you see is not what you get.”

Roger’s laugh was genuine at her comment. “And here I thought it was all the camera.”

Sylvia’s fears eroded and she felt more comfortable as they talked and laughed about things and people they saw on the island. Their conversation got around to where she was going to shoot the next day. Telling him she wanted to shoot the waterfalls in the afternoon, they agreed to meet in the hotel lobby at 2:00 pm. Just as they finished their glass of wine, the band started playing a slow song and she smiled when Roger asked her to dance. Agreeing to his suggestion, she felt his strong arms encircle her, pulling her against his hard muscular frame. She noticed how tall he was compared to her husband who stood 5′ 10″. The 4″ of difference in height seemed a lot more as they danced among the crowd, her mind beginning to churn with lustful images of them together, naked, extracting pleasure with each kiss and touch. She found herself getting aroused, moving gently against him while thinking it had been a long time since her husband made her feel this way. When the dance ended, Roger excused himself when they returned to the table, telling Sylvia he had to say good-bye to his friends but promising to meet her in the morning.

Sylvia was disappointed and when she tried to pay the bill, she found out the stranger had paid for it. Walking along the beach back to her bungalow, she had a smile on her face and her thoughts were of the stranger. Sleep seemed to escape her as images of the stranger and then her husband floated in and out of her brain. Sitting up in the dark , listening to the waves crashing onto the shore, she whispered, ‘What is wrong with me? I have a loving husband and everything a girl could ask for. Why do I feel this emptiness?’ But she Tuzla Escort knew it was not the material things she was missing, it was the thrill and excitement of being wanted sexually by someone. And this stranger ignited a fire inside her, erotic thoughts of sensual delights floated in her brain and she wondered how sex would be with him. Would it be exciting or would he be like her husband, boring and unimaginative?

The next morning Sylvia woke up, restless and tired from tossing and turning all night. Showering, she thought of calling the hotel and leaving a message for the stranger, canceling the outing with him. But by the time she finished, she decided against calling and dressed in a pair of white lace panties, cargo shorts and t-shirt with a white lace bra. Sylvia spent the morning, reviewing photos from the previous day and after a light lunch, she packed her photo accessory bag and headed to the hotel, wondering if Roger was going to meet her. When she saw Roger standing inside the lobby, dressed in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals, her smile grew wider. ‘He looks a lot hotter than last night,’ she thought as he waved and came out to greet her.

They exchanged the usual greetings as they walked to the rented jeep. Roger told her about sending his friends off in the morning and Sylvia explained that they were going to shoot photos at one of the waterfalls on the island. Driving through the tree and shrub lined dirt road, she noticed his eyes would occasionally glance up and down her body as they talked. Thoughts of how it would feel to have his hands on her were interrupted as the sound of rushing water in the distance greeted them. After negotiating a few turns, they came upon a towering waterfall cascading down into a pool. Her grin turned to disappointment when she saw a number of tourist at the falls, some of them swimming in the pool of cool water at the base of the falls.

It was going to be a job getting the right angles and not getting the tourists into the pictures. Roger was a big help, negotiating the slippery rocks, getting her to some remote locations away from the vacationers. The morning sped by and a few times Roger caught her when she slipped on some wet rocks, but always being the gentleman. She began to wonder if this guy was like her husband, kind but not very aggressive. It was late afternoon when Sylvia finished the shoot as they packed her camera and accessories into the bag and headed back to the hotel.

“That was a lot of fun Sylvia. I learned a lot today about angles and trying to get the right shots. I hate to end this day without dinner. I would love it if you would you join me for a late dinner.”

“Thanks for the compliment Roger. I would love to join you . But first I need to take my stuff back to the bungalow and freshen up a bit. Is that ok?”

“Sure. Why don’t I come with you.” Reaching down, Roger picked up her heavy photography bag. “I’ll carry this heavy bag for you.”

“That would be lovely,” she responded wondering if he had something else on his mind.

The trip back to the hotel seemed to whiz by and soon they were walking along the beach in the dimming sunlight. There were still a lot of hotel patrons lying on blankets and kids playing in the blue waters. In a short time, the beach would be nearly deserted when the sun began sinking below the horizon.

Reaching the bungalow, she took her bag from him, taking it to the spare bedroom. When she turned to leave, she saw him leaning against the door frame, a mischievous smile on his face. She watched as he walked toward her, no words spoken as he took her into his arms. She melted into his arms, looking up into his emerald eyes when he lowered his lips to hers. She hesitated for a moment, not knowing if this was right or wrong and then her arms wrapped around his neck. Her body melted into his as his strong arms pulled her against him. She felt her breasts rub against his muscular chest while her eyes studied his. There was another moment of indecision and then her lips met his pressing harder and emitting a soft moan against his. When his tongue slipped over her lips, she moaned again, parting hers lips to welcome his tongue into her mouth. She had another thought about her husband but then she was lost in his amorous kiss, moaning when she felt his hands on her hips and then slide delicately down to her ripe ass cheeks.

Roger’s fingers squeezed her ass cheeks, wondering if she was going to pull away. He could tell she was hesitant but then he felt her body press tighter against him. There was a certain hunger in her movements and he smiled into the kiss feeling her breasts rubbing suggestively against his chest. A shiver of lust coursed through him and he felt his cock thicken in his shorts. One hand roamed up her back and then grabbing some of her long auburn hair, he pulled her head back, separating their lips. “I want you baby,” he murmured pressing his lips against hers with more passion. If there was a time she would back off it would be now but instead her lips sought his with a hunger he had not felt from a woman in a long time.

Their Anadolu Yakası Escort bodies collided together, sliding against one another, igniting a hot fire within their bodies. Hands pawed and pulled at each skimpy piece clothing, pulling and pushing each piece until they were naked. Roger put his hands on her shoulders, pushing her back so he could get a good look at the woman in front of him. He took in her soft breasts with hard nipples pointing out at him while she did the same, glancing up and down his muscular frame. A smile formed on her lips when she saw his cock hanging between his thighs.

Sliding down to her knees, she gently enclosed her hand around the semi-hard cock , inspecting it as if the meaty muscle was a fragile prize. She smiled, hearing the moan from above while her fingers wrapped around the thick muscle, squeezing it and then starting to stroke her new toy. It was a little longer but much thicker than her husband’s cock and for a moment, Sylvia wondered if she would be able to take all of him in her sex passage. When her lips met the bulbous head, she again smiled hearing his moan as her lips caressed the tip of his cock and then slowly engulfed it into her mouth. Flicking her tongue over the large head she had a fleeting thought of her husband. ‘If only Jordan could see me now.’ But e wasn’t there and she dismissed thinking about Jordan as her lips opened wide, taking more of his growing muscle into her mouth while one hand stroked it. Gradually she shoved as much of his cock into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. Pulling back, she gasped when it popped out of her mouth. “mmmmm yessss,” she seeing his glistening cock. Letting out an animalistic groan, she began attacking his growing shaft, bobbing up and down on it.

Roger’s hips jerked forward with the first contact of her lips on his cock. Grabbing her hair, he didn’t try to pull or push her head, only guide it as she seemed to know exactly how to excite his cock. “Ohhhhh fuck baby. Take as much of it as you can,” he groaned, feeling the sensations course through his body. This was more than he expected when he booked this vacation and he was not about to let his woman leave the island until they were both satisfied.

Sylvia marveled at how his cock grew longer, thicker, and harder the more she stroked and sucked it. She felt her own wetness leaking from her pussy onto the inside of her thighs. Reaching down between her thighs, she felt the sticky wetness on her fingers and let out a whimper of lust when she touched her sensitive clit. She never felt this way with Jordan. Whenever she sucked her husband’s cock, he would gently but firmly push her away when it got hard, pushing her onto her back and taking her in what seemed the only position he was comfortable. But with Roger, it was different. He didn’t push her head away but instead encouraged her to take her time. His soft moans from above were like an aphrodisiac, filling her with lust to suck harder, taking him deeper, then releasing his cock to the sound of her own gasps for breath. She was plunging her mouth up and down, soaking his cock with her salvia when she felt his hands pushing her away. ‘Are all men like this?’ she wondered, looking up into his killer emerald eyes, thinking he was going to be just like her husband.

“Let’s get more comfortable,” he offered pulling her up, leading her to the bed. She was expecting Roger to push her down on the bed and mount her but instead he lay on the bed, his cock bobbing in front of her eyes. “It’s all yours to play with,” he said watching her eyes take in his nakedness and hard cock. He smiled at her, seeing her move between his open thighs, her sights set on the bobbing pole in front of her. The smile on her face grew wider as he watched her reach out to play with his hard cock, rubbing it, stroking its length, and then inspecting the veiny tool she held in her hand. With the way she was enthralled with his member, he figured her husband didn’t let her enjoy the thrill of sucking and stroking his cock. But Roger was content for now to let her have some fun, placing his arms behind his head, as if they had all the time in the world, while he enjoyed watching her take joy playing with his cock.

Sylvia noticed how the room lighting was growing dimmer as the sun began its daily descent in the western sky. “Mmmmm it looks and tastes delicious. I don’t need anything else but this big cock for dinner,” she murmured lowering her lips onto his cock while her hands stroked his meaty shaft. Holding his cock against his abdomen, she kissed just above his ball sac, and then ran her tongue the entire length to the purple head all the while her eyes stared at his face. Letting out a groan, her tongue and lips retraced her path back to his balls. Looking up into his face as if to ask permission, she gave him an evil grin and then took one of his balls into her mouth, feeling its weight and hearing his moans of appreciation. This was nothing like her husband who didn’t seem to enjoy sex as much as she did and didn’t care for her to play with his balls. Letting the large ball plop out of her mouth, she grinned, pulling his cock away from his body and then like a greedy animal, began to devour it. She thought of turning on the overhead light but she was too enthralled with her new plaything. That could wait for a few minutes until she had her fill of his delicious cock.

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