Cuckhold Love Ch. 02: The Confrontation

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******** Drake Residence *********

When Jordan arrived at the airport the ticket agent told him the next available flight to Miami was in the morning. Still reeling from the sight of his wife fucking a total stranger, he sat in the waiting area rather than go back to the hotel. Pulling a book from his carry-on he tried to read but the images of his wife still burned brightly in his mind. Getting up and walking the concourse, he tried to find something to take his mind off his wife but the images always came back to haunt him. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he flipped through the numbers until he came to hers. There was a strong desire to press send but each time the anger inside him stopped him. He had so many conflicting thoughts about what to say to her. How do you have a phone conversation with a wife you caught cheating?

Struggling to sleep in the uncomfortable chairs, he wondered if he should have stayed at the paradise resort and confronted his cheating wife. The more he thought about his wife and the stranger, the angrier he became. In a low whisper to the empty waiting area, he said, “What right did she have to sleep with a total stranger? Or maybe he wasn’t a stranger. Maybe they were lovers and this was a lover’s rendezvous and when she knew I would be thousands of miles away in Chicago.” His mind was in turmoil, angry one minute at seeing his wife with another man and then wondering why he got excited seeing them together.

At times during the night, he kept looking at the entrance doors, waiting for his wife to appear but she never appeared. She had to know he was gone if she checked with the hotel. But then the thought of his wife spending the night with the stranger crept into his brain fanning the burning anger deep inside him. The night seemed to drag on forever, jumbled thought after jumbled thought kept him from getting any rest. Even the bright rays of a new day was not enough to brighten his spirits. Jordan was happy when the announcement came over the PA system to begin loading. Giving his ticket to the attendant at the door to the runway, he took one last look at the waiting area and then down the concourse, hoping to see Sylvia. With a sigh of resignation, he boarded the plane wishing he had never come to the island.

Arriving home, he unpacked his carry-on backpack and went to his office, grabbing a bottle of bourbon on the way. Sitting in his comfortable ergonomic chair, he stared at the screen saver for the longest time while thoughts and images of his wife bounced around in his brain. She hit a sensitive nerve and he knew it. She was having torrid sex with a stranger and for some reason knew he wouldn’t interfere. Jordan sipped his bourbon thinking how he didn’t like confrontation and during their marriage, Sylvia would take care of arguing with companies about insurance, or utility bills, or whatever needed to be argued. When faced with a conflict, most of the time he would give in rather than upset the other person, justifying it by telling himself he was one who could see both sides of the issue.

Closing his eyes, he saw Sylvia’s icy stare as the man’s cock plunged in and out of her pussy. She seemed so confident he wouldn’t interfere and got bolder with her taunts seeing he didn’t intervene. Maybe she wanted him to join in and was simply daring him to come into the bedroom. He thought about that scenario but it was too late to do anything about it. He couldn’t muster the courage to take on the stranger or to join in and now he sat in the dark office, sipping his bourbon, wondering what to do.

As the thought lingered of his wife lying on the bed with the man’s cock poised above her, he felt his cock thicken. “Did I really like seeing my wife get pounded by that man?” he said opening his eyes and looking at the computer screen. “What are you going to do Jordan?” he asked to the empty room, not knowing the answer. He thought about a divorce but knew he still loved her and besides he wouldn’t have the nerve to kick her out of the house they worked so hard to get. The feeling of him afloat in a boat with no paddles washed over him, knowing that in a few days his wife would be home and there would be a confrontation. Turning his attention to his computer, he began to dread facing his wife.

Opening an adult website he sometimes viewed when alone, he looked at the listing of videos for threesomes. One of the videos was labeled “cuckold husband” showing a curvaceous woman lying on a bed with a man kneeling between her open thighs. At the edge of the bed was a man Jordan assumed was her husband, watching them fuck. Curious, he opened the video, watching transfixed as the woman talked to the man about her husband’s inability to satisfy her needs, while he pounded her with his cock. Images of his wife saying things similar to the woman on the video thrashed around in his head. Jordan started to close the video but for some reason he stopped, mesmerized by the action and the words the woman spoke.

He thought of sex with his wife, knowing she wanted him to last longer when he fucked her. She had made some passing comments about wanting him to last longer. It seemed that when they played Bayan Eskort before fucking, he could last for a long time but when he plunged into his wife’s hot pussy, the sensations were too much to bear and he would end up cumming before she was satisfied. Alcohol seemed to prolong the effect of her intense heat but those times were to few. He tried different methods to prolong his orgasm but nothing seemed to help. He thought he and Sylvia could work on it but now he wondered if they ever would.

‘Is that what I am, a cuckold husband?’ he wondered while his eyes remained riveted to the screen. As the action heated up, he felt a familiar stirring in his loins and instinctively he put his hand in his lap, feeling the growing lump in his trousers. Continuing to rub his erection, he felt his breathing begin to quicken as the action intensified between the man and woman. He watched the man standing next to the bed stroking his cock until his wife relented and told him come closer so she could suck his cock. He did as she demanded, adding his groans to theirs while she climaxed and then brought him to a climax while the man shot his load onto her stomach.

Jordan felt like he was reliving his nightmare on the island as the video ended. Typing “cuckold” into a search engine, he began reading the definition. His eyes quickly scanning the words … adultress, object of derision, another man having sexual relations with his wife. Other words filled his brain, whore, slut, bitch, unfaithful, and cheater. The more he read, the angrier he became, knowing that when his unfaithful wife returned home, he would have to confront her.

****** The ride home *********

Sylvia hated waiting for her luggage at airport carousels but with the large photography bag filled with lens and accessories, it was a necessary evil. The plane landed on time but it seemed to be taking the crew a long time to unload the plane. Looking at her watch, she saw it was only fifteen minutes since she got off the aircraft, but she was anxious to get on the road. Thoughts of Jordan filled her brain as she waited for the turnstile to start turning. Looking in the large mirrors hanging on the walls, she smiled at the way her jeans hugged her tight ass and how the light jacket covered her thin tank top and the harness of her nipples while she thought of Jordan.

There was no doubt he would be mad at her for what she did. Would he be home when she arrived or would worse would she find her things thrown all over the lawn? Would she find divorce papers waiting for her? One thought after another crisscrossed her mind and she had to keep telling herself to slow down. She didn’t think Jordan would go to that extreme but the thought always seemed to pop into her head. When she found out he left the resort, she was tempted to call him but decided against trying to explain anything over the phone. She preferred to talk to him face to face so she could see his reaction. Besides he could have called her. But Sylvia knew he didn’t like confrontations of any kind. That thought pacified her bad thoughts for the moment and then her thinking was interrupted when a light flashed and the luggage belt started moving. Seeing her two bulky luggage pieces, she grabbed them and headed out to the bus to take her to the parking garage.

The drive home usually took about forty-five minutes and with light traffic, she figured to be home around 8:30 pm. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard her cell phone beep. Picking it up, she thought it would be from Jordan but it was a strange number. Clicking on the icon, she smiled seeing it was from Roger Howell.

“Home now in NYC. Thanks for a great time.”

Sylvia chuckled at the message. They traded phone numbers and addresses but she didn’t expect to hear from him so soon. She knew she shouldn’t text and drive but she ignored it, typing a quick response. “On my way. I should be thanking you. Not sure how hubby will be when I arrive.” Hitting send, she had a feeling he was going to respond. Images of their erotic playtime together danced in her head as she drove slower, hoping to hear back from him. A few minutes later she heard her phone beep. She couldn’t believe how just a text message from him got her excited.

“Had a great time. Would love to see you again when I plan trip to Chicago soon. As for hubby, you can handle him.”

Visions of their time together were like a picture show, each scene hot and filled with torrid sex. She thought of how after Jordan disappeared, Roger took her to his room and slowly undressed her. When he laid her on the bed and secured her arms and legs with the oft belt from the hotel robe, she could feel her pussy moistening remembering how he kissed and nipped at her naked body before teasing her pussy until she was screaming for him to let her orgasm.

“I want to see you again. Still have vivid memories of our time together. Thinking about that nice thick cock makes my pussy wet.” Roger had made a huge impact on her and she chuckled when she typed and hit the send button. Turning off the highway, she was about to drive into her subdivision when she heard the familiar beeping sound. She wasn’t sure how he would take her last message as she opened the message app.

There was an image of his cock, staring at her, his hand wrapped around the meaty pole. The message under the picture made her laugh. Pulling over to the curb, Sylvia stared at his cock. “Stroking my cock thinking of your lips wrapped around it before I shove it into your pussy.” The words were plain, simple and needed no explanation.

Looking out the rear view mirror and then through the front windshield, Sylvia didn’t see anyone driving or walking on the street. Pulling up her shirt, she looked down to see her hard nipples. Adjusting the phone camera, she held one of her breasts, her fingers pinching the raw nipple. Snapping a few pictures, she looked around again to make sure no one was coming down the street. “Close to home but here is something to look at while you stroke your cock. Hope to see you soon.”

Sylvia placed the phone on the passenger seat finding herself excited at the prospect of seeing him again. Pulling away from the curb, she had something that needed to be taken care of … confronting her husband. Pulling into the drive, Sylvia saw lights on in Jordan’s office and some of the other rooms. A sudden fear clouded over her as she thought about seeing her husband. Would he be angry? Would he have divorce papers for her? Would he tell her to move out? The questions made it more difficult as she pulled into the garage, parking next to his white Lexus. She didn’t bother with the luggage. That could wait until later. There was more important business to take care of. Opening the door into hall leading to the kitchen, she was glad he was not standing in the doorway waiting for her.

Smiling when she reached the kitchen, she saw the dishes washed and everything in its place. Jordan was not to be found after a search of the dining and living rooms. Only one other place he would be and that was his office. Walking quietly across the wide foyer with the winding staircase on her right, she saw a figure sitting in front of the computer, some kind of porn movie flashing on the screen. Sylvia stood quietly in the doorway, watching the action on the screen and smiled. There was a woman on her knees sucking a big cock while a man stood off to the side stroking is cock while he looked at them.

“So he was watching porn while I was gone,’ she thought trying not to make a noise. But then Jordan turned in his chair facing her with a angry look on his face. Sylvia took a gulp of air and tried to steady her nerves, not knowing what he was going to do. Stepping into the office, Sylvia gave Jordan a cutesy smile. “Hi honey I’m home.”

He looked at his wife, acting as if nothing had happened on the island. The anger inside him boiled, seeing his wife’s cute smile. “So the fucking whore has returned!” he snarled. He didn’t care that she saw him watching porn. Hell that wasn’t as bad as her being a whore.

Jordan’s attitude caught Sylvia by surprise. Normally he didn’t swear and it was evident her actions had struck a nerve. She fidgeted wondering just how mad he was at her. She didn’t think of herself as a whore. That was someone who took money for sexual favors. “Jordan I can explain,” she said warily as he got out of his chair.

“I don’t think so Sylvia!” he screamed, walking toward her. His voice was filled with anger, spurred on by having two days to think about what he was going to say to her and aided by a lot of bourbon. “I come to the island to spend some time with you and what do I find? You sucking a guy’s cock and then he fucks you in front of me. I don’t think there is anything you can explain.” Jordan’s face turned red as the words spewed from his mouth.

Sylvia backed up a few steps wondering what was going to happen. Thoughts of what she and Roger did and how Jordan stood in the doorway, watching them without confronting them filled her brain. She too was getting angry. “If you could please me in bed I wouldn’t have to look for someone to satisfy me. Why didn’t you stop us when you had the chance? You could have confronted me right then and there but no. You had to run away like a scared little boy and now you’re mad. I bet you’re mad because you didn’t have the guts to stand up to him and me, aren’t you? “

Jordan stood with his mouth open, looking at his wife. She was turning the argument around, making it his fault that she was having sex with another man. “You can’t cover up what you did Sylvia! You were fucking another man and you’re trying to blame me!” He took one step toward her, seeing her body go rigid as if expecting him to lash out at her. Jordan grabbed Sylvia’s shoulders, squeezing them tightly in his large fingers.

“Wha … What are you doing?” Sylvia’s voice was filled with fear as stared at her husband, wondering if he was going to hit her.

“I want to know why you were fucking that man! I bet he wasn’t the first, was he?” Jordan’s voice, filled with growing anger, started to falter.

“He was the first Jordan.” She looked into his eyes, seeing the seething anger and turmoil inside him. Sylvia decided to take a gamble that he wouldn’t beat her up. Giving him a soft subtle smile she reached out to rub the lump under his trousers that was caused by the video he was watching when she came home. “If you could satisfy me with this I wouldn’t have to go looking for someone else.”

“You fucking bitch. You never said anything about being dissatisfied in the past.” He made no effort to remove her hand as he stared directly into her eyes.

“Oh yes I did.” Sylvia was growing more emboldened, seeing him falter a little. She squeezed the lump between his legs and moved a little closer to him. In a soft voice that she knew would soften him up, she cooed, “You think it is over when you cum and I haven’t. I have needs too and do you know how many times I’ve had to fake my orgasms with you because you just rolled off me when you were done. Just because I’m breathing hard doesn’t mean I had an orgasm.” Sylvia saw his eyebrows arch up a little and she knew she hit the right button.

“I’m … I’m sorry honey if I would have known …” his voice trailed off, trying to think of the times they had sex. He found it hard to think of a time when she climaxed before him.

Sylvia felt his cock responding to her fingers and whispered, “you liked what you saw didn’t you baby. I saw you rubbing this nice cock when you were watching me get fucked. It turned you on, didn’t it?”

Jordan pushed Sylvia back, holding her at arms length. “No I didn’t like seeing you with another man. It’s not right.” He knew deep in his heart that he was turned on watching her and the stranger fuck in the bungalow. It was like watching a porno film with his wife as the lead. But the reality was they were married and he thought he should be the only one to have intimate relations with her. He saw her staring at him, not saying a word. “I … ahhhh … I think it is wrong Sylvia.”

“You can deny it all you want Jordan but I know what I saw and you were turned on but afraid to confront me and him weren’t you?”

He knew she was right but there was something inside that wouldn’t admit he enjoyed it. For one thing it was much better than sitting in front of the computer screen, watching porn. There was something exciting about it being so close that he could have reached out and touched them. His eyes cast downward looking at her breasts pushing against the thin top. “Yes … Yes I did like it,” he said in an almost embarrassed hushed voice.

Sylvia knew she had him now and it was a matter of reeling him like a fish. Moving closer to him, she again reached out to rub his groin. “I’ll make you a deal Jordan. If you can make me cum by fucking me like that stranger did, then I won’t go looking.” Squeezing the lump harder, she looked up into his eyes. “What do you say baby? Make me cum like a whore with that cock of yours and I’ll only be your whore.” She saw him thinking, taking in her words, weighing them and while she waited for his answer, she knew she was going to win. She knew how to turn him on and make him so hot he wouldn’t be able to wait to shoot his load inside her before she climaxed.

“I … I don’t know Sylvia. Would you really give up looking for other men?” He wanted to believe her but something told him their relationship was about to take on a whole new meaning.

“Yea baby I would,” she lied. Sliding up against him, squeezing his lump harder. “Let me show you how much I love your cock.” Not waiting for him to reply, Sylvia dropped to her knees, quickly unzipping his pants, and then sliding her fingers inside to feel the raw meat waiting for her. “Ohhhh baby I think all this talk about fucking other men is turning you on,” she said pulling his cock out and then sucking the head into her mouth.

Jordan let out a low moan when her wet lips touched the tip of his cock. His hands drifted to the long strands of auburn hair, lightly gripping them as he felt the sensations start to grow in his cock. One thing about Sylvia, he could never stay mad at her. He felt lucky to have such a beautiful wife and when she started her sensual act, he knew he would give her what she wanted. Jordan closed his eyes and saw the vision of his wife being pounded by the stranger. ‘Maybe I should be more aggressive with her,’ he thought as more of his cock disappeared into her mouth. “That’s it baby suck my cock and get it nice and hard for the cunt of yours,” he gasped.

Sylvia had Jordan right where she wanted him, the head of his cock in her mouth while her tongue swirled over the tip. When he put his hands on her head, she smiled, opening her mouth a little bit wider, taking a bit more of him into her mouth. Slowly she worked her mouth forward, taking more of his shaft that by now was stiff as a board. Her right hand held the base of his cock steady and soon her lips were almost touching her hand. She could feel the tip of his cock touching the back of her throat and then her mouth receded, until the tip was just inside her mouth. Taking a deep breath, she plunged her mouth forward again, with more force, taking him deep until he was pushing against her throat muscles. She started rocking back and forth, feeling his cock sliding deliciously in her mouth. As she worked up to a faster pace, she felt his hips start to move and then all of a sudden he was pulling her hair, forcing her head off his cock.

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