Cuckolding Mom and Dad Ch. 01

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It all started while I was a sophomore in college. I spent much of my time in those 4 years trying all kinds of new sexual experiences and finding exciting things to try before settling down in the real world. One of the things I tried became my biggest fetish: cuckolding.

My first experience with cuckolding came one random Wednesday night at a bar. I got in with my fake ID and was just relaxing with some drinks and chatting with some of the women there. I ended up chatting with an early thirties couple.

Most of the chatting was me and the wife flirting together and me just waiting for the husband to have enough and pick a fight. Luckily that never happened. Around midnight, they decided that it was time to leave so the woman leaned over to me and asked if I’d like to come back to their place. I had done a threesome before and enjoyed it well enough, and she was very attractive, so I figured I’d give it a go.

We get to their place and she immediately starts flirting more heavily and making sure to rub my arms and legs, getting progressively more aggressive. That eventually led to me and her making out while her husband watched. The next thing I knew she had my pants down and was sucking my cock. Her husband continued to watch without even taking his clothes off. I thought that was a little weird, but was having too much fun to really care. We got ready to start fucking and again the husband just kept watching.

We fucked like crazy for awhile and the whole time she was making comments about how big I was and how good it felt, all while looking at her husband. I loved it and before long I came inside her pussy. As soon as I pulled out, she told her husband to come clean her up, and while I sat there like some kind of idiot with my mouth agape he came right over and began licking my cum out of her pussy. I was shocked but also very, very turned on and wasn’t sure why I thought it was so hot.

Once he was done, she told him to grab us some drinks and proceeded to fill me in on their relationship. She explained all the ins and outs of how he’s her sissy and that he’s responsible for serving her and her bull (and she explained all the terminology that I was unfamiliar with). I’m sure I seemed like some kind of naive rube, but I was already hooked.

After awhile of hearing her explain it all, she asked me if I was ready for round two. I smiled and nodded and began kissing her again. She stopped me after a minute and ordered her husband to get me ready for round two. Before I could process what she meant, he got down on his knees in front of me and started licking and sucking my half-limp cock. I had never done anything with a guy – or even thought about it – but really started to enjoy it and got hard pretty quick. Once I was nice and hard, he stopped and watched me and his wife fuck again, with her being much more verbal about his shortcomings as a man.

I spent the rest of the night with them, getting more Dominant with both of them and giving her many creampies for her husband to lick up. I was completely hooked on cuckolding. I met up with that couple all through my college years and had many great experiences with with, but that’s not what this story is about.

So, that was just to give you a little bit of a backstory, so now we’ll get to the real story. I graduated college and moved about an hour away from where I grew up for work. I had a decent job, was single, and was having my fair share of fun, but wasn’t able to find a cuckold couple again. I eventually found a fetish website online that had people into Beylikdüzü escort all kinds of fetishes, including cuckolding, so I decided to join. I was unsure whether the site was legit or not, but I filled out my profile and uploaded a couple pics without putting on anything that would give away my identity. I decided to pay for a short 3 month membership to give it a test.

About a week into it, I came across a very intriguing profile. They were an older couple in their late 40’s that were all about cuckolding. I read their profile and it seemed like a great fit and then I started to take a look at their pictures. The first couple were closeups of a very attractive woman in lingerie. Then I got to the third picture and was shocked.

There was my mom, laying on the bed in my parent’s room, looking at the camera seductively, with a lace bra pulled down showing her breasts, and her legs open and no panties showing her shaved pussy between two legs covered with white stockings. I was shocked, but got incredibly hard instantly and stared for a good 5 minutes before daring to look at the rest of the pictures. In all, they had 43 pictures uploaded, showing EVERYTHING. I saw every inch of my mom’s body, I saw my dad’s small cock, I saw my mom getting fucked by at least 5 different guys, and I saw my dad licking a lot of cum off her pussy.

I was so shocked, but also turned on so much that I masturbated without even thinking. Once I finished I felt dirty and ashamed and then realized that they can see who views their profile. I quickly logged out and spent the rest of the night with a wide range of emotions, going from unbelievably turned on to scared that they’d know I saw it to ashamed that I got turned on by it and then back to turned on. I would have never guessed that they were into cuckolding, but they were clearly VERY into it.

I was scared to log back on for 3 days, but eventually curiosity got the better of me. I logged on and had two notifications. The first was that they had viewed my profile, the second was for a new message. I looked at the message and it was from my mom.


Hey, checked out your profile and love your pics. Looks like we’re into the same things. Would love to chat and see if we can make something happen ;)”

My cock stiffened when reading the message. My own mom had seen my pictures, including one of my cock, and sent me a message to try and fuck me. Holy shit. I knew I couldn’t reply to the message, but was so turned on that I looked at their profile again and had to masturbate to their pics. I couldn’t resist them and started looking at them every night and beating off. I was ashamed, but addicted. I decided that it wasn’t healthy and to give it up so I logged out and made myself stop.

About a week later I got a call from my mom on day inviting me to dinner that Friday night at their house. I felt awkward talking to her because of the profile I found, but was trying to forget about it and figured I could make it through dinner.

Friday finally came and I went to their house for dinner. I already felt weird before I got there and had no idea how I’d make it through the whole time without doing or saying something stupid. I walked in the door and gave them both hugs, for the first time I noticed the feel of my mom’s breasts as I hugged her, and I couldn’t help but get a half boner from it.

We had our normal small talk before dinner, and my dad offered me a beer which I gladly accepted. We chatted and I had another beer before dinner and then a third one with Beylikdüzü escort the meal. I did my best to not be too weird about anything, but I’m not sure how good of a job I did.

After dinner, my dad decided to have a couple after dinner drinks and poured us both glasses of a nice scotch while my mom drank wine. I was slightly buzzed after the first glass and my dad poured another. I couldn’t help but think about their pictures as I looked around the house. There’s the couch where that black guy fucked mom. That door goes to the bedroom where dad licked the cum out of mom’s pussy after that other guy fucked her. The chair? That’s where dad sat while two guys spitroasted my mother. I downed the second glass of scotch and we had another. We were all a little buzzed and I was getting myself all turned on thinking about the pictures. That was when I made a bold choice.

“So,” my mom began, slurring slightly, “do you have a girlfriend yet?”

“No, not yet.” I replied, looking into my glass as I paused to drink, “But something interesting did happen a few days ago.”

My parents were all ears and pressed for details.

“Well, I haven’t been able to find quite what I’m looking for since I moved here,” I explained, “So I joined this popular website for bulls and cuckold couples.”

I paused and they stared at me with wide eyes. The tension was palpable and I could tell they were worried about what was next.

“And I found this one profile that really interested me so I looked at all of their pictures and I was really surprised to realize that I know these people,” I looked into my mom’s eyes and then shifted to my dad’s.

“What are you talking about?” My mom asked.

“You know damn well what I’m talking about,” I answered assertively, “I saw all the pics of you getting fucked in your bed, on the couch, in the kitchen. Hell, you even fucked a guy in my bed. Best of all, you messaged me wanting my cock.”

The room was completely silent except for the ice clinking as I finished the last bit of scotch in my glass. My parents both looked at the table.

“We didn’t think you’d ever find out,” my dad began as I put my class down with an audible thud on the table, “We-“

“I didn’t either,” I said cutting him off, “But I did. Now, mom, I want you to take your shirt and pants off.”

I couldn’t believe I said that, but I was just drunk enough to not care and wanted to see if I could be in control. They both sat stunned until I repeated the order, then my mom slowly stood up and took her shirt off. Under her shirt she was wearing a white lace bra and when she bent over to take her pants off I stared at her cleavage.

She removed her pants and looked at me. I was shocked to see that under her pants she was wearing white stockings, garters, and no panties.

“Expecting company after I leave?” I ask.

“Yes, we are.” My mom answered shakily.

“Well, text them and cancel. You’re mine tonight.” I ordered.

She grabbed her phone and started typing a text. As she did I stood up next to my dad, he started to stand up too but I put my hand on his shoulder and lightly pushed him back down.

“Now, while she cancels that, you have a job to do.” I said to dad as I removed by belt and pushed my pants to the floor, showing my boxers pushed out from my already hard cock, “Get me ready for her.”

He looked me in the eyes and I pulled my boxers down, revealing my cock. He reached out to grab it and wrapped his fingers around the shaft as mom finished texting and began watching. Escort Beylikdüzü He began to stroke it lightly as he put his lips on the head. ‘Holy shit,’ I thought, ‘this is actually happening!’ He took it all into his mouth and began to suck.

“Oh yeah,” I said as he took every inch, “You know I saw your pathetic cock on that site. How does a real man’s cock taste?”

He moaned as he continued to suck and I noticed my mom had begun to rub her clit while watching. I let him suck a bit more until I was too horny to hold back anymore. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and went over to my mom. I was too turned on to bother with any foreplay and just picked her up and laid her onto the table, putting her pussy right at my cock level.

I fingered her pussy and felt how wet she was before lining my cock up with her slit. I rubbed her clit and the outside of her pussy with my cock a couple of times before slowly pushing it into her. I got every inch inside of her and began slowly thrusting, in and out. She was immediately moaning wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deeper.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, “That feels so good, so much bigger than your dad’s.”

I just grunted as I fucked her hard and fast, too horny to focus on anything by fucking my mom’s pussy. She moaned and screamed loudly and started telling my dad how much she loved it. I dripped sweat onto her stomach as I pounded her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm and she screamed my name as she started to reach her peak. I felt her juices ooze around my stiff shaft as my cock began to spasm. Just as she climaxed I shot the first shot of cum into her pussy. My cock spasmed over and over again, filling her with more and more cum. It felt like I was giving her every ounce of semen I had wasted while beating off to their pictures. Cumming in my mom was the closest I’ve ever had to a religious experience. It was like every bit of horniness and fear and trepidation that had built up over the previous two weeks was being completely released through my cum.

We both finished cumming together and I pulled out. My cum dripped out of her pussy and onto the table. We were both sweaty and the only sound was my mom and I trying to catch our breaths.

“Sam,” My mom said sternly, “Come do your job.”

My dad obediently stood up and came over to her. Something about seeing my mom boss my dad around like that was incredibly hot. He knelt on the floor in front of the table and put his head between her legs and started licking.

“Oh yes,” my mom moaned, “Clean up your son’s cum.”

Her saying that made my cock twitch and made my dad lick more vigorously. As he licked every drop I walked next to him and pushed my cock next to his face. He instinctively turned to suck and lick my cock as well. He switched back and forth from my mom’s pussy to my cock to clean off both of us completely. I had cum way too much to get hard again that quickly, but made him clean every bit of my cock and her pussy.

He finished and stood up and my mom propped herself up on her elbows and looked at me.

“Now listen,” I began, “This is how it’s going to work. I’m going to be your bull now. You both belong to me. I decide everything you two do sexually. Dad, your job is to serve me and mom. Your mouth belongs to us to clean us and get us ready. Mom, I get to use you whenever I want, however I want. Do you understand?”

They both nodded and said yes. My mom smiled the same smile from that third picture on their profile. My dad just stood there.

“Good,” I said, “Dad, get us some drinks. Mom, come with me to the bedroom.”

They both listened very well…

So that is how it started with my parents. I’ll upload more chapters about some of the adventures we’ve had as I can. Hope you enjoyed this one and enjoy the next ones.

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