Cuff Her

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As she glanced around at the horrified stares she was grateful for the Ray Ban’s perched on her nose, hiding her glittering brown eyes. No one could see that she didn’t share the horror in their expressions but rather that there was amusement as she was led through the upper crust dinner with a cop on either side of her and her hands cuffed at the wrists. She was careful to walk slowly in her stiletto heels as her gown was a little long and she could easily have tripped. She bit her lips to keep from laughing, smiling, or showing emotion in any way, most thought she was biting them to keep from crying.

Most people would have been embarrassed, humiliated, horrified to be led out of a formal dinner party for 100 of your closest friends like this. No one could imagine what Ashley Bingham-Bentley had done that would warrant this kind of treatment. They could only stand in absolute silence as the officers pushed their way through the masses to take Ms. Bingham Bentley into custody before nasty little whispers broke out all over the room.

“Excuse me, EXCUSE ME” a pompous rotund little man blocked their way and they halted. “I am one of Ms. Bingham-Bentley’s lawyer’s and I demand to know what this is about” he said condescendingly with all the upper crust hauteur that he could muster.

The taller of the two cops looked at him interested, as you would a bug that was writhing on the end of a pin. Her bored green eyes were barely open under her sleepy eyelids as she looked him up and down as though she couldn’t believe what was before them. He flushed under her scrutiny. The two cops attempted to take their prisoner around the little man but he stepped into their path again and halted their progress. An eyebrow raised at his audacity.

“Didn’t you hear me…” he began in his arrogant tones as though speaking to an inferior which he felt he was.

She interrupted him as she pushed him aside rudely “you can come down to the station house where she will be booked and find out then.” Despite his protestations the three of them proceeded out the door of the elegant ballroom where the party had been going full swing before their entrance and the subsequent arrest of one Ms. Bingham-Bentley.

His protests of “I know the mayor, he won’t like this…” went unheeded as they made their way out.

Several elegant couples were attempting to enter as they made their way down the steps and they stopped to stare in wonder as she was escorted outside to a waiting patrol bursa otele gelen escort car, it’s lights flashing red and blue, and unceremoniously thrown into the backseat. One of the cops threw the train of her gown in before slamming the door.

As the two cops got into the car, the one in uniform behind the wheel, the one in a trenchcoat in the passenger seat, she attempted to speak from the back seat but the trenchcoat wearing cop raised her finger to her lips and then pointed at the camera placed strategically on the dash. Ms. Bingham-Bentley nodded once to show she understood as she looked around at interested bystanders as they drove away.

“Bravo 671 to base, suspect in custody” the uniformed driver called into the radio.

“10-4 671” a disinterested voice droned back.

They drove for quite a ways towards downtown, the red light on the camera blinked indicating they were being recorded. The three of them listened interestedly at the radio chatter. It was a big city, there was always something going on.

They were going along a major thoroughfare when the light suddenly went off on the camera. The car immediately pulled into a parking garage and went up five levels before parking. The two cops got out and let Ms. Bingham-Bentley out of the car and helped her by grasping her elbows so she could maintain her balance on the high heels. They escorted her to the elevator where the uniformed cop pushed the call button. The cop with the trenchcoat pulled a small module out of her pocket and pressed a button as the doors opened. The camera’s in the elevator immediately went out and they entered.

“Think it saw us?” the uniformed cop asked as she looked at the taller of them all curiously.

“No, I pressed it as the doors opened” she replied.

“Can I talk now?” Ms. Bingham-Bentley asked in her cultured tones.

“No, it’s better if you don’t” she was cautioned.

Silently they rose, all twenty eight floors before coming out on the penthouse level. The trenchcoat yielded a pick and she expertly applied it to the lock on the door as it soon opened up under her fingers.

“Good thing I pay for security” Ms. Bingham-Bentley said dryly as they pulled her inside.

Closing and locking the door the trench coated cop removed it as she looked around curiously. “Strip her” she ordered the shorter cop as she began to undress herself.

The uniformed cop grinned in anticipation as she looked at their seemingly helpless victim. The cut of her dress was such that they didn’t need to lose the cuffs so she didn’t even bother as she pulled the elegant gown from her body and left it pooled at their feet. As she stood there in a push up bra and a high cut thong with garters the other two stopped for a moment to admire escort bayan the sight before they resumed. Once she was naked, except for the stilettos, the uniformed cop began to strip off her own clothes, quickly.

When all three of them were naked they took their prisoner down a long hallway to what appeared to be a bedroom, or at least it had a bed in the room. In the center of the room stood a large bed with an antique like headboard consisting of irons. Along the wall were things to the untrained eye that would appear to be exercise equipment. Ropes, weights, pulleys and other assorted equipment lined the walls. Cuffs, chains, restraints were more visible to a trained eye. They threw their prisoner to the center of the bed, her inability to stop herself with her hands meant she was face down with her butt in the air, her hands behind her back and her stilettos still on her feet, her Ray Bans went flying.

The other two shared a smile as they looked at the helplessness of their ‘victim’ and both walked determinedly towards the bed as they began to breathe deeper in anticipation. One turned their victim on her side so she could reach those high tipped breasts that were aching to be licked, sucked, and fondled and then proceeded to do so. The other approached from behind and began to fondle her buttocks possessively. A groan immediately escaped Ashley as they touched and groped her body, where ever they wanted, when ever they wanted. She was helpless to their desires with her hands in the cuffs behind her back.

The shorter of the two pulled Ashley’s head back and began to mash her lips and face against her crotch. A tongue immediately darted out to comply with her apparent wishes. A moan told her she was dong it correctly The other cop made her way down biting and sucking as she fondled her victim’s ass obscenely. She slipped her fingers into the split between the cheeks and her first finger unhesitantly made its way to Ashley’s anus. Finding it dry she dipped down to seek the wetness she knew would be farther between her legs and used it to spread it up and down Ashley’s crack. Her first finger slipped tightly into Ashley’s anus. Her second finger slipped inside her vagina. She angled her thumb to press on her clit button and realized the position of her hand was like that of a bowling ball spread and she began to use her body, thrusting inside mercilessly. Ashley would have protested but her face was busy being used by the smaller cop.

After the smaller cop had an orgasm, they allowed Ashley a small one before a set of keys were sought for and they released her one hand from the cuffs and attached them to the metal of the headboard. Going to a drawer they found another pair and attached them to Ashley’s other wrist so her arms were spread wide on mudanya escort the bed and she couldn’t lie down. The taller cop squirmed her way between Ashley’s spread legs and looking up she admired the sexy womans body above her for a moment before she began to eat her out, she pulled her legs far from where her hands were captured so her crotch was at her mercy. She used her clit, her hole, and her anus shamelessly for her mouth, her tongue, and her fingers amusement. When she sensed her victim was close to cumming again she glanced at the watching shorter woman and nodded slightly. The woman mounted the bed and proceeded to dive between the taller of the two’s legs to lick, suck, and nibble her to an orgasm. Two of them jerked, moaned, and let short little screams out as they orgasmed together.

The two cops got off the bed and looked at their elegant little victim. She looked well used and so helpless with her arms splayed and cum dripping down the inside of her thighs. She looked nothing like the elegant Ms. Ashley Bingham-Bentley who had graced the hallowed halls of the elite. She now looked disheveled, at their mercy, and eminently usable. As the shorter of the two made a motion to go back to the bed the taller one stopped her “there’s no time, we have to be going.”

They released their victim from her cuffs and she sank gratefully to the bed before turning over and looking at the other two women. She smiled slightly before they helped her up and the three of them made their way to a shower where they took great delight in washing each other, thoroughly.

“Are you relaxed?” the taller one asked Ashley.

She smiled her thank you as she leaned up for a kiss. She wrapped her arms around both of the woman who had humiliated her in front of society’s elite tonight. She leaned down to kiss the shorter woman as well who fondled her butt invitingly. “Now now, there’s no more time for that, let’s get out of here.”

Quickly they dressed in non-descript clothing that was folded neatly awaiting them before they looked around and headed for a panel. Pressure on it revealed a hidden staircase where they entered. The three of them made their way inside and the door slid closed silently behind them. Ashley glanced back as she adjusted her Ray Bans, one last time before she followed her friends.

A butler came upon the clothes left in piles by the front door in the morning and burned them immediately as well as the sheets on the bed which reeked of girl cum, in fact the room smelled of sex. He opened a window as he destroyed any evidence of their presence and re-made the bed for their next guest.

Two cops, matching the description of the trench coated officer and the shorter uniformed officer were found unconscious in an alley, they would make a full recovery.

The disappearance of one Ms. Ashley Bingham-Bentley made international headlines. No trace of her was ever found.

If you see her, she should be in the company of two women companions, one tall, one short. The three of them are known to share everything together.

~The End~ K’Anne ;-P

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