Curious Adventure

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It had been a long boring workweek with no particular distractions and my home life was routine and dull. I longed for something different in my life but didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. Without any sort of plan or ideas I ventured out for a drive, not knowing where I was going or what I looking for.

My travels took me down familiar roads through the business district and eventually towards the end of town with its cheap bars and red light district. I noticed an adult video store on the left side of the road and thought what the heck, I’ll take a look inside and see what goes on in such a place.

It was a small building with a front room full of magazines, videos and all sorts of sexual devices. I perused the video racks and found a full range of topics including straight, gay, interracial, bondage and discipline, just about anything you could be looking for. While checking out the videos I noticed a steady stream of people, mostly men, exchanging dollars for quarters and going into the rear section where apparently you could view videos. My curiosity got the better of me and I ventured into the dark smoky environment that seemed so popular.

After my eyes adjusted I discovered a hallway lined with doors that opened to small booths for private viewing of a variety of videos. There were men milling about and exchanging small talk but I didn’t engage any of them because I was more interested in seeing the inside of one of those booths. I checked out the previews and picked a booth that had straight, lesbian and gay videos to offer. I thought surely I would find something of interest in all of that.

I proceeded to my booth of choice and soon found it. The door was slightly open and a slightly blue light was coming from the room. Without a second thought I pushed the door open and took a step in when I discovered it was already occupied by someone. I was caught completely off guard and didn’t know what to say to the black man seated on the small bench seat. He was 40’ish gaziantep escort with an average build and about 6’0″ tall. I guess he noticed my shocked state and before I could utter a sound he said ” why don’t you join me, this video is really hot”. I noticed he was watching a scene in which a voluptuous brunette was giving head to a rather well endowed black man. It seemed reasonable so I crowded into the small room and shut the door behind me. As soon as I did he reached up and pushed the bolt to lock the door. This made me a little nervous but the scene on the screen had captured my interest and my thoughts were more on the oral action taking place there.

We watched this woman attempt to deep throat this guy for 2 or 3 minutes. I was standing nervously and I guess he felt guilty and offered me the seat. We changed places about the time the scene changed and he stood up turning his head to see the screen. I couldn’t help but notice his crotch was at eye level to me and I had to crane my neck to look around him and see the video which was now showing a white guy had joined the scene and was fucking the brunette hard while she hung her head over the side of the bed to open her throat to the black guy.

All this time my viewing companion had been slowly rubbing up and down the bulge in the front of his jeans. My own cock was stirring and beginning to swell. Without saying a word he unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down revealing white jockey shorts that were stretched forward with a wet spot near the waistband that was not quite touching his stomach. I wasn’t quite sure what he expected from me but my thoughts began to drift toward that enormous bulge instead of the action on the screen and I found myself looking closely at it instead of the video. He rubbed himself some more and began to moan a little as he did so. I knew how he felt. I wanted to take my own cock out and begin stroking it but was embarrassed to do so.

I don’t know whether it was compassion or curiosity which drove me to my next action but I reached up and replaced his hand with my own. I was touching another man for the first time and it was not like I expected. I was not repulsed at all and found the warmth coming from his shorts and the hardness of his cock appealing. My thoughts momentarily raced back to high school days where you didn’t dare notice another guys cock in the shower for fear of being labeled a queer or faggot which would guarantee you would be abused verbally and sometimes physically for the rest of your days. The sights in the men’s shower were interesting but not worth this risk.

I glanced up at him and he continued to keep his eyes on the screen, which I took as a tacit approval of what I was doing. For the first time in my life I was able to explore another man’s body without fear of ridicule. It was a freedom I knew I would enjoy.

I knew my own cock well and his was much larger and thicker. I grabbed his jeans and gently pulled them down allowing them to fall to his ankles. I then proceeded to stick my index fingers under the waistband of his shorts and slowly pulled them down to his knees exposing the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. The pictures I had seen in the past of men and their cocks did not prepare me for this. It was very dark brown with a slightly lighter colored head that was wet on the end. There were large veins running down both sides of it. I wrapped both hands around it and a bit of the head still protruded out between my thumb and index finger. It was enormous. It made me feel inferior and lucky at the same time that he would allow me to explore his manhood in such a way.

I pulled him closer to me and pressed my face against his flesh to smell him and take in all that my senses could. His moans continued slightly louder and I was happy that he was enjoying this as much as I was. It seemed a natural next step when I opened my mouth and got my first taste of another mans cock. It was slightly salty and I savored the cum he had already produced for me. Slowly and carefully I lowered my head sucking inch after inch of it deeper into my mouth and stopping when I felt the pressure against my throat. I could suddenly relate to the challenge facing the brunette on the screen as she struggled to get it all in her mouth. I couldn’t take all of it, but I did the best I could and made sure I licked him completely, which he seemed to enjoy.

Never before had I thought I would enjoy sucking cock as much as this. I had always been taught no real man would ever do such a thing. I didn’t know what I had been missing but I was sure now that this would not be the last cock I ever sucked. I knew he needed to get off so I thought I would give it my best shot and see if I could satisfy him. I began going up and down the shaft slightly faster and sucked as hard as I could. He responded by thrusting his hips against my face driving his beautiful black meat against my throat. He was fucking my face and I was enjoying every stroke. It didn’t take much of this action for him to reach the point he so desperately needed and he grabbed the back of my head holding me down on him. I felt a warm spurt in my mouth and then another and another. I knew he was cumming and what little space his enormous cock left in my mouth was soon filled with hot cum. He pulled back slightly and I swallowed what he had given me. It was delicious. I was hooked.

He withdrew completely and his cock started to soften as it flopped down between his legs. He was wet with saliva and had some cum on his cock. I let him relax for just a minute and then I began to clean him up by licking his balls and cock, taking the last remnants of cum and getting my last taste of cock for the day. He stuffed that long piece of black meat back in his shorts, zipped up and said thanks before disappearing into the smoke and darkness.

I finished watching the movie and jerked myself off thinking of what had just happened. I left the video store with a new awareness of the pleasures of cocksucking and looking forward to my next adventure into another mans pants and this type of sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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