Cynthia’s Desire: A Tape for Mother

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The following story is completely a work of fiction and is only presented for purposes of entertainment and fantasy. At no point should this work of fiction be interpreted as advocating or encouraging the acts portrayed here in. While I, the author, believe and active fantasy life is very healthy between consenting adults, I, the author, do not believe acts of fantasy should necessarily become reality when the results can end up causing harm. Sex should be fun for all involved.


Karen, after accidentally interrupting her daughter having phone sex, couldn’t get the idea out of her mind. After separating with Michael, Cynthia’s father, Karen felt a renewed zeal towards sex. Until a week ago, that zeal was expressed primarily through watching adult movies and porn clips on her computer and masturbating. It was inevitable that eventually Karen would run into people on the internet who would introduce her to cyber sex and try to coax her into phone sex.

The idea sounded enticing to her, so when she caught her daughter in the act, it was exciting. Karen was so excited by it that she shared her porn collection with her daughter and then had her daughter’s face buried in her wet pussy. When they finished, Karen made Cynthia promise to record a phone sex session with Cynthia’s friend, Jason. That was a week ago.

When Karen awoke, there was a tape cassette with a little ribbon wrapped around it and a little note attached to it.

“Dear Mom,

I hope you enjoy this. I did.

Love, Cyn.”

Karen set the cassette aside and got ready for work. She couldn’t take her mind off what the tape contained. She really wanted to listen to it, but was rushed. All day at work, Karen was distracted and absent-minded. When the day finally ended, Karen sped home and nearly ran to her bedroom. The cassette was still in the same place where she left it and she put it into her tape player and hit play.

“Hello?” Jason’s voice was slightly groggy. On the tape was the sound of someone fumbling with the microphone.

“Hi, Jason,” Cynthia said. Karen heard something in the background. It was the sound of a woman enjoying herself.

“Cynthia? It’s three o’clock in the morning. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong. I, uh, I was just here at my mom’s computer and I was uh, watching some porn clips. I was wondering Ataköy Escort if you might be in the mood.”

“Mmm, Cyn, for you, I’m always in the mood.” Jason’s voice warmed from groggy to aroused.

“Yeah? Do you have a nice hard cock for me to play with?” Cynthia asked.

“I do. And it is getting harder by the second. I’ve been thinking about you ever since we got interrupted. What happened?”

“Mmmm, we’ll talk about that later, it was just a misunderstanding. Oh god, Jason, I’m so wet. My panties are drenched.”

“I wish I could taste you.”

“Yes, oh yes, Jason. I’d love to rub my pussy against your face. I’m so wet; I’d cover your face in my juices. I’d fill your mouth with my sweet pussy liquid. Would you like that? Would you like for me to press my wet cunt against your mouth, pushing your face into me? Use your fingers on me, Jason. I want to feel them inside me, use three fingers as you suck my clitty. Oh, it is so sensitive.”

Karen turned the tape off. Her face was flushed with desire. She rewound the tape and listened to her daughter again. Her hand fell to her lap where she unbuttoned her beige slacks. Slowly she slid her hand into her pants, into her lace panties, and pressed the tips of her fingers into the soft warm folds of her labia, feeling the swollen, barely moist lips of her pussy. The first press, pushing the blood from the lips, was always the most erotic to her. Karen slid her middle finger between her lips and searched for moisture. It sometimes took awhile for enough to build up so she could use it as a lubricant on her clit. Hearing her daughter’s voice saying such nasty things was more than a standard turn on, though.

“Pinch your nipples for me,” Jason commanded.

“Mmm, god yes. I’m taking my shirt off. Playing with my breasts for you. It feels so good,” Cynthia responded.

“I want to shove my cock in your face. Rubbing it over your lips.”

“Rub your precum on my lips. Do you want me to swallow your cock? I would love to try to get your hard cock into my throat,” Cynthia said, her voice filled with lust.

Karen found the moisture she needed as she thought of her daughter swallowing Jason’s cock.

“Fuck yeah, baby. I want to fuck your throat. I want you to gag on my meat.” Jason was breathing hard. “What are you watching?”


“What Ataköy Escort Bayan are you watching on your mom’s computer? What has you so turned on?”

“I’m watching a movie filled with scenes of girls sucking cock and then when the guy cums, they spit it back and forth as they kiss, licking it off each other.”

“God that’s hot,” Jason said.

“Want to know what else?”

“Yes…,” Jason was getting close, Karen could tell by that familiar sound in the man’s voice as he approaches an orgasm. Karen’s fingers flew against her clitoris, getting such pleasure as she pushed down on it and then letting it slide between her fingers as she drew her hand up before plunging it down into her panties again.

Cynthia continued to describe what she was watching.

“There is a hot nasty scene where the guy is fucking this big titted brunette’s tight tan ass. His cock is massive and he is shoving it far into her ass and then he cums. God, so much cum. As he pulls out, this petite blonde with massive fake tits wraps her mouth around his cock, the cock he just pulled out of the other woman’s ass. Once she has licked that clean, she shoves her tongue into the brunette’s asshole, licking out his cum!”

“Oh god, oh god ….”

“Cum for me, baby, let me hear it, let me hear you jacking off,” Cynthia begged.

There was silence on the tape except for the faint sounds of the video Cynthia was watching and the sounds of Jason’s hand working his cock. Karen writhed under her own manual manipulation. She knew the video Cynthia was watching. She had never had anal sex. When she was married to Michael the sex was tame, not that Michael didn’t want to do more, but she herself wasn’t comfortable with exploring her sexuality. She had a fear that once she did certain things, Michael wouldn’t think of her like a nice person anymore. Instead, he would call her frigid.

The heat coming from her womanly flower couldn’t emanate from a frigid woman.

Jason started to cum. “ohh, oh. God, Cynthia, you turn me on so much. Would you do that? Would you really do that?”

“I would love to do that.”

“You’d kiss another woman, licking cum off her face, tits… out of her pussy and ass?”

Cynthia giggled. “Yes.”

“That’d be so hot, god, Cyn, god.”

“How Escort Ataköy much did you cum?”

“A lot,” Jason responded, pride in his voice.

“Do me a favor?”

“Anything, Cyn, anything.”

“Eat some of it for me.”

Karen slid her slacks and panties down her thighs before ramming two fingers inside her. Her daughter was a nasty slut, far nastier than she could have ever imagined. Karen imagined Jason scooping up his cum from his belly and tasting it all because he was so turned on by Cynthia. It was the same drive that led her to explore some nasty thoughts of her own. It was what led her to even consider incest, golden showers, and animal sex.

“Eat it?”

“Yeah, baby, do it for me. Eat your cum.”

There was a pause and then the sound of slurping.

Cynthia encouraged him, “That’s it baby; eat it for me, like I would eat it if I was there.”

“God, I would do anything for you.”

“Good, because you will. Good night, Jason.”

“Good night, Cynthia.”

Karen felt her own orgasm begin to grow and was upset that the tape ended when it did. She knew that she wouldn’t reach her orgasm now; she needed something more to push the envelope. Her mind raced for that one thing that would push her. Karen reached under her pillow and pulled out a pair of cotton panties, Cynthia’s panties. She pressed them against her face and breathed in the faint musky scent. That did it for her. She bucked a bit and twisted as her orgasm ran over her entire body, a seismic ripple centered from her clitoris, causing her entire vagina to spasm rhythmically.

It took a moment for her to catch her breath.

“I take it you enjoyed the tape?” Cynthia asked from the doorway.

Karen rolled to face her daughter, “Very much. You have such a dirty mouth. It is very arousing. So would you really? Would you really lick the cum out of a woman’s ass?”

“Yes. Would you?”

Karen hesitated. “I don’t know. Maybe. If it was your ass, maybe.”

Cynthia smiled. “Mom, I want you to lick my ass.”

Karen returned the winsome smile, “Yes, honey, I will lick your beautiful ass.”

“I want you to lick my cum filled ass, Mom.”

“Yes, honey, yes. I would do anything for you,” Karen moaned.

“You will, and I will do anything for you. Together we will do the naughtiest things together. Does that excite you?”

“Oh, Cyn.” Karen beckoned her daughter to come to her on the bed. Cynthia took several steps to the bed and slid next to her mom, wrapping her arms around her. Mother and daughter embraced and exchanged a meaningful deep kiss.

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