D-a-a-d Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

The characters in this story all exist. Names have been changed. Some of the events are true (I wish). All participants are over 18 years of age.



“D-a-a-d. What on earth are you Doing??”

My daughter Michelle (aka Mickey) stood in the bathroom doorway, staring in disbelief as her “old man” leaned against the washbasin, one hand pumping his healthy 8″ cock while the other rubbed the gusset of a pair of her panties over his nose and mouth.

Not certain of how to react, I tried to hide my rapidly fading erection with the skimpy silky material.

As she turned away, I was sure I noticed a glint in her eye and the beginnings of a smile.


Wow. Catching Dad beating himself like that was a real eye opener. I’ve seen quite a few good looking cocks in my time, but, for a fifty – something guy, my old man has one absa-fukn-lutely gorgeous piece of meat. Not excessively large (I guess about 8 1/2 inches), but beautifully shaped. I’m sure he could model for a dildo factory. Much better than some of the guys my own age that I’ve worked on. By the way, I’m considered quite good at the art of blow jobs. My friend Kelly says I’m also not too bad at giving the occasional clit lashing either. She should know – she is openly bi. I’m still trying to figure out which way to go. But, back to the story…

After seeing Dad like that, I barely made it back to my room before I had my hand down the front of my panties and my fingers working their way into my rapidly moistening slit. Just the mental picture of that cock was enough to make me s-o-o-o horny.

After I had jilled myself off good and properly, I realised that what I’d seen explained quite a few things that I’d noticed over the previous 6 months. Things like the laundry basket not being in the same place I’d left it, Mom’s and my underwear mixed up, occasional sticky patches in the bathroom. But the vision of that cock… how to get a feel, or even better, a taste. Just thinking about it made me wet all over again.

Maybe, just maybe…


Over the next few weeks, I was a lot more cautious in my adventures, making sure that no one was home before I sampled the laundry basket. Just as well, for some reason Mickey’s panties seemed more aromatic than before. Also, Mickey started openly staring at my crotch area, especially when I was in my bathing costume. Over and above that, she appeared more clumsy than usual, bumping into me and almost grabbing me at times. My daughter the vamp???


Once I decided that I wanted a taste of that lovely cock, I tried my best to let Dad know what I really needed. I changed underwear morning, noon and evening. Just to make it even more tempting, I would give my panties an extra rub over my slit before dropping them in the basket.

Getting physically close was a special challenge. Although Mom is frigid, (I haven’t heard anything from behind their bedroom door in ages) she is insanely jealous. Pretend clumsiness could only get me so far, although it did give me a couple of good gropes at Dad’s tackle box, and a few rubs of my tits against his back. I had a choice… Straight talk, or something more erotic… bursa otele gelen escort


On a warm Sunday morning, thinking I was alone in the house I heard scratching sounds from Mickey’s room. Thinking that one of our cats had (again) gotten tangled in the blinds, I slowly and quietly opened her bedroom door, not wanting to cause further panic & risk a destroyed blind. Not a cat, but Mickey, lying on her bed, panties around her ankles, knees apart, working her fingers into what must be the most gorgeous pussy I’ve ever seen. Neatly trimmed coppery-blonde curls around a perfect, moist slit. Her eyes were half-closed, and the occasional whimper crept through her lips. I stood rooted to the spot, unable to comprehend what I was watching. Eventually I backed out of the doorway, and barely made it to my bathroom before ripping off my pants, grabbing a handful of liquid soap, and spending the next half hour yanking every last drop of cum from my aching prick.

Over the next couple of days, I just had to think of Mickey on her bed like that to give myself a raging hardon.


When Dad saw me busy diddling my clam, his face was a picture of note. He sure didn’t back out the room quickly, and I think I gave him a pretty good show. Our next “encounter” now needed to be carefully planned if I wanted to feel /taste/get face-painted… Phew just thinking about it made me wet all over again.

Up to now, I hadn’t thought of discussing this with anyone. To be honest, who ever thinks her own father is a hunk and regularly wets her bed just thinking about his knob? And, anyway, how do you bring it up in polite conversation? “My old man has a beaut dick and I Jill myself to sleep every night just thinking about it.” Yeah. Right. “By the way, I also caught him sniffing my underwear.” Even. Better. Just maybe…


When Mickey asked me for a sleepover, I immediately agreed. Knowing also that her mom, Amy (inappropriate name if I ever heard one. She is so NOT ami- anything), would be out of town for the weekend made it even more attractive. I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I really fancy Mickey’s hot little bod. Yes, I bend both ways, but sex with another girl, especially one like Mickey can be far more satisfying than merely having a dick humped in and out of your fanny. Not that I dislike dicks or anything, but you get my drift.

So, with visions of a weekend-long pizza and wine-flavoured lickfest, I bathed, trimmed my bush neatly, broke out some really sexy underwear, and presented myself at Mickey’s place. Alf greeted me at the door. I’d just have to cool my jets for Mickey until he left for his regular Friday squash game.

We didn’t have long to wait, and Mickey and I quickly ordered takeout pizzas and cracked open a bottle of red plonk. While waiting for the pizza guy to arrive, Mickey and I got into a quick clinch. Wow can that gal kiss… and her fingers…

Pizza eaten, more wine glugged, cats fed, we moved to Mickey’s bed for the main event of the evening.


Kelly’s slightly Reubenesque body can only be described as FUN. Boobs that just bursa eve gelen eskort spill out of the smallish bras that she prefers “Gotta keep these puppies in check somehow”. Little extra rolls at the top of her thighs ; chubby butt cheeks. Combine all this with an attitude that just screams sex, and you have a recipe for an awesome girls night in.

Dad gone, pizza eaten, couple of wines down, and we headed for the bedroom.


Getting to Mickey’s room took a while. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Any thoughts I had of showing off sexy undies went out the window – I couldn’t get them off quickly enough. By the time we hit the bed, we were lip-locked, one of Mickey’s hands giving my nipples the once-over and the other teasing around my bush, just brushing my pussy lips. I gently pushed her down on the bed and started working on her pert little 32B’s. Without much effort I could (well almost) fit a whole one in my mouth at a time. I slipped my hand between her thighs, and was again surprised at how wet this girl can get. Slipping one, two, then three fingers into her brought on a series of quick gasps. By the time my thumb found and started rubbing her clit, she was almost ready to cum. We quickly changed over to a 69, and she started gently nibbling the inside of my thighs. For a so-called novice at this game , this kid was good. She worked her tongue into my by now drenched slit. At the same time I started giving her clit a serious tongue-lashing, her heady aroma driving me wild. We came almost simultaneously, our gasps of joy muffled by the thighs around our faces.

After rearranging ourselves, we lay cuddling, idly toying with one another’s nipples, giving each other gentle kisses and nibbles.

“Kel… can I ask a question… What do you think of my dad? I mean, do you think he’s sexy? What do you suppose he’s like in bed?”

Not sure where this was going, but I’ve often wondered the same thing myself, especially since I accidently barged in on “Uncle” Alf in the shower a couple months ago. Definitely a case of all the right stuff in the right places. More than a half-decent body, and a very nicely proportioned prick. Not the biggest I’ve seen, not the smallest either. In brief, in my opinion, something definitely worth getting my mouth (or even maybe my throat) around.

“Well I guess he is kinda sexy for an older guy… why’d you ask?”

“You see, I’ve got a bit of a secret to share, you can’t tell anyone, but it’s like this…”

By the time Mickey had finished her story, I was drenched, and could see she was heading the same way. Already a plan was forming…


Getting home from my squash game, I called a quick “Hi” to the girls and asked through the door what they were doing. (” Just watching an old movie dad”). I dropped my sports bag in the bedroom, and settled down in front of the TV with a Scotch to catch up on the news.

As per usual, I must have dozed off, and woke up with Kelly gently tapping my shoulder.

“Uncle Alf, Mickey asked me to get some popcorn, and I can’t find it. Can you please help?”

As I opened my eyes, I realised bayan escort bursa that the oversized T-shirt that Kelly was wearing was, well, not oversized enough. Peeking out from under the hem was one extremely neat little muff. Neatly trimmed, slightly damp-looking with lips just peeking out between the top of chubby thighs. Obviously this kid did not give too much attention to the requirements of the so-called “gap club”. Kelly followed my line of vision, but did nothing to try to hide herself. In fact, she shrugged her shoulders so that the hem pulled up a little more. The tent in my track pants was testimony to my reaction.

“Are you OK, did I startle you?” She asked (seemingly) innocently, her eyes focusing on my waist area.

“Um, err… I think in the cupboard above the microwave.” I replied, trying to shift to hide my now throbbing erection. “If not there, then we’ve run out.”

“‘Kay, then, guess we’ll just have to go without,” she made a little frown, ” ‘night then.” She leaned forward as if to give me a good night peck on my cheek, but then found my mouth directly, her tongue stabbing at my lips. At the same time, she rolled down onto the couch next to me, and slid her hand into the front of my track pants, dragging her nails gently down the length of my now aching rod.

I leaned over and started nuzzling her firm 34 C’s through the light cotton T-shirt. She let out a little whimper as I slid my hand down her belly and gently prised her legs apart. The top insides of her thighs were soaked. As I lifted the T-shirt over her head, she scooched round to lie full length on the couch. Softly tugging my hair, she guided my face down her stomach to her pussy. Working her nipples with my hands, I sank my face between her legs. The scent, the taste, the feel of her perfect pussy lips under my tongue was almost enough to make my dick explode. We manoeuvred ourselves into position, and soon her mouth was around my throbbing erection. We both dug deeper with our mouths, and, within a couple minutes, she and I enjoyed an awesome orgasm.

As we lay back, still fiddling with each others sexes, I turned her face to mine and swallowed her tongue. Exhausted, we lay on the couch.


I quietly followed Kelly down the passage to see what she would get up to with dad. Watching her take him in her mouth while he took a serious muff dive on her fanny left me soaked. Just a few more minutes before I got in on the action…


Al’s mouth working my pussy was something else. Once I got his dick in my mouth, it was magic. I think I came three times in a row. Looking over his shoulder, I saw Mickey watching us. Just the thought of her reaction made me cum even harder. I squirted his mouth full of juices, and heard him groan as he eventually let rip down my throat. Talk about coming in gallons.


While tonguing Kelly, I felt a hand cupping my balls. Next, another mouth was busy on my cock. I looked up, and saw my “baby girl” working me like a total professional.


Finally, after weeks of waiting, I was tasting dad’s cock. And nice? What a question? All I’d dreamt of and then more. I squeezed Kelly aside (dammit she’s had enough now), and swung around so that I was in the proper 69 with him. Kelly didn’t take it badly, she worked it so she could share my dripping pussy with him while her fingers gave my tits a proper razzling. After a few more minutes, all three of us lay back, totally spent.

Next… Kelly watches father & daughter make dreams cum true.

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