Daddy Knows What I Need

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My dad knows just how to take care of me … he’s been taking care of me since Mom left. And last night was no different. Dad knew I had a problem and he knew just what to do.

I was curled up on the couch doing my homework when Dad came home from work. Uncle Bill was with him and they popped a beer and settled in to relax. All of a sudden, Dad looked at me and said “Sharlann, what’s the matter baby?” He could see that I didn’t feel well.

“Oh, it’s nothing Daddy … I’m just a little constipated and uncomfortable.” Dad glanced over at Uncle Bill and they exchanged a knowing look. “Well, my precious baby, I’ll finish up my beer and we’ll see to helping you get well. We can’t have a sick baby, now, can we?”

I knew what Dad meant and I shivered with excitement. I could feel my clitoris swell and throb at the thought of Dad’s forthcoming treatment. Concentrating on homework was impossible, so I went upstairs to lie down and wait. The minute my body hit the bed, my anticipation heightened and I couldn’t resist fingering my now sensitive clit … I could feel moisture growing inside me.

In a few minutes, Dad knocked on the door, came in and sat down on the bed. “Sharlann, Daddy’s going to give you a lovely, warm enema to help you … would you mind if Uncle Bill joins us? Aunty Marge is out of town and he is so lonely.” I grinned in reply as Uncle Bill’s head popped into the room. Daddy continued: “Now Sharlann, for years and years I’ve been giving you all the things you need to grow into a woman … I’ve taught you how to suck a man’s cock, how to tease a man’s balls, how to accept a loving enema, how to fuck a man the way he wants to be fucked, how to finger a man’s asshole till he begs for a dildo … and tonight, Uncle Bill and I will teach you something new. Is that OK?”

My body convulsed in excitement! Something new! My lucky night. Dad began gently undressing me, pausing to pass his lips over my wet cunt …. pushing his Bahçeşehir Escort tongue into me the way I like. As I reached to caress his head, I could see Uncle Bill, stark naked, stroking his growing cock. “Take off your clothes Daddy … I want to suck you…” “No Sharlann, not now. Bill, sit down here on the edge of the bed. Now Sharlann, lie over Uncle Bill’s lap so I can check your little anal rosebud.”

The moment I laid down on Uncle Bill, I could feel his cock pushing into my chest … I reached down and grabbed it tightly, stroking gently. I could feel Dad pushing his now greased finger into my ass, moving it around and around and around … in and out…. expanding my rosebud bit by bit. My clit was already on fire … I could feel moisture seeping onto Uncle Bills’ leg. Dad inserted a second finger, and then a third …. it felt so good! He kept moving his fingers inside me till I thought I would explode, but he told me to wait …. wait for later.

In the blink of an eye, Dad left the room and returned with the two-quart bag filled to the brim. “NOW, Spank her!” exclaimed Dad to Uncle Bill! With that, Uncle Bill slapped my bottom hard! It hurt … I flinched … I tried to move but he clutched me in his massive arms and continued spanking me until I cried out loud … “stop, stop …. it hurts!” He continued spanking and spanking and spanking. My bottom was on fire! My clit was HUGE! My breasts grew in excitement as I sobbed and sobbed into Uncle Bill’s arms. Then it stopped. And without warning I felt the enema tube enter my opening … Dad was gentle … the tube is 6′ long and I knew he meant for me to take at least 3′ of it. I tried to relax and stop sobbing as Dad said “Sharlann, you are doing so well … be still baby so Daddy can work the tube into you …. maybe you need something to suck on …. like a pacifier …. Bill, give Sharlann your cock to comfort her.”

Uncle Bill repositioned me so Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan that his now massive cock could enter my mouth … ummmmmm … it did feel good to suck on something. It made me forget feeling the tube being inserted into my tummy. Dad is a pro. He pushes the tube in a little and then lets a little water in … then he pushes some more. As I sucked on Uncle Bill, I could feel him begin to pulsate beneath me. He was obviously enjoying my mouth on him …. sucking and licking and teasing and nibbling. He tasted so good. Uncle Bill was massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples, making me so excited that I began to wiggle again.

“There baby, Daddy’s got the long tube way, way up inside you. Now be a good girl and roll over on your back for Daddy.” Releasing Uncle Bill’s cock, I rolled over and spread my legs. I knew what to expect … and I could hardly wait. Straddling me, Dad checked to be sure that my cunt was dripping. Smiling broadly, he placed his cock tip at my pussie opening as he reached over and released the clip on the enema bag.

OH! OHHHHH!!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OH YES!!!! YES!!! I couldn’t help screaming out as both Dad and the warm enema water entered me at the same time! My toes curled! My hands reached for Dad’s buns, pulling him to me…… unbelievable! As Dad began pounding in and out of me, he was careful not to place pressure on my swelling tummy. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD DAD!” I screamed. With that outburst, Uncle Bill maneuvered around so that he could mouth fuck me, pushing his hard cock deeply into my throat again and again.

“GOD BABY!!!!!! OH GOD!!!! YOU ARE SOOOOO GOOD TO DADDY!” As usual, I felt proud that I could please my dad.

Uncle Bill withdrew from my mouth and eased around behind Dad … “what?” I said to myself. It can’t be! I realized that Dad had slowed to almost no movement inside me and now I knew why. Uncle Bill reached for the Vaseline, Escort Bahçeşehir coating his cock and Dad’s anus thoroughly. Then, as I watched in amazement, Uncle Bill pushed his hardness into Dad! Dad responded by fucking me more deeply than I’d ever been fucked! It was like Dad AND Uncle Bill were fucking me. I can’t even describe how good it feels … my tummy full of water, my ass full of tubing, my pussie full of Dad. What more could a girl ever want?

But, I was to be surprised even more. As soon as Uncle Bill came inside Dad’s ass, he withdrew and begin stroking himself to a new hard. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Uncle Bill’s cock was now nearly as huge as when he fucked Dad. And he was coating it with more Vaseline. What now???

Boy, oh boy, was I ever gonna be surprised! With his still very hard, very fat, very long cock inside me, Dad rolled us both over onto our sides, with my legs curled around him. What was about to happen was something I could never have guessed!

Uncle Bill begin removing the 3′ of tubing from inside me. When it was all out, he slipped behind Dad and I and …. OH MY GOD! Uncle Bill’s cock was inside my ass in an instant! I thought I would die! DAD and WATER and UNCLE BILL all inside me!!!!!!!!! At the same time! Together! All moving! All giving me thunderous sexual feelings! More than I ever dreamed possible!

At this point, Dad took over: “Now, you two, I’m going to count to ten very softly …. let’s all come together.”

With Dad fucking my pussie hard …. and Uncle Bill punishing my asshole with his giant cock …. and the water sloshing inside me …. and Dad massaging my breasts …. I don’t think I waited till “ten” …. I’m pretty sure I came at “two.” EXPLODED at two. I’ve never screamed so loud or felt so incredible! It hurt! It felt wonderful!

Dad and Uncle Bill came just in time … I raced for the toilet to expel the two quarts of water. Sitting there, I couldn’t resist one last little erotic moment. Using my finger, I massaged my clit until I came again, feeling the release of both sex and water!

Needless to say, my tummy ache was gone. My entire body was relaxed and at peace with the world.

What a life! My dad knows exactly what I need!

The End.

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