Daddy, Lily and Headmaster Ch. 02

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Re-cap: 18 year old Lily is in trouble with her Daddy and the Headmaster for lack of concentration in lessons at her finishing school.


Ten minutes later Elise came back in to the office, still dressed only in her underwear, carrying a tray of hot drinks and some biscuits. She placed them on the table and began to pour.

“Coffee?” she asked Lily and her daddy. They both accepted.

Lily was sat in the leather chair, her slim 18-year old body on show with her skirt and tie still being the only clothes she was wearing, and with the afterglow of her orgasm fading she felt extremely self-conscious. Daddy had zipped his trousers back up and was fully dressed, sitting in the other leather chair, looking very confident and satisfied. Every now and then he looked across at his little girl, smiling at how well she had behaved today and still re-playing the image of her being fucked doggy style, by a woman with a strap on. Sometimes she was such a good slut for him. He had already forgiven her for making him miss work that afternoon but he certainly was not going to tell her that.

“As we were saying,” the headmaster continued formally and professionally as he sipped his coffee and gave Lily’s breasts a few quick glances, and also Elise’s ass, “You seem to know how to punish your daughter quite well. I think its just the fact that she enjoys being punished that seems to be the problem.”

Daddy nodded in agreement. “Well you saw how wet she got when we were just spanking her,” he confirmed.

“Of course I have nothing against the girls enjoying themselves at times,” the headmaster was stroking his cock again as he sipped his coffee. “But in the long term I think you may need to find something she does not enjoy so much as a form of punishment.

“Perhaps we could find something on our punishment list headmaster,” suggested Elise.

“Good idea, slut,” said the headmaster, opening his drawer and retrieving a thick, handwritten document from inside it. “Now lets see.” Elise moved around to stand behind him and they both began scanning whatever was written in there.

Lily had a bad feeling in her stomach. What were they going to make her do? She looked across at her daddy who was obviously getting his mind in to gear for some more punishments for his little girl. By the rigidness appearing in his trousers Lily knew he was ready for some more action, whatever it may be.

“What do you think, Elise?” the headmaster said, running his finger across the book so she knew where to read. A smile appeared on her lips as she looked from the book to Lily then to the headmaster.

“She may enjoy it, but it’s always worth a shot, don’t you think?” Elise sent a questioning Taksim Escort look to daddy as she crossed the room with the book and let daddy read the punishment for himself. He also smiled and nodded.

“I have tried this with her before,” he said, “but not as a punishment and I went easy on her. I think its time to try again. Im sure you have to techniques to ‘relax’ her Elise.” Daddy handed the book back to Elise and turned to his daughter. “Lily, I want you to do whatever is asked of you, do you understand? Daddy will be here the whole time to make sure you are ok.”

The headmaster put the book back in to his desk and laughed. “Im sure daddy will be helping with the punishment quite a bit.” He chuckled.

Elise had decided that Lily needed some more warming up before any punishment was administered. She had punished girls before many times and knew how much easier it was to get them to comply when they were wet and horny. She took Lily’s cup from her hand and placed it on the wooden table between the chairs that Lily and her daddy were sitting in.

“Now lets get this pussy nice and wet again,” she said to Lily, pushing her back in the seat “I think I will taste it again first, you do taste good Lily, I could lick your pussy all day!”

Strangely enough Lily felt herself becoming aroused immediately, being told by the other woman that her pussy tasted good. This time Elise slipped Lily’s skirt off before she spread her legs wide and put one over each of the arms of the chair. Lily was on full display again, covered only by her flimsy tie which lay between her naked breasts and the end of which rested just above her pussy. The woman’s lips closed around her clit and sucked gently before her tongue darted out and licked it thoroughly, sending Lily’s heart racing.

Daddy watched as Elise teased his daughter’s pussy, he could already see the wetness starting to drip down on to the leather chair. Elise looked up at Lily and made sure the girl was watching her, she knew from experience that watching someone eat your pussy was one of the hottest things possible. She spread Lily’s lips wide open and pushed then back slightly so she knew Lily could see her own little clit sticking out and being flicked by Elise’s long, pink tongue.

“Is that nice Lily?” daddy asked, his voice shaking slightly as he became more and more turned on when he thought of the perverseness of the situation. Lily nodded as she moaned gently watching the older woman feasting on her shiny, hard clit. Elise smiled as she continued to suck and lick Lily until the girl was soaking.

“Mmmmm,” Elise stood up and licked her lips with pleasure, “I think im ready to have my cunt eaten now.” She said, pulling Taksim Escort Bayan Lily to her feet and taking her seat. Lily watched as Elise removed her red panties and bra and spread her legs wide open in front of her.

“Oh God yes, Lily” daddy said excitedly, “Daddy wants to see you eating Elise’s hot cunt.”

“I second that,” the headmaster said, once again stroking his cock at his desk.

Lily looked down at Elise’s neatly trimmed pubic hair and pink pussy. It was already shining with moisture as she must have got aroused from performing oral sex on her just before.

“I don’t know what to do,” Lily said quietly. She knew this was what daddy wanted her to do but where did she start?

“Kneel down,” Elise told her in an assertive voice. Lily did as she was told. Before she knew what was happening Elise had grabbed her tie and pulled her forward so she was an inch away from her pretty pink pussy. “Put your tongue out.” She ordered. Lily slowly pushed her tongue out and Elise moved her pelvis forward so that Lily’s tongue was touching the other girl’s pussy lips. “Just lick me now.”

Lily began moving her tongue slightly and Elise moved her hips. Within a few seconds Lily felt a little more comfortable and she brought her hands up subconsciously to spread Elise’s lips wide open. As Elise began to moan with pleasure Lily’s confidence grew and she probed every part of the woman’s wet, pink pussy with more and more of her tongue. She began sucking on the aroused clitoris that was standing to attention and Elise was obviously more than happy with the young girl’s technique.

“Your little girl eats pussy like a fucking pro,” Elise told daddy through her moans of pleasure. “Oh fuck, good girl, fuck my cunt with you tongue.”

Lily was pushing her tongue inside the wet entrance of Elise’s pussy, realising that the further in her tongue went, the more Elise writhed and moaned with pleasure. So Lily continued to fuck the girl with her tongue, moving her fingers up towards the erect clit and tapping on it gently, then rubbing it with all the tasty cunt juice spilling from Elise.

“Lily that is so good,” daddy told her, stroking his cock hard as he watched his daughter eating the headmaster’s slut out. “Make her come. Daddy wants to see you make Elise come all over your face. Fucking do it Lily, show daddy what a good girl you are!”

Elise was so close to coming and Lily began to do what her daddy had told her. She squeezed the little clit between her fingers and moved it round and around, squeezing then releasing over and over again. Her tongue was buried deep in the woman’s cunt, thrusting like a small cock in and out. Elise began to scream;

“Oh fuck, Escort Taksim yeah, you dirty little bitch!” she looked down at Lily who began to squeeze and tongue fuck her faster and harder. “Im going to come in your whore mouth, oh yes, yes yes…”

Lily continued with her actions, her own pussy dripping with excitement as she felt Elise start to convulse in to a huge orgasm. Juice squirted from her pussy directly in to Lily’s mouth and straight down her throat. Elise was telling her there was more coming and she had to swallow all of it like a good little slut. Lily did as she was told and enjoyed the second squirt more than the first, tasting it more, savouring it more. She closed her mouth and swallowed as Elise slumped back in to the chair, exhausted from her orgasm.

The headmaster had squirted his come all over the desk at the same time that Elise had squirted in to Lily’s mouth. Daddy was still holding back, his cock hard in his hand and his face showing that he was ready to come.

“Lily,” he grunted, “Come here, daddy’s gonna wash that pussy juice down with his come.”

Lily immediately responded by crawling quickly to the other chair and wrapping her mouth around her daddy’s cock, sucking his come out within seconds and feeling it shoot down her throat. Daddy stroked her hair while she licked all the come from his cock, “Such a good fucking girl.” He whispered.

The headmaster was wiping his desk clean. “Well that was a pleasant interlude,” he stated, “but didn’t cover the punishment we had in mind. So we need to start all over again when we are ready.”

“One thing,” daddy said, gently pushing Lily aside and getting to his feet as he zipped his trousers up. “I don’t remember saying that Elise could call my daughter a dirty little bitch, or a slut.”

“Quite right,” agreed the headmaster. “Elise bend over the desk!” he ordered. The headmaster gave daddy a thick wooden paddle that had been hanging on his wall. “Three times, nice and hard.” He instructed.

Elise was obviously not looking forward to this punishment but she had obeyed her master’s command by positioning herself over the side of the desk.

Daddy took the paddle and stood at the side of the condemned girl. “Don’t ever call my daughter a dirty bitch without my permission again!” Daddy shouted as he brought the paddle down for the first time. Lily jumped and almost felt the pain herself. Elise tried not to scream but failed.

“I won’t!! I promise!!” she cried.

“Or a slut!” daddy said with the second smack from the paddle. Elise was sobbing as daddy brought down the third one hard and sharp.

Part of Lily felt sorry for the woman, but part of her wanted to hold her daddy tightly and thank him for sticking up for her. Daddy knew that, unless he gave his permission, Lily was his and his alone.

“Right,” the headmaster placed the paddle back on the hook, ignoring his slut crying on the desk, “Are we ready to continue our search for a suitable punishment?”

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