Daddy, Lily and Headmaster Ch. 03

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Recap: Daddy, the Headmaster and Elise continue the search for a suitable punishment for 18 year old Lily’s unacceptable lack of concentration in lessons.


Elise had tears in her eyes as she stood up from her bent position over the desk.

“Did I tell you to stand up Elise?” the headmaster grabbed the back of his slut’s hair and forcefully pushed her back down to her bending position. “May I borrow your daughter for a moment?” he asked daddy politely. Daddy nodded and took Lily over to the desk. All three of them were standing behind Elise, looking down at her recently-spanked, bright red buttocks. Lily was glad she hadn’t received that punishment, it looked painful.

“Now you dealt with my slut’s cunt very well,” the headmaster told Lily with a pleasant smile, “And you looked like you had a nice time doing it, am I right?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered, feeling herself blushing as she admitted it.

“But if I remember rightly we are here to try and work out what a good punishment for you would be, NOT to let you have a ‘nice time’, is that correct?” he asked her.

Lily nodded, her butterflies starting in her stomach again. “Yes, sir,” she moved a little closer to her daddy who squeezed her hand reassuringly.

“Elise,” the headmaster said sternly, “spread your legs and open your ass cheeks for us.”

Elise immediately did what was asked of her. Her long, slender legs moved further apart and she reached back, placing one hand firmly on each buttock and spread them wide open. Lily stared down at the woman’s ass hole, pulled taut. She remembered that daddy sometimes rubbed her asshole as he was fucking her pussy, and once he had even slipped his finger a little inside her but she hadn’t liked it very much Etiler Escort and daddy, being in a good mood that time, had not tried anything else but had kept his finger slightly in her ass as he came in her pussy.

The headmaster looked at Lily and stood back slightly. “Elise’s ass hole needs some lubrication Lily.”

“What?” Lily was suddenly extremely unsure of what was expected of her.

“Spit on her ass hole,” daddy instructed her, gently pushing her forwards towards Elise. Lily looked at her daddy in shock. “Do it baby.” He encouraged.

Lily leaned over Elise’s spread ass, she gathered some saliva in her mouth and let it dribble from between her lips right down on to the tiny ass hole on display to them all. The headmaster smiled as he stepped forwards again. He put the tip of his middle finger into the frothy patch of spit and began rubbing it around Elise’s ass. Lily watched as Elise’s ass hole contracted and loosened depending on where the headmaster’s fingers were, but the girl made no noise.

“Now you try,” the headmaster instructed Lily, “rub your little fingers around her ass hole for us.”

Lily started to feel a little sick. Surely this was not right, playing with someone’s ass hole? But as she lowered her middle finger down and started rubbing Elise, she began to feel the tingles starting in her pussy. She knew the woman must feel humiliated but that was what made it so much sexier. She didn’t see her daddy and the headmaster smile in approval as she dipped her finger slightly inside Elise’s ass, but she did hear Elise moan with a certain degree of pleasure. The small opening closed around the end of Lily’s finger, pulling it slightly further in and Lily pushed a little harder. The spit assisted in lubricating the Etiler Escort Bayan hole enough for Lily to slide her finger in down to her first knuckle. Elise had begun to moan a little louder. Slowly Lily drew her finger out and pressed it back in further, this time managing to get it in to the second knuckle. There was something nice about the way Elise’s ass gripped her finger, flexing and contracting, almost like a tight pussy. Again Lily withdrew her finger and, without any prompting spat again, on the ass hole in front of her. With this extra lubrication Lily slid her finger all the way in to Elise’s ass hole.

“Oh fuck, Lily,” the girl moaned, “that’s so good.”

“Good girl,” daddy said, coming up behind Lily and reaching both hands around to her breasts. He fondled them and squeezed them, tweaking her nipples every down and then as he watched his daughter’s finger start to fuck Elise’s ass hole. “Daddy likes watching you do that.” Daddy saying this made Lily’s pussy wet again, she felt daddy abandon one of her breasts and his hand slid down her stomach and between her legs, where he spread the juice over her pussy as his fingers rubbed and delved in to her. The harder and faster daddy rubbed her cunt, the harder and faster she fucked her finger in and out of Elise’s ass hole. As Lily started to feel herself cum she was moaning loudly. Daddy was pushing her down to her knees, he knelt behind her, still fingering her cunt as she started to come.

“Eat her slut ass, Lily,” he whispered in to her ear as he grabbed his daughter’s wrist and removed her finger from Elise’s ass hole. Lily probably would have resisted in any other circumstances but she wanted daddy to keep rubbing her pussy so that she came. So she didn’t resist when daddy pushed Escort Etiler her face towards Elise’s now slightly more open ass hole, she simply began working her mouth on it, pushing her tongue in it and sucking on it as daddy fingered her pussy to a long multiple orgasm. For the whole five or so minutes that Lily had been cumming she had been feasting on Elise’s ass hole. Elise seemed to be in a state of bliss, pushing herself back on to the young girl’s tongue and almost screaming with pleasure.

“Oh yeah, Lily, lick her fucking ass hole nice and deep, fuck it with your tongue!” daddy was whispering down her ear as she came over his fingers two or three times.

Lily almost collapsed but her daddy held her up on her knees. He kissed her head as stroked her hair telling her what a good slut she was for him. Lily tried to regulate her breathing, happy that daddy was so pleased with her. Apparently the headmaster was too as he gave a small applause as Lily slowly got to her feet.

“A natural,” he commented and daddy agreed with a nod.

“I still think she enjoyed it a little too much for it to be classed as a punishment,” daddy ran his hand down Lily back. “Isn’t that right Lil?”

Lily looked down shyly. She had enjoyed it, there was no denying that.

“Unfortunately I have an important meeting this afternoon,” daddy explained, handing Lily her clothes and looking at his watch. “And I have to be back to pick Lily up from school. So we may have to continue this meeting another time.”

“Of course,” the headmaster gestured for Elise to tidy herself up and get back to work. “I will, of course, put Lily on report and have her tutors write comments for each session.”

Daddy agreed to this course of action and escorted his now fully-dressed daughter out of the office, shaking hands with the headmaster. He walked Lily in to the corridor and kissed her on the lips.

“Try and concentrate Lil,” he smiled, “But just so you know, you do make daddy very proud and very happy. See you at the gate after school.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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