Daddy, Lizzy and Eileen

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I come to visit you as a surprise and show up the same week your daughter is there. She doesn’t seem happy to see me as this is her first visit to your new place and she was looking forward to spending sometime with you. Because I’m only 19 you quickly explain to her that I am the daughter of an old friend and we had been invited to visit anytime we wanted. I had some vacation time and was in the area so I stopped by. My father couldn’t make it which is why I came alone. You don’t dare tell her this is our first meeting and we have only talked online.

A couple of hours into my visit, after we have had dinner you and I are dying to fuck each other. Eileen volunteers to do the dishes so you could give me a tour of the house.

Going from room to room it becomes harder and harder not to strip the clothes off of each other and fuck ourselves crazy. Coming up with a plan, we go back into the kitchen where Eileen is just finishing up and you tell her that you are going to take me on a walk of the grounds to show me around. She seems a bit hurt when you don’t invite her to come along. We quickly leave without another glance in her direction.

We walk far into the woods on your property and you lead me to a small shack. You explain that it’s used for equipment storage. We go inside and you shut the door. There is one window in the building over looking the path we came in on.

As soon as the door is shut, you lose your clothes and pull me into your arms. We kiss like we have done it a hundred times before. Are tongues fiercely attacking each other. So into the kissing am I that I don’t even notice you have undone the buttons of my shorts. When your hand slips inside and finds my wet waiting pussy I gasp and moan into your mouth and push my pussy harder into you hand.

You finish undressing me and lay me on the floor on top of our clothes. I open my legs widely and invite you to take what I know you’ve been wanting since we met online. You lay on your stomach between my legs and you want to lick me so bad. Ah, I didn’t forget. Even though my pussy is always nice and clean, I feel around for my shorts and when I find the pocket I pull out one of those packaged towelettes and hand it to you. You smile, knowing you have told me many times during our talks online that you only eat very clean pussies. You rip open the package and precede to wash my cunt.

Spread now before you, clean and willing, you dive into my pussy with your hungry mouth and start eating me like there is no tomorrow. “Unnn….yes….” I moan. Your tongue is driving me mad. I grab your head and pull your face harder into my hot wet cunt. Every time your tongue enters me I buck my pussy into you face to make sure I can feel you deep inside me. “Ooooo…mmm…yes…Michael. Eat me. Eat my wet pussy. Unnnn…deeper…more…yesss.”

20 minutes…a half hour passes and I have had two amazing orgasms and you are rock hard and nowhere close to stopping. You have wanted to eat my pussy for so long that you are not going to stop until you get your fill.

“What was that?” I ask when I hear a noise outside. “Did you hear that?”

Lifting your head from my pussy you lick your lips and say “Just an animal” and dive back onto me.

“Unnnn…oooo…Mich…wait. I heard it again!”

You heard it too this time. Too large to be an animal. We both raise to our knees and crawl to the window and peek out. We can see the path through the trees, but the little shack is hard to see unless you know it’s there. And since your daughter has never been here before she doesn’t know about it. And that is exactly who we see. Eileen. She’s sitting against a large tree and gently rubbing her pussy under her skirt.

“Eileen” you whisper. As much as you have wanted her, never had you dreamed you who ever watch her pleasure herself. With a perfect view Beşiktaş Escort though a gap in some low hanging branches, we now have a perfect view of her wide open pussy and her fingers pumping in and out.

“Michael”. I have to say your name twice and touch your shoulder because you are so into what you’re seeing. You turn to me a bit embarrassed that you seemed to have forgotten me right next to you.

“It’s okay Michael. I know you want her and I know you want me. I have a way you can have us both.” With that I place both my hands on the window sill and bend over with my ass pointing straight at you. “Fuck me Michael. Fuck me right here in front of the window and watch you daughter fuck herself.”

You look out the window again to Eileen and see that she is quickly pulling dead bark from a thick short curved branch. When the bark is removed, Eileen slams the smooth wood into her pussy and her mouth opens in an O if ecstasy. She starts fucking herself with the branch.

More than you can take, you position yourself behind me and in one mighty trust you bury your hard cock all the way into my tight pussy. “OOOOOOOOOO…FUCK YES” I scream. Afraid of Eileen hearing, you lightly cover my mouth with your hand as you pound away in my pussy.

“Mmmm…..Lizzy” you moan as you watch Eileen, now lying on her back on a large rock fucking herself roughly with the branch.

“Mmmmppppffffff…….” I say under your hand and lick your palm as you fuck my pussy as no one ever has.

You remove your hand with a “Sssshhhh” of silence and pick up the pace of our fucking. “Oh yes Lizzy. You’re so fucking tight. So tight. Mmmmm….yes Eileen, fuck yourself baby. I wish it were me fucking you, but this is wonderful. Watching you and fucking Lizzy.”

As you talk you pound me harder and harder. My knuckles on the window sill have turned white from holding on so tightly. I push back with every trust to take your cock as deeply as I can into my dripping pussy. “Oh yes…Michael…fuck me. Unnnnnn… me apart with your fucking hard cock. Please………more. I need to feel more.”

I’m also watching Eileen though the window and am very turned on watching her with that thick branch, but even more turned on that I am getting fucked by her daddy while we watch her.

“Ooooo….Michael. I need more. I’m not full enough. Wait. Pull out” I say. You can’t believe I’ve asked you to quit.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t done” I assure you.

Going over to the shelves in the back of the shack I search until I find something I can use. I go over to my shorts again and retrieve another wet wipe. I open in and quickly clean off the object in my hand. I walk back over to where you’re still watching Eileen fuck herself crazy and I hand you my treasure. You look into your hand and see a long thick wooden handled timber chisel. You look at me questioningly and I say…”I want you in my ass, but I don’t want my pussy empty.”

With that, I take up my position at the window and wait for you. You don’t even take two seconds. You rub your cock into my wet pussy to lube it and for good measure spit on your hand and rub it around my waiting ass hole. You slip a finger in and move it around a bit. “Hurry” I say, “Before she’s finished”.

Needing no more prompting you, you position yourself with your cock at the entry of my ass and as you hear a faint cry of pleasure come from Eileen, you slam home into my ass.

“UUUHHHHNNNNN…” I give a muffled cry into my arm where I have rested me head on the window sill. “Yessss….” I hiss. “Fuck me Michael. Fuck me ass. Ream me, pound me. Yessssssssssssssssssss”.

You start pounding your cock into the tightest hole you have ever felt. Over and over, ripping into me while watching Eileen pound her pussy mercilessly.

Barely able to form Beşiktaş Escort Bayan words I say…”My pussy.”

With a groan you take the timber chisel and ram it home into my pussy.

UUUURRRRRRRRRGGGGGG.” I cry into my arm. “UUUUUnnnnnnn. Mmmmmpppppffff. Yyyyesssssssss. Oh yes. Fuck me Michael. Fuck me fuck me fuck meeeeeeeee!!”

You go wild. Fucking my tight ass with your cock and matching each pounding with the chisel handle in my pussy. You moan and lick my sweat dampened back as you fuck me raw in both holes. Your eyes never leave Eileen. She’s now wild and her body is bucking hard as she fucks herself and is coming close to her release.

“Unnn….fuck” you moan. “We ha…have to cum…to….together”. And you pick up the pace and fuck me like a machine.

‘Unnnn…uuummm…ooooooooo…” My body rocks under your pounding. ‘Fuc….fuck me! Mich…Michael…Fuck Eileen! Uuuuunnnnn fu…fuck us both. Do it….DO IT. Make us cum Michaelllll!!.

You go faster and harder than you ever have in your life. Fucking me so good and so raw. You see Eileen’s body tense and you know it has to be now. You pull your cock out of my ass and the chisel out of my pussy and shove them both back in at the same time as hard as you can. I feel like I might die from the pleasure. “Yeeeeessssssssss”

Outside we can hear the muffled sounds of Eileen as she begins to fuck herself out of control..

You slow for a minute straining to hear what it is Eileen is screaming. You reach to your right and open the door on a crack just in time to hear…”Fuck me Daddy, OH YES, DADDY. Fuck me like I always wanted! Give me your baby with that big fat cock. Shoot you Daddy cum in me and make me pregnant!! I want your cock! I want you baby! FUCK ME DADDY…UUUNNNNN.” and Eileen starts bucking and shaking, her body wracked with her orgasm. “UUUUUNNNNN..!! YYYYYEEEESSSSSS!! OOOOHHHHH!! DADDDDYYYYYYY!! FUUUCCKKK MEEEEEEEEEE!! DAAAADDDYYYYY!!”

You can’t believe what you’re hearing. Your daughter is fucking herself raw with a fat branch and wishing it was you. She’s screaming your name and begging you to fuck her and make her pregnant.

It’s more than you can take and almost brutally you starting fucking my ass and pussy harder then ever.

“FFFFUUUUUCCCKKKKKK. YEEEESSSSSSSS.” I scream as pleasure and pain shoot through my body. “Fuck me Michael!! Fuck me hard and raw!! UUUUNNN…..MMMMMMMM. FFUCK…MMMMEEE.

“YEESSSSS…FUUCCKKK. YESSSS,” you scream as you shoot your hot load of cum into my ass. “Fuck yes. Cum Lizzy, Cum Eileen. Fuck fuck yesssssssss.” You keeping pounding my ass and pussy as my ass milks you of all your cum.


Our screams mix together……….Yours, mine and Eileen’s….


Not knowing who is say what, we scream and beg and plead.

“Fuuuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkkkk. Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss. Moooreeeeee………more Fuck. Unnnnnn…hhhhmmmm. Yes Michael…Fuck me. Daddy……..Fuck yes. Lizzyyyyyyyyyy!! Eileeeeeennnnnnnnn!! MMMppppfffppppppp. Aahhhhhhhhhh. Yessssssss…fuckkkkk. FUUUUUCCKK!! Yesssssss…like that. Cummmmiiiiinnnggggg!! CCCUUMMIIIINNNGGGGG!!

Outside, Eileen who has collapsed, hears our cries and in a panic pulls the branch from her pussy and jumps to her feet. She looks toward the direction of the screams and Escort Beşiktaş for the first time sees the shack hidden in the trees. Hearing our cries she knows her daddy has the young girl she just met a couple of hours before in that shack and is fucking the shit out of her. She never heard you shout her name because she was screaming so loud herself but now she hears us screaming “YYYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. CUMMMMMIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG. AAAAHHHHHH…..NNAAAAAAAA. MMMMM………..YYEEEEESSSS. FUUUUUCCCCKKKK. YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!! CUUUUUUMMIIIIINGGGG!!

Eileen stands rooted to the spot listening to you, her dear daddy fucking a me, girl she doesn’t even know. Screaming and shouting and fucking this girl.

When we grow quiet and to exhausted to scream our fulfillment out loud any longer, Eileen snaps out of the trance she has been in, turns and starts running back for your house smoothing her skirt as she goes.

During the best fucking orgasms of either of our lives, we had been watching Eileen unnoticed through the window. Inside the shack we watched as she stared at the building in disbelief. Due to the thick overhanging tree branches, she never saw us through the window looking back at her. She didn’t know that our climaxes were brought on by her screams. That you had fucked me harder then I had ever been fucked because you heard your daughter calling your name as she came.

We watch as she turns and runs and only when she is out of sight do we fall to the floor exhausted and spent, your cock still in my ass, the chisel slipping out of my dripping pussy to land forgotten on the floor between us.

Suddenly you pull out of my ass and a gusher of your cum floods from me. You waste no time sliding down my body and feasting on your wonderful hot cum flavored from inside me. Sucking and licking and swallowing, you clean me of all your cum. You slide back up my body and kiss me. To my delighted surprise, you have saved some of your cum for me and spit it in to my mouth. Knowing how much you love it, I give it back to you and we keep kissing this way, your cum trading back and forth between our mouths. When finally we have to brake the kiss to breath, we both swallow what’s left of the cum and sigh.

A few minutes later, I’m startled when you suddenly sit up and say “I have an idea”. Naked, you run from the little building and return with the branch Eileen had used to fuck herself and her panties which she had left behind when she ran. You lay back next to me and slowly sniff the crotch of her panties inhaling her spicy smell. You suck them trying to drain her taste from them. You then smell the branch, her scent clinging heavily to it. You moan and lick it longingly to remove whatever of Eileen’s dried pussy juices you can from it.

You look over at me and see me fingering my cunt while I watch you. You kiss me deeply and remove my fingers from my pussy. Without warning you shove the branch into my pussy. “UUUNNNNNNNN!! I scream and buck myself up to meet your trusts. “Ooooooo…mmmmmm. Yeeeessssssssssss” I moan as you fuck me harder and harder with the branch Eileen had used.

You kiss me deeply and continue to pound my ravished pussy with the fat piece of wood. It’s doesn’t take me long to cum as my cunt is still sensitive from all of the fucking I’ve I just had.


You don’t stop fucking me until I stop screaming, laying spent and trembling. You withdrawal the branch and gather me into your arms kissing me.

We spend the next hour just lying on our wrinkled clothes holding each other and petting. Before we leave the shack, you eat my pussy one more time.

When we finally leave the little building, which reeks of our sex, you take the branch and panties with you. You have plans for them later.

On the way back to your house, we stop and pick wild berries to take home and share with Eileen as a special thank you.

It looks like it’s going to turn out to be a very eventful week.

The End?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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